Why it’s so hard to make CGI skin look real

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Realistic-looking skin isn’t all that different from realistic-looking skim milk.

In the above video, Vox’s Phil Edwards looks at why realistic CGI skin is so hard for visual effects artists to master. Weta Digital’s Nick Epstein and Luxion’s Henrik Wann Jensen serve as guides to the parameters that separate realistic-looking skin from the waxy, fake-looking CGI of the past: albedo, displacements, subsurface scattering, and dynamic changes.

There’s been extraordinary progress from the cutting-edge CGI characters in 2001’s Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to 2019’s Alita: Battle Angel. This video shows a bit about how that happened.

Jensen’s website has links to most of his key papers: graphics.ucsd.edu/~henrik/

Weta’s Alita site is here: www.wetafx.co.nz/films/filmog...

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Abisena Ahmadi Suryo
Abisena Ahmadi Suryo 11 timmar sedan
VidiVinci 12 timmar sedan
ayo just saying... Battle Angel is a good movie.
Dark Productions
Dark Productions Dag sedan
Nah dude I think it was easy. Legit SpongeBob outside of the water was realistic asf.
None of your business
None of your business Dag sedan
Anyone who created the donut in blender knows about subsurface haha
Mamun Hasan
Mamun Hasan Dag sedan
Make a video on VFX --> No mention of Corridor -> that video is incomplete..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Edward Mccarthy
Edward Mccarthy 3 dagar sedan
at 2minutes and 39 seconds you see Chinese egg head
Storm Holbek
Storm Holbek 3 dagar sedan
Henrik is 100% Danish
WARDADDY 3 dagar sedan
Jurrasic park was way more realistic in that time
Alberto Beto
Alberto Beto 4 dagar sedan
Skin it's also the most difficult thing to get natural results in movie colorization. Movie colorization could do a better job if they had more time and better budget, to separate the skin in more zones to get more color variances. Basically film colorization creates skin color by just sign a color for each tone of grayscale, something that it's not enough to get very natural results.
Marie Lund Asholt
Marie Lund Asholt 5 dagar sedan
Henrik Wann Jensen sounds danish! i hope he is, that’d be cool
Basic Boy
Basic Boy 6 dagar sedan
What about Paul Walker? His face looks so real in f&f
d t
d t 6 dagar sedan
rosa salazar is such a beauty
the walrus U.S
the walrus U.S 6 dagar sedan
3:05 i have the same yellow and red painting thing
Dumb Dead Bih
Dumb Dead Bih 6 dagar sedan
now imagine what if ue5 can achieve that irl
Kimutai 7 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who instantly knew that was the Rock?
Z3RO notfund
Z3RO notfund 7 dagar sedan
Yatukih001 7 dagar sedan
We have this innate ability to know the difference between fantasy and reality because The Almighty One gave us this power. Its why all these false flags were exposed. Its why its so hard to create realistic looking skin which can fool a God created being living on a God created world.
Ducati Dave
Ducati Dave 8 dagar sedan
Aki looked great. Still does.
Milan Vo
Milan Vo 8 dagar sedan
sdumo59 9 dagar sedan
It is so sad to see only a white skin is used to experiment such
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 6 dagar sedan
clearly you didnt watch the whole video nor movies with chracters like thanos with PURPLE skin
jin choung
jin choung 9 dagar sedan
the skin shader was the LEAST problem with the scorpion king double... to this day, i will wonder why they didn't just composite with the live action top half of johnson....
Benhavis 9 dagar sedan
We live in a world where scientists research milk animation in Shrek.
Sudip Dandapat
Sudip Dandapat 10 dagar sedan
So film makers are rich scientists.....got it.
Just the cousin of the guy without a mustache
Just the cousin of the guy without a mustache 10 dagar sedan
These people who made alita are truly amazing
Nothing 10 dagar sedan
But no one talks about THANOS' skin.
Nothing 6 dagar sedan
@TheReal Doge its purple.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 6 dagar sedan
they did already
Damon242 10 dagar sedan
The Last of Us Part 2 does a remarkable job
Ravel Tammeleht
Ravel Tammeleht 10 dagar sedan
Custom Issues
Custom Issues 10 dagar sedan
I'm always seeing too much specular on skin. CGers always put in too much. It's as if they cannot grasp that concept.
Lars 11 dagar sedan
Nice editing !
Grebanche 11 dagar sedan
Brokebebe no.2.5
Brokebebe no.2.5 11 dagar sedan
Alita looks scary
W Strong
W Strong 11 dagar sedan
Me who plays genshin: AlBedO?
Tluanga Sailo
Tluanga Sailo 11 dagar sedan
Alita is one of the most emotional robot movie
Silvaj 38
Silvaj 38 11 dagar sedan
Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?
Dislike Hate - adanaC
Dislike Hate - adanaC 11 dagar sedan
Nice work Vox, as always.
Goron 11 dagar sedan
All this talk on Alita makes me wish that they would hurry up and make the 2nd movie already! Ditto to Avatar 2, too.
Gobi Murugesan
Gobi Murugesan 11 dagar sedan
Ok I am a civil engineer. Yesterday I searched about learning 3dx max for designing now got this in video recommendation. I think Google is over working
Biotorial 12 dagar sedan
Without subsurface scattering, the rock just looks like a rock
Ruz Danielle Garcia
Ruz Danielle Garcia 12 dagar sedan
Corridor Crew name drop!!!!!!
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble 12 dagar sedan
Cause of racism
Cryseris 12 dagar sedan
Laone Kwati
Laone Kwati 12 dagar sedan
the "milk guy" revolutionized a whole industry.
Corey Miskell
Corey Miskell 12 dagar sedan
I don't know man, people always dunk on the scorpion Rock in Mummy Returns but like.... for the time it came out (NOT IN A 2021 LENS) was it really THAT bad??? I really don't think so. I saw it in theaters and I thought it was really cool at the time actually
Nome Goldie
Nome Goldie 13 dagar sedan
Would this work with skins across the board, and what difficulty would you face if not ?
NickGamingMusic 13 dagar sedan
0:33 Am I the only one that prefer this over the following Alita shot?
Jevin Tan.gerine
Jevin Tan.gerine 13 dagar sedan
Let’s go Corridor!
Bloody Jonathan
Bloody Jonathan 13 dagar sedan
2:33 xiao xiao piao piao
Malcolm Thompson
Malcolm Thompson 14 dagar sedan
That was an iceberg I didn't realize I wanted to deep dive into
Dingle 14 dagar sedan
Subsurface scattering and micropores and wrinkle maps go a long way.
bob bob
bob bob 14 dagar sedan
miftahul munir
miftahul munir 15 dagar sedan
There is flesh under skin, they are stretchy, spongy, and elastic. They also has a shadow.
miftahul munir
miftahul munir 6 dagar sedan
@TheReal Doge Maybe because it's still difficult to get closer to the real picture in detail, as the discovery of anti-aliasing techniques on text takes a long time. And I believe they are very intelligent people.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 6 dagar sedan
they know this stuff mate
Troy Ma
Troy Ma 16 dagar sedan
2:34 I recognized this one... It's the Xue Hua Piao Piao Eggman
Francisco CZ
Francisco CZ 16 dagar sedan
20 years and the improvements are marginal. How long time do I have to wait until I have my ultrarealistic waifu sleeping next to me every night?
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 6 dagar sedan
i say 10-15 yrs
Pronto 17 dagar sedan
*That* was fascinating. The doors video, not so much.
NBMTX 17 dagar sedan
I think the big eye choice for Alita was a great decision for the sake of longevity. By more blatantly putting a gap between itself and realism, it allows the effects and any uncanny liberties to be less distracting. Then again, I've seen a lot of people react negatively to any "deformed" features, but they were probably gonna be SOL anyway.
shonen84 18 dagar sedan
Back in 2001, Spirits Within blew my mind. It was a huge technical achievement back in the day - it almost bankrupted Square. Of course 20 years leads to artistic and technical improvements, but I still believe that FF was a milestone.
Ray Jones
Ray Jones 18 dagar sedan
the best engine is the unreal engine i believe that was first used in unreal tournament what happened to that game it had the best graphics of its day
Jaroslav Atry
Jaroslav Atry 18 dagar sedan
That's great, but wouldn't it be easier to make a rough 3d animation and pass it through some AI filter, that is trained on real photos and can make it photoreal?
金米格 18 dagar sedan
Why compare an animation movie with a real-person movie?
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 6 dagar sedan
because that animation movie tried it's best to be realistic
Pcf1 20 dagar sedan
One of the most Dutch men I’ve ever heard
Blake Owen
Blake Owen 21 dag sedan
Claudio Maldonado Salvador
Claudio Maldonado Salvador 21 dag sedan
I know the animation in that movie is amazing, put still, it looks way to polished to be real. Probably they'll be able to fix that in 2 years from now.
Dweeb Ghost
Dweeb Ghost 21 dag sedan
Cause we know its not
jonas kisbye
jonas kisbye 21 dag sedan
4:22 it's a danish person, i can hear it because it's sound like he have a potato in his mouth as he speak(i'm also from Denmark)
Fluke’s Fluke
Fluke’s Fluke 21 dag sedan
2:34 Looks like egg man to me lol
22 dagar sedan
The reason there's a flood of milk on shrek 2 is so hilarious🤣😆😂
Di RECs 22 dagar sedan
7:37 Why was this read in such an unnatural way? Very weird.
chai🫖tae 22 dagar sedan
vox >>>>>> vice
InnovativeChangazi 23 dagar sedan
Finally I found the reason why black skin used in video games always were better looking than white people. The answer is Black skin is reflective and its main feature is to bounce off light that why it look realistic while white skin were evolved to absorb light, while absorbing it bounces inside the skin. This is amazing, technology is just amazing.
Phoenixnight 24 dagar sedan
And avatar!
Dorset Mapper
Dorset Mapper 24 dagar sedan
This is why disney makes furry movies
dean 25 dagar sedan
alita needs a part 2.
Marty Kaspik
Marty Kaspik 26 dagar sedan
Paradox and Friends
Paradox and Friends 26 dagar sedan
It's videos like this that make me love VOX so much ^_^
鹿鹿梦 x Somili
鹿鹿梦 x Somili 26 dagar sedan
i love battle angel alita
鹿鹿梦 x Somili
鹿鹿梦 x Somili 26 dagar sedan
1:44 its pretty obvious its the rock tho lol
Branken Flowery
Branken Flowery 27 dagar sedan
Does anyone ever realize that our brains do this all the time even while we are awake and involved in activities or other thoughts? Just a hint at how powerful our minds really are.
Chris312 27 dagar sedan
Quick answer, Use real human skin
Dev 27 dagar sedan
When he said ‘Albedo’ I was thrown off a bit… played too much GI 😀
Gryla 28 dagar sedan
I'm glad you acknowledge how good the visual effects on Alita are but I wish Beowulf at least was mentioned. I. THOUGHT. IT. WAS. LIVE. ACTION
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth 29 dagar sedan
0:44 We don't...
Sean 29 dagar sedan
Alita still looks uncanny and plain disturburbing, when you're going for skeumorphism go 100 percent. It'll look better.
meijiemeiji 29 dagar sedan
Alena Conrad
Alena Conrad 29 dagar sedan
I like how the video starts like it’s going to use the final fantasy movie as the base for comparison. But then the entire video basically talks about the Rock as the Scorpion King instead.
june bug
june bug 29 dagar sedan
I can't be the only one who thinks the first skin looks better
Felix Wagner
Felix Wagner Månad sedan
I still dont get how anyone would want to watch alita. I think she is so horribly designed that its impossible for me to watch the movie. Its 100% uncanny vally for me.
Ariel Isaac
Ariel Isaac Månad sedan
Why is her name "Alita"? It means "chicken wing" in Spanish 😂
Hector Manuel
Hector Manuel Månad sedan
We need Alita 2
AtakenSmith Månad sedan
"like a videogame cutscene"? XD Like maybe a cheep one.... There are some REALLY well made ones.
Mohamad Raymię
Mohamad Raymię Månad sedan
I see lots of comments here that get thousands of likes when it's only have hundreds of comments in entire section?
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman Månad sedan
"How could.. how could.. how could... " I don't know -- why don't you just talk about 'how it could...' instead of wasting time trying to build suspense? People read the title; they know what the video is about. They are watching the video to learn about the subject, not to listen to a sales pitch for watching the video.
Moss Page
Moss Page Månad sedan
I wanna be know as the milk guy
knowthinself Månad sedan
....why not use the real thing....sure if you are doing monsters or superhero things
Greg Lopes
Greg Lopes Månad sedan
I'm more interested in when both movements AND 3d graphics won't cause any sense of disconnection at all (animation isn't only about visual fidelity). Graphics wise, even with the biggest budget, it's still uncanny valley in my opinion (and I ask myself if things will ever change since nothing beats reality).
Frozenfar Månad sedan
this is a great topic but i hate this guy with such passion
QueenCoCoaMocha Månad sedan
I remember playing Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and didn't play again for years. I finally got the 2018 version. I was so astonished about her eyelashes I almost cried. It freaked me out how realistic she was
jayesh jadhav
jayesh jadhav Månad sedan
Really great vedeo
Yakimurai Månad sedan
And i thought it was Gary Oldman in the begining
Bob Incognito
Bob Incognito Månad sedan
final fantasy the spirits within aged way better than most animated movies of the 2000' like Star wars ep 2
Athaariq Ardiansyah
Athaariq Ardiansyah Månad sedan
I like when he nerding out food at local store
Safe Månad sedan
I hope the sequel for Alita gets greenlit. The moment I saw the trailer in 2019 I instantly got hype not knowing who she is or what's the story is about. The visuals pulled me in, the characters and story made me stay.
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