Why can't we sleep?

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Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep. But whether you struggle to fall and stay asleep or because you decide sleep is the first thing you can cut out to make time for other things, we all underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. Glad You Asked host Christophe Haubursin wants to know why we aren’t sleeping well, what impact too little sleep has on your body and how we can get enough shuteye.

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Are you getting enough sleep? Let us know in the comments - including what, if anything, you’ve found to help you get restful sleep. There are three more episodes of Glad You Asked coming this season. Keep an eye on our channel on Wednesdays and stream all episodes here: bit.ly/2WMvhNX
Geee Money
Geee Money 15 dagar sedan
I dont sleep until like 4 or 5 am but that's mainly because im having panic attacks all night every night. Usually I wake up around 11 AM.
Felicia Wilson
Felicia Wilson 27 dagar sedan
Ant1ar1 Månad sedan
probably not because school exists
Duclet Månad sedan
Beneton Månad sedan
Paul Taeza
Paul Taeza 13 timmar sedan
my average sleep during nursing school is 5 hours. My sleep before was 8. Its affecting my health
joosunkmybattleship Dag sedan
Very interesting but you lost me when there was race involved. Correlation not causation..
M Subha Maheswari
M Subha Maheswari Dag sedan
Hmmm... Interesting 🤔 & watches the video literally at 3:17 am
Beckah M
Beckah M Dag sedan
Have kids. You'll be so exhausted you nod off at lunch time
李恩泽 2 dagar sedan
this video is so important to me that by watching it i realize the importance of going to bed in the appropriate time,i have been sleeping very late at night and getting up at midday for many years
Oren Kallay
Oren Kallay 2 dagar sedan
The reason you can't sleep is because monsters are nearby.
sage h
sage h 3 dagar sedan
wish the graph at 12:50 included asians too
Dries Grobler Jr
Dries Grobler Jr 3 dagar sedan
Yup, watching this at 04:23 AM as I cannot sleep - genius!
Lisha P
Lisha P 5 dagar sedan
Does he have pink skin?
Jasleen S
Jasleen S 6 dagar sedan
My mom and dad used to work night shifts. I am so angry that they had to do that bc ut is so terrible for their health and and really saw that during every waking moment they had.
Iffat Wasi
Iffat Wasi 7 dagar sedan
Where can I post my queries?!
Steven Opolis
Steven Opolis 7 dagar sedan
I feel for y’all. Only because sleep is so important to me and when I don’t get it I’m miserable. I’m wildly grateful for my regular 8 hours/night. My dreams are waaaay too good not sleep a full night. 6 hours, absolute minimum.
Leon Au
Leon Au 7 dagar sedan
I dont know how it’s possible, but I actually think my circadian clock is sleeping from 5:00am to 1:00pm
Zezé Art
Zezé Art 7 dagar sedan
No I can't get enough sleep because I live with really noisy disrespectful neighbours. Its just a matter of silence for me to perform at my best during the day but I dont have the luxury to change my house nor my neighbour have the education to be silent when they are warned. Sleep is the most important need, even more than food and it directly effects mental health and people should be aware of this. Its not a coincidence that the first world countries like Sweden, Finland has strict sleep quality policies and the best rating of happiness. (they have strict rules about noise after 10pm etc) This issue really should be adressed for the generations well being
Hallucinogen3000 8 dagar sedan
‘Then We Near snuset’ *laughs in Scandinavian*
Rameji -chan
Rameji -chan 9 dagar sedan
I'm currently in my final year of uni and the stress of it has caused me to get episodes of insomnia. Some weeks this year were so bad that I woke up with tinnitus, headaches and stomach pain. Stress (both from uni and from not getting enough sleep due to stress, haha) has been detrimental to my health. I'm constantly tired, I have started to isolate myself because I can barely muster the energy to go about my day, let alone meet new people. I'm also sleeping with my partner in the same bed and he's also stressed out from work, so some nights (like last night) he moves around every ten minutes, touches me accidentally or makes noises in his sleep. We decided to move to a different apartment (not just because of this) and I will have a separate room with a bed to sleep in if needed, so that we don't wake each other up during rough nights. One thing that did work for me was to cut out everything with caffeine in it. I only drink coffee when I've had enough sleep, so that it won't mess with my sleep cycle during an unstable episode.
___________ 9 dagar sedan
Yall are so sad I sleep like a log if my head hits the pillow and can literally sleep on command
Devin Lee
Devin Lee 9 dagar sedan
I change my sleep time zone opposite. 😂 Malaysia time to US time, it just sane sleeping hours, only difference is Day and Night
Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson 10 dagar sedan
If you have a few days off. Go to bed at a reasonable ish hour. Not past 12, even if you're a night owl. Not before 8. See when you wake up every day. If you feel refreshed, that's a good sleep. Record the average for those refreshed days. That's about what you need.
npon 10 dagar sedan
My god this is depressing 😭😭😭
Pal Gill
Pal Gill 11 dagar sedan
Brilliant video
Thomas CS
Thomas CS 11 dagar sedan
I can definitely confirm that school starts way too early. Honestly, school shouldn't start before 9. My school starts at 8:40, and I usually naturally wake up after 9, so it's often difficult to pay attention in first period. Besides, because I live so far away and we often have to drive my siblings to school first, I typically have to get up at 7 to get to school on time.
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones 12 dagar sedan
I had to quit a job with an irregular schedule because when I don't sleep at the same time every day, I get migraines.
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen 12 dagar sedan
'school should never start before 8:30' well in my country 8:30 is typically when we have our first break.
Gabo Peña
Gabo Peña 13 dagar sedan
I wasn’t able to sleep today!
queeddity 13 dagar sedan
Who will finance operations of 24 hours tho?
Travis Depcinski
Travis Depcinski 13 dagar sedan
I’m happy to see this subject is being discussed more now. I have always felt the huge importance of this overlooked large portion of our lives, that we call sleep.
Random Zaid
Random Zaid 13 dagar sedan
Watching at 5.42... no I didn’t wake up, I didn’t slept the whole night.. i have messed up my sleep.. now i dont feel sleep or awake.. insomnia....:(
Guy On The Internet
Guy On The Internet 13 dagar sedan
cause it’s a simulation and the sleep servers are always full 😱
Lucia M.Calder
Lucia M.Calder 13 dagar sedan
I'm am chronicly sleep deprived because of this kind of thing I wanna be awake late because I'm expected to be up early and go to bed when I'm told but that's not what my body or Brain wants.
gamini kokawalage
gamini kokawalage 14 dagar sedan
Yh we need sleep but I kinda hate it. It's like a third of your life just wasted. Ofcourse nothing to do about it yet
Flarebear 14 dagar sedan
What a great show and video
The channel without any content
The channel without any content 14 dagar sedan
Defecation is due to coffee stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, not your cycle.
No refunds
No refunds 16 dagar sedan
Wait till you hit your forties. Lol
Ntsikelelo Majola
Ntsikelelo Majola 16 dagar sedan
That “rich👏🏾people👏🏾don’t👏🏾sleep👏🏾” dusted me hey
Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan 16 dagar sedan
Watching at 3 am
Kenetor 17 dagar sedan
well i guess im fraked then... Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder, please send help
Chu Ka
Chu Ka 18 dagar sedan
I do.
Derek 18 dagar sedan
Direct correlation between poor sleep and obesity-i reckon they are eating too late at night considering they are obese i think thats a safe bet, and thats why they are getting poor sleep, not that they are poor sleepers and thats what made the obese. Just some food for tought
iDunno 18 dagar sedan
Imagine being someone like Joss and having to work a 996 schedule... I don't even want to imagine that
FingeryLechery 18 dagar sedan
I sleep for 10 or 11 hours hahaha
Adrian Daniels
Adrian Daniels 18 dagar sedan
Also, my chronotype is 12am - 8am.. but noooo, work doesn't allow that.
FatíDX100 19 dagar sedan
Never trust anyone with a Carmelo Anthony Knicks jersey on their wall.
brendan meyer
brendan meyer 19 dagar sedan
the last part when they are explaining the map they seem to be saying poor sleep is causing obesity and people to get covid (15:40) but tbh thats conflating correlation with causation (at least for the covid one he literally says it) its literally just poverty thats causing all those things. poverty means less sleep, being stuck with the night shift more often and not working a 9-5 office job, close housing and not being able to "work from home", and eating unhealthy, obesity causing food, or just being paycheck to paycheck which would lead to higher cortisol n then obesity. point is poor sleep doesnt cause this directly and probably plays only a small factor.
Ashmyka Ferns
Ashmyka Ferns 19 dagar sedan
The internal litter recurrently sniff because person principally hand off a absent find. acoustic, arrogant shallot
Jeph Daniel Mendiola
Jeph Daniel Mendiola 20 dagar sedan
"If you have control over when you work, then you also don't have control over how much you sleep."
Poet Antonia Valaire
Poet Antonia Valaire 20 dagar sedan
In Jamaica here if you attend school late you will get suspended even if you live far and have to take bus.
Haydi Baswedan
Haydi Baswedan 21 dag sedan
Lol before I go to bed, I tell my brain when to wake up. Then I’d wake up 15-30 minutes before the time
jaymc1987in 21 dag sedan
I'm definitely a night owl and working shifts is a killer. Plenty of times I've had zero Sleep before starting at 8am to 10pm.
AKS 21 dag sedan
Answer: Because of videos like this!
Sean Guerrero
Sean Guerrero 22 dagar sedan
Curious how this effects people with jobs like me being a flight attendant. Impossible to have a set sleep schedule.
Laura 22 dagar sedan
My natural circadian rhythm is 4am-noon and I swear to god that is so difficult to keep in our society and I’m constantly exhausted and anxious from sleep deprivation
Random Dude
Random Dude 23 dagar sedan
Haha in my training we had some one hour sleep days 😓 but it was fun
Nyantee A
Nyantee A 23 dagar sedan
A lot of this probably won’t be implemented because of underlying Reagan era and Protestant era beliefs that people and children especially brown ppl and children (who made up a majority of our hard labor market at one point) are lazy and must be worked as hard as possible and must be kept busy so we aren’t able to plot/plan/improve society
Nichole Bondurant
Nichole Bondurant 23 dagar sedan
This was very good info. Thanks so much! Struggling w sleep myself my whole life as a night owl.
shopper6282 24 dagar sedan
I was hoping this video would get into biphasic sleep and the benefits of napping but y’all not ready for that conversation yet
Gabriel 25 dagar sedan
There is a great book called "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker anybody trying to fool their selves into thinking that need less sleep should read the book. You really do need the sleep. It is more important than people realize, and in cases like Ronald Regan for example could have been a large factor in his Alzheimers considering his constant boasting of only needing 4 hours a night.
Gab 25 dagar sedan
Another thing to address is that different people need different number of hours to sleep. 8 hours is the average. There is that 1% of people who only need a few hours a day because their brains are much more efficient at "resetting" the body to be rejuvenated for the next day.
Gab 25 dagar sedan
Me in Singapore : Wait, you guys get to sleep????
oaktree_ 25 dagar sedan
I started class at 7:45 am in high school... Oof
Anuthama Ganesan
Anuthama Ganesan 25 dagar sedan
I need sleep from terminal!!!!!
Anuthama Ganesan
Anuthama Ganesan 25 dagar sedan
I need sleep!!!!!
Diego Villalobos
Diego Villalobos 25 dagar sedan
showing me this at 5 am great
True Potential
True Potential 25 dagar sedan
Why is sleep?
Cabs 26 dagar sedan
"... sleep is a basic need that in a lot of ways has been turned into a privilege." - Christophe Haubursin
Mose Laura
Mose Laura 26 dagar sedan
Any other shift workers here? :s
KARAZAKI AKUNO 26 dagar sedan
Saw this at 3 am :)
Sleepteiner 26 dagar sedan
Presenting this crucial health information in such an accessible way is a very important thing to do. Great job, Vox!
Christine Douglas
Christine Douglas 26 dagar sedan
Ok but what about naps? Does allowing employees to take naps (I've literally seen a workplace that had nap pods in special rooms) improve this in any way, from performance to health?
Talia Sloman-Moll
Talia Sloman-Moll 26 dagar sedan
I almost basically wrote a whole essay about how awful/unconventional/life-destroying/etc. my sleep cycle is before realizing it was way too personal to post on the internet. I don't think my rhythm fits the 24 hour earth rotation at all. I saw a sci show psych video once that seemed to touch on whatever disorder it is. I identified a lot. But I also have a LOT of comorbid mental disorders that affect sleep. It's kind of a chicken and egg situation sometimes when two illnesses affect each other. I'm confused and not doing well :D ... and tired.
Aditya Fidelis
Aditya Fidelis 27 dagar sedan
westeN westeN
westeN westeN 27 dagar sedan
maybe you should also ask, how to get to sleep easily and how to get to deep sleep soon after you sleep? so people can get better quality of sleep rather than just the quantity of sleep.
Mayson Narciso
Mayson Narciso 27 dagar sedan
I'm gonna sleep early and thank you very much for the guidance 😘
MusicalJoseTV 27 dagar sedan
Solution: turn off your WIFI!
Haekal Daily
Haekal Daily 27 dagar sedan
Hi sleepless guys
Regan King
Regan King 27 dagar sedan
Getting this recommended at 2:50 am doesnt help lol
Vanessa Saynor
Vanessa Saynor 27 dagar sedan
Thanks for this video, it was really insightful. One aspect that would be good to explore would be the impact on parents of young and older children. I have a young daughter who wakes very early, which impacts heavily on my sleep and alertness. It is so depressing that schools are set up to run early which can have detrimental impacts on teenagers sleep patterns and overall health, but opening schools later would make it even more difficult for a lot of parents who are in the 9-5 job patterns. It really does feel like society as a whole needs to rethink the rigidity of work schedules.
Fafnir 27 dagar sedan
Internet is killing us slowly
David Barber
David Barber 27 dagar sedan
That message of lack of sleep gets pushed to keep the work force working as much as possible
Jersey Hudson
Jersey Hudson 27 dagar sedan
This is gonna sound strange... I told my friend 1 minute ago I couldn't sleep and ...this popped up right when i opened youtube
ndoro bei
ndoro bei 27 dagar sedan
I sleep everyday, too.
Jodee Weaver
Jodee Weaver 27 dagar sedan
Watching at night
M_Sonata 27 dagar sedan
"Sleep becoming a privilege." That definitely hit hard. A lot of truth in that these days.
Darnell 27 dagar sedan
Bro.. 8.06hrs?! I'm lucky to get 5hrs on a work day.
Darnell 27 dagar sedan
Bro.. 8.06hrs?! I'm lucky to get 5hrs on a work day.
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh 27 dagar sedan
watching it at 4:38am
thepaperninja 27 dagar sedan
Watching it at 5:17
gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo
gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo 27 dagar sedan
12:55 I really liked the video until... this
Vlad Avram
Vlad Avram 27 dagar sedan
listening to this at 1 am drinking a beer, hoping the alcohol will make me sleepy
Ralph 27 dagar sedan
in my school in the Netherlands they also take into account to start as little as possible at 8:30
Splapp 27 dagar sedan
who's watching this while sleeping
Vortex 27 dagar sedan
i get 5 hours of sleep a night soo..
magicmurphy 27 dagar sedan
go back to sleep America
Delicate Swiftie
Delicate Swiftie 27 dagar sedan
I'm watching this now at 1:35 AM
Mi Sha
Mi Sha 27 dagar sedan
Please, russian sub 👌
ram 27 dagar sedan
single reason **Smart Phone**
Yarden AF
Yarden AF 27 dagar sedan
We can actually sleep, we do it for a third of our lifetime.
InWeCome 27 dagar sedan
How do you figure out what chronotype you are? And does your biological rhythm adapt to your daily routine?
CZC 27 dagar sedan
Of course they had to pull out the race card. I’m not even surprised anymore
Andrewnator_10 27 dagar sedan
H 27 dagar sedan
As a visual learner.. I adore the way they lay concepts out
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