The law that broke US immigration

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Why the US has so many undocumented immigrants.

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Immigration looked very different before 1996, when President Bill Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA). The law was supposed to stop undocumented immigration by increasing enforcement and punishing people for being in the US undocumented. Instead, it incentivized people to stay in the US - and the undocumented population doubled.

When researching this story we used a lot of great resources. Here are a few of the most helpful:

This collection of articles on IIRIRA by the Center for Migration Studies explains many angles on the law itself, the politics of the time that led to its passing, and the ongoing impact:

Douglas S. Massey at Princeton and his co-authors have written about how border enforcement backfired, including in this 2016 paper:

We got data on return probabilities to Mexico after a first undocumented trip from the Mexican Migration Project:

Polling data about Americans’ views on immigration come from the Pew Research Center and Gallup:

Annual Border Patrol budget comes from the American Immigration Council: www.americanimmigrationcounci...

We relied on Pew’s data on the number of undocumented immigrants in the US, which also explains more on the changing nature of immigration to the US in recent years:

The Migration Policy Institute has covered the issue over the years, including in this recent policy brief:

Cato Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh has written about the issue, including this article on the three- and 10-year bars:

Check out Vox’s past reporting on this issue to get more background: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out .

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Cameron Kay
Cameron Kay 3 dagar sedan
Republicans: immigrants are stealing our jobs!! Democrats: Let’s legalize them, eliminating employers taking advantage of their status by paying unlivable wages under the table. It will also create more jobs for Americans and boost the economy with trillions of taxes Republicans: *FiLiBuStER* It was never about economics, immigration reform is long overdue, hoping dems can pass it through budget reconciliation
Daniel Dyer
Daniel Dyer 3 dagar sedan
Yea because crossing a deadly sea to a country not even built is the same right 🙃 I mean come on man
SoulFor Sale
SoulFor Sale 4 dagar sedan
I say build the wall with machine gun turrets
李恩泽 4 dagar sedan
it's so hard to immigrate to America so I can only immigrate to Canada instead.I think this American problem is not difficult to solve at all,for instance,the government can make policies that support more talent and riches to immigrate and in the meanwhile prevent the refugees to come in
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 4 dagar sedan
Where being invaded by another country isn't that an invasion
Muzahidul Islam chy
Muzahidul Islam chy 4 dagar sedan
Hi I have questions
David 4 dagar sedan
Everybody wants to immigrate to the US, but nobody talks about the fact we got a 21 trillion dollar debt. We got no more cap space people. It's not racism, we simply got problems of our own.
David 4 dagar sedan
How are immigrants a strength? I watched this video with the hope of gaining insight on an actual US law that could be responsible for the massive illegal population here in the US. I find myself disappointed, VOX essentially argues, "strict punishment for illegal immigration incentivizes illegal immigration". This is such backwards thinking. The reason immigration is out of control is because we've let our guard down at the border. We haven't punished companies for hiring illegal immigrants. It's funny because often times it's rich liberal who work for media enterprises, large tech giants and other sophisticated professions that spout this "illegal immigration is our strength" nonsense. You might want illegal immigration to continue because that means Pedro will still mow your lawn every Monday for 30 bucks, or that Maria will come clean your house biweekly for 100 dollars. Or that addition you wanted to build for your house, Jose will do it for a mere 400 dollars. You people who work these white collar jobs aren't the ones who have to compete for a landscaping gig, or a construction contract with Jose and his pals who will vastly undercut market prices in order to secure the job. Illegal immigrants will work for less. They undercut competitive, competent American businesses. That's what it's about. How about the Kroger warehouse down the street, or the tile factory 10 minutes out. These are the jobs illegal immigrants take. Jobs that would otherwise pay better but due to illegal immigrants working for less, don't. It's no wonder American wages have been on the decline since the 1980s.
Ranjit Kumar Parvathaneni
Ranjit Kumar Parvathaneni 6 dagar sedan
My wife missed to notice that her I94 expiry was shortened before her passport was expiring. She got a valid Visa until 2022. She is 30 weeks pregnant with our second child right now and our application with nunc pro tunc got denied. It feels inhumane and unreasonable. Been living here for 10 years, married, kids and now she is banned for 10 years. It's devastating for us and the stress my wife is going through during her third trimester is unimaginable. She can't even leave the country at this time. We are it's our fault to miss it but the consequences are horrifying.
Ale 8 dagar sedan
Immigrants banning immigrants
Stav Karas
Stav Karas 11 dagar sedan
production value of Vox videos is amazing and digestible for someone not as educated like myself.
harrison wintergreen
harrison wintergreen 11 dagar sedan
Because Central America is horrible. Saved you 5 minutes
Susman 7 dagar sedan
Es verdad
G.S 12 dagar sedan
If they're "taking your jobs," maybe you weren't that good at your job to begin with. Just a wake up call in my opinion.
White wolf
White wolf 12 dagar sedan
People don't seem to understand that family separation is a component of all criminal punishments theft murder Fraud it's intrinsic and nothing extraordinary. But like Thomas Sowell said "immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in the context of trying to help people break them"
Rexy 1776
Rexy 1776 13 dagar sedan
Isn’t 2:20 an example of an ex post facto law and thus unconstitutional?
pokinine 13 dagar sedan
didn't Donald Trump criticize Bill Clinton's law during his first election campaign?
**nothing** 13 dagar sedan
For a country that exists solely because of immigration, Americans sure hate immigrants.
0m3n 14 dagar sedan
It's funny... Even Mexico themselves don't like other people living there illegally... And will deport you if they catch you
Jared Romero
Jared Romero 14 dagar sedan
That is definitely not pronounced "Ira, Ira" 🤣 VO person added some vowels in there!
B Babbich
B Babbich 15 dagar sedan
Europe is WAYYYYYY more progressive than the US, why don’t all of these people want to move to Sweden or Norway? Oh wait, because nobody wants to have that discussion.
Chavvy 14 dagar sedan
@B Babbich sure, but that doesnt mean that what you're talking about hasnt been addressed
B Babbich
B Babbich 14 dagar sedan
@Chavvy You and I both know the world likes to complain about the US so they can ignore talking about their own problems. I’ve seen it 10K times
Chavvy 14 dagar sedan
@B Babbich uhm. Or you're just on the wrong video. Vox has videos on European immigration too, I suggest checking their channel. However, the easiest answer to why south americans arent going there is distance.
B Babbich
B Babbich 14 dagar sedan
​@Chavvy What I was getting at is that I’m tired of Europe acting like the arbiters of “goodness” in this world when in reality all they want to do is avoid the hard conversations Americans are willing to have. They like to point fingers at the US to distract from their own very real problems in their backyards. Videos like this are a prime example. Where are the videos about European immigration? Cuz I NEVER see videos criticizing Europe. We act like its this utopia when its not.
Chavvy 14 dagar sedan
@B Babbich I can read what you said you didnt say that second part you said europe should take them.
Colin Parsons
Colin Parsons 15 dagar sedan
The door has never been so wide swung open. And I still can’t find out how to join the new incoming ruling class. I’ve tried learning Spanish, you would never take me for a native speaker.
Michael Backus
Michael Backus 16 dagar sedan
What about temporary work visas etc? Did the us do that or is it just very difficult?
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
It should be a Fee Based system. Immigrants pay smugglers between 5k to 10k U$D each to be smuggled across the border. This means its possible to requiere immigrants who intent to stay to deposit the equivalent to 2 months US average income (+ the percentage of foreign born population) into a EBT account, which would be about ~8600 U$D. This is of course after passing a background check.
AJ Ashish Raj Joshi
AJ Ashish Raj Joshi 17 dagar sedan
USA should be happy, they used to capture people to bring to USA, now people are coming willingly.
succatag67 10 dagar sedan
Free people At this point we will have a bigger population than china ALL THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD ARE AMERICAN
Quatelium Where we dream
Quatelium Where we dream 17 dagar sedan
Because imitation laws are racist and invented to encourage white European visitors to come with no visa needed while counties or color require not just a visa but to prove to an interviewer they will leave. While Europeans can stay 3 months no issue. That's enough to find a sponsor, a job, or get married.
phoeniximperator 17 dagar sedan
This "clever" law is only going to create a brain drain among the US intellectual class.
Joy Pomeroy
Joy Pomeroy 18 dagar sedan
Comment for the algorithm
Vkey Kanesan
Vkey Kanesan 19 dagar sedan
For the "super-power" experts in making poeple leave homes to become immigrants scattered all over the world. I would say Reap what you sow
hahahahashsahsgsgs 19 dagar sedan
Obviously, there were no border check during 1500s, 1600s, 1700s, 1800s
JimzAuto 19 dagar sedan
This presentation does not discuss the costs to US taxpayers pay on behalf of illegal immigration.
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
@JimzAuto It's plenty clear. Also "Please be aware that living in the USA is the greatest ‘benefit’" 🤣🤣🤣 OMG the ignorance and arrogance.
JimzAuto 16 dagar sedan
@Jasc Random your comment lacks clarity. Please be aware that living in the USA is the greatest ‘benefit’- that’s why you’re here.
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
Because its not something so clear as undocumented immigrants still pay taxes but can't access most (if not all) benefits.
Reian Canoy
Reian Canoy 19 dagar sedan
Hey Vix can i ask question ❓ can a foreign individual example undocumented but never commit any crimes can he or she can apply in the US arm forces? Thanks for answering may question any way .
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
To my understanding it is possible to get legal residency (or out right citizenship) by joining the armed forces.
Jovan Gustavo
Jovan Gustavo 20 dagar sedan
Americans saw immigrants as net positive, but those european leaders smh
huh 20 dagar sedan
america... the story of how a group of immigrants doesnt want other immigrants
Amit Budha
Amit Budha 20 dagar sedan
To stay in number one postion, you need manpower and taxpayer, That's what immigrants are gonna do,,
Izzy 20 dagar sedan
Remember the "caravans"?. Peperidge farm does.
Yazeed 21 dag sedan
cheap labor !
CerebralDreams 22 dagar sedan
It doesn't matter if it's a boss, a landlord, or even a boyfriend/girlfriend - when you're easy to replace, people are going to demand more from you and offer less in return.
Gregory Peck
Gregory Peck 22 dagar sedan
I'm confused. I was here illegally for a couple of years until I got married to a US citizen and got my green card. I didn't have to go back to my country, and neither did many poeple I know that went through the same process. What gives?
Abu 12 dagar sedan
If you entered legally and marry a US citizen, your wavier was automatic. People who entered illegally face the bars.
Garmen Lin
Garmen Lin 22 dagar sedan
Meanwhile Hong Kong rioters that destroyed Hong Kong physically can enter the US immediately with a 18 month temp visa
juanirdag 22 dagar sedan
On behalf of the silent majority in america i want to apologiez to immigrants. You bring so much. Thank you
W.B. Colello
W.B. Colello 22 dagar sedan
Use lethal force at the border.if they get shot they created the situation
W.B. Colello
W.B. Colello 22 dagar sedan
China uses lethal force to secure the border. Time for the USA to do the same.
prince loup
prince loup 23 dagar sedan
Such a terrible country. 😤
B N 23 dagar sedan
America goes around meddling in every country and cry when those people flock to the US
Herra Majuri
Herra Majuri 19 dagar sedan
this is why US should stop and think what they are really causing to the world by "helping"
Nadya Bykova
Nadya Bykova 24 dagar sedan
IIRAIRA forbides thieves to be in the country illegally. Outrageous! Awful!
lol Z
lol Z 24 dagar sedan
Why they put a Muslim in the thumbnail that makes up only 0.5% of population?
Super Bad
Super Bad 24 dagar sedan
Diversity is our strenkk
yes one
yes one 24 dagar sedan
people from the "right " countries have no problem moving to the us
Leeeroy Jenkins
Leeeroy Jenkins 24 dagar sedan
You mean every country that doesn’t share a land border? Africans, Europeans, and Asians don’t get the chance to cross illegally. So why give special privileges to people, just because they live closer?
Super Bad
Super Bad 24 dagar sedan
Chris L
Chris L 25 dagar sedan
Funny how the majority of Americans forefathers are the immigrants themselves.
Super Bad
Super Bad 24 dagar sedan
They also owned slaves back then
Daniel The Linux Boy
Daniel The Linux Boy 24 dagar sedan
All white Americans are immigrants. Not only that, but they were colonialists, unlike modern immigrants
Ivan Lubis
Ivan Lubis 25 dagar sedan
Why no one talks about IIRIRA is pronounced ARA ARA? I feel like I'm watching anime rn
Jose Virella Velazquez
Jose Virella Velazquez 25 dagar sedan
The more I know the more I realize that Bill Clinton was a horrible president.
dark_unit 26 dagar sedan
this reminds me of the alcohol ban of 1920 in US
dark_unit 24 dagar sedan
@Leeeroy Jenkins im talking about the ban on ALL alcohol in US in 1920
Leeeroy Jenkins
Leeeroy Jenkins 24 dagar sedan
DUI’s are one of the top 5 causes for deadly accidents. What’s your point?
Blaze14ZX 26 dagar sedan
When I was growing up in the 90s I didn't hear much about immigration, now I know why it's so different from back then. It's not shocking that this had the opposite effect. It's just like during prohibition and alcohol consumption shot up.
Mohan 26 dagar sedan
An immigrated country stoping immigrants. How ironic it is. First they erased natives enjoyed resources and become wealthy allowing skilled labour to benefit from their skills.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 27 dagar sedan
We need immigrants as we have declining population growth. If you like cheap fruits and vegetables along with a ton of other items that are cheap due to undocumented immigrant labor. Maybe some of the people who are complaining would like to go pick strawberries for 12 hours a day in the hot sun, for less than minimum wage.
Hean Sodanith
Hean Sodanith 27 dagar sedan
Find peace and give more to people who is in need. U will lives better than US
G R 28 dagar sedan
My opinion - it was started by Reagan and Bush 41 - the regime that vilified the poor. It just got worse after that.
philmstud2k 28 dagar sedan
Really wish they would make more of a distinction between LEGAL immigrants and ILLEGAL immigrants with pieces like this, not just lump everything together.
Evan Donovan
Evan Donovan 18 dagar sedan
@Madlum Sibul I'm not saying the terminology is right, just explaining it
Evan Donovan
Evan Donovan 23 dagar sedan
Their term for what others would call illegal immigrants is undocumented immigrants. It reflects a political division. Liberals and the left use the term undocumented, not illegal. But they *are* making a distinction, since they referred to them as undocumented.
Jason Chang
Jason Chang 28 dagar sedan
I see, so the Republican's approach to immigration is just to enforce 1996 act even more but the democrats right now is to get rid of the immigration system and not replace it with a new one, I would say then both party's approach towards immigration are pretty extreme and will not work
SOLOIIguru 28 dagar sedan
Short answer: the socialist Left
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
@SOLOIIguru You don't know what Socialism even is.
SOLOIIguru 26 dagar sedan
@legenden kjær YT guess you forgot that Kennedy was a democratic socialist (same party as AOC and Bernie)
legenden kjær YT
legenden kjær YT 26 dagar sedan
No socialist has ever has any more power in the US government than being in congress. Let me Guess, you think socialist, liberal and democrat mean the same things and that biden is a socialist
Dino M
Dino M 29 dagar sedan
Democrat law blamed on republicans. Like the cages and Cvid. Anyway, We need some kind of control. To say they aren't a burden is completely false. They are. Cesar Chavez proved they are and was able to unionize the farm workers for doing so. We Americans aren't against immigration. Just illegal immigration. But today a certain sector has obliviated the lines. Even whites were subject to immigration laws not too far in our past. Even to the point they were told to Americanize their names.
John Paul Sylvester
John Paul Sylvester 29 dagar sedan
Free borders- for people, not corporations!
The Shooter aka Young Chin Mr
The Shooter aka Young Chin Mr Månad sedan
This is the same law that got me deported I was a green card holder and they violated my rites because I was considered a dreamer a person who came with a parent under the age of 5 but I will be take them to court in time cause my mother is a citizen now but its killing her and its hurting me so one day yall will be interviewing me and that's on god
scannerdarkly Månad sedan
I’m ok with immigrants I’m NOT ok with ILLEGAL immigrants
Viktor Wahlberg
Viktor Wahlberg Månad sedan
Well, that law seems bad.. but also the fact the you only discuss that law as a potential reason for this issue. Would be more convincing if you could show other policies not having an impact rather than showing one major policy decision being correlated, cause correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation.
Mosiah Mendoza
Mosiah Mendoza Månad sedan
Ah yes, wait 10 years to actually come to a safer place and not be killed because we actually have time to sit around and wait
Leeeroy Jenkins
Leeeroy Jenkins 24 dagar sedan
Every other nation on Earth has to do it. You think the Afghans would just sit there? Why do Central and South Americans get special treatment? Plenty of nations wish they could just walk across a border.
Onur Turhal
Onur Turhal Månad sedan
Correct if I'm wrong, as an outsider it seems that if US wants less I migrants, the the number one thing than can be done is a Marshall pman for Mexico and Central america
PeterLiuIsBeast Månad sedan
What seems to be the case is that lots of people choose overstaying Visa which they then become an illegal immigrant. In that case it seems that marrying a US citizen would allow for green card sponsorship. This is because they came in legally. But in any case IF you leave the US, you're hit with the 3 and 10 year rule.
Bahich Oulfakir
Bahich Oulfakir Månad sedan
us people are immigrants too and want to stop more immigrants to live thier lives as immigrants in a stolen land😂😂😂 how funny is that
gingy rocka
gingy rocka Månad sedan
Western countries need immigrants we have an ageing population
riot swan
riot swan Månad sedan
Y'all Americans are immigrants yourself from europe *smh *
Cypher 360
Cypher 360 11 dagar sedan
Do you think all Americans are white?
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
... and Africa... and Asia... and Latin America.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell Månad sedan
We have different types of healthcare in other countries. We have different ways of legal and illegal immigration in different countries. USA always seems to develop their own laws with minimal references to other country models. I am an anesthesiologist. Every few years the hospital would hire consultants at a significant cost to recommend new strategies to improve the functioning hospitals. They never asked for input from physicians actually in the trenches. Same with immigration. So much waste with one hand not knowing what the other is doing. look at our postal system. Look at Amtrak still being subsidized. Look what China has done it’s their trains in just 10 years.
Jorge Chávez
Jorge Chávez Månad sedan
Schocker lol
Rage Raptor
Rage Raptor Månad sedan
If the main issue is the fact their not documented and the documentation is designed to record criminal history at least in the context of the argument (ignoring the obvious fact that a sheet a paper shouldn’t really be used to define wether or not a group of people are criminals by nature) then the obvious solution would be to give them documentation and record any previous history without the immediate threat of deportation. Like how else are you really going to document crime I do the vast majority are just immigrants not criminals. How would you even know if they were if their not even properly documented? Seriously what is the logic that we should deport them solely on the principle they don’t have a piece of paper that somehow defines every aspect of their nature as individuals? (Sorry typos don’t have time to fix it rn)
Jose Santillan
Jose Santillan Månad sedan
We are ALL immigrants !!! Now let’s work together and stop the hate
Christian Guevara
Christian Guevara Månad sedan
These laws lead to the money transfer industry...All those peeps now wire money back to their home countries instead of just leaving every season. I bet the Western Unions of the world have lobbyists that fight to keep the laws the same.
Christine Torres
Christine Torres Månad sedan
That is not true most Americans want for a Correct way of immigrating. Not illegally, so that’s not true. In fact I have a Big feeling that Joe Biden‘s administration is going to have a mass deportation As they have already started with fast track deportation to anyone that comes into the country illegally and that means that soon enough there are going to be ICE Agents surprising illegal immigrants whether in their homes or jobs and deport them. Many reasons for that is that immigration is actually hurting our country especially when it comes from places where they need help like Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and even other nations like Haiti and Venezuela. We have already reached a cap in illegal immigration and this is why both political parties are working together to work away into rebuilding America by first helping the American poor and that means that anyone that is illegal in this country has a very high risk of being deported. So the fact that they are trying to say that Americans have changed their views in illegal immigrants is completely wrong. Instead there’s going to be better immigration from people from countries in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, even India. Where there’s going to be more skilled people to help with the upcoming technology innovations and for better lifestyle. People need to understand that just south of The border into Mexico there is lots of chaos and lots of corruption and some of the people that are coming in are actually creating a havoc. Even in Latin America in countries like Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina Are going to follow along in strengthening borders and only allowing skilled immigrants with college degrees etc. etc. I do believe in the merit based system because it really helps as it has been helping in countries like Australia. Yes you see lots of immigrants also in parts of Canada but a lot of them are very skilled and they also have a merit based system in immigration.
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas Månad sedan
How did a nation of immigrants Become a nation that hates immigrants ?
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 22 dagar sedan
@special1740 👌🏿🖤✊🏿
special1740 22 dagar sedan
@Tony Thomas Pull up a chair and sit down :-)
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 22 dagar sedan
@special1740 I can’t stand ur Stupidity
special1740 23 dagar sedan
@Tony Thomas Again, this country was originally intended to be a state based on European culture. If Americans wanted to live in Mexico or India, they would have moved there already. Hope this makes sense to you...
Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas 23 dagar sedan
@special1740 did u just write founded what a Karen
Sobber Machuca
Sobber Machuca Månad sedan
Now we have 100,000 Democrats entering. I mean immigrants.
3rick H_i
3rick H_i Månad sedan
if u commit any crime u should get deported
Angela bolin
Angela bolin Månad sedan
They broke our laws, can't support themselves, and the government feels it's the citizen's job to subsidize them. I'm not a fan of illegal immigration.
Angela bolin
Angela bolin Månad sedan
If they are illegally in the county, they broke two laws. Theft being one. You cannot legally work in the US undocumented. If you have DACA, you are documented. We know you're here. The undocumented showed zero respect for this country's policies or laws, so yes, deportation would be positive by showing we are a nation of laws. US is already the 3rd most populated county in the world. We have been more than generous with immigration, but the line in the sand needs to be drawn somewhere. Immigration is good for underpopulated countries. This country is full.
Anon Schoch
Anon Schoch Månad sedan
‘Breaking a law’ is a very black and white thing. Someone who stole a loaf of bread 10 years ago because they were hungry and in that 10 year time found a job, had a family, became successful. Do they deserve to be deported because they stole a loaf of bread 10 years ago?
Joy Soyo
Joy Soyo Månad sedan
Clinton knew what he was doing. It was no mistake.
Fiddle Pants
Fiddle Pants Månad sedan
I didn't even need to watch the video to realize it's because we don't have a good border wall. I'm not going to watch the video, in fact
Leo Gomez
Leo Gomez Månad sedan
Because the democrats think they have guaranteed illegal votes for every election.
We the stupid people
We the stupid people Månad sedan
More immigrants more business more culture more job and more taxes money
Shanice Johnson
Shanice Johnson Månad sedan
More traffic, more crowding, more smog, more depletion of water in the west, more people vying for spots at universities....
Big Boy
Big Boy Månad sedan
খুব সুন্দর উপস্থাপনা ।
peapoo4 Månad sedan
Populist policy works it’s best, in the opposite way
Democritus Månad sedan
Proyect Condor. That is why.
ndoro bei
ndoro bei Månad sedan
Why can't Mexicans build their own country? Their leaders are white immigrants from Europe, too. And they have been independence for two centuries. But, they still cannot fix a country. Yeah, for two centuries.
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
Geography and a very unequal social structure that has its roots in the colonial era.
Invest_in_dogecoin Månad sedan
We should only take in rich immigrants who will contribute to the system more than they take. Isn’t this common sense?
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 16 dagar sedan
Not as much as you think it is. A rich immigrant could've just accumulated their wealth through dishonest means, while a poor immigrant is likely poor simply because of the corrupt systems that enriched the rich immigrant in the first place but could have greater potential given the right environment.
ManiaMusicChannel Månad sedan
Either way I never fully liked Clinton 🤔; more people living here, more money flow to replace those "baby boomers" 🤔 but overall the lack of help to undocumented immigrants is the outcome of many who don't want to "brownish" the country 🤔
Ravi Peiris
Ravi Peiris Månad sedan
What this video doesn't mention is that immigration was handled by the Department of the Interior pre-2000 but came under the purview of law enforcement (i.e. Dept. of Homeland Security) post 2001.
Shanice Johnson
Shanice Johnson Månad sedan
Which was a good move.
Jason Ruggles
Jason Ruggles Månad sedan
And you call yourselves good Christians. Thats a joke and a half. Then the Lord said to Abram, “Know this for certain, that your offspring shall be aliens in a land that is not theirs, and shall be slaves there, and they shall be oppressed for four hundred years…” - Genesis 15:13
Gwendolyn Alowolodu
Gwendolyn Alowolodu Månad sedan
We have these laws but they don't follow having a law that isn't follow is like having no laws at all
Papa P
Papa P Månad sedan
Are the white Americans forgetting they're immigrants from Europe? 🙄 America belongs to the First Nations. ✊
Vic Månad sedan
The US did this to themselves. They did a lot of stuff that proves harmful to not just others but to themselves. Adam Ruins Everything actually did an episode on immigration that talks about it.
S-Works, Inc.
S-Works, Inc. Månad sedan
Paul Ryan understood that illegal immigrants sustained social security from collaspe as they paid inro it but unlikely would never draw out of it,
special1740 23 dagar sedan
How are illegal immigrants paying into Social Security, when they get paid "under the table" and the only taxes they pay are Sales taxes. Does it even make sense what you said???
Sheryl Benkosky
Sheryl Benkosky Månad sedan
They're not "undocumented" they are illegal.
Abu 12 dagar sedan
I don't get why we use the term undocumented to include people who had visas/passport and just didn't leave.
Susie Månad sedan
a person cannot be illegal, only a type of crime--the crime of being undocumented, in this case. So you could call them illegally undocumented, I guess, if you really wanted to be extra.
May Liszt
May Liszt Månad sedan
Fact: US has become a trash can. Kamala Harris at the border beg the immigrants to stop entering US.
Susan Kwak
Susan Kwak Månad sedan
Americans don't want to take jobs that immigrants want
Barrios Groupie
Barrios Groupie Månad sedan
It was illegal immigrants that 'broke' US immigration.
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