Why video game doors are so hard to get right

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Doors are hard because all of game development is hard.

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Doors are so common in the real world that you probably don’t stop to think about how to operate them.

But for video game designers, that’s not the case. For a video game door to feel real, it takes a ton of challenging work. Video game doors have to interact seamlessly with their surroundings, make logical sense, and look good too. They have to strike a delicate balance between real-world accuracy and playability.

All these factors mean designing a door usually requires work from every department at a game company.

Different types of doors require different amounts of work. And these same challenges crop up as you try to add almost any element to a game.

Like any great piece of art, the blood, sweat, and tears that go into doors are often invisible. The best doors are the ones that work seamlessly, and go unnoticed. In this video, we talk to Bryan Singh, a game developer, about why doors are so tricky.

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Scally Wag
Scally Wag 13 timmar sedan
Gus Kelly
Gus Kelly 14 timmar sedan
In my opinion, video game doors are actually quite simple, even the ones that some "professional" developers consider difficult. In the future, please consider this prior to posting your video. Thanks!
Bozarre 16 timmar sedan
Now think of the complexity in making doors for a vehicle
Olzone 22 timmar sedan
"composer: I made a theme song for the door" Theres Door themes out there?
Mehran Showkat
Mehran Showkat Dag sedan
What about mirrors I heard they are tough to make too
David S.
David S. Dag sedan
Everything in game design is this finicky.
Lesly Schafer
Lesly Schafer Dag sedan
Ok door nerd
The Law
The Law 2 dagar sedan
Shout out to doors
theguyinthere 2 dagar sedan
As a man who has played PT countless time i can tell you that the door has a gap in it and it is a separate reality so learn how to get it right
Keso Gonzaga
Keso Gonzaga 2 dagar sedan
How is any of this exclusive to doors so that a full video is based on it, same goes for almost any item that the player interacts with…
Dmitry Litovka
Dmitry Litovka 3 dagar sedan
Yeah, for some reason Jim, Ray, John, and Robby are really hard to get right.
PIERRE GRAJEDA 3 dagar sedan
0:40 and woke
Relaxinjo Ronaldinho
Relaxinjo Ronaldinho 4 dagar sedan
Jim Morrison knew it long ago.
Sy Hieu Nguyen
Sy Hieu Nguyen 4 dagar sedan
Explains why there are so many door kills in Apex Legend I guess
Reham B.o
Reham B.o 4 dagar sedan
That’s a very strange subject to talk about. But thank you
Mark Arandjus
Mark Arandjus 4 dagar sedan
Arkham games solved this problem in a pretty clever way by making opening a door a super short cutscene. Physics, animation, camera, all taken care of.
Ashir Malik
Ashir Malik 4 dagar sedan
Red dead 2 did it the best
MlleNobs 4 dagar sedan
loved this video!
Ahmad Fathlillah
Ahmad Fathlillah 5 dagar sedan
This is why cyberpunk 2077 doors are broken
No name Dude
No name Dude 5 dagar sedan
"How many door do you make??" Free Fire Developer : "yes"
Sano Kei
Sano Kei 5 dagar sedan
Minecraft got it right
xl 5 dagar sedan
I'm so disappointed that it didn't even touch the animation graph problem behind this. Basically the problem is not hard: you have to model the different behaviors (walking, standing, opening a door) as a loop of keyframes (position of body, angle of door, etc....), and define the possible entry and exit points for each loop. For example you need to be at a certain distance of a door to open it, so the last few steps you take in the direction the door must interpolate, depending on your model, into the correct approach by reducing the distance between the steps if necessary. Also, you can't exit the loops at any point. Typically of you're jumping and decided not to jump mid jump, it's too late, you have to wait for the next possible exit (landing on at least one foot). Same is for the rest of the loops: when you' re walking and transition to standing, you just don' t freeze mid air and interpolate the skeleton to standing: you have to wait for a possible exit to the target state, the skeleton is interpolated in a way that is defined by the motion artist by adding a few states between walking and standing, and you enter the standing cycle. This stuff is not complicated. It is up to the artist to test different transition, entry / exit points, and ways to interpolate; this can be done procedurally for the easiest cases, but in general it has to be tweaked for realism
CGagnon5 5 dagar sedan
TLOU2 is one of the best games ever made. Second only to TLOU
GiPSy FiSH 5 dagar sedan
So worried about immersion, yet they keep making games that are exclusively 3rd person... You do you, but I don't want to be the camera, I want to play the character.
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 6 dagar sedan
Now that you mention it, resident evil 4 had good doors, you could even shoot through them and destroy them, in a 2004 game 🤔
Aldrei Baccay
Aldrei Baccay 6 dagar sedan
Came here because of suggestible
Daylle 6 dagar sedan
This makes me really think how much effort Activision put into modern warfare with doors and the extra mechanics like peeking, bashing, ect.
Noi Jadis Cailleach
Noi Jadis Cailleach 6 dagar sedan
This is just standard game development. This sort of attention to detail is made for almost all aspects. And almost all choices that resulted to this kind of research are consciously made for a game's aesthetic/art direction. Standard stuff. Nothing new here.
Elder Martins
Elder Martins 6 dagar sedan
I think no one will talk about Silent Hill Shattered Memories doors mechanics. It was one of the door mechanic I loved back in the PS2
James Mason
James Mason 6 dagar sedan
What about the doors in resident evil 4?
TschayTschay 6 dagar sedan
And now doors you have to pull, I've never seen that in a Video Game.
Putra Agung
Putra Agung 6 dagar sedan
Pantesan game burik ga ada pintu
Bal Marsius
Bal Marsius 6 dagar sedan
Because they use Norman doors
Some random guy
Some random guy 7 dagar sedan
Thats why free fire doesnt have doors XDD
ardinsyah wicaksana
ardinsyah wicaksana 7 dagar sedan
actually, even in real world the door is the most hardest part in a house to make. there are many things in it. there are handle, mortise, the door itself, the key, pivot, lock, and others..
Mezzanine 7 dagar sedan
bladders 5:53
Lil Eddy
Lil Eddy 7 dagar sedan
People are forgetting Mirrors Edge Catalyst.. Faith can physically open a door without running into it like she does most of the time
UNDEADSNIPER 5994 7 dagar sedan
Outlast doors
Eben McCue
Eben McCue 7 dagar sedan
i definitely appreciated the doors in TLOU2 and also how the character actually opened drawers while looting
Connor Davis
Connor Davis 7 dagar sedan
Doors are also the most dangerous enemy in Path of Exile.
Андрей Ситников
Андрей Ситников 7 dagar sedan
This entire video was just an excuse for him to play some Fortnite
max 7 dagar sedan
Please, believe me when i say that I'm not being snarky when i ask this. But the difficulty of making these in-game doors and other objects begs the question. Do these particulars make the game any more fun to you? It takes our beloved, overworked and underpaid developers so much effort and so much space in the game file to make things i really don't care about. What's the point? Realism certainly doesn't necessarily make the game more fun for me . It can help, but isn't always required. What about you?
Isaac Hall
Isaac Hall 7 dagar sedan
Half life: Alyx has the best video game doors I've ever experienced
Richard Allin
Richard Allin 7 dagar sedan
Who else is here because of James' recommendation on Suggestible?
Just  Zha
Just Zha 7 dagar sedan
And FF exist
Martin Poole
Martin Poole 7 dagar sedan
I Just use the window.
danimari6 8 dagar sedan
in max payne 1 the doors close themselves automatically after a couple of seconds. enraging
JaviRP 8 dagar sedan
So Halo is set on a Sci-Fi world just not to be bothered with no-sliding doors. Clever thinking.
ToolDroid 8 dagar sedan
Minecraft has no problems with doors
ToolDroid 8 dagar sedan
Cuz ot doesn't need animations to open doors
Mohit Jouhari
Mohit Jouhari 8 dagar sedan
Brian Singh is the most American name of Indian I have heard recently.
Mark Manuella
Mark Manuella 8 dagar sedan
You have no life playing video games
SlaX 8 dagar sedan
Click on door > loading screen > new instance.
Naufal 8 dagar sedan
Kable10 8 dagar sedan
The Last of Us Part 2 is one of my favorite games of all time.
fumomo fumosarum
fumomo fumosarum 19 timmar sedan
i hope you live on the other side of the globe from me.
Simon Runner
Simon Runner 4 dagar sedan
wish i could play those two games...
Just another idiot
Just another idiot 7 dagar sedan
Mine too
spynygdypolytoxicarbonicismisticals 7 dagar sedan
That's nice, I'm gonna go get Dora and find who asked.
TJEDaniel 8 dagar sedan
oh... hey!
Greg Balondo
Greg Balondo 8 dagar sedan
Just hire architects.
Svr7Seven 8 dagar sedan
Free Fire.
TheCellCH 8 dagar sedan
And yet you forgot the hardest doors. Valve talked about doors in VR where you have to get things right for real
Adrian Joseph
Adrian Joseph 8 dagar sedan
What's next? Windows?
Marcelo Amezola
Marcelo Amezola 8 dagar sedan
in evil within 1 and 2 they open the door like in tier 3
Wildstag 8 dagar sedan
The most unrealistic part of doors in games is that those that we are expected to interact with use hands. The vast majority of my human-to-door interactions use my foot to push or stop the door.
Vack91 8 dagar sedan
Splinter Cell had great door mechanics, where you could open them slowly or partially, just to see what was on the other side.
Sourish Mukherjee
Sourish Mukherjee 8 dagar sedan
O Singh sahab!
Bo 8 dagar sedan
The return of the Obra Dinn mastered door opening.
M Chi
M Chi 8 dagar sedan
too bad last of us was terrible storywise.
xPHATSNAPSx 8 dagar sedan
Us Resident Evil fans just love doors 🚪!!
Damion Vorhies
Damion Vorhies 8 dagar sedan
Is this a Norman door?
Robin Del Mundo
Robin Del Mundo 8 dagar sedan
What do you call someone who advertises doors? an endoorser. Just had to get that out, goodbye 😢
biohazard737 8 dagar sedan
Bring back resident evil loading screens!!
Zorunus 9 dagar sedan
Game Devs are just bad nowadays. GTA 4 had fully working doors in 2008 which can be interacted with.
NAQIB R 9 dagar sedan
TLOU2 should focused more on the story line than doors
SpeedeeSpeedBoi 9 dagar sedan
As an indie dev working on car door animations, it was hard but i didnt know it's this hard in AAA too!
Prabhanjana 9 dagar sedan
Doors are not difficult. They are tedious. There is a difference
American weed
American weed 9 dagar sedan
Someone tell him to play modern doorfare
BroodingShark98 9 dagar sedan
They have litterally have run out of ideas so they have to talk about doors 😂😂😂😂
Justanotherdude 9 dagar sedan
So nice to see where the crunch and overtime went wow
Tocos W
Tocos W 9 dagar sedan
Gilang Virgiawan
Gilang Virgiawan 9 dagar sedan
yeah door is hilarious hard dank i thought this is joke but when i tried to my self created door on my project dank its rlly anoying
Spicy Panda
Spicy Panda 9 dagar sedan
Meanwhile Minecraft-
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor 9 dagar sedan
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17).
Bayu Rifki
Bayu Rifki 9 dagar sedan
So this is what's delaying GTA VI
Adawg503 9 dagar sedan
It's because they are rooted in White Supremacy
jackog44 9 dagar sedan
Only good thing about tlou2
Socialus 9 dagar sedan
Sometimes i walk into my door.
DrewtoriousFGC 9 dagar sedan
I nominate RE4 for best doors. Soooo much fun to kick those in.
Abdelhakim Ayed
Abdelhakim Ayed 9 dagar sedan
Dillon Connolly
Dillon Connolly 9 dagar sedan
The way call of duty has evolved their door mechanics should be mentioned!
Aleksander Rawlins
Aleksander Rawlins 9 dagar sedan
Pratyush Bhagat
Pratyush Bhagat 9 dagar sedan
Would've been better if they went a little bit more into detail of development of doors.
Pratyush Bhagat
Pratyush Bhagat 9 dagar sedan
3:55 "In real life, everything is solid." **Matrix architect laughing in the corner**
Rhetz Play Games
Rhetz Play Games 9 dagar sedan
Resident Evil Doors are amazing
Paul’s Existence • 5 years ago
Paul’s Existence • 5 years ago 9 dagar sedan
So far, I haven’t seen a single door in Splitgate
Devanshu Arjun
Devanshu Arjun 9 dagar sedan
Kingdom Come Deliverance has the best doors.
Mitchell S
Mitchell S 9 dagar sedan
Ree Dead may be the best doors in my opinion as a Video Game Door Enthusiast
Marko Mysko
Marko Mysko 9 dagar sedan
The cameramaaan!!
Gabriel Machado
Gabriel Machado 9 dagar sedan
I really like how doors work in Resident Evil 4
Mashu Kyrielight
Mashu Kyrielight 9 dagar sedan
Well that explains why freefire doesnt have doors
Carrot boy
Carrot boy 10 dagar sedan
Jokes on you, Minecraft door's is always on God Tier level
Foggy_Bongwater 10 dagar sedan
After countless hours of playing DayZ on console, I can also say "F#@% DOORS" I feel like I've been killed by more doors in DayZ than by sickness, starvation, zombies, wolves, and bears combined. Maybe even other players. It's so frustrating!
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse! 10 dagar sedan
You ever think about how a game like warzone you can go inside every single building smoothly
yung blink
yung blink 10 dagar sedan
Nothing beats slamming a door open in RDR2.
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