Why people think this photo of JFK's killer is fake

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This photo of Lee Harvey Oswald has been analyzed for decades.

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Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered two days after he was arrested for assassinating US President John F. Kennedy. But before Oswald died, he claimed that a damning piece of evidence against him - a photo showing Oswald holding the rifle that killed the president - was fake. In fact, he said his face was superimposed onto another person’s body to set him up.

The photo’s authenticity has been in question ever since, and it plays a key role in the conspiracy theory surrounding JFK’s death. The shadows in the photo seem inconsistent, and Oswald’s crooked stance under the weight of the rifle looks like he is about to tip over. Plus, his face doesn’t look the same as it does in his mug shot.

For decades, conspiracy theorists have used this image as key evidence to suggest that Oswald was framed. But decades of analysis - including recent 3D forensic analysis - has proved over and over that the photo is likely authentic.

Darkroom is a history and photography series that anchors each episode around a single image. Analyzing what the photo shows (or doesn't show) provides context that helps unravel a wider story. Watch previous episodes here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Here’s the full copy of Hany Farid’s 3D forensic study: farid.berkeley.edu/downloads/...

And here’s the study by Pawan Sinha: web.mit.edu/sinhalab/Papers/an...

Plus, more links to other resources about the photo:

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Vox 19 dagar sedan
Thanks for watching! Correction: At 10:33, we say the accuracy for the 2-second test is 50%. It's actually 65%, as you can see on the chart. There was 50% accuracy when subjects were shown the images for 1 second each.
Edouard 5 dagar sedan
@J S Yes they showed that study to make a strongly invalid claim that people cannot have a clue with any length of viewing time, except them.
Edouard 5 dagar sedan
@John FitzGerald Exactly my thought. The video explains how the photo is most likely unforged, yet they do it in a way that questions their motive and proves they care more about outcome than truth.
Gluten Burr
Gluten Burr 7 dagar sedan
but who took the picture?
I will not stop Till success
I will not stop Till success 7 dagar sedan
@Bob Riquardo But then 2 days later after bringing up the differences and inconsistencies he was shot dead in police custody??????? He would have been charged if he wasn't killed
Bob Riquardo
Bob Riquardo 8 dagar sedan
@I will not stop Till success he wasn't convicted, he was charged. There is a difference. That photo was not damning enough for him to get convicted.
fenhen 7 timmar sedan
The chin conspiracy is so weird. Who on Earth would stick someone’s face on a photo but leave the original chin? Just do it from the neck up.
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode 11 timmar sedan
Oswald is literally the builder of the leaning tower of piza
Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett
Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett 15 timmar sedan
Vox believing that anyone with a brain, willingness to think critically, and an ounce of integrity would actually put any stock into what they say is so incredibly comical. I needed that laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sheldon G
Sheldon G 16 timmar sedan
The shadow in photo seems to show a person who has more height/bigger built compare to that of Oswald structure.
KAMARONE 20 timmar sedan
Charlie Puth killed JFK.
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Dag sedan
Everyone already knows that Oswald was just a patsy for the corrupt union an the mafia
Seth Tyrssen
Seth Tyrssen Dag sedan
I have no doubt that there was a conspiracy; Lee was probably innocent, as he claimed.
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu Dag sedan
There are dozens of pieces of evidence that Oswald killed Kennedy. For example, his fingerprints were found on the gun. Eyewitnesses saw him as the only person on the 6th floor of the Depository. The bullets fired at Kennedy and Connally matched those fired from his gun.
M Howard
M Howard Dag sedan
“First of all, I assume that I can keep this.” This guy is so smooth.
Richard Amoroso
Richard Amoroso 2 dagar sedan
The real question is "Why, Oswald?"
Stan Rams
Stan Rams 2 dagar sedan
just watch oswald beeing assasinated the reaction of the white hat man.... was staged
ceeP 2 dagar sedan
humans don't recognize luminosity inconsistencies meanwhile digital realism artists be like... "ah yes lighting..."
Gracie Rukavina
Gracie Rukavina 2 dagar sedan
imagine tho he really didnt do it...
Pal Gameruk
Pal Gameruk 2 dagar sedan
It was cornpop on the grassy knoll.
tuddy1000 2 dagar sedan
Smart take photo with gun u shoot president
DigitalQ_Markwulf 2 dagar sedan
Her Wife Did it...i think
Muhammad Fasi
Muhammad Fasi 3 dagar sedan
Conspiracy theory people want to look smart but the evidence proof the opposite
Chris Rockwell
Chris Rockwell 3 dagar sedan
I always believed he was a patsy
Dale A
Dale A 3 dagar sedan
He shot Kennedy alone. We landed on the moon. Elvis is not alive. The world is round. Terrorist brought down the Tower's.
PMA Judge
PMA Judge 3 dagar sedan
The Homeless American
The Homeless American 4 dagar sedan
notice he didn't mention the CIA...who coined the term conspiracy theory
Mike V
Mike V 4 dagar sedan
The guys escorting Oswald seem so unsurprised when Ruby executes him
uAlrdyKnoWaItIz 4 dagar sedan
That chin though... He didn't debunk that definitely.... That's no shadow... Its a highlight
Simone Eli
Simone Eli 4 dagar sedan
Ted Cruz father killed jfk and Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer
NewDawnRising 4 dagar sedan
Oswald was obviously not working alone. He had insider information and collaboration.
NewDawnRising 4 dagar sedan
This is all distraction. Proof of a conspiracy doesn’t have to go any further then: How did Oswald know over 2 months in advance when he took the job book depository that Kennedy would pass by in a convertible limo? This is proof he had insider information and collaboration. It’s obvious common sense.
Omar Efwar
Omar Efwar 4 dagar sedan
Dont think they had photoshop back then
Harry Collins
Harry Collins 4 dagar sedan
3:49 that's two different faces.
Daniel Plaza
Daniel Plaza 4 dagar sedan
Kennelly? What is that pronountiation?
Terry Ray Anderson
Terry Ray Anderson 4 dagar sedan
And if you people believe what their trying to tell you I have some ocean front property I want to sell you in Arizona! 😄😄😄😄
AGENT 355 (PLVS VLTRA) 4 dagar sedan
The person who's Mr. X in JFK the movie was supposed to oversee his motorcade routes but was sent to an opening of a Nuclear Power plant in Antarctica, which is shady on its own, and public record, what he found on a small island while making a pitstop on the way home is why he knows there were a lot more people involved, he grabbed a local newspaper in this different time zone, which was just under 1 hour after JFK was shot, and they had a full-page bio on Oswald and that picture...his name is Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty. Who served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy. Find his interviews, he knows a lot of information on so many things...
The T
The T 5 dagar sedan
It was Bush.. That is a photo of George Bush Sr. at his Cabin.. I have seen that same picture
Edouard 5 dagar sedan
To use the last test as an argument is a joke. Also because something is not detectable does not mean it does not exist. If they were not trying to blame people for being conspiracy theorists, they would recognize that, while it is more likely that the photo is real, it cannot be proven 100%. Even when people are making incorrect assumptions, they should be praised for at least keeping a critical sense instead of accepting whatever a government tells them. If no government had never lied, or forged photos before, this video would make sense. However in the real world, it is a series of interesting debunks, some of them move valid than others, coated with a thick layer of moral disdain for any skeptical thinking.
Kit Walker
Kit Walker 5 dagar sedan
KGB, CIA, Mafia etc...did you forget Mossad.
Gerry Wood
Gerry Wood 5 dagar sedan
The man set him up Patsy
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu 4 dagar sedan
Um, no?
BizWiz 5 dagar sedan
*People just love conspiracy theories.* I know several people who live in conspiracy theories.
Sy Goldman
Sy Goldman 5 dagar sedan
GREAT video!
brick and mortar
brick and mortar 5 dagar sedan
He was stationed in Japan with someone who cought shed light on this
MrHappyPerson 5 dagar sedan
pshhhh, clearly magneto killed jfk
Frank Castro
Frank Castro 5 dagar sedan
I don’t get it they killed a good president but keep Biden in office
thzzzt 5 dagar sedan
While I think most contempory conspiracy theories seem really outlandish, this old Kennedy one actually seems plausible to me. You young people probably don't realize how very straight-laced 1963 was, and Kennedy was quite cavalier about his adulterous affairs. The idea that this thoroughly morally offended those in the power structure at that time, and they assassinated Kennedy "for the good of the country", is entirely feasible, IMO.
LaShanta Curry
LaShanta Curry 5 dagar sedan
Conspiracy theories that predate the internet. The internet isn't creating conspiracy theorists. It is however giving them greater audiences.
TheTall Man
TheTall Man 5 dagar sedan
This sounds like it was written by a 6th grader and presented by a 4th grader on 'ludes.
Horse Radish
Horse Radish 5 dagar sedan
The photo is the least of the inconsistencies regarding the case.
Tohi Sii
Tohi Sii 5 dagar sedan
benjamin vlasic
benjamin vlasic 5 dagar sedan
just to say they used a wrong rifle for the 3d stuf oswald used a carcano with a comercial mounted scope they used a mosin nagant with military scope
Drocoh Borealis
Drocoh Borealis 5 dagar sedan
Does this video talk about how there was multiple gunshots rather than just one? And how there were detectives interviewing people who heard these shots trying to convince them they heard one shot before they even knew what happened? (There's a documentary that goes over this but I forgot its name. Prolly could find it pretty easily if you dig around))
Rico Figueroa
Rico Figueroa 6 dagar sedan
Who took the picture
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu 5 dagar sedan
His wife.
Ian Kie Ocao
Ian Kie Ocao 6 dagar sedan
It’s kost likely the vice president or other officials whose responsible for this that’s why the framing work is so perfect
Dex 6 dagar sedan
Maybe focus on something other than the image, like the video of him getting shot, him next to the wall before getting shot, or the possibility that all the images are proper. + Anyone ever considered he was framed? That someone knew he had a picture with the rifle and decided to shoot JFK with the rifle and set everything against Oswald?
Zachary Walinder
Zachary Walinder 6 dagar sedan
I just want them to properly explain the magic bullet… you see JFK’s head get knocked three different directions. Oh and not to forget the driver was shot too all in 3-5 sec with a bolt action. Math doesn’t add up for me at least.
Specter User
Specter User 6 dagar sedan
Great video about the authenticity of a photo… But now let’s talk about the real evidence for the conspiracy and not this straw man.
LEGION 6 dagar sedan
There is no Oswald..only ZUUL
michael samiana
michael samiana 6 dagar sedan
When I watched the umbrella academy, i thought it was the alien who killed him lol
Katherine Hawk
Katherine Hawk 6 dagar sedan
I never did think Oswald killed the president . I loved the president. But I believe Oswald was set up.
bonn jan
bonn jan 6 dagar sedan
Release all the material of the investigation instead, so the theories of conspiracy is either true or not.
BaroqueBlues 6 dagar sedan
This is what you call a "straw man argument". I've looked into the Kennedy assassination my entire life and I've never heard one person even talk about the authenticity of this photo.
Leo Bramel
Leo Bramel 6 dagar sedan
Photo shop from 1963 yeah right .
Scott Panic Pritchard
Scott Panic Pritchard 6 dagar sedan
I don’t need a photo to know that JFKs killing was a conspiracy. When you see the chunk of his skull fly off the back of his head and land on the trunk, that is the exit wound. Entry wounds are very small and leave just a tiny hole. Exit wounds leave a massive amount of damage and blow out a much larger hole leaving much more destruction! Oswald was supposed to be shooting from behind JFK, that’s not plausible with the video of the killing. Anybody who knows anything about ballistics and guns can tell you JFK may have been shot from behind too, but the bullet that most likely killed him came from the front and the exit wound cause the trauma making a large chunk of the skull land on the trunk of the car. He was shot more than once most likely. Think Bush and C I A.
DesignedByBold 6 dagar sedan
I mean just bc he actually took the photo doesn’t discount the conspiracy that he was framed. It could’ve been found before whoever could’ve framed him did so, and they could’ve decided “okay, plant an exact copy of that carcano rifle”. Still a stretch but 🤷🏼‍♂️
Bart Hughes
Bart Hughes 6 dagar sedan
The poised circulation conservatively deliver because feature habitually moor alongside a glossy kettledrum. wicked, breakable coast
rickenfatania 6 dagar sedan
Bad graphics VOX - I nearly skipped because of the red line in the thumbnail as I thought I already watched it. I don't usually watch your videos twice.
rickenfatania 6 dagar sedan
@Crown Some are worth a rewatching - the South China see for example. .
Crown 6 dagar sedan
Very bad rewatch value
Stuart Schneiderman
Stuart Schneiderman 6 dagar sedan
In fact there were three photos of him with the rifle in slightly different stances. The reason why the experts in the 70's doubted the authenticity of the photos was that Oswald's head was identical in all three and could be superimposed on each other perfectly which, as the Scottish expert in this video claimed, was impossible. Still we've got so much smarter now and only need to talk about one of the photos to come to a decision-so sophisticated with 3D modelling indeed .
Andrew Casden
Andrew Casden 6 dagar sedan
Well clearly they got to Farid, too
John Smith
John Smith 6 dagar sedan
He never really explains why the rifle scope is removed without explanation and then re-inserted on the gun in many versions of the photo that was used to convince us all that Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty of the crime. To people, familiar with high-powered rifles, it's a big deal.
General Fred
General Fred 2 dagar sedan
He did though. The newspaper companies edited the photos and accidentally tampered the scope out of existence 2:01
TypeAlpha55 6 dagar sedan
Is it possible, that he didn’t do it?
Slow and Deliberate
Slow and Deliberate 6 dagar sedan
It's amazing how gullable people are when it comes to government supplied conclusions. "Oh! The government would never lie about this or that."
George McCamey
George McCamey 6 dagar sedan
Garbage vid. They said nothing. CIA agents.
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu 5 dagar sedan
@George McCamey To what? I know your being serious.
George McCamey
George McCamey 5 dagar sedan
@Christopher Strimbu pay Attention.
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu 5 dagar sedan
Hahahahahahaha! That's a nice joke. You are joking, right?
MyResponseNotificationsAreOff 6 dagar sedan
A lot of work only to prove that Oswald once held a gun similar to the one that killed JFK. 😂
Raymond Siddiqi
Raymond Siddiqi 6 dagar sedan
what about the crude alterations on the Zapruder film?
Eddie Nolan
Eddie Nolan 6 dagar sedan
50 years ago they must have had secret photo manipulation technology that was 50 years ahead of mainstream photo manipulation technology...is the conspiracy theory I might think up of if I enjoyed that kind of hobby (conspiracy theorizing)
Dead men of Texas
Dead men of Texas 6 dagar sedan
I want to say the ballistics don’t add up, they are saying the shooter was behind jfk but the ballistics say otherwise of a small entry hole up front and a large exit wound in the back. Oswald was found in the “same” place where he “shot” jfk which doesn’t add up. He also denied shooting jfk which if you did it you would either run away and admit you did it when you get caught or you stay and still admit you did it, Oswald also was shot in a secure area. Lbj and jfk were opposites completely, jfk cared about full equality and lbj said “I will get these n****r to vote Democrat for the next 200 years” and right after lbj was Nixon. There was multiple shots fired quickly at the moment of jfk getting shot to quick for one man with a bolt action, the video at the time of the shooting the gunshots where not all from that one spot actually none of them were, the people who were recording that day all got their cameras and film of that day taken away.
saloedroeg 6 dagar sedan
There is no gun here!!! Its a Rifle!!!!!
UncleEric 7 dagar sedan
Ballistic tests have never been performed on the rifle.
Boko Cafe- Stir Fry for the Mind
Boko Cafe- Stir Fry for the Mind 7 dagar sedan
Nice try (15:40) but no cigar. The acute angle of LHO’s right leg is clear, however the test subject’s same leg has virtually no angle. As the old adage goes, “Don’t try this at home.” You’ll fall over trying to replicate this stance. The only way to explain LHO’s lean is to conclude he was leaning again a wall in the original photo. Believe what you will, Vox, but this pic is poo 💩. You further avoid this issue with your so-called model (7:15 onward). Hmm.
gian franco
gian franco 7 dagar sedan
Back and to the left....just keep saying it
Pygar2 6 dagar sedan
Forward and down 3", explosion, then back and to the left. You'd think a bullet hit the right rear of his skull, and exploded it...
Billy Barton
Billy Barton 7 dagar sedan
Never to be solved. Create a number of options & no one will figure it out if there is anyone alive who knows…
nikos vithoulkas
nikos vithoulkas 7 dagar sedan
Who cares about the photo? The main question is if he it was a conspiracy. All these videos are a distraction
Den & Dennis
Den & Dennis 7 dagar sedan
US government or the Republicans, IN GOD WE TRUST
KWMIKAZE Grim 7 dagar sedan
Bcz it ja
Samarqand 7 dagar sedan
CIA killed JFK. Plain and simple
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu 5 dagar sedan
I hate to burst your bubble, but you're wrong.
The Great White Shark
The Great White Shark 7 dagar sedan
Who is this American president John f Kennelly I want to know.
spanish peaches
spanish peaches 7 dagar sedan
he was without question murdered as part of a deliberately planned action...and then Oswald suffered the same fate to get rid of the prime suspect.
Jamie 7 dagar sedan
In conclusion: It’s him 🤝
paul mac
paul mac 7 dagar sedan
I believe the photo to be real. Does it make anything different to the outcome? No. Lee Oswald was set up.
Braydon Burke
Braydon Burke 7 dagar sedan
He didn't do it
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu 5 dagar sedan
Yes he did. Eyewitnesses say him on the 6th floor of the depository. His fingerprints were found on the gun. The gun was proven to belong to him. The bullets found in JFK and Connelly matched those fired from a Carcano (the gun Oswalt owned).
Huy Ho
Huy Ho 7 dagar sedan
I had Professor Farid for an introductory CS class at Berkeley. His videos were amazing and he had great stories that he told the class!
Ryan Sallaway
Ryan Sallaway 7 dagar sedan
Oswald acted alone. Read Vincent Bugliosi's book. No doubts remain.
Christopher Strimbu
Christopher Strimbu 5 dagar sedan
Finally, someone sane.
yours truly
yours truly 7 dagar sedan
This Hany Farid guy doesn't look honest. I don't know what it is.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy 7 dagar sedan
The problems with the photos are hurried past . Some details are not even mentioned . This is supposed to be convincing , but will only work for those unfamiliar with the case . Apply some basic Sherlock Holmes methodology to this case , and the official story collapses .
Doug Palmer
Doug Palmer 7 dagar sedan
A guy who went to the soviet union Spoke flawless Russian And carelessly Just tosses this picture Into a folder Hello has anyone seen Alan dulles George hw bush
MANUEL VAZQUEZ 7 dagar sedan
The wider chin character has a much straighter and longer neck going into the collar. The Trapezius are quite different.
Rokairu 0-2
Rokairu 0-2 6 dagar sedan
Yep, and for those who don't know: The Trapezius is the upper back muscle that goes from the top-neck to both shoulders and halfway down the spine in a diamond-shaped form
MANUEL VAZQUEZ 7 dagar sedan
The trapezius muscles are not the same person.
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes 7 dagar sedan
Perhaps the best way to solve this mystery is to find out Who took the photo..? When? and Why?
Eddie Grimes
Eddie Grimes 7 dagar sedan
Vox is in on the conspiracy
Ivanhoe 7 dagar sedan
lessons learned, apply wisely if you want to take pictures with weapons.
Lanarkish 7 dagar sedan
At 6:32 we see the late Malcolm Thompson. He was not a Conspiracy Theorist. He was a Scottish Police Officer (his title was Detective Superintendent) and a forensic photography expert. His professional specialism was photography. He had a great deal of recognition for his expertise in photography as he had ran the Police Forensic Science Laboratory Identification Bureau at Scotland Yard for quarter of a century. He also was the former president of the Evidence Photographers International Council; a fellow of the Institute of Incorporated Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society. Malcolm Thompson didn't just "take part in a BBC Documentary from 1978" ... because years earlier Detective Superintendent Malcolm Thompson was asked to examine the "Backyard Photos" for the House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations. Mr. Thompson was asked to look at these photographs and he said that the "shadow lines up in a ten o'clock fashion, but the shadows are totally different in terms of length." Here is what he said about the other photograph. "In 133-C, the shadow is again pointing to ten o'clock, but even though the figure is shorter, is casting a longer shadow; in fact, the shadow goes six or seven inches up the fence." (HSCA II, p. 335) Mr. Thompson was one of a number of photography experts who had "no horse in the race" regarding whether Kennedy was assassinated or not and who all concluded that the BYPs were retouched, thus, there were not genuine as the Warren Commission (WC) and HSCA claimed. This means that they were created to frame Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) as the assassin of President John F. Kennedy.
Hal 9000
Hal 9000 7 dagar sedan
No animals head recoils against the force of a bullet traveling 2400ft./s.
daveorourke77 7 dagar sedan
2:01 - Why would they remove the microscopic gun sight from the photo. What purpose did this serve?
Tranz4m 7 dagar sedan
Cause Ted Cruz father not in the picture.
therese lindgren
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