Is therapy for everyone?

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Are you seeing a therapist? If not, why? Is it because you think it’s ineffective? Is it too expensive? Or is it because the very idea of mental wellness has been stigmatized? After the events of 2020, more and more of us reported feeling depressed or anxious, but plenty of people still find therapy to be out of reach. Glad You Asked host Fabiola Cineas explores why we don’t prioritize our mental health and how you can seek out the mental health care that’s right for you.

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For more reading on mental healthcare and therapy, explore some of the sources we referenced in this episode: Mental Health, Malpractice, and Marginalization. Backstory Radio: America's Long-Suffering Mental Health System: The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease by Jonathan Metzl:
PG Plays Video Games
PG Plays Video Games 2 dagar sedan
tell reddit this. every single thing is GO TO A THERAPIST.
Umber Raina
Umber Raina 5 dagar sedan
I’ll be honest therapy isn’t for me I don’t feel like it’s something that helps me in particular…………however just because it ain’t for me doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE HELP THAT YOU NEED…..IF YOU ARE IN A SITUATION WHERE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS NOT RIGHT PLEASE REACH OUT AND GET HELP
Renata Brito
Renata Brito 7 dagar sedan
DaS GameR
DaS GameR 10 dagar sedan
D Sanders
D Sanders 16 dagar sedan
People, the video is if therapy for everyone, not if it's affordable for everyone. The video is about medical inequities with a focus on communities of color. I'm sure the alternative methods of dealing with mental health issues apply to all communities.
D Sanders
D Sanders 16 dagar sedan
I love how this show uses visuals. Kudos
KAZ MOTO 16 dagar sedan
You need to go to church, or read bible thats the best theraphy!
Luna Granger
Luna Granger 16 dagar sedan
I love how therapy can mean so much to different people, everyone's needs are different. For me, flowers and floral scents can help keep me grounded in public or during stressful situations. But my main tool for easing stress and managing mental health is swimming, or soaking in a bath in a pinch but preferably a large body of water with other people (eg beach or pool), is my personal best therapeutic experience. Nothing let's me de-stress as much as just exsisting in water does. Pre lockdown I'd take my kids swimming every month, it was an important opportunity for me to recharge myself and rebalance myself and be there for them. Since lockdown our pools opened but it's now too expensive to easily access so I'm having to make do with what options I can, normally a bath - tried paddling pool in the summer but didn't work out. I miss swimming lol
Joseph R
Joseph R 18 dagar sedan
How can a therapist help me? He or is is not going through what I am going? lol
T Pe
T Pe 20 dagar sedan
Thanks for producing this. Is the exhibit she produced available either physically or virtually to view for anyone else interested in looking through it.
s.s 22 dagar sedan
Vox this video is not it. Posting an educational video about a global issue whilst only focusing on America is extremely unprofessional. You should at least state that this is targeted at American audience. As an Arab living in the Middle East this added nothing to my preexisting knowledge about mental health and psychology. Bad take
Aden 23 dagar sedan
But a tab is just 5$, its years of therapy in just 12 hours
Aden 23 dagar sedan
83% of psychologists IDENTIFY as white?
Sammy 23 dagar sedan
I live that they brought up euro centric therapy his then bring up horse back riding as unconventional
dnyalslg 24 dagar sedan
Just say Hispanic or Latin American. Please, stop using "Latinx." It's not Spanish, it's not English, most Latinos don't like it. Stop forcing that weird word onto our community, we just don't like it!
Maxim Paymushkin
Maxim Paymushkin 24 dagar sedan
I had seen again and again. You have problem in statistic measurements. According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of New York City was: White: 42.73% Black or African American: 24.31% Other race: 14.75% Asian: 14.09% Two or more races: 3.63% Native American: 0.43% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.06% Your correlations is not relevant at all and should be re-analyzed more carefully and related to total count of white/black, child/adult/old white/black, salary income for all groups and then you can bring data.
joy 26 dagar sedan
I do think that therapy is for everyone. That said, there will be moments in a person's life where they're not emotionally available to get in touch with their feelings and cope with exploring issues - and that's okay. Also, not the same type of therapies/therapists will suit everyone, and that's okay as well
Patrick Links
Patrick Links 27 dagar sedan
I mean yeah, money is a problem. Obviously. But cultural competence, and LGBTQ thing shouldn't be a way to choose your therapist. Either they re professionalls and can handle what's thrown at them, or not. Don't always make it about race and intersectionality.
yang 28 dagar sedan
I'm not sure if I fall within a group of unpopular opinion of this video but the presenter did not do a good job explaining the issues as mentioned earlier in the video. She invited an expert to talk about the reasons why people do not have access to mental health support which I believe the group of people mentioned includes various backgrounds (not just black people). After watching the video, what is left on my mind is race issues in America (specifically, discrimination against black people) and how it affects the accessibility of black people to mental health support. This is not a fair view of what the real issues are, unfortunately.
T1Oracle 28 dagar sedan
The best therapy are good friends and family that you can share your deep dark secrets with. Being able to talk to people without judgement, and be listened too is invaluable.
WolvesTeeth 28 dagar sedan
I went to therapy one time and it was the most unnatural and uncomfortable experience I ever had
KNS 28 dagar sedan
No, it is for everyone that can pay
LsBzkr 29 dagar sedan
Essa voz rouca que vários americanos fazem é muito irritante. Parece que estão sofrendo, é muito feio.
Xavier cho
Xavier cho 29 dagar sedan
There are aspects of this video that's happening with homeless population regarding jail, drugs & mental centers. 🤯
Dayon Vespo
Dayon Vespo 29 dagar sedan
It's a shame horse-riding is promoted as therapy instead of animal exploitation. I'm like yes, go for it, search for ways of healing yourself mentally in non-Eurocentric-dialoguy-ways but the lines must be drawn at least in not exploiting animals. That's not only not fair but it's also so self-centered and exploitative.
Bunker Suara
Bunker Suara 29 dagar sedan
What is the point of this series? Every episode seem to just scream "white ppl are so privileged and other races suffer because white people" Why...
juan cediel
juan cediel 29 dagar sedan
Why is it that Vox uses white protagonists that learn from people of color?
Amy Pieterse
Amy Pieterse 29 dagar sedan
I am biracial in Russia. Underemployed since the pandemic (I’m a singer). My white mother didn’t let me go to school after 7th grade (she’s an American Ivy League professor). I have started the healing process, but it is unending…
Kim M.
Kim M. 28 dagar sedan
Why did she prevent you from furthering your education?
Big Swings
Big Swings 29 dagar sedan
Medical care is a right, not a privilege. Pass it on.
lennic95 29 dagar sedan
I'm really glad you touched on this topic and it did teach a lot about the history of black abuse through the weaponisation of psychiatry. That was an excellent section. Also, half-mentioning the epigenetic markers accumulated through generations of trauma is very important and goes for many types of people, but specifically POC in the US, Jewish people who's ancestors fled the holocaust etc. As much as the holistic therapy and equine therapy might be helpful to you specifically, you didn't really address the accessibility problem at all, despite having a physically disabled interviewee. Maybe you should've talked more to people on low incomes and in psychologist deserts? About people who are working to have these structures put in place and how to support them? How to normalise therapy within friend groups.
shakrunviauc 29 dagar sedan
well if the person is dead then it isn't for them duh
narc212 29 dagar sedan
worst episode ever
Holy Crocs
Holy Crocs Månad sedan
Was she writing backwards on the screen or was the video mirrored in editing?
LSdHof Ah
LSdHof Ah Månad sedan
God is the only therapy a person needs.
Megan S.
Megan S. 29 dagar sedan
Spirituality can be comforting but it does not heal what is in the unconscious. We cannot outrun our shadow... We must confront it head on, relying on the perspectives of fellow humans who are the ones who will truly understand and help us truly heal in the end. Being a good, healthy person is a humanist venture, best understood by listing to the wisdom of people who have learned and processed their own experiences.
Alex Abbitt
Alex Abbitt Månad sedan
Terrible Channel
M. Truk
M. Truk Månad sedan
I love how they acknowledged that therapy was made in an Eurocentric lens
Avo Cado
Avo Cado Månad sedan
There’s something very ironic about a video complaining that our idea of therapy is too Eurocentric whilst only discussing America and American culture…
Xunzi 18 dagar sedan
America isn’t Europe, America is a melting pot, which includes people from non-European background.
Joshua Donald
Joshua Donald 21 dag sedan
Umm when they bring up eurocentric it's just another term for white people you know people of European descent.
Avo Cado
Avo Cado 25 dagar sedan
@yara infante with that logic why would you expect Europeans/people with European ancestry to be anything but Eurocentric?
lanethelame 25 dagar sedan
yara infante
yara infante 26 dagar sedan
This is an American show... why would you expect them to focus so wide?
Azophi Månad sedan
People have very different needs, and some therapists are just ineffective for certain people. Finding the right therapist or getting something that works for you takes time. And, to that extent, money, and lots of it.
Adrian Grian
Adrian Grian Månad sedan
The struggle of my life! I tried but I’m so impatient that after 2 sessions I stop going. However at this point I would had been better I I had kept going. I fee like I don’t go because I know thatI’ll stop going. I’m used to created changes at work right away that when it comes to y personal life I can’t make it happen right away and if is something that won’t happen right away, I always put it aside and that has accumulated through my life. Pfff
Michael Blasius
Michael Blasius Månad sedan
I love how they go straight to unconventional therapies rather than talk therapy which is the most useful for the most people. Talk therapy requires that you analyze your past in a critical way which may call into questions your own actions and the actions of others that you mentally protect (your parents most likely). The responsibility is then placed upon the individual to fix their own problems. Horse back riding doesn’t make you confront anything about yourself…
Ryan Crabtree
Ryan Crabtree Dag sedan
Yes the most common and used therapy is talk therapy but I would add that for those with trauma (like the presenter of this show), talking about those traumatic experiences can be such a delicate and sensitive moment. A lot of people just aren’t up for that, at least just yet, so her going to equine therapy to connect more with nature, becoming more mindful and increasing her body’s relaxation to maybe process trauma is an ultimately good thing, in my opinion
Michael Blasius
Michael Blasius Månad sedan
I do therapy once a week and I’ve committed to not hiding it and mentioning it publicly when the situation warrants it. I don’t have any mental illnesses. I find therapy helpful for personal understanding and growth. Putting my self out there and normalizing therapy in healthy people is something I will put myself out there to further.
Shannon Grassby
Shannon Grassby Månad sedan
The mental healthcare system including issues of access to healthcare is an entirely separate entity to what psychological therapy is. The title suggests that you would be exploring different types of therapeutic approaches such as CBT, ACT, DBT, trauma specific therapies etc as well as general self care strategies. The issues discussed in the video are concerning the system surrounding therapy, not the therapy itself. Also, if the concern is access to therapies, why was it decided to pick equine therapy which is expensive/hard to access and traditionally full of the privilege associated with the types of therapies you seem to be critiquing?
Tharun Kumar
Tharun Kumar Månad sedan
In Season Two of "Never Have I Ever" Netflix series, a popular character tells her therapist "Therapy is for white people." That's sadly the wide perception of mental health, mental health issues, visiting a psychiatrist, getting therapy, etc that so many people have. People who actually need help or therapy usually never get therapy because of factors like stigma, money, and lack of cultural understanding (patient and psychiatrist), etc.
Manners Bananers
Manners Bananers Månad sedan
I don't understand why you didn't allow the audience to go through the exhibit as you did the people in the video. We only get to see a few glances of the exhibit, partially being blocked by people's heads, and only hearing their reaction to it; not being able to form our own. I don't understand this decision. 😔
Manas Pawar
Manas Pawar Månad sedan
17:06 sara kuburic I follow her :)
La persona que existe :v
La persona que existe :v Månad sedan
Español al ver el nombre del canal: XD
Manas Pawar
Manas Pawar Månad sedan
Just wanted to say the theme song of glad u asked is so cool : )
Highnoonshred Månad sedan
I would love to see your amazing journalism in the context of what Latinx and the root of words like it.
Cube Månad sedan
usa is weird
Тетяна Гойдіна
Тетяна Гойдіна Månad sedan
With all respect, animal exploitation is not acceptable even for such a necessary purpose as mental health. Maybe visiting sanctuaries could be as helpful as horse riding. No one is free until everyone is free.
a 90s bitch
a 90s bitch 11 dagar sedan
Will Cook
Will Cook Månad sedan
Joss is so gorgeous ugh. But that aside haha, this was a super interesting video. I’ve been in therapy in the past and didn’t find validity in it. But I’m considering giving it another try
One Fat Piggy
One Fat Piggy Månad sedan
Help me please
Emily Schueller
Emily Schueller Månad sedan
No. Especially Woke "validation" therapists. Duh.
Eloise Marie
Eloise Marie Månad sedan
Important topic. But please stop the music when people are talking. Hard for me to distinguish what people are saying.
ulkair villan
ulkair villan Månad sedan
The only ones who really suffer from "depression and anxiety" are the ones who end up killing themselves.
Zeta Zimmer
Zeta Zimmer Månad sedan
Oof loved most of this but Reiki is a scam and essential oils are not a replacement for adequate mental healthcare.
Kelly-Charmaine Marie Flanagan
Kelly-Charmaine Marie Flanagan Månad sedan
Let's hope they don't bring back that protest schizophrenia...
Jennifer DiGi
Jennifer DiGi Månad sedan
I truly love this series. Thank you for teaching me.
ulkair villan
ulkair villan Månad sedan
You actually belive the bullkrap from vice... oh wow you must be a basket case
Snowy Tyler
Snowy Tyler Månad sedan
This is so cool!!! Our school is going to offer animal therapy training to our students this year. I love the idea of engaging with nature and animals as therapy. They really are so healing .
Alezandra Davila
Alezandra Davila Månad sedan
This is awful u failed
Yoga by Nanda
Yoga by Nanda Månad sedan
Cultural competence is HUGE when it comes to mental health. That’s why myself and many other Brazilian friends living in America use Brazilian therapists.
Azophi Månad sedan
Preach, man
Benjamin Pucher
Benjamin Pucher Månad sedan
Of course not, people are different, for some therapy is the best thing that could happen but for others there might be better stuff than therapy.
PBryant2.71828 Månad sedan
I don't need an over educated nerd who prescribes to a specified set of ideals on what it means to be healthy.
PrincessKLS Månad sedan
I've tried many therapists since my teens but I've also had a lot of bad or mediocre therapists too. Sometimes I question if it's worth it.
Emily Schueller
Emily Schueller Månad sedan
Find someone who specializes in cognitive or dialectical behavioral therapy. Your therapist should be a coach and teach you skills to help yourself. Just talking at someone is not effective. Good luck!
Fuby TV
Fuby TV Månad sedan
The answer is no.
Balxnce Månad sedan
The topics you guys are touching on are very powerful keep the great content coming!
Robyn Williams
Robyn Williams Månad sedan
I'm a psychologist in Switzerland, so monetary access isn't a problem. Our medical system pays if you have a problem. I do agree, though, that stigma is a problem as well as time. Many people can't just take off time to go to a therapist who also works an 8 to 5 job.a I've also recognised my own limits when it comes to some patients, especially people who have been through the Balkan war and have / feel hostility towards the different countries. Especially since I didn't grow up in Europe. It's hard. Even if I do the research, I will never really understand. And that is something hard to grapple with. Which is why I then also usually try to get them therapists who do have a better, intrinsic understanding. But there aren't many of them around here. Lastly. I don't think therapy is for everyone. It requires a lot of self reflection and hard, hard work which may bring up a lot of very difficult feelings that just may not be possible for every single person. And that's okay. We as therapists and humans have to accept that. There are always other avenues that may work for an individual.
Nick Arjoma
Nick Arjoma 15 dagar sedan
That is not true about monetary acsess, some insurers will not pay for the costs, and the mandate doesn’t cover it
Ayooo Sis
Ayooo Sis Månad sedan
love hearing this Robyn. i agree with everything you said. to add to that, therapy these days have a lot of forms and its not constricted to the conventional therapy that we all know. therapy could be in the form of art..or traveling..or working out ..or by simply cleaning your room. so in that sense, i feel like therapy can be for everyone and you just have to find what suits you the most
0IIIIII Månad sedan
You became a psychologist because you couldn’t get into medical school? Yes or no?
fifi sweet
fifi sweet Månad sedan
Equality, fair pay, affordable homes, affordable travel, will reduce many mental health issues. The world is so unfair, a lot of people are just working to survive with very minimal reward or break, and still struggling with costs. And then research is ‘shocked’ by the amount of mental health issues. Therapy can be useless if the core issues are not resolved! Give people a better living wage!
ΑΓΡΙΟ ΑΡΧΕΙΟ Månad sedan
pdylocybin is the cure for mental that's it it's easy safe and with rapid results
Helgali Månad sedan
After the pandemic more online services (like this, therapy) became more reachable.
Helgali Månad sedan
Glad you asked isn't for everyone either.
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller Månad sedan
One of the worst states, and please check this out is Alabama. when it comes to Mental Health there is hardly any help here for the mentally ill and the help that is available, is extremely unaffordable. Thought I would share, God bless to all.
Mirari Adams
Mirari Adams Månad sedan
If they helped people like me fix my problems instead of masking them with drugs then I wouldn’t be suicidal
Mirari Adams
Mirari Adams Månad sedan
@Emily Schueller let me just say that this problem isn't something therapy can fix well not talking therapy or coping skills its more hormone therapy
Emily Schueller
Emily Schueller Månad sedan
Please try cognitive or dialectical behavioral therapy. They can help you teach yourself to break those awful cycles. I have not been suicidal since I started using DBT techniques. Good luck. I support you 💙
Katherine S
Katherine S Månad sedan
Thank you
Ty Bussy
Ty Bussy Månad sedan
Another great opportunity to discuss mental health and financial disparities squashed by your rant about black people
JULIE ROBIN Månad sedan
Horsey! This video is so relevant.
Ben Peret
Ben Peret Månad sedan
Beautiful, for real. Great content and very well polished video!
Ben Peret
Ben Peret Månad sedan
Though I agree with the first comments, it's still very centered on the developed world (which isn't necessarily all that bad, if it was more explicit: therapy in the developed world... or something)
A C Månad sedan
Next episode: Can we frame literally everything as being racist?
Luke Dela Calzada
Luke Dela Calzada Månad sedan
Dr. In the pink dress writes backwards SOO well!!! 😄
TheEmssida Månad sedan
Is this a story about POC or mental health?
Abdullah Imran
Abdullah Imran Månad sedan
I would advise Vox to include the statics from around the world.
Gerardo Zepeda
Gerardo Zepeda 27 dagar sedan
baby steps
Abdullah Imran
Abdullah Imran 29 dagar sedan
@Aegean Castaneda Their series are very Americanized or whatever you call it. This completely differs from a developing country in Asia or Africa. That's why I said this.
Aegean Castaneda
Aegean Castaneda 29 dagar sedan
There's a huge variance from country to country and they're not gonna put individual stats for each one so that's why they focus on what they know and has the widest audience.
Avery Dae
Avery Dae Månad sedan
This was a good topic blackwashed and turned into a rant about black rights.
faith kutsoma
faith kutsoma Månad sedan
This wasn't a well researched video
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen Månad sedan
This video could be way better if it included how people of other countries stay mentally healthy without therapy as reference.
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen 21 dag sedan
@Ivan Marbaniang thanks g. Really appreciate your input!
Ivan Marbaniang
Ivan Marbaniang 22 dagar sedan
I think that is a good suggestion, but one that would be almost impossible to implement. First, we would need to have data across the world, representative of the populations they come from. Secondly, it would impose a "psychiatric" understanding of what good mental health is supposed to be across different cultures. And thirdly, mental health in so many cultures is not something that we discuss openly, as having less than perfect mental health is stigmatized and seen as a sign of weakness (especially in men), so getting data that is truly informative globally is going to be almost impossible.
madhu thatikonda
madhu thatikonda Månad sedan
Protest psychosis reminded me of "andholan jeevi " ..IYKWIM..
Andrew Lamigo
Andrew Lamigo Månad sedan
Cleo’s response to ‘protest psychosis’ was all of us out loud at the same time
ΞΞΞ ΞΞΞ 23 dagar sedan
I literally loled at the ridiculousness of it
sossy Månad sedan
Note to Vox: people *outside of the US* also dont have access to therapy. Please broaden your research.
Razik Boston
Razik Boston 27 dagar sedan
@Ana Bittencourt Vidigal then they should have titled their video "Is therapy for everyone in the US". I know that Vox is an American channel but they are known to cover issues from around the world so they could have perhaps specified that they were only dealing with the US in the title.
ladame 28 dagar sedan
@Yariel Vargas !!!!!!
Vipermad Månad sedan
People INSIDE THE U.S., like ME, don’t either. Please broaden your research.
Ana Bittencourt Vidigal
Ana Bittencourt Vidigal Månad sedan
Your point is completely valid, but if they were to do this, they would need much more budget and time for research, writing, shooting, editing. It’d have to be a full series for Netflix on mental health around the world or something like that. That’d be dope and I’d definitely watch it all
Yariel Vargas
Yariel Vargas Månad sedan
That's true. But you have to understand that the responsible thing to do as a researcher is to limit the scope of your investigation. If they wanted to do this with the entirety of the world, first of all it would take forever, but also the results you'd get woudnt be as concise because you'd have to take into account many more factors.
LaShanta Curry
LaShanta Curry Månad sedan
I'm not a premium member this video asks a really relavent question though.
Evelo Månad sedan
Just from the title - NO! Talk therapy has had no effect for me after 14 years and 4 different therapists. Medication is what I needed since my issue was not an issue that could be talked through. For some it helps and I am happy for them genuinely. What is most important is to know the root cause of your issue. Finding that is difficulty and talk therapy can help with that, but not always.
Oh No
Oh No Månad sedan
I’m glad you found what works for you! Yes, some people can’t rely on therapy alone and simply have chemical deficiencies that need addressed with medication. However, I’d disagree that not everybody needs therapy in the sense that we all have trauma (whether it’s very big or very small), daily stressors, goals we want to accomplish, ways we want (or need) to improve ourselves. That’s what therapists are for
0IIIIII Månad sedan
@Manners Bananers what is CBD?
Manners Bananers
Manners Bananers Månad sedan
@0IIIIII Cognitive behavioural therapy. You're thinking of CBD.
0IIIIII Månad sedan
@Manners Bananers what is CBT? Is marijuana?
Evelo Månad sedan
@Manners Bananers Aye CBT is great, helped me with Anxiety. Same with Neurofeedback Therapy. My depression though, had to take medication to fix.
Venkat Kiran
Venkat Kiran Månad sedan
I've always been a big fan of vox videos since they are always so well made and seem well researched. So I mindlessly watch anything made by them but by god this one was the worst. I'm a POC and an immigrant and even I felt like they were reading way too much into the concept of race. Yes BIPOC have barriers to accessing mental health facilities but so does pretty much everyone in North America and the barrier is often just cost and long wait times compared to anything else. Also the video just seemed pointless and kept randomly switching gears between different stuff without a coherent underlying idea.
Roger Wang
Roger Wang Månad sedan
Race is relevant when it comes to mental health treatment. especially when it comes to opening up about something as personal and intimate as trauma, it’s crucial that you’re able to connect with your therapist, so having shared life experiences is really necessary in reaching an understanding and for the session to be effective. I do agree however that the video does seem to be doing too many things at once without going in much needed depth.
Nyantee A
Nyantee A Månad sedan
This is such a narrow perspective. In many societies class or caste is intertwined with ethnicity. In America the poorest people are black and native and Latino ppl. So to suggest access to healthcare is just a money issue is quite ignorant
AJ Månad sedan
Completely agree, I love Vox, but this video has to be the worst one I've seen thus far. It's disappointing bc the beginning made the video seem like it was gonna be good.
somefunification Månad sedan
Is this just an ad for Betterhelp?
Brian A.
Brian A. Månad sedan
I really enjoyed this episode and I would like to see more episodes about mental health. Thank you so much.
Coffey Baldwin
Coffey Baldwin Månad sedan
It's "E-zell"... kinda common name in the black community.
Runstop Månad sedan
This is a complex problem that will require many different solutions. This video started broad then chose to focus on equity when it comes to therapy. Yes many struggle with access to therapy due to financial reasons (and vox has many video on cost of healthcare in the u.s.) but some struggle more than others, and if those aspects are not discussed then subgroups within our population will be left behind as they have been left behind in the past.
nh Månad sedan
Cold hearted truth is Black people especially men are looked at as weak if you do or admit to going to do therapy. Have to just toughen up and handle stuff on your own. Go Church. Or call in for a sick day. Plus truth is just another person charging you another bill. Better off with a Heineken.
dianateabag Månad sedan
“Horses can feel your energy” WOW amazing evidence. Such science.
therabbithat Månad sedan
lol you've never met a horse, have you. Their heartbeat increases when yours does, you don't need an ecg, you can feel it. Everyone should have access to horses, well everyone who wants to. Maybe we can selectively breed dog-sized horses that are affordable to take care of
Kookla Månad sedan
They can definitely sense your mood, but that’s more accurate than how they put it
J M Månad sedan
Many therapists aren’t competent in subject matters that are cultural. I remember once a therapist ended our session after 10 minutes because I started to discuss the ways that race has impacted people’s perceptions of me. She said “you should find someone else to help you with that” and refused to discuss anything further with me. Of course, she collected her full copay anyway.
melina dina
melina dina 21 dag sedan
Well, there are therapists and counselors who do know about race. This is normal. If someone isn’t comfortable listening or working with your situation, that’s valid. And there are other therapists and counselors that can, who know the stigmas and the community - or who can empathize with you and listen.
Tenacious V
Tenacious V Månad sedan
How rude...
Thomas Horngacher
Thomas Horngacher Månad sedan
A sick and violent country, hated all around the World
Jesse Holliday
Jesse Holliday Månad sedan
Candles incense and other things will not help you if you have an underlying trauma you are avoiding. That true trauma, something with your past, maybe your family is going to keep crawling into the surface no matter how many unconventional nonsense things you try
Thomas CS
Thomas CS 10 dagar sedan
Exactly! I don't know why all of these practices that are nearly useless were included in the video!
Michael Blasius
Michael Blasius Månad sedan
@Manners Bananers thanks for suggesting solutions rather than focusing on why people are victims and can’t get therapy.
Manners Bananers
Manners Bananers Månad sedan
Almost all successful therapies are based around controlled exposure; giving your traumas less power over you, and giving you tools to deal with your return to "normalcy" (eg: back to life after war, back to work after trauma, back to society, whatever). It can't be forced upon anyone who is not ready and willing, but it needs to happen, at some point. Burying it, hiding it, pretending it didn't happen, will only delay your return to "normalcy," whatever that is. So something like animal therapy can help you feel better, but it won't help you to process - and learn to cope with - trauma. For that kind of thing, I would definitely recommend cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps people learn to be more introspective, to learn why you feel certain ways, why you have negative thought patterns or behaviours, coping mechanisms for how to recognise and deal with them, and create better patterns. If you cannot afford therapy, and you're able and willing to be completely honest with yourself, there are plenty of websites and workbooks that provide a bit of a self-guided, DIY-type cognitive behavioural therapy. And if you're willing and able to be honest, they can be a big help. They're NOT really a replacement for therapy, but if that's all you have access to, please try it. Look for books published by actual working psychologists. 👍🏻 If you can get mental health meds covered by insurance, that might also be worth a shot.
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