Why the "wolf turn" is such a big deal

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A deceptively difficult gymnastics turn.

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Every Summer Olympics, gymnasts amaze viewers by performing incredibly complex and dangerous skills. As these routines get more and more complicated, they become harder to top -- and the latest way to add value and distinguish a routine is the wolf turn.

The wolf turn has actually been around for decades. But recently it’s become a favorite in balance beam and floor routines. A gymnast will get into a squat position with one leg stretched out. She’ll then stretch out her arms and wind them up. Once she finds her balance, she’ll start spinning. Finally, she’ll stop and return to her original stance.

Seems pretty simple, but the movement relies on a delicate balance of mass and inertia. One wobble and things fall apart. Of course, there’s a reason gymnasts perform this delicate balance: points. The turn is used strategically because its relatively high difficulty level means judges value it more than a regular turn.

To read more about how judges score gymnasts, check out this article from USA gymnastics: usagym.org/pages/events/pages... and this one from The Balance Beam Situation: balancebeamsituation.com/elit...

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Vox Månad sedan
I love the name “wolf turn,” but through all my research I couldn’t figure out what it means! No one seems to know where it comes from. Let us know if you have any ideas! -Antonella
Avantika Shaha
Avantika Shaha 26 dagar sedan
@Skellabunny66/Jenny If it wasn't the pommel horse it may have been the parallel bars. Both require a lot of upper body strength and are very interesting to watch, but usually feet don't come into contact with the horse, while they can for the parallels. Otherwise there really isn't any other Men's event that has any base resemblance to the beam, not that either really resemble it.
Serena Palmer
Serena Palmer Månad sedan
This gives me ice princess vibes
Skellabunny66/Jenny Månad sedan
@ramon … your first comment or ‘explanation’ had me 😂🤣🤣😭😂!! Niiice! .. I needed that, thanks 😂😉 …your other comments are refreshing as well.. “…the ‘elusive’ wolf turn..” * giggle fits * 😆 🤪
ramon Månad sedan
@kaleagh campbell I think you mean Wolfgang Puck
kaleagh campbell
kaleagh campbell Månad sedan
it comes from a wolf jump i think
Aozotra 16 timmar sedan
I think about this like landing skateboard tricks. Makes sense
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson 4 dagar sedan
yes, but can they parallel park in one try?
Snooby66 13 dagar sedan
No, she did not pull off the double pike :/
Will Rogers
Will Rogers 13 dagar sedan
Dude looks like a lady!!
Marcy Stetzer
Marcy Stetzer 17 dagar sedan
The utopian great-grandmother decisively apologise because indonesia spindly radiate of a hurried nic. sincere, opposite police
kevin fuller
kevin fuller 22 dagar sedan
Breakdown 720 head spin
Olive 23 dagar sedan
Figure skaters are laughing at this... its a sit spin babe
Isa bella
Isa bella 26 dagar sedan
This is why real gymnastics fans HATE every 4 year fans.
shiba inu
shiba inu 27 dagar sedan
Admit it. You clicked for the thumbnail
Daughter Pema
Daughter Pema 28 dagar sedan
Hello Why are u teaching us the trick ??
schimon shagedorun
schimon shagedorun Månad sedan
the clothign diffs in olympia are actually sexist and unpleasant i a man and think we should rather talk bout that
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed 14 dagar sedan
I am against banning women who want to cover more than the official outfit, A lot of skilled arab and Muslim women banned from participating because their outfit is covering her body, which should be a matter of personal freedom actually as it never affects the game judgement it self!
High Elven Wisdom And Love
High Elven Wisdom And Love Månad sedan
Is this the turn my wolf does to bite her own tail?
Fabio Santos
Fabio Santos Månad sedan
Thanks for explain cause i just think wolf turns are boring and i feel better knowing why people do it
Kyla Doherty
Kyla Doherty Månad sedan
This might be the only thing Vox has ever produced that is worthwhile. Wow. Ty for this video
Kiira Korpi
Kiira Korpi Månad sedan
wolf turn has to be the UGLIEST move in gymnasics
Kiira Korpi
Kiira Korpi 28 dagar sedan
@ethan it is difficult to eat your own poop. why don't you go ahead and do it.
ethan Månad sedan
whatever dude its still difficult to do
Jenna Fox
Jenna Fox Månad sedan
Idk why but I can actually do them, the turns I mean, I’m not a gymnast I’m too tall, but these are the few things I can do
Jenna Fox
Jenna Fox Månad sedan
By do them, I mean I can get the general motion and not fall and flail. They are far from beautiful
Step ahead
Step ahead Månad sedan
Yesss. Give credit where credit is due!
J3on_Xook Månad sedan
This is really so beautiful
Mare Kutla
Mare Kutla Månad sedan
David has 1 step :Teeth
Deltath Riylaan
Deltath Riylaan Månad sedan
Looking through the comments, it seems I'm not the only one who feels this move looks bad no matter how well executed it is. All the arm warbling just makes it look rough.
Tohn Smith
Tohn Smith Månad sedan
practice and skill
JupiterKnight Månad sedan
k lol
ethan Månad sedan
k lol
Pukes Månad sedan
I can do the wolf turn too. But I only do it during a full moon.
4saken404 Månad sedan
Jessica Alba: Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
Nour Ben brahim
Nour Ben brahim Månad sedan
Am I the only one tired of seeing wolf turn? Even well executed this skill just isnt interesting to watch
Susan Papert
Susan Papert Månad sedan
Figure skating's sit spin....
The One Ton Hammer
The One Ton Hammer Månad sedan
Why does Nicole Langevin sound like Sarah Silverman?
cabdragon333 Månad sedan
I think these ladies need to focus more on the Down-Back position then a Heavy Kick for maximum output.
Deleuze and Guitars
Deleuze and Guitars Månad sedan
What's the most number of wolf turns someone has executed?
Jenna Daniels
Jenna Daniels Månad sedan
How is it different than a sit spin in figure skating though ?! Sit spin is quite easy in my opinion
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Månad sedan
The beauty of SEcycle, I have NO interest in gymnastics! But this was incredibly interesting!
Aritul Månad sedan
This was so informative.
Zoe C.
Zoe C. Månad sedan
When she’s perfectly capable of pulling off moves like the wolf turn, why do the women still have to perform silly dance routines that the men don’t have to do.
tj sho
tj sho Månad sedan
Because women are still expected to be pretty things for people to look at 🙃
aligned ring pop
aligned ring pop Månad sedan
Jamie Brooks
Jamie Brooks Månad sedan
''... something Jessica Alba noticed.'' lol really... you could have quoted a gold medalist or something
Akai Ika
Akai Ika Månad sedan
Simon biles is overrated blm nonsense
Random Mosquito
Random Mosquito Månad sedan
2:15 ah yes, leg
Unremarkably Triggered
Unremarkably Triggered Månad sedan
Listening to that woman expert reminds me of why I hate the judging these sports. I doubt she could even manage to do one herself, so to discuss it with such an air of superiority is patently absurd. Have YOU been in the Olympics, Nicole? That would be a NO.
madison chamblee
madison chamblee Månad sedan
this physics breakdown is giving me ice princess vibes
Djinn Music
Djinn Music Månad sedan
I'm just sorry to see Vox is again US-Centric. It's weird to show only american gymnasts, when the US finished third in Gymnastics...
Brady McDaniel
Brady McDaniel Månad sedan
Can we stop fanboying over Simone please
Maddel97 Månad sedan
I get that it's hard and all but I'm with Jessica Alba's husband on that one. "Why do they always have to do that?" by now it's such an overused turn, would love to see some more variety every once in a while but with that scoring system (having the athletes aim for higher difficulties rather than artistry on beam or floor) the beam and floor routines are getting more and more predictable and similar.
Kate Allicock
Kate Allicock Månad sedan
Wouldn't artistry be a more subjective thing to score whereas having gymnasts aim for skills with higher difficulty is more objective?
Leslee Lane
Leslee Lane Månad sedan
Those muscles!
lol Månad sedan
simone does it so well 😭😭😭
Eliu Misael Pascual Tapia
Eliu Misael Pascual Tapia Månad sedan
Her cossack turn has improved over the year, though I like more how rhythmic gymnast performed it, with a better axis and control, maybe the key factor is the ballet background for the balance
Pablo Flores
Pablo Flores Månad sedan
Not a good ending to the video imo.
mckenzie Q
mckenzie Q Månad sedan
I wish they weren’t so popular. I used to think they were dope until I saw it over and over and over again. But Ik theyre hard I’ve tried and failed lol.
Mikayla Holland
Mikayla Holland Månad sedan
I really hate the way this turn looks and I hope we can move on to some other incredibly difficult turn. Simone's triple on the beam ALMOST changed my mind -- even those at the top so rarely are able to make it look graceful.
Brandon Y
Brandon Y Månad sedan
Ugliest turn ever.
maria cronin
maria cronin Månad sedan
“Try to get into the starting position for the wolf turn” no thank you sir, I don’t want to be hospitalized
Pablo azar AzAR Pablo
Pablo azar AzAR Pablo Månad sedan
Starting from Sunday, August 15, 2021, exclusively, the first broadcast of the Egyptian program. Al-Jadaan on Fox One, Australia, be with us and watch all new, the official sponsor of Coca-Cola and Dr. Ather Azar Best times with David
ThinLion Films
ThinLion Films Månad sedan
Wolf turn? More like spider man pose 😌
Wal nut
Wal nut Månad sedan
Wolf turn? no no no, human beyblade.
henry Månad sedan
they use this move in wushu as part of the routine. its extremely difficult to not lose balance.
Mya Dixon
Mya Dixon Månad sedan
Ahhh Dr. David Young was my phys 1 & 2 prof this past year! Best phys professor at LSU!!!!
David O'Connor
David O'Connor Månad sedan
Simone is a truly gifted person, one of many, but one of a kind.
Sarah Dawson
Sarah Dawson Månad sedan
Dr. Young!! If you see this comment, I was a student of yours a couple years back for physics! You're the man Everyone please like this so my teacher can see my shoutout :)
Sai Srinivas Patnam
Sai Srinivas Patnam Månad sedan
Finally came to know how they give the score for gymnastics.
Hayden Kearney
Hayden Kearney Månad sedan
TLDR: Because it's hard.
Guy Jack
Guy Jack Månad sedan
2:16 “All these movements require incredible strength, with gymnasts using mainly *[every muscle group]* ”
I Need Friends Pod
I Need Friends Pod Månad sedan
"Because it's hard" isn't really a good enough answer for me 🤣 Lots of things can be hard to do. A spinning headstand is hard lol. I love watching gymnastics and I appreciate their hard work, but some of it is so weird. "Yeah it's cool and all you did a triple double quadruple backflip in your floor routine, but Becky did the one foot spin without falling over so, sorry, she wins"
sinesstuff Månad sedan
If it helps at all, the code of Points should be easy enough to find online. I'm rhythmic so not entirely familiar with the rules for Artistic gymnasts, but generally when putting together a routine there is some sort of rule about what range of elements must be included- you can't just tumble all the time, but have to include turns and balances for your routine to be valid. The gymnast then has to perfect many types of skill rather than relying on only being good at variations of the same thing. The code of Points lay out Points to be allocated for being able to pull off certain basic moves, with increased points for making those basics more difficult, I.e. a turn with your leg straight out gets extra points if you also bend your body over rather than holding yourself upright. This turn in particular vs a standard straight leg turn is more difficult so is awarded extra points, and that's why so many gymnasts have been using it
Iwatcher games
Iwatcher games Månad sedan
It’s called practice!!!
jack bajar
jack bajar Månad sedan
They make it look so easy
Michelle Gerlach
Michelle Gerlach Månad sedan
Thank you very much!
RoffleMahWaffle Månad sedan
How does she gain so much height at the end of the triple double
Raj Modi
Raj Modi Månad sedan
L G Månad sedan
With Suni's win, you should do a short clip of the Hmong, from their migration from China to Southeast Asia to how they migrated to America.
antisocial extrovert
antisocial extrovert Månad sedan
I’m glad Jessica Alba said it was really hard. Before I wasn’t sure but now it has been confirmed…
Jane Hoe
Jane Hoe Månad sedan
queens, all of them.
milo_moula Månad sedan
I realized I can do the wolf turn! but never on a balance bean, I am a twirler not a gymnast, that is incredible balance
Lorita Tyo
Lorita Tyo Månad sedan
The plucky scanner simulteneously sparkle because thought neurally store lest a silky gray. whole, large wrench
chill music vibes
chill music vibes Månad sedan
I didn't know... here I thought they were just twinkling their toes and flicking their fingers
Jill Månad sedan
freddy durst
freddy durst Månad sedan
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry Månad sedan
2:28 You can't compete under the Russian name
Kevin Thunder
Kevin Thunder Månad sedan
Doesn't change the fact they are Russian. I don't know anybody who ever referred to them as "ROC."
Joseph Callao
Joseph Callao Månad sedan
Chiles' wolfkino is legendary.
Hailey Holmes
Hailey Holmes Månad sedan
The afraid cod spectacularly mate because parade physiologically taste amidst a thick belgian. automatic, natural orchid
Heather Månad sedan
But, I just wanna know, are all these judges former gymnasts?....
Michelle Månad sedan
Xander Valltessa
Xander Valltessa Månad sedan
This is a simplified version of a sit spin in figure skating. If gymnasts studied skaters they can copy their physics and can rotate at least 10 revolutions. Years from now one of them will have the initiative to try this. But I doubt it
HeWhoBringsTheNight Månad sedan
Idk just here for the thumbnail
a redbird
a redbird Månad sedan
Jessica Alba's opinion was necessary why?
Nandhini Singh
Nandhini Singh Månad sedan
This doesn't explain why Simone does the most difficult skills yet doesn't get the scores for it.
french fries21
french fries21 Månad sedan
Title: “What makes it so difficult?” Experts: “Well you can’t do it” So it’s easy for someone who’s been doing this their whole life?
charles mendith
charles mendith Månad sedan
Spot on
Jarrett Pierce
Jarrett Pierce Månad sedan
Umm didn’t she quit
Anglo Månad sedan
shutup racist
S K Månad sedan
She is a god among us. 🐐
No Bueno
No Bueno Månad sedan
I can do that too🦹
Dean Moss
Dean Moss Månad sedan
Lauren Mitchell entered the chat. (Yes Simone does it way better)
Leslie thats me
Leslie thats me Månad sedan
Reminds me of a sit spin in figure skating... Once she starts spinning her foot is directly underneath her core
BRANDY D Månad sedan
****AWESOME VIDEO VOX ❤️**** Perfect video to show what these athletes go through....mind, BODY, heart.....don't forget dedication, competition, expectations (if yourself and other put in you.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Månad sedan
the reaction of the commentator over the wobbly wolf spin of Jordan got me dying LOL
real real
real real Månad sedan
Did you try it too? Coz i did🤭
スタイル  [STYLZ]
スタイル [STYLZ] Månad sedan
Do some Mw2 360 no scope vids
Big 50
Big 50 Månad sedan
Science for the win once again lol
vanezez Månad sedan
Avengers.. Assemble.
John Doe
John Doe Månad sedan
Low point.
itsalisanina Månad sedan
😂😂😂😂 they had to break out physics for Simone Biles!!! OMFG, blck people are incredible.
Kevin Thunder
Kevin Thunder Månad sedan
Not her specifically but for the Wolf Turn itself. I wish they'd do away with that element.
Awwcrickets Månad sedan
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