What’s killing Minnesota’s moose?

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And what it would mean to lose the moose.

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The Anishinaabe or Ojibwe, have lived on the land we now call Minnesota since long before European settlers arrived. For as long as they can remember, their lives have been intertwined with that of the moose. It’s more than a source of food - it’s also a way of staying in touch with their ancestors, who carved game pieces from the antlers, fashioned elaborate clothing from the hides, and used the hair to embroider intricate designs on everything from stockings to cradleboards.

But this relationship between the Anishinaabe and the moose is in danger. The population has been in freefall for the past two decades. We joined a group of scientists as they set out to unravel the mystery, in the hopes that this generation of Anishinaabe won’t be the last to thrive alongside the moose.

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manan dedhia
manan dedhia Timme sedan
heartbreaking..... just the inability of humans to accept what we are doing to this planet...
1544moses Immanuel
1544moses Immanuel 21 timme sedan
Do a video about native American genocide
Megumi Jouannet
Megumi Jouannet Dag sedan
Thank you for sharing. We all need to know this.
Richmond Lau
Richmond Lau Dag sedan
poor meese. why do the meese not keep moving north like the deer and fox?
Carlos Pinheiro Torres
Carlos Pinheiro Torres Dag sedan
J Nüsslein
J Nüsslein 2 dagar sedan
Mooses are important to the North American ecological system.
D. Miller
D. Miller 2 dagar sedan
Tell ‘em biiiiiieeeyyy
Risky Nights
Risky Nights 3 dagar sedan
So basically there’s no solution until we resolve climate change which likely won’t occur in our lifetime
Theo Buchoy
Theo Buchoy 3 dagar sedan
The minnesota timberwolves 😂😂
N1 C0
N1 C0 4 dagar sedan
sunny Tomar
sunny Tomar 4 dagar sedan
Climate change is more than just melting glaciers.
W S 4 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan is killing them
Eaghan 4 dagar sedan
the mic in this video sounds like it was taken from a set of earbuds lol
Leonardo Jacobo
Leonardo Jacobo 4 dagar sedan
He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
Huong Anh
Huong Anh 4 dagar sedan
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Huong Anh
Huong Anh 4 dagar sedan
@Ben Askren I would really love to invest with this Mr Benyamina Aaron james. Where exactly did you meet him?
seemose 5 dagar sedan
Trump supporters
Kak 5 dagar sedan
Might be Joe Rogan
SKIN 5 dagar sedan
Me 😎
Aiden Norris
Aiden Norris 5 dagar sedan
桐山霊 6 dagar sedan
I thought it was the timberwolves' fault.
joan.wav 6 dagar sedan
Yeah I think dudes killing them is definitely contributing to their deaths
Yasiel Pacheco
Yasiel Pacheco 6 dagar sedan
Every time I see “modern Indians” they always have a white face. Y’all white people are not Native Americans
Donut_Hog 4 dagar sedan
white presenting =/= white. they can be direct descendants of native Americans, even if they are white.
MrTwenty20video 6 dagar sedan
Good documentary video. Thank you.
Nubbynater _
Nubbynater _ 6 dagar sedan
Just like dinosaurs, many things are killing it due to habitat change thanks to us. +.30
Seiyuōkami Himura
Seiyuōkami Himura 6 dagar sedan
Mooses aren't only disappearing there. It is all over numbers dropping.
Bete Noire
Bete Noire 6 dagar sedan
Boris Badenov is doing it.
Indi1O McColn
Indi1O McColn 6 dagar sedan
Al Gore was right It’s always climate change
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez 6 dagar sedan
Me 😈
Arif Hidayat
Arif Hidayat 6 dagar sedan
The answer start at minutes 03:00
JTube 6 dagar sedan
Me, I am killing all of Minnesota’s meese
Apollo 6 dagar sedan
the plural for them is meese in these parts
Alex MacLean
Alex MacLean 6 dagar sedan
Wouldn't be a Vox video if they didn't find a way to say something what white peoples fault lol
VivaLaPets 6 dagar sedan
Sad reality, this is happening everywhere not just Minnesota. Most people have no idea that we are in the midst of a MASS EXTINCTION, and it's our fault.
Geofany 6 dagar sedan
Next time please don't use white font on winter background
Corey Pyer
Corey Pyer 7 dagar sedan
Let me guess 🤔 oh yea every f***er is shooting them 👍
Ken ter
Ken ter 7 dagar sedan
It's bigfoot
Uras Tus
Uras Tus 7 dagar sedan
without even seeing this - people, of course. Directly or indirectly. Now I'll watch. Geez, humanity is a curse to all other living things.
Kishan Kushwaha
Kishan Kushwaha 7 dagar sedan
Selmon Bhoi
Matt Cintron
Matt Cintron 7 dagar sedan
I will always have full respect for native Americans because everything they knew so well was torn away from them like they were kids with something they shouldn’t have. With out them, our planet as been suffering. Resourcefulness is something we all lack compared to them.
MiniSvamp 7 dagar sedan
i am
Abanoub Nakhla
Abanoub Nakhla 7 dagar sedan
The unabomber was correct
andro.id 7 dagar sedan
soolkyut 7 dagar sedan
4:21, the average snow depth has declined by 30%, not 70%...... The graph even shows it.....
Max Hill
Max Hill 7 dagar sedan
Mike Green
Mike Green 7 dagar sedan
Up here in the north county. We call them. Sasquatch.
Valerie Enfield
Valerie Enfield 7 dagar sedan
Carson Wieker
Carson Wieker 7 dagar sedan
Wow very well made, thanks for sharing
E Horvat
E Horvat 7 dagar sedan
Wolves got one out on my land this winter...
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor Dag sedan
@E Horvat nice. I’m well thanks. Where are you from?
E Horvat
E Horvat 2 dagar sedan
@AMY Taylor ok, you as well
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 3 dagar sedan
Hello there👋👋, how are you doing today?Hope you are having a wonderful day?GOD BLESS YOU!!!❤️
Axemuth 8 dagar sedan
I've been watching vox since for quite a while, its a miracle that vox can put together all clues and data they've found to a conclusion, basically the documentary channel i would recommend my younglings and other people to watch!
Alexandra Ami
Alexandra Ami 8 dagar sedan
idk why but for some reason the title reminded me of whats eating gilberts grape
Pallab Jyoti Das
Pallab Jyoti Das 8 dagar sedan
Where's the taliban video?
Sentience PSN
Sentience PSN 8 dagar sedan
Consider putting a border around your white text. White text on over saturated white snow is impossible to read.
ThatOnePufferfish 8 dagar sedan
What have we done...this is a byproduct of our ignorance.
Chus Tambe
Chus Tambe 8 dagar sedan
Humans are the real monsters
Mark Manuella
Mark Manuella 8 dagar sedan
Call it Califorina
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 3 dagar sedan
Hello there👋👋, how are you doing today?Hope you are having a wonderful day?GOD BLESS YOU!!!❤️
Mark Manuella
Mark Manuella 8 dagar sedan
Prob liberal policy
Rosalie Stevenson
Rosalie Stevenson 8 dagar sedan
Why don't they start with a high bag limit on the deer moving north?
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 3 dagar sedan
Hello there👋👋, how are you doing today?Hope you are having a wonderful day?GOD BLESS YOU!!!❤️
masterxDh20 8 dagar sedan
So corporation bad, nature good
Ben Marykuca
Ben Marykuca 8 dagar sedan
It's happening here in Manitoba, Canada too big time
Tom V
Tom V 8 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan ofc
akash choudhary
akash choudhary 8 dagar sedan
Plz make video on some interesting topic like you did before 🙏🙏
Dharmik Dave
Dharmik Dave 8 dagar sedan
Extraordinary explanation!
Allie Tibbetts
Allie Tibbetts 8 dagar sedan
That's my Dad Jeff 💗 Proud of him. We have been living off of one mooz for the past year. It was one of my daughter's first foods. The mooz is very important to us, culturally too.
Allie Tibbetts
Allie Tibbetts 8 dagar sedan
@Vox I know Carl too and he is so knowledgeable. He and my Dad are a part of Native Skywatchers, a really inspiring group. I'm glad you got a chance to meet them!
Vox 8 dagar sedan
Hi, Allie! Thank you for watching and for commenting. I learned so much talking with your dad and other members of the Ojibwe community for this story. -Liz
Alfred Christanto
Alfred Christanto 8 dagar sedan
In 100 years human will go extinct if this keep happening.
fittony 8 dagar sedan
1:42 white text on white background, SUPER legible... /s
Dajo 8 dagar sedan
correct pronouns are Meese bruh dont do this
my name is jeeeyf
my name is jeeeyf 8 dagar sedan
People. There, solved it. Humans and their colonizing ways.
The Light
The Light 9 dagar sedan
Chocolate....chocolate is killing the mousse
Seyed Mostafa Khomeini
Seyed Mostafa Khomeini 9 dagar sedan
שלום, תוך פחות מעשרה ימים, לאיראן יהיו כל החומרים הדרושים לייצור עשר פצצות אטום. עורבים ויונים سی کی دا 005
Geliya Migulina
Geliya Migulina 9 dagar sedan
Pass... too hard to support any kind of hunting...
Hussein masri
Hussein masri 9 dagar sedan
I am always amazed how huge they are
Norbert Cobangbang
Norbert Cobangbang 9 dagar sedan
Maybe one of the reasons why aside hunting it down for consumption, sasquatch.
Lê Cảnh Khiêm
Lê Cảnh Khiêm 9 dagar sedan
The thumbnail is cool
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 9 dagar sedan
It says a lot that i visited MN twice from the UK, hung out with locals, talked about history, culture etc. Never once was any of this Heritage mentioned or referenced in anyway.
judassss 9 dagar sedan
Viacom's Spy
Viacom's Spy 9 dagar sedan
I am
David Conde
David Conde 9 dagar sedan
Hey Vox!! This kinda of a strange one but can you make one of *What made string instruments a big choice for Disco music in the 70s?*
Ethan Kohlhaas
Ethan Kohlhaas 9 dagar sedan
I am from minnesota and also live on lake superior. This is a serious problem.
The Bench
The Bench 9 dagar sedan
Poor babies, humans 🙄
oren lew
oren lew 9 dagar sedan
Great video but dear Vox, next time please don't use white letters on written introductions, if literally 90% of the background is Minnesota snow
daniemundoe daniemundoe
daniemundoe daniemundoe 9 dagar sedan
Pliz do a Nujabes video
Black Rebel Radio
Black Rebel Radio 9 dagar sedan
That's is exactly the way that whitE boy was acting. Maybe he has brain worm?
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 9 dagar sedan
I paused at 1:27 to venture 3 guesses. 1 ) Sasquatch 2 ) ilhan omar 3 ) illegal trespassers.
The Gaming Republic
The Gaming Republic 10 dagar sedan
Nātānsaurus 10 dagar sedan
The natives survived... shows all white people
Adam Dimalanta
Adam Dimalanta 10 dagar sedan
the first waves
Tom 10 dagar sedan
There must be countless people like me, who as a young kid, after learning about indigenous peoples, always felt it would be better if we lived like them in greater harmony with nature - it just made sense. I’ve noticed that common sense often sense gets undermined by capitalist forces, grifting middlemen, and politicians - in one word, greed. It is said that capitalism has pulled people out of poverty, driven costs down etc. This is true, but it’s predicated on greed, consumption, and environmental costs. We are a reactive society instead of proactive, because we’re too busy trying to create profits or scam each other. Even a kid can see this system wreaks havoc on our humanity, our habitat, and true quality of life. As an adult, I know greed can corrode any system, but democratic socialism is far better equipped to deflect and control against it.
tom jones
tom jones 10 dagar sedan
What has happened to Vox. Used to be a go to source of fascinating content. The content is absolutely crashing. Bland, hyper US focused, small picture. All the production quality is still there but the subject matter has absolutely tanked.
Deutz Allis
Deutz Allis 10 dagar sedan
Back in the day when wolves got protected the experts said 700 wolves was the most there would ever be allowed, ya right. The last count they quit counting because their were way too many, must be the same people counting the 2020 election. liars.
janusz delondre
janusz delondre 10 dagar sedan
prey animals do not "give" their lives, their lives are "taken."
Rodger Bright
Rodger Bright 10 dagar sedan
So tragic. Yet another thing humans are ruining. :-(
David Josh
David Josh 10 dagar sedan
We are
Ruhr Red Army
Ruhr Red Army 10 dagar sedan
Um, I believe it's "meese"
Jerome Alday
Jerome Alday 10 dagar sedan
Haven't watched it yet but I'm guessing: Climate Change Capitalism White men Watched Vox videos for a long time to know the answers. Not saying they're wrong tho
ScrubNub IOS
ScrubNub IOS 10 dagar sedan
Probably the police
Jlfitnessmiami 10 dagar sedan
Great explanation and animations. Thank you
Andrew Chapman
Andrew Chapman 10 dagar sedan
What about Mars?
Sonicice 24
Sonicice 24 10 dagar sedan
RIP mosees
mc fist
mc fist 10 dagar sedan
Apartments always going up 😂 humans will over indulge on implode.
mc fist
mc fist 10 dagar sedan
Shame. humans are dirt bags
Jarrett Davis
Jarrett Davis 10 dagar sedan
Has nothing to do with the literal thousands of wolves in the state
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