Why some animals are shrinking

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Birds, mammals, and fish are miniaturizing as temperatures rise. Why?

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Animals all across the world are undergoing a strange transformation. In Appalachia, salamander body sizes have decreased by 8 percent since 1960; menhaden fish caught in the Atlantic are 15 percent lighter than they were in 1987; and bird specimens at Chicago’s Field Museum have lost up to 4 percent of their body mass since collection began in the late 1970s.

A growing body of evidence suggests that these changes are the product of global warming: as average temperatures rise, smaller bodies make it easier for warm-blooded animals to stay cool. For cold-blooded animals, warming temperatures speed up metabolism and stunt their full growth. These changes might appear relatively small, but they can have a huge impact on animal’s lives, making them more susceptible to predation, reduced offspring count, and drying out in droughts.

Wild animals already face a wide range of threats; shrinking could push them even closer to extinction - with dire consequences for the ecosystems that humans rely on.

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Homosapien .a
Homosapien .a 8 dagar sedan
are they saying go vegan?!
Juuzou Heart
Juuzou Heart 9 dagar sedan
I see it now! So the reason my height is below the average is because I live in a very hot place, huh... It makes sense. /s, ofc
froge 10 dagar sedan
humans be like uhm sweaty i don't see how the ecosystem is my problem omg why is coffee so expensive now
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble 12 dagar sedan
Cause of racism
vinicius santana junior
vinicius santana junior 13 dagar sedan
well, this explains whay european are bigger while south east asian are smaller
vinicius santana junior
vinicius santana junior 13 dagar sedan
not only animals but some fruit too. there's type of mangos that naturally weight 2 kilos each, but now it's hard to even find it weigh a kilo
Ninja Z
Ninja Z 14 dagar sedan
It's the same resion why dragon fly became small cause of food secretary.
Banner 15 dagar sedan
So are cold blooded animals getting biggger ?
Abigail Thompson
Abigail Thompson 15 dagar sedan
People who don’t go outside much tend to think that climate change is just hotter days. My dad just went to Alaska and those old fishermen told him this was the first time they had _ever_ seen certain species.
GraV 17 dagar sedan
Menhaden aka bunkers are incredibly important to our ecosystem and oceans. They are good for many of the bigger species that are in the ocean/Bays.
Math Hew
Math Hew 19 dagar sedan
Baked Potato
Baked Potato 20 dagar sedan
Should've also included NUTRITION as a factor to the decreasing animal size. With all the environmental damages, producers are less likely to thrive now. Scarcity of food source can lead to malnutrition or death. So, even if the animals survive, they'll survive with lack of nutrition which probably hinders their growth, making the next generations even smaller.
prayer codes
prayer codes 23 dagar sedan
we were giants once
paco ramon
paco ramon 23 dagar sedan
Back in my days we have to fight 2 metres tall vultures to go to school.
Sjoerd André de la Porte
Sjoerd André de la Porte 24 dagar sedan
Correlation is not causation. A controlled lab study would be required before it this can be stated.
Harry One
Harry One 25 dagar sedan
Well what can we even do.. Humans are ignorant species in the first place, we tend to ignore problems until it becomes to late to deal with. We evolved at the cost of other species and the planet. We are nothing but destructive species no matter where we go either this planet or another. In the next 50-100 years or so, there will be no more animals at all at the rate the humans are growing. This is nothing but the inevitable truth that will come to pass based on how our species is progressing.
Macteo S
Macteo S 25 dagar sedan
It's official: bird's changing size is causing climate change
Kate Uhler
Kate Uhler 27 dagar sedan
It's interesting that shrinkage happens in birds and reptiles during increased temps, yet, when dinosaurs walked the planet, (I was given the impression at least), it was quite hot on average planet-wide.🤔
GamerbyDesign 27 dagar sedan
The animals are getting ready for our demise.
Revealist 28 dagar sedan
Great one Christophe!
sub human
sub human 29 dagar sedan
sub human
sub human 29 dagar sedan
Riley Stewart
Riley Stewart 29 dagar sedan
My bird tends to grow larger with warm temperatures.
N H Tan
N H Tan 29 dagar sedan
What about the dropping oxygen level since insect back then were bigger, that means that the respiratory systems of the insects could be smaller and still deliver enough oxygen to meet their demands, allowing the creatures to grow much larger. So because of climate change, some creature are shrinking
Madyati Månad sedan
Epic editing
Grand Ancien
Grand Ancien Månad sedan
They lack food
Leech Månad sedan
Want to solve climate change? Have less or no children. Stop contributing to more climate change.
Austin 9 dagar sedan
Tell that to subsaharan africans, they will be 40% of the world population in 2100 (4 billion out of 10 billion)
Ahmad Mudzakkir Amin
Ahmad Mudzakkir Amin Månad sedan
This will happen to pp too btw
IgorGuardMy Månad sedan
Thank god the ecosystem is already out of balance (sarcasm)
Alien of Earth
Alien of Earth Månad sedan
People will be shrinking soon...It's called: THE CHINESE TAKEOVER
Akshay Dixit
Akshay Dixit Månad sedan
Fu×k you humans!
Samarth Singla
Samarth Singla Månad sedan
just like animals in hot weather shrink in size because it helps them cool off but animals living in colder areas are growing in size because of rising temperature, this could be due to most of those animals living in colder areas hibernate and because of rising temperature their hibernation cycles are becoming less which means less energy is used to keep them in hibernation mode. also it might be possible that due to rising temperature in colder areas the food availability has also increased and they are maybe able to eat more. there is also a possibility that since the colder areas are becoming warmer there body does not need to produce so much energy to keep them warm and they are growing in size.
CodeLeap Månad sedan
The average vox viewer seems more intrigued by the the display than the content it seems.
High Elven Wisdom And Love
High Elven Wisdom And Love Månad sedan
As the buildings gets taller, the animals in nature get smaller. Such a balance must always exist in nature to correct the imbalances done by human unawareness.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Månad sedan
So thats why my bird is getting smaller and im not talking about the animal
hamza mehmood
hamza mehmood Månad sedan
We are slowly moving towards complete extinction of living world
Xoie Veck
Xoie Veck Månad sedan
I love how educational and entertaining these videos are
blooky Månad sedan
Could it be possible that because of pollution and habitat loss the animals are shrinking because large bodies need more food and when that happens only the smaller ones get enough food to survive and reproduce passing on the small genes? This is my guess before watching the video btw.
Bob Bib
Bob Bib Månad sedan
1:56 : "As we warm the world, things will get smaller Men in Africa : lol yea right 😎
seribelz Månad sedan
not my problem, who cares
Cars & Paint ●
Cars & Paint ● Månad sedan
Day 8 getting famous off comments 🥲 I think 🤔😅
CallMeZucc Månad sedan
Just noticed in the thumbnail that the upper jaws are not in the same place as the lower jaws lol
Rudster14 Månad sedan
But how did they prove it? Correlation doesn't always equal causation
defender Månad sedan
Summary = Climate change. (Human don't deserve planet)
lex johnson
lex johnson Månad sedan
Videos like this remind me why I like picked Biology as my major. Amazing job!
Lucy Gent XD
Lucy Gent XD Månad sedan
This explain why asian are much more smaller since they come from warmer areas
SuperPlayz Månad sedan
And down there
Joy Soyo
Joy Soyo Månad sedan
But my kids 2 feet taller than I am lol.
A Simple Guy
A Simple Guy Månad sedan
Tar *sus*
SillyPizzaLove Månad sedan
grow up schools! grow up!
Tru Maverick
Tru Maverick Månad sedan
Of coarse they are changing. Arent you?
Zachy G
Zachy G Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Clare Fico
Clare Fico Månad sedan
Xristos nikou
Xristos nikou Månad sedan
What did you expect? It is obvious due to climate change... I don't think we needed this video....
Jakub Månad sedan
Is this a personal attack
Travis Månad sedan
Doesn’t the Ozone and air pressure have something to do with this? Dinosaurs and creatures that roamed the earth were huge because the air density was massive before we destroyed it.
BrayanDiazssJD Månad sedan
I suppose that this changes is affecting us too.
Li ThePear
Li ThePear Månad sedan
My p**is is too 😔
Frost Reaper
Frost Reaper Månad sedan
Riff Family
Riff Family Månad sedan
Dk Trek
Dk Trek Månad sedan
So my grandma was right all along. She often said that fish in our area is now smaller than they used to be.
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson Månad sedan
Dendy Sapto Adi
Dendy Sapto Adi Månad sedan
so dont be to hot
Matt W
Matt W Månad sedan
It's difficult in places to pick out what is known from what they're just guessing. Do you actually know that smaller animals will produce fewer offspring or simply smaller eggs and babies? Plants are getting bigger and growing faster as CO2 and temperatures increase. With increased plant growth comes increased forestation, food production and more temperate climates in inhospitable regions near the poles. Insect life is also expected to increase. Will this increased food supply, habitat and potentially longer mating and maturing seasons offset the potential for fewer eggs or offspring at a given time? I think there are still some questions that need to be answered about whether increased CO2 levels are actually the worst thing for the environment. Global warming will cause changes and people will need to adapt. But is human activity disrupting a healthy, self-sustaining warming/cooling cycle or is that natural cycle merely a slow wind-down to a cold entropy? Given that CO2 emissions decrease as nations modernize and technology continues to advance, I think we should be more concerned about toxic chemicals released into the air and water, recycling and trash disposal, sound and light pollution, greening our cities, etc.
EughEughEugh Månad sedan
what about us? does this affect humans too?
Memecraft Månad sedan
And humans are contributing towards the increasing temperatures as well
Thant Zaw Win
Thant Zaw Win Månad sedan
so... Dinosaurs were big because the weather was Cold?
Joachim Macdonald
Joachim Macdonald Månad sedan
Welp I’m depressed
Pangtundure Månad sedan
Yeah same thing is happening in certain part of my body
Ralph Reenan Villa
Ralph Reenan Villa Månad sedan
Wait, some animals shrink?!
Samy Ismael
Samy Ismael Månad sedan
It's pronounced "apple atcha" you heathens!
Brandon Shepard
Brandon Shepard Månad sedan
Learn how to say Appalachia properly.
Sushil Barua
Sushil Barua Månad sedan
Like Corona
Sushil Barua
Sushil Barua Månad sedan
Like Australia corona in warm gets very infected and in winter gets less
boboyot 14
boboyot 14 Månad sedan
Eli Letts
Eli Letts Månad sedan
Wow! This is pretty concerning! 😯
LynxDDragon Månad sedan
Alternate title: Size matters
jay gomez
jay gomez Månad sedan
because of racism and the patriarchy
Info Stream
Info Stream Månad sedan
which software use fox for animation please someone tell me
teresa Månad sedan
Next video: why humans are shrinking
mrpalaces Månad sedan
Last week I visited a rather hot town (it was 39° when I was there) and when walking around I scared a small bird that flew up to a power cord. To my surprise I saw that it was actually an eared pigeon, barely bigger than a sparrow. I looked around and all pigeons I saw in that town were that small
Arik Månad sedan
is something similar also happein to isolated human populations....like.....tribal islanders?
Copper Kettle
Copper Kettle Månad sedan
Thank you, very interesting
Rescal Månad sedan
lol i looked it up its the same for Humans the tallest Humans live in colder regions one exaptation are the Dinka people who live in central Africa - South Sudan
Tronghung Dao
Tronghung Dao Månad sedan
RainbowFishSaysHello Månad sedan
Doesn’t the fact that animals are shrinking so quickly suggest that evolution CAN keep up with the changing climate? Even if it changes the balance of ecosystems, won’t they just find a new equilibrium?
GrumpyOldMan Månad sedan
That means Americans will eventually also get less big. Finally a bright side to Climate Change.
yungjoemighty Månad sedan
the human-influenced climate crisis will wipe out 99% of animal species, and make the planet unliveable for human life in the next century
Wolf Pack Games
Wolf Pack Games Månad sedan
How comes we always blame ourselves as a species, the earth does it's own stuff and it can do it faster than we can if it wants. Everything changes as it is, so what?
NYK MELO Månad sedan
Isn't it because when the air became hotter, the less oxygen there is on the ground? Which leads to smaller animals.
VRG AUTO Månad sedan
The real question is, are we shrinking too!?
Farhan Sadik
Farhan Sadik Månad sedan
Pranit Hile
Pranit Hile Månad sedan
Månad sedan
Vox Yesterday: “let’s talk about Covid-19” Vox Today: *why are birds getting so small?*
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