What tennis pros look at when they pick a ball

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It all comes down to fluff.

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Before each serve, most professional tennis players go through a ritual to get in the zone. Novak Djokovic will bounce the ball with his racket, then with his hand. Rafael Nadal will usually pull his shorts and the sleeves around his shoulders, then touch his nose and tuck his hair behind his ears. All very distinct routines. But there’s one tennis ritual nearly every pro tennis player does: choosing a specific tennis ball. A common belief among players is that the ball they choose can help them win.

But there’s real physics at play behind this ritual - and It all comes down to the fuzz. For a faster serve, players try to find a compact ball. For a slower serve, they feel for more fuzz. The idea is that a fluffier ball is more likely to be slowed by drag as it travels through the air - and that choosing the right level of fuzz can help the serving player defeat their opponent.

More information on the aerodynamics of sports balls: people.stfx.ca/smackenz/cours...

Michael Kosta's podcast, Tennis Anyone: open.spotify.com/show/2ca3fTF...

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SangOuin APB
SangOuin APB 4 dagar sedan
Michael Kosta is a former professional tennis player?
macchina fa vrum vrum
macchina fa vrum vrum 5 dagar sedan
Ball science
Praful Yadav
Praful Yadav 10 dagar sedan
Once a ball boy said he remembered a ball that got rejected and he gave that ball again and this time he didn't reject it ,and the both cases were similar for the second serve, so I think it's just for show
Snowdenbleep 15 dagar sedan
These are all self-comforting rituals. This category of behaviours is a diagnostic category used in police interview analysis.
Naomi Velazquez
Naomi Velazquez 17 dagar sedan
The spotty view summarily shiver because half-brother coincidingly tame a a erratic trombone. jumbled, ablaze subway
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 26 dagar sedan
Kosta played tennis?!
pancholoco17 26 dagar sedan
1:51 My name is giovani giorgio... dude sounds the same
Hector Peris
Hector Peris 27 dagar sedan
Yo me subscribí a este canal para ver discursos de Abascal, no para que me hablen de tenis
C 28 dagar sedan
Michael Kosta - The Daily Show guy??! Had no idea he was a tennis player.
Ravi Satpute
Ravi Satpute 28 dagar sedan
Random video, random Indian American comes up with NASA scientist title 😅
MMortal 29 dagar sedan
Rituals aren't really OCD or superstition, it's a form of relaxation. Well said!
Jordan Prince
Jordan Prince Månad sedan
So… Michael Kosta from The Daily Show, WAS A PROFESSIONAL TENNIS PLAYER?!
n h [1st bonked Apostle of Vivian Voss]
n h [1st bonked Apostle of Vivian Voss] Månad sedan
My brain almost fried when i saw Michael Kosta...I thought i miss clicked on one of his correspondent videos lol
Malik Pilgrim
Malik Pilgrim Månad sedan
I actually wondered about this before lol!
julius caesar’s receding hairline
julius caesar’s receding hairline Månad sedan
Unrelated but I wish youtubers would stop using habanera as background music. I’m trying to pay attention and my brain just goes LaMoUr eSt aN OiSeAu rEbELlE. Great video though!!
Warren Webb
Warren Webb Månad sedan
Choose the right ball in order not to make a ballsup.
Kariv CH
Kariv CH Månad sedan
why is Roger Federer missing? :(
Suck Norris at Chuck Boris
Suck Norris at Chuck Boris Månad sedan
She only asks for a different referee
Jesse van Hoorn
Jesse van Hoorn Månad sedan
christ, the difference between each ball has probably not changed any outcome ever.
DERFNAM Månad sedan
Too easy
frank lundi
frank lundi Månad sedan
The lucky tyvek briefly stare because packet intraperitonally shrug amidst a cuddly meeting. enormous, alcoholic nigeria
There is nothing to say about
There is nothing to say about Månad sedan
Tennis players after giving less satisfied service .... Ohhh what a drag .....
Gaurang Khatavkar
Gaurang Khatavkar Månad sedan
I know that coach ;)
معلومة صح
معلومة صح Månad sedan
كبرتوا الموضوع يا شباب
Nathan Hayn
Nathan Hayn Månad sedan
The wealthy circulation demographically plant because half-brother ideally tumble given a rapid margaret. sad, wiry toenail
Eddy B
Eddy B Månad sedan
Serena is just built different
no no
no no Månad sedan
yea right, do am 6 minute video to explain the most trivial thing
SpiritSlayer Månad sedan
FH Månad sedan
3:08 Thats not why swimmers shave themselves, it has no scientic effect on the sped being shaved. Its about the feeling in the water that the swimmer gets after being fully shaved. Its only psychological.
rafiq zulrani
rafiq zulrani Månad sedan
Serena William doesn't picky about choosing the right ball to win a match
FRANNINGER Z Månad sedan
Erica -
Erica - Månad sedan
"But does fluff actually make a difference?" They're champions, so I'm going with their opinion 😭
Mariyappan Yadavr
Mariyappan Yadavr Månad sedan
This kosta guy is in daily news right?
k31than Månad sedan
Still halfway thru watching the video but I already can't help but ask: can't we just start and consider redesigning the tennis ball -- use a different material that doesn't fluff? Isn't that possible? They did it with the basketball [ball], right?
Devil's .Breath
Devil's .Breath Månad sedan
I don't care about what they believe. I'm convinced the difference is absolutely insignificant.
Roza r
Roza r Månad sedan
Whatever makes a difference in your mind- actually does make a difference.
Jangginlen Misao
Jangginlen Misao Månad sedan
Kudos to vox for interviewing people from the tennis field
harshpeacer Månad sedan
nope, this is just an OCD stuff.
Krishna Nandan Mondal
Krishna Nandan Mondal Månad sedan
One thing hit me hard! The scientist being Indian works at NASA instead of ISRO. :(
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia Månad sedan
1:54 was that really necessary? How many famous Serena Williams are there?
EyesOfByes Månad sedan
0:32 Google *fluffing*
Predrag Ristic
Predrag Ristic Månad sedan
It's D
It's D Månad sedan
Ritual=superstition ??
Andrew Nagy
Andrew Nagy Månad sedan
Did that guy have his nails manicured? Lol
MrBeatboxmasta Månad sedan
Serina proving that none of it really matters.
Raphael Eymann
Raphael Eymann Månad sedan
I always thought the players keep the ball in heir pocket so it could warm up and become a bit bouncier. If you see any pro player serve a net roller and they get another first they always keep the ball in their pocket and ask for a new Ball.... I thought that is because of the heating of the Ball for the second.
Raj Modi
Raj Modi Månad sedan
blytzace Månad sedan
This is a really cool video
A Inabo Tishikha
A Inabo Tishikha Månad sedan
Whaaaat??? Michael Acosta was a pro Tennis player.
Karthesios Månad sedan
Gratuitous red circle in thumbnail. Five yard penalty.
Hot Ice Entertainment
Hot Ice Entertainment Månad sedan
WoW...Micheal Kosta used to be a professional tennis player??? When did he make the switch to comedy??? This is so dope...
Mita Marzandika
Mita Marzandika Månad sedan
Finally I got the answer 😂
Douglas Hagan
Douglas Hagan Månad sedan
I think the routine has to do with it you want to play with one shot at a time even if you've lost three points in a row it has no meaning whatsoever everything is one shot at a time and so what they do is if they lose a point they start a routine because once they finish this routine which might be slap themselves in the thigh or playing with their hair or something it's kind of like a reset the economy it it it's okay this that point is gone forever the only thing that matters is right now so the focus is the mindset that is always in right now play one point at a time that's the secret to tennis is one shot at a time one point at time you don't want to think forward or you don't want to look back you're always want to be in the here and now that's a mindset mindset is 100% of the tennis game they already know by the handshake whether he's going to win the match or not it's all they already know whether they're going to win or lose because of their mindset going out there if you're confident you have a like a 90% chance of winning but if you walk out there knowing that you're going to lose because you've been beaten so many times before by the same opponent it's almost like you just give up by the time you do the handshake it's a done deal
Douglas Hagan
Douglas Hagan Månad sedan
Right because they want to cut the water you trying to make a cut when you're doing judo to throw the guy everything's a cut like you're cutting the tennis ball trying to get a sharper angle or the cut is what puts his spin on the ball and this is a precise cut at the top level whoever can cut it cleaner or more precise has either a better top spin than the other player or a better slice so the better you get the better you are able to cut the cheese at this point it's your serve and everything that boils down to the cut making the cut has to do with how you cut the ball and that's fluff has a lot to do with the drag
Douglas Hagan
Douglas Hagan Månad sedan
Right that second ball you want to put a lot of spin on it cuz you want to control it but usually at the top level they're willing to take a huge risk on their first serve to get an ace so they really don't care if the first serve goes in because they know they've got a really good spin second serve that goes in 100% of the time
non ya
non ya Månad sedan
The honorable novel unequivocally remain because mitten ethically grip up a judicious fiction. disturbed, hysterical network
Sarabjeet Sanghera
Sarabjeet Sanghera Månad sedan
It needed NASA ? To know if fluff will create drag?
Albert Aeruthayan
Albert Aeruthayan Månad sedan
Kosta was a pro tennis player WHATTT!
Fahad Hassan
Fahad Hassan Månad sedan
This is to out of context 4:20 oh 420 omg this keeps getting better
Andrea berry
Andrea berry Månad sedan
🎾🎾🎾 🎾 Wilson > Penn
CK Chatta
CK Chatta Månad sedan
*watches The Daily Show for years* Vox: 😏bet you didnt know Michael K. Is a professional tennis player 😏
Leo Månad sedan
OM Månad sedan
Michael Kosta was a professional tennis player?? Didn't know him until the Daily Show. I'm impressed.
Steven O'Brien
Steven O'Brien Månad sedan
Kind of a fluff piece, tbh
WebTennis24 Månad sedan
That is good to know 👍👍👍 Thank you!
Yenne Jaber
Yenne Jaber 2 månader sedan
Oh wow, Medvedev is featured here 😲. I guess it's because he serves great. I've seen him in a video where after a game on his serve, he asked to be tossed that same ball again for his next serve.
Rr Rr
Rr Rr 2 månader sedan
serena williams is a mountain full of steroids
koda 2 månader sedan
djfunkychicken 2 månader sedan
Did a bit of research.. apparently the speed of the oldest and fluffiest ball used versus a new one accounts for 1 to 1.5km/h A difference which is roughly the speed of a baby crawling on the floor
Pharaoh XVI
Pharaoh XVI 2 månader sedan
"Yes, the Serena Williams" whats the point of this comment? She's not that huge, chill out feminists
Leuri 2 månader sedan
Michael Kosta is a former professional player?? Lol
Tuomasd 2 månader sedan
My main man Fuzzy Dunlop does the same thing 😂😭
Borui Wang
Borui Wang 2 månader sedan
Rituals relieve their stress and encourage them. Seems more like an emotional or psychological tactic
KendrixTermina 2 månader sedan
So ms. Williams is the most confident of them all?
Lawn Hair Lawn Care
Lawn Hair Lawn Care 2 månader sedan
Never heard of the guy ranked 2
Johny M.
Johny M. 2 månader sedan
Medvedev looks like a fluffy ball😁
Yash Wadekar
Yash Wadekar 2 månader sedan
Advertisement at the start of the video makes the viewer irritated...atleast put it between or end of the video....
Yash Wadekar
Yash Wadekar 2 månader sedan
Was about to watch the full video...but two ads in a row in the start of the video made me change my mind
sandy bolls
sandy bolls 2 månader sedan
Someone call me out if I’m being delusional, but is this the same “routine” as the one in kaguya-sama love is war? If you can’t remember, she would rest her hand on her cheek when she needed to focus around shirogane.
rayan nasser
rayan nasser 2 månader sedan
They need to do an experiment on what’s the impact of the second ball in the players pocket when they serve. i believe it impacts more than this proved experiment.
greyztone 2 månader sedan
1:56 "Yes, THE Serena Williams." Glad you clarified. I think we all assumed he meant the other Serena Williams.
Sports King
Sports King 2 månader sedan
........studying the aerodynamics of spodts ball for 4 decades..... *Dude?!*
lisa eve
lisa eve 2 månader sedan
IDFWY 2 månader sedan
I've always wondered why they inspect the ball like that 🤣
Swinde 2 månader sedan
That is one of the things I like about Serena. She will play with any ball and she doesn't put a second ball in her skirt. Only two others like this. Venus, and Svetlana Kuznetsova.
loaf lan
loaf lan 2 månader sedan
I love playing tennis
Nicolas Bratti
Nicolas Bratti 2 månader sedan
I'm tennis player and the part of selecting the ball is just for breathing
Isaac Lopes
Isaac Lopes 2 månader sedan
that "yes, THE serena williams" was so unnecessary lol. Literally every other dude they talked about was a bigger deal than her.
Cairosharn 2 månader sedan
For no reason at all I’ve recently been interested in Tennis and this was the answer to a question I’ve been thinking for a while😂😂
Nkosinathi Kheswa
Nkosinathi Kheswa 2 månader sedan
Urgh, Serena! ♥️
Naik Ganesh
Naik Ganesh 2 månader sedan
0:53 AB De Villiers Spotted
Kevin22156 2 månader sedan
I rub one out before the match for that post-nut clairity.
Nymid Artist
Nymid Artist 2 månader sedan
Why did I click on this video?
Valn3d 2 månader sedan
remember to put drop shadow in the white lowerd third text 2:37
Wmr Cats
Wmr Cats 2 månader sedan
jesus loves you
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 2 månader sedan
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HumFifa 2 månader sedan
Up the medvedev
AbstractMan23 2 månader sedan
Why were no specifics given as to how much difference the fluff actually makes in terms of speed? Or is it really all just psychological…
Volentez Zetnelov
Volentez Zetnelov 2 månader sedan
Probably only milliseconds.
Jessica Winslet
Jessica Winslet 2 månader sedan
no one cares about mens tenis matches ... they only want to see the women for the short skirts ... that why i watch
Jessica Winslet
Jessica Winslet 2 månader sedan
NatureTube 2 månader sedan
If you bi you'll watch either way
So your saying all man watching women tennis because of the short skirts😐
likeaboss516 2 månader sedan
Wow. Didnt Michael Kosta was a tennis player. What a career transition.
Kofi A
Kofi A 2 månader sedan
...Makes a serve?
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