These photos sparked a Cold War propaganda feud

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In 1961, Life magazine photographed systemic poverty in Brazil. One Brazilian magazine responded with a similar report - featuring photos of New York City.

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Life magazine, then the most popular general interest weekly in the United States, announced in 1961 that it wanted to help win the Cold War. Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro had taken control of Cuba two years earlier, making nearby Latin American countries the newest battleground over economic influence between the capitalist US and communist Soviet Union. The magazine wanted to promote President John F. Kennedy’s new “Alliance for Progress” financial aid program, which planned to use financial incentives to encourage Latin American countries to resist communism and fall under US influence.

As part of its new mission, Life sent photographer Gordon Parks to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to report on systemic poverty there. His resulting photo essay, and in particular his main subject, 12-year-old Flavio da Silva, was hugely popular in the US. Life’s readers, moved by the photos of Flavio and his story of struggling with severe asthma, mailed in thousands in donations to “save him.” The leading pediatric asthma hospital in the US, in Denver, Colorado, offered to treat him for free. A follow-up cover story by Life, titled “Flavio’s Rescue,” celebrated American generosity.

But Brazilian media saw the photo essay as a negative, stereotypical view of Brazil. Brazilian magazine O Cruzeiro - a weekly publication that, like Life, featured photographic essays - decided to respond to Life’s report. O Cruzeiro sent one of its photographers, Henri Ballot, to New York. There, he photographed a family of Puerto Rican immigrants living in a poor area of Manhattan, and O Cruzeiro printed the photos in a layout that directly copied Life’s. When examined side by side, the two photo essays - and the international feud they kicked off - tell a story of sensationalism, and propaganda.

Ultimately, US intervention in Latin American in the 1960s didn’t work out as Kennedy hoped. The Alliance for Progress sent Latin American countries billions of dollars in financial aid, but it didn’t end up benefiting the people living in the region, and by the 1970s was considered a failure. Like the two photo essays, the initiative was more about propaganda than it was about addressing the root causes of poverty.

The Flávio Story, co-published by Steidl Books and The Gordon Parks Foundation:

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Vox 2 månader sedan
We’re excited to introduce a third season of Darkroom! Our photography and history series has a whole new batch of photos to unpack for you - keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the real story of how the American bison almost became extinct, and a closer look at the most analyzed photo of all time: the famous “backyard photo” depicting John F Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. See you soon. -Coleman
Cristian Castellanos
Cristian Castellanos 2 månader sedan
@BukPlayz nmanammqlkwlo es lwl
UnwrittenSpade 2 månader sedan
This is one of the most interesting series on the web PERIOD!
Matthews Hannah
Matthews Hannah 2 månader sedan
J Hoang
J Hoang 2 månader sedan
I’m hooked! Keep it coming!
Ishbel 2 månader sedan
Can't tell you how excited I am for this series.
PondTurtle Dag sedan
Oh wow our school's library is named Henry Luce Library. I thought he was just another academic or one of the school's founder.
dianedoesitall 4 dagar sedan
I don't understand why we (Americans) shine the light on poor people and use them as pawns to battle communism when poverty is a direct response to a capitalist society, where there are really rich people there will also be really poor people
Nātānsaurus 10 dagar sedan
The real contribution to poverty is politics
Fahrein Salleh
Fahrein Salleh 13 dagar sedan
In other words..when the US lost the Bay Of Pigs and Castro's assassination..they switch to bribery LOL.
Sai Yelave
Sai Yelave 17 dagar sedan
USA : Brazil poor Brazil : no u😩
Renato Curi
Renato Curi 23 dagar sedan
By the way, Cruzeiro was a reference to the fact that the magazine costed one cruzeiro, the currency of the time.
Renato Curi
Renato Curi 23 dagar sedan
Wow, what a video. I am brazilian and i know a lot about the history of "O Cruzeiro", but I didnt knew this one. I must say that besids i do not agree with the channel opinion in some videos, i must that this is one of the best in the internet.
Freeman G
Freeman G Månad sedan
Ayushman Kishore Dash
Ayushman Kishore Dash Månad sedan
USA thinks that throwing money will solve their problems 😂
Alexander Crowell
Alexander Crowell Månad sedan
Notice the Gonzales' never were taken for any treatment of any kind. They said sure take photos but were not taking any of our family to brazil.
mrpalaces Månad sedan
The district of Bogota where I live is named Kennedy City because its first neighborhood was made with funds from the Alianza Para el Progreso. But when I was a kid in the 90s I assumed it was because Kennedy had been assassinated in Bogota, since I only knew he had been assassinated and that it was a very common thing to happen in Colombia
Rob Corrente
Rob Corrente Månad sedan
Great! Its a shake that America Donat want to Intervene in my country (Venezuela) or in today’s Nicaragua.
Rich OT
Rich OT Månad sedan
You strike me, I strike back.
cinderdork Månad sedan
this is so well done, bravo
Hector Reyes
Hector Reyes Månad sedan
I’m sorry but you can’t compare the poor in the US vs the poor in most of Latin America even back then. Apples and oranges
Azulmine Månad sedan
Apparently flavio grew up obsessed with returning to the US to make a better life for himself, and failed.
iDrawTooMuch Månad sedan
I really love Vox Darkroom- it's my favourite series - please never stop making these amazing analyses :D
Amit das
Amit das Månad sedan
Interesting 🙂
Camila Ciappesoni
Camila Ciappesoni Månad sedan
If you really wanna know what the United States did for Latin America in regards to the Cold War you should investigate Operation Condor and really see what the USAs “helpful” politics are really like. Vox should do a video about that. How the American government financed the military dictatorships in Latin America in their campaign against communism and sent torturers to instruct the local military on the best techniques.
Marnielle Lloyd Estrada
Marnielle Lloyd Estrada Månad sedan
Brazil's response could have been more powerful if it featured a white family.
J.A. Hemlock
J.A. Hemlock Månad sedan
Awesome! Thank you!!! Hugs❤️❤️❤️ was perfectly timed!
XnonXte Månad sedan
The point of the Video is that Every country has their own poverties, Not only for the Poor or rich country, Developing or not. It's about Respecting every country, Whatever their Skin color, Their Race. Or religion.
Biden Administration
Biden Administration Månad sedan
All evil is kept alive by spreading Marxism communism
Rizwan Ali
Rizwan Ali Månad sedan
A wonderful story as always. there are plenty more examples from other countries where the USA and their allied corporation did "helped win the Cold War". i wonder what they are doing now to win the "New Cold War" against China.
Lisa Love Ministry
Lisa Love Ministry Månad sedan
1 Corinthians 15:3-5👑 “For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, and that He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve.”
x D
x D Månad sedan
In 1:01 map is inaccurate because Poland, Eastern Germany and Czechoslovakia were all part of USSR.
Spaghetti Bird
Spaghetti Bird Månad sedan
USA leave Latin America alone challenge
Cod4 Wii
Cod4 Wii Månad sedan
The Cold War is still ongoing!
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Månad sedan
Real good choice
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin Månad sedan
More idea like this video
No Means No
No Means No Månad sedan
The narrator's pronunciation of 'manchete' deeply annoys me.
MTA Charlie
MTA Charlie 2 månader sedan
8:15 They really said "come to Brazil"
Greg Lock
Greg Lock 2 månader sedan
Vox should do a similar project of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk building rockets to go into space while children nation wide live in extreme poverty. Show their kids attending the best schools in the country, while the majority of US children attend Drop out factories.
ام اليتامه
ام اليتامه 2 månader sedan
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته انا اختكم من سوريا واسكن في مخيمات ⛺اللجوء على حدود تركيه و اطلب منكم المساعده من مال الله يا ☝️ محسنين انا يوجد عندي خمس بنت ولا. يوجد معي الا الله وزوجي في السجن⛓️ النظام اطلب منكم ساعدوني في اي شيء يطلع من خاطرك م جوهت عليكم الله 🙏 تساعدوني يا اللي 😔 بيحب يساعدني لوجه الله يترك رغم في التعليق وانا بحكي معو😔😔
JACKJACKSON 2 månader sedan
Also in Thailand.
Goran Rukljač
Goran Rukljač 2 månader sedan
DaLatinoBrother _16
DaLatinoBrother _16 2 månader sedan
US: shows poverty in Brazil. Brazil: shows poverty in US. US: No. This isn't how you supposed to play the game.
TheKnight1945 16 dagar sedan
People in the comments unable to get a lesson about the real causes of poverty in both countries and just replicating a 60 years old discussion: 95%
Knightmare123 Månad sedan
US Poverty Rate: 13.7% (2021) People living in inadequate housing in Brazil: 23%
Ramona Pschowski
Ramona Pschowski 2 månader sedan
Nick Forcino
Nick Forcino 2 månader sedan
Saulo Herrera
Saulo Herrera 2 månader sedan
Love this section!!!!
worldtotheend 2 månader sedan
Communism, Capitalism and Democracy at certain levels are all make sense in the minds of ordinary citizens, given the right time period, the state of economic prosperity as well as political climate. Given recent china's rise as global economic power, the idea of multi party democratic governance is in question. Just how long can a democratic government can last this millenium? History has proven that a monarchy based system tend to last very long, despite the heavy price their people had to pay to keep it. Is there any way we can combine all the best qualities those exist in these different governance system?
No other Like my own skin
No other Like my own skin 2 månader sedan
What happened in USA American politics after 2021 President to date? What happened with USA soil? What going on in Japan relationship in USA? What going on in South Korean relationship in USA? What going on in Thailand relationship in USA? What going on in India relationship in USA? What going on in Nepal relationship in USA? What going on in China relationship in USA? What going on in Hong Kong relationship in USA? What going on in Near Asian Countries that did not say relationship in USA?
F. OPE 2 månader sedan
Alliance for Progress failed to increase American influence in the region? No way. It was fundamental in helping finding solidifying in before they helped organize the 1960s and 1970s coups.
Shale 2 månader sedan
Based Brazilian Magazine
Victorian Jose
Victorian Jose 2 månader sedan
Lucas Toledo
Lucas Toledo 2 månader sedan
talk more about Brazil pleeeease
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson 2 månader sedan
I have to admit, the difference between the original photospread and the smiling flavio in colorado is striking. like, REALLY striking. As a viewer myself, even though I know there's about to be more added to the story, it was really impactful to see Flavio smiling such a beautiful smile and clearly in better health than the original photos. Obviously I know photography tactics play into this, but he just looks so happy and healthy in that swing, and even in that hospital bed (which are not the happiest of places!), that you just can't help but feel glad. I'm 21; I'm not even a mother, and I don't have any younger siblings, but this helped show me how we're all moved by the plights and hopes of children
Dima Matat
Dima Matat 2 månader sedan
And the only thing they achieved was showing that povery is a big issue on both halves of america.
Cali Indica
Cali Indica 2 månader sedan
in my humble opinion, capitalism tends to create more poverty than socialism or communism. in socialism/communism, living standards/cost of living are low and everyone is equally mediocre so there's really no poverty. in capitalism, cost of living is high and low wage earners have a difficult time getting by, which results in poverty. so if you wanna live a life of rap video, go with capitalism. if u r easily content, socialism/communism is right for you.
Abdelmoniem Elshamy
Abdelmoniem Elshamy 2 månader sedan
Dark Room is peak Vox 👏
Pritam PTR
Pritam PTR 2 månader sedan
This way western countries show India as a poor country. Of course poverty is a huge problem. But there are bright sides too but they will not highlight those.
Pritam PTR
Pritam PTR 2 månader sedan
Thomas Zadro
Thomas Zadro 2 månader sedan
Brazil has a long history of paying back to the US. One might find this childish, but when the US introduced a new policy, taking photos from every traveler entering the country, I laughed my aas of, seeing in Sao Paulo three lines for emigration: Brazilian, Rest of the World, US. Just guess, in which line photos were taken ;-)
F. OPE 2 månader sedan
Brazil always did that when it came to travelers, it had a reciprocal policy. This only changed recently with bootlicker Bolsonaro
Guilherme Clausem Ortiz
Guilherme Clausem Ortiz 2 månader sedan
Just made me love being Brazilian a little more. We r cool, layback and hospitable. Buuuuut, if u come for us we are going to make the most shadiest passive aggressive move you can ever imagine hahahaha
James Liu
James Liu 2 månader sedan
its absolutely mindblowing that cold war built up uncommon battlegrounds like this.
Max Rocha
Max Rocha 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: The U.S. continues to intervene in Latin America's media, politics and elections, just check out how the FBI influenced the car wash investigations in Brazil and helped elect the genocide president we have in power right now. Awesome video btw.
Gabriel Azevedo
Gabriel Azevedo 2 månader sedan
That's such an amazing story
ndjk 2 månader sedan
This is so, so, soooo good.
directormbj 2 månader sedan
Crude reality is that both countries after 50 years have extreme poverty
street potato
street potato 2 månader sedan
the US does this to every other country even till this day.
doodskie999 2 månader sedan
Usa: were taking you out from Brazil Brazil: No, we bring Brazil to you
Caio D. Andrade
Caio D. Andrade 2 månader sedan
America has a big problem using big words, like the greatest generation, it leads a society wide normalization of this idea that north americans are the best.
Conrad Bröder
Conrad Bröder 2 månader sedan
I am brazilian and i had no idea about this incredible history.
Meta tron
Meta tron 2 månader sedan
What are the root causes of poverty?
Meta tron
Meta tron 2 månader sedan
@Syvix how does capitalism cause poverty?
Meta tron
Meta tron 2 månader sedan
@Syvix people were poor before capitalism even existed.
h0lda 2 månader sedan
So what happened to all the money sent to Latin America?
h12 2 månader sedan
0:46 why is South-West Africa shown as independent in 1959?
reddit r
reddit r 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: Despite how much the US tries to destroy brazil even supporting their dictatorship the brazillian government loves the US
Derpy Bear
Derpy Bear 2 månader sedan
0:47 - What is this line indicating the so called western hemisphere, Apparently the western hemisphere begins exactly where East Germany stops? Also why is Rome, Berlin, Vienna or Stoockholm not in the Western Hemisphere. This is a terrible map, it's just made up.
Manuel 2 månader sedan
That's were the prime meridian is located? Have you ever seen a map?
Shironeri Silk
Shironeri Silk 2 månader sedan
Basically, the explanation for this is: ''The West'' is defined by the US and the countries they choose to be associated with them (like the rich European countries and Japan) in the ''developed world''. But instead of actually drawing honest lines based on economics they use nonsensical pseudo geographical lines such as ''The West'' and ''Global South'' that only reflect economics and politics but still carry the ''neutral'', absolute, geographical connotation they want. And then we end up with situations like you mentioned and also stuff like Central and South America not being considered part of ''The West'' even though ALL countries in those regions had their cultures as molded by Europe like US culture itself was.
Satyamev Jayate
Satyamev Jayate 2 månader sedan
They even should the cremation ceremony of the peoples who died due to Corona virus in India. Will they show the same for America or England.
Kyle McCune
Kyle McCune 2 månader sedan
Talking about history that was in a different nation than you are attributing this information to and associating it with everyone who shares even a little similarities with the information doesn’t help any problems.
GamyH 2 månader sedan
@Vox You mean Puerto Rican Migrants, since we've been American since the 1900s
L.O.V.E Drive
L.O.V.E Drive 2 månader sedan
Let's admit every country has poverty no matter how up to date the country is
Thom van Damme
Thom van Damme 2 månader sedan
1:46 Guus Meeuwis?
snakelama 2 månader sedan
720 comments on a video with 350k views? smells like view botting
Fabio Prestel
Fabio Prestel 2 månader sedan
I was shocked to see a part of our history through this episode. It was as usual an untouchable work, but also a way to show politics as it really seems. Congratulations, again.
AfroSamurai 2 månader sedan
Is that Sinead O'Connor on the cover?
Scar 2 månader sedan
Side note: you can tell how there is a difference between their photography style, and it feels different from one another. And that’s cool
Meghan 2 månader sedan
What else is new, USA highlighting what's wrong with other countries so that their own people will be blinded and ignore that same thing happens there. Over reporting what's happening elsewhere and under reporting what's happening right at home makes people feel better about themselves.
21 Manpreet Singh
21 Manpreet Singh 2 månader sedan
*Uno reverse card*
SkyProtonFood 2 månader sedan
"Puerto Rican immigrants?"
Isi 2 månader sedan
USA: we are the good guys! Everyone else: Go away I do not have oil!
Allei Floyd
Allei Floyd 2 månader sedan
Oof this story gives big "white man's burden" vibes.
野心大統領 🅥
野心大統領 🅥 2 månader sedan
*kiss ur vegene from superpower 2020 INDIA...*
Maple Maple
Maple Maple 2 månader sedan
Could you explain more?
King Ashley
King Ashley 2 månader sedan
Igor Souza
Igor Souza 2 månader sedan
That is the most brazilian thing i've seen today.
TECH DOABLES 2 månader sedan
Beautiful work
Facta non verba
Facta non verba 2 månader sedan
This was not a market dispute
Miguelito 2 månader sedan
Fun fact , the catacumba favela does not exist anymore , it's population was moved to Cidade de Deus (yes the one from the movie) as an atempt to "defafelize" Rio
Dimas Abrianno
Dimas Abrianno 2 månader sedan
Life : OMG! See what we take in Brazil! O Cruzeiro : OH YES! Please call an AMBULANCE, BUT NOT FOR ME!
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues 2 månader sedan
3 years after that, fearing the "socialist threat" the militaries strikes the 1964 Brazilian coup d'état. The USA government supported the coup.
Ádhamh Ó Conchobhair
Ádhamh Ó Conchobhair 2 månader sedan
Please do a video on the atrocities the British committed in Ireland
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta 2 månader sedan
Should authoritarian countries commiting genocide be leaders of the UN simply because of the fact that they are strong militarily and economically ??
VTTeach13 2 månader sedan
@7:15 "Puerto Rican Immigrants" really Vox?
Sanket Sudke
Sanket Sudke 2 månader sedan
BBC creates such documentaries/photos etc... about India all the time. I hope one day we too respond like the Brazilians.
Maanas Mathen George
Maanas Mathen George 2 månader sedan
I am an Indian. When other country portray India, they always show it's bad side. The slum, the poverty etc. We too have bright sides.
Ss_wip 2 månader sedan
Make a video on how U.S lost to the talibans
Ss_wip 2 månader sedan
Hey you guys should make a video on Afghanistan
Vinício Imbriani
Vinício Imbriani 2 månader sedan
Brasil porraaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Não vamo deixar americano nenhum pagar de bonzinho pra cima da gente, krlh
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins 2 månader sedan
Stop calling people by their last names. Call them by their first names.
David Marquez
David Marquez 2 månader sedan
*I'm sorry but this video makes the same sins that both magazines did back then. How can you say that "Alianza para el Progreso" was a "failure"? I am Venezuelan and I know my country's history very well. Those years were the most successful years for Venezuela. The alliance with America brought incredible progress and wealth to my country. Now, it didn't last and that has nothing to do with America or "American Interventionism" as you American progressives want to call it without real facts. Systematic Poverty in third world countries and in Countries like America has different roots and causes.*
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