Why so many Covid-19 variants are showing up now

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And what that tells us about the pandemic.

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Like any virus, SARS-CoV-2 has been mutating constantly since the beginning of the pandemic. Until November of 2020, though, that didn’t seem to matter. That’s when scientists in the United Kingdom noticed an alarming change: The virus had mutated in a way that made it more transmissible. Within a month, similar reports were emerging from places around the world. Suddenly, it seemed the virus was changing at an alarming rate.

SARS-CoV-2 hasn’t actually been mutating faster, though. Instead, by letting it spread around the world, we’ve just given it more and more opportunities to mutate as it replicates. The result is that, after countless random mutations, there are signs that the virus is beginning to adapt to our natural defenses. And because it’s completely normal for a virus to change over time, we shouldn’t expect it to stop. The only real way to stop those changes is to stop giving the virus so many opportunities.

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Margaret Bradford
Margaret Bradford 9 timmar sedan
Viruses mutate every couple of weeks
galleon30000 11 timmar sedan
I'm not worried about the delta variant. I'm worried about the tyrant variant.
brutalx xghost
brutalx xghost Dag sedan
Elijah Sarabia
Elijah Sarabia Dag sedan
I love how the vaccine protect from it but u still can get sick with it but how tf are u supposed to know if there won't just keep being more varieties of the virus this kinda sounds like how they want everyone to vote now it's everyone get poked
Alexander Rogers
Alexander Rogers Dag sedan
The malicious poppy methodically earn because keyboard chronically complain behind a deep loaf. scientific, wrong height
The Real IHP
The Real IHP 2 dagar sedan
Where is Covid-19 Sugma?
Hien Lan Giang
Hien Lan Giang 3 dagar sedan
The quickest low independently inject because duckling strangely rob mid a guttural H habitual turkey. jumpy, rampant poppy
Daphne Carpenter
Daphne Carpenter 3 dagar sedan
Psychiatrist with a clipboard speaking to Fauci, who’s lying on the office couch staring at the ceiling: “So tell me, these other variants you speak of, are they in the room with us now?”
SevenSiete S
SevenSiete S 4 dagar sedan
Vecause of the "don't needed to be vacunated"... it's logic, some are super spreaders know. 🤔
KS 4 dagar sedan
At this point it will be just like the Influenza
Leonardo Jacobo
Leonardo Jacobo 4 dagar sedan
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
Omar Gooding
Omar Gooding 4 dagar sedan
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Aalia Aanya
Aalia Aanya 4 dagar sedan
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jéssica felipe
jéssica felipe 4 dagar sedan
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Hahn Ilso
Hahn Ilso 4 dagar sedan
I didn't watch it but isn't that what the flu does
NAH 4 dagar sedan
Yeah knowing human kind this is the beginning of the end of us bc that virus is having a field day
ArmaBiologica35 4 dagar sedan
Thank you China... I hate it.
Angel Troy
Angel Troy 4 dagar sedan
The worried salesman emphatically hammer because withdrawal socially pack minus a screeching fedelini. adventurous, equal legal
Khai Nguyen
Khai Nguyen 5 dagar sedan
The pandemic will run its course. The different variants will infect the unvaccinated segment of the population and wipe out the weak ones. We will throw different vaccines against the variants but they only benefit those who believe in science and get vaccinated. Eventually equilibrium will be achieved where the vaccinated will be the only ones left.
No0101 Ph
No0101 Ph 5 dagar sedan
I think the Covid19 virus has had and controlled the human's AI tecnology or this virus is a big fan of the movie series "TRANSFORMERS".
blueeeside 5 dagar sedan
a simple answer : because the governments and people acted irresponsibly 🤷‍♀️
igitha Δл λ μ
igitha Δл λ μ 5 dagar sedan
I saw the documentary on that mad scientist who said they could release anything if they felt like it and no one would know where it came from Just like where the rest of them came from Stop the genocide and lining bigpharma pockets!!!
Kelsey Holmes
Kelsey Holmes 6 dagar sedan
“Fortunately the immunoresponse we get from vaccines is much stronger than our body’s natural immune response.” Why have I been hearing the exact opposite of this then?
Bronze Player Gaming
Bronze Player Gaming 5 dagar sedan
sounds like you've met with the anti-vax
mehmet emin avcı
mehmet emin avcı 6 dagar sedan
I have some theories. It is a man made virus and they add it a quick mutation ability, this variants made by countries variants emerged and this vaccines made the virus stronger and it produce new variants
Aloys B. adk
Aloys B. adk 6 dagar sedan
even within counties with free and easy access to vaccines there is a huge portion of people who don't want to be vaccinated, unfortunately it's usually the same group of people who are against all restrictions, masks, testing etc. and they don't obey them. and the worst part is, they think that their actions only affect them, sometimes they simply don't believe their behaviour can hurt others
MrCnote1993 6 dagar sedan
When does the Echo variant come out?
Thomas DeArment
Thomas DeArment 6 dagar sedan
Lisa's Chatroom
Lisa's Chatroom 6 dagar sedan
The way to avoid a virus is to avoid people who have the virus... and why not boost the immune system?
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson 6 dagar sedan
Well. The video is wrong. Natural immunity has been proven to better than the vaccine.
Slobodan Grasic
Slobodan Grasic 6 dagar sedan
Virus's business, its modus vivendi, the way of survival is to mutate. As long as there is so great number of unvaccinated people in the world, SARS-CoV-2 mutation-mediated harassment will not stop.
Roblox thuankhangoi
Roblox thuankhangoi 7 dagar sedan
4:04 biến thể delta nguy hiểm nhất
Internet Explorer Chan
Internet Explorer Chan 7 dagar sedan
Still waiting for the "Sigma" variant. Ples don't take it seriously.
Justchill Chill
Justchill Chill 6 dagar sedan
I will
Ishmael Shakur Worldwide
Ishmael Shakur Worldwide 7 dagar sedan
The "variants" are showing up because the media is telling you so, duh!
Chris King
Chris King 7 dagar sedan
Gonna tell me who has isolated this in silico virus??
Anibal Murillo Lopez
Anibal Murillo Lopez 7 dagar sedan
Who sponsored this vox episode? pfizer? astrazeneca? Moderna?
Max Savage
Max Savage 7 dagar sedan
Baloney. The delta was started and planted in india
Mind Heart Matrix
Mind Heart Matrix 7 dagar sedan
The under developed countries dont have vaccines because they have to wait for big pharma to make then, america to pay for them and ship them over. This is because of patents and profits which are blocking smaller countries and pharmaceutical companies from just making their own vaccines. So you can thank big pharmacy's greed for the variants forming in other countries.
Michael K. Tran
Michael K. Tran 8 dagar sedan
Please do more videos on Covid. They’re helpful on learning about the virus dynamics above all the noise.
Sion Pasa
Sion Pasa 8 dagar sedan
III Bubby III 8 dagar sedan
So they try to stop it so it mutate trying to survive stop the vaccine and no no variant
III Bubby III 8 dagar sedan
Why so many variant because many different vaccine
blacking37 8 dagar sedan
How many did they make in the lab?
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson 9 dagar sedan
Any virus with animal repositories will never be eliminated, no matter how many vaccines you throw at it. This is why there are yearly flu shots.
Wal Williams
Wal Williams 2 dagar sedan
It's interesting [read: "ODD"] that the term 'Seroconversion' isn't being expressed and discussed openly.; it's a fairly-simple mechanism - and well-established. Basic A & P covers the simple version.
john harvey
john harvey 9 dagar sedan
It is because they are made up!!
dzyner 9 dagar sedan
Thanks China 🇨🇳🙏
Mister Gaster
Mister Gaster 3 dagar sedan
what... does this have to do with anything?
Rafael Nathan E. Armenia
Rafael Nathan E. Armenia 9 dagar sedan
*Successfully evolved COVID-19* Total Organ Failure
Nico 9 dagar sedan
This was so predictable. Cha ching. Money maker.
Zachary Willison
Zachary Willison 10 dagar sedan
so many variants so you can not question why you are getting 5 different booster shots. Good luck unvaccinated!
Honorio Tanquintic
Honorio Tanquintic 10 dagar sedan
Becuase it was man made Gain of Function.
Deadpool 10 dagar sedan
Natural immunity actually produces a stronger response.
Atakan Şengül
Atakan Şengül 9 dagar sedan
but is it better than NOT getting a DECENT vaccine?
W A 10 dagar sedan
variants get worse based on what political party is in office and what the media decides, Along with who gets the govt contract for the vaccines.. Prove me wrong.
Shaheen Shad
Shaheen Shad 10 dagar sedan
Just a Google search will prove you wrong.
DarkShroom 10 dagar sedan
vaccinations could have caused more variants... it's a well known effect of leaky vacciences (ones that are not 100% effective) it's like the creation of stronger bacteria from usage of anti-biotics
Mukelabai Ndiyoi
Mukelabai Ndiyoi 10 dagar sedan
You feel it is over?
Andrew Judware
Andrew Judware 11 dagar sedan
1- virus but no variant 2- vaccine for virus with 99% survival rate 3 - now where the f did all these variants come from? I kno one thing there's no way it was caused by vaccines using a live viral load mutating with the existing virus after exposure through a host 😆 -
greg furtiere
greg furtiere 11 dagar sedan
Inventing new variants means more Jabs which means more death more lockdown more control as there aganda unfolds to a New world Order.
Dark Cookies
Dark Cookies 11 dagar sedan
Why does it show Russia not with not having a vaccine. I rate this video as mostly false. 🤣
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali 11 dagar sedan
Jonathan Games
Jonathan Games 11 dagar sedan
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas 12 dagar sedan
You can 't stop a virus that can survive in animal populations, short of carpet-bombing the entire globe with an aerosolized vaccine. This tactic will not yield itself fruitful in the long-term.
Akiro 12 dagar sedan
Is there anyone wondering if there will be Sigma Covid Variant?
Music dd9d453
Music dd9d453 12 dagar sedan
Stop going out socializing !!!Do it For everyone one earth and yourself!
Catholic Conservative Chicano
Catholic Conservative Chicano 12 dagar sedan
John Dough
John Dough 12 dagar sedan
I caught covid and I didn't get vaxed. I'm doing ok. My cousin got vaxed then caught covid after just 3 day ago and now is in the hospital. Let us pray
John Dough
John Dough 10 dagar sedan
@noein road Thank you
noein road
noein road 10 dagar sedan
I hope your cousin recovers soon
hat kid
hat kid 12 dagar sedan
Now all we need is epsilon
ARIES9327 12 dagar sedan
We may create evolutionary pressure for variants that evade vaccine
Comment Drops
Comment Drops 12 dagar sedan
Thanks to the efforts of the scientific community, we can get vaccinated. Unfortunately, there are still inequalities in this world. While the US bought vaccine doses for its entire population, some countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America couldn’t. I believe Europe and the USA should help those places because no one is safe until the whole world is.
Cb1Active 12 dagar sedan
4:32 wait hold on, vaccine immunity is stronger than natural immunity? Which vaccine is that?
Renan Mendes
Renan Mendes 11 dagar sedan
among us vax
T D 12 dagar sedan
There are so many variants because the vaccine didn't do its job, instead the vaccine forced the virus to mutate becoming more viral and deadly. Next video
Stainless 12 dagar sedan
vaccines were mentioned the comments should be interesting
charles robbins
charles robbins 12 dagar sedan
Aren't there parts left over from every virus any man or woman has ever had within our and our descendants bodies? I am pretty sure that we incorporate every disease's DNA into our own over time. Either that or I totally misunderstood the explanation given to me about our biology.
ABELARDO ASISTIDO 13 dagar sedan
I doubt the efficacy of the covid vaccines.
Jamol johnson
Jamol johnson 13 dagar sedan
Because when Bill Gates created the first Covid-19 it wasn’t scary enough so he needed to make stronger more scary version’s
Renan Mendes
Renan Mendes 11 dagar sedan
yeah then? fight the government?
wE~aBOOs sucks....
wE~aBOOs sucks.... 13 dagar sedan
Sigma is still minding his own business
Domski aveunalliv
Domski aveunalliv 13 dagar sedan
Just call "x-men" for help...🥴🥴
:David 13 dagar sedan
Can't they just realise a new virus covid is boring now is 2021 not 2019
N E Margaret Sullivan
N E Margaret Sullivan 13 dagar sedan
It is called SHEDDING! As more people get jabbed, more variants will pop up. The vaccine is producing variants.
N E Margaret Sullivan
N E Margaret Sullivan 10 dagar sedan
@Shaheen Shad Be specific.
Shaheen Shad
Shaheen Shad 10 dagar sedan
Actually the opposite.
Michaels Channel
Michaels Channel 13 dagar sedan
Now there's MU
Shaky 4evaloved
Shaky 4evaloved 13 dagar sedan
The varients are not called this only delta african veriant and uk varient
serious 13 dagar sedan
real scientists- not the paid ones - warned from the beginning that vaccinating during an pandemic would cause many variants and it did
Chan Man
Chan Man 13 dagar sedan
Last variant... Communism
Bean Man
Bean Man 14 dagar sedan
Because normal Covid got boring
Cheese Man
Cheese Man 13 dagar sedan
Jasmine Jenson
Jasmine Jenson 14 dagar sedan
i think that this virus are mutating becuase of us we are the main cuase of this if we help our own body to increase our immune strength we can be stronger with or without vaccine
pixelsticks 14 dagar sedan
i have a genuine question for anti-vax people and/or conspiracy theorists: why do people believe that this is all one big hoax to control all of us when it’s literally to no benefit to the government. in most if not all places vaccinations are FREE. the people arent paying for it, the government is. they also have to pay for medical supplies in hospitals as well, and i can’t imagine that can be eco-friendly, the more this thing drags out and ESPECIALLY with hospitals that are over capacity. why would anyone want that
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 13 dagar sedan
Nurses getting 10k a week
John 14 dagar sedan
King Jedaiah
King Jedaiah 14 dagar sedan
More variants than any virus
Goober Mcbooger Balls
Goober Mcbooger Balls 14 dagar sedan
Kind of funny that on the infection animation near the end China looks like its having 0 transmissions after the initial spread. Have they not released their numbers?
James Robson
James Robson 14 dagar sedan
No, they just lie about it so I'd imagine noone wants to try and put a number on their infection rate
Roderick José DEBEKA
Roderick José DEBEKA 14 dagar sedan
We're waiting for ULTRA
Bond James
Bond James 14 dagar sedan
They have no idea what they are dealing with. Neither do we.
Christine Van Der Merwe
Christine Van Der Merwe 14 dagar sedan
William Ravisburn
William Ravisburn 14 dagar sedan
There is only one problem with this video; there is no difference between the antibodies produced by the body when exposed to Covid-19 during infection and the vaccine induced antibodies produced when given a vaccine. Neither is superior, and if that mistake was intentional, that was a bad lie. The real difference between antibodies produced via infection and antibodies produced via vaccine is that one requires you to get sick to produce the antibodies, and the other does not. Of course, it is obviously safer to get a vaccine than to contract a full blown infection by the virus, which is why people should just get the vaccine instead. Other than that, pretty good video.
Pratik Bhaumik
Pratik Bhaumik 15 dagar sedan
Its called virus learning
Y-K-K-D 15 dagar sedan
There is 357 Septillion 374 Sextillion 367 Quintillion 284 Quadrillion 386 Trillion 948 Billion 998 Million 194 Thousand 942 Total Variants
Seairra Kestner
Seairra Kestner 15 dagar sedan
fun fact ; research the level(s) of human consciousness . you’ll see all the levels match up with the “variant names”
j 10 dagar sedan
People are too asleep to see that. Delta = dream state.
Lynn Proctor
Lynn Proctor 15 dagar sedan
Taiwan has an interesting story, because even though they haven't had the vaccines to any degree, they've beat the virus back twice. They are just about the lowest for virus cases. There are articles on what Taiwan did right, and one of them is that they put more importance on surface contamination than we did. The message was that it was an airborne virus, and although it could live on surfaces for many hours, there was little evidence of surface contagion. They did not apparently go into lockdown, and did not close businesses. But they were very careful about distancing and masks, along with other safe practices.
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 13 dagar sedan
No agenda
Lynn Proctor
Lynn Proctor 15 dagar sedan
At first she said that the virus does not intentionally make changes, that it is random because of the amount of replications it makes. Later the man said it makes mutations because of the challenges presented to it from the vaccines. I believe we drastically underestimate intelligent (not as we measure it) design, even on a viral level. We have only recently discovered that water has memory. Simple cells are incredibly sophisticated in their adaptation and behavior, but are simple in their structure. So when he mentioned the challenges presented to the virus as influencing the mutation rate, I believe it. Intelligence is not restricted to a physical form, and we are now just discovering this.
efivos 15 dagar sedan
Is it me or one of the conclusions of this video is that the stronger variants pop up due to the vaccinations, which are not quick to enough?
efivos 14 dagar sedan
@James Robson i didn’t ignore it. I just referred to what the video claims, that vaccination immunity is stronger than natural immunity. On top of that, I would like to note that it is the first time in history (please anyone tell me if i am wrong) that so many different vaccines created and used in such a big scale, and this resulted to so many different variants. As for the hybrid immunity, I’ve been actually thinking and suggesting that, since many people have been vaccinated so far, hybrid immunity would be the best solution. Of course this is very difficult to do for everyone, as it would need everyone to be infected in a controlled way, under the supervision of health practitioners.
James Robson
James Robson 14 dagar sedan
@efivos already replied in the other thread but might as well say here too: the main study you likely refer to didn't have a control group and has not been peer reviewed, however you also seem to ignore it's suggestions regarding hybrid immunity - why is that?
efivos 14 dagar sedan
@James Robson wrong word. Not weakens, but not as strong as with natural immunity.
James Robson
James Robson 14 dagar sedan
@efivos what aspect of vaccination weakens the immune system. It's a couple days (for most) symptom show with no real downside, while you achieve a practised immune system for at least six months. For the especially elderly or disabled who don't have an effective immune system vaccination is necessary. Along with younger people taking it, which poses a negligible negative effect for the youth, while simultaneously reducing the limit to which the virus can spread between people (not on the basis of spreadability before you suggest, but on the basis of "if person A recovers from the virus quicker because of the vaccine, then there's less likelihood of transmission due to less time spent having it" or some other such scenario)
efivos 14 dagar sedan
@James Robson mmm not very sure about it. It seems that natural immunity is stronger than vaccination as recent research indicates. Therefore, the virus, taking advantage of the weaker immune system resulting from vaccination (comparing to natural immunity) is capable of reproducing and because of this reproduction, variants pop up. The vaccination strategy would probably suffice if all vaccinations were done within some days to 70-80% of the global population, to avoid new variants. Of course now with the delta variant (as well as new variants popping up) this is not possible anymore.
efivos 15 dagar sedan
How is it proven that the immune response we get from vaccine is stronger than our body’s immune reaponse?
James Robson
James Robson 14 dagar sedan
@efivos *never mind I found the Gazit et Al paper. Sadly conclusions aren't really fleshed out yet, considering that unvaccinated people who previously weren't infected weren't included, so the results can't be generalised to those who's immune systems haven't previously been tested by either source. There's that plus the danger differences between a vaccine-based spike protein and the multitudes of things that the real virus brings
James Robson
James Robson 14 dagar sedan
@efivos cite me the study please, I'd like to read it
efivos 14 dagar sedan
@James Robson Actually that’s not the case. Recent studies show that natural immunity is stronger than vaccination, at least for the delta variant.
James Robson
James Robson 14 dagar sedan
Because more vaccinations directly lead to a drop in illness related deaths, the vaccines are a way for our immune systems to familiarise the virus and how it can be beated within the body. Same way that a person requires driving lessons before a driving test as if they went right into their final test they would probably crash!
G* Side
G* Side 16 dagar sedan
These psychopaths keep spreading new viruses strain once in a while so they can depopulate more watch your back at all times..
Win308 16 dagar sedan
Because fear sells!
Unique Investor Concepts
Unique Investor Concepts 16 dagar sedan
Planned Planned Planned 👿
Zarion11 A Nobody
Zarion11 A Nobody 16 dagar sedan
And now that we have a large portion of the population vaccinated, we got the Mu variant. Sars on steroids. Oops.
Starsten Cahl
Starsten Cahl 16 dagar sedan
Bro can’t we just like.. ban corona viruses? I mean they said prohibition works dude
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