Is city noise making us sick?

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Close your eyes and open your ears. What do you hear? Do the sounds you hear bother you? And, more importantly, do you have control over those sounds? As more and more the population migrates to urban environments - the urban population of the world has quadrupled since 1960. In fact, unwanted noise has become an increasingly critical problem. Join Glad You Asked host Joss Fong as she explores how noise pollution is becoming an ever greater concern for our health, how the negative effects of noise are unequally distributed, and how we can learn to find peace.

Ciara Garrity
Ciara Garrity 3 dagar sedan
Airlines should not me to completely change my building in order to avoid the loud sounds that come from their planes, they need to put a muffler or change their planes
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh 6 dagar sedan
80 decibels four times louder than 60? Go to your physics classes again.
ExponentMars 6 dagar sedan
I'm so glad I live in in the more suburban areas of Los Angeles - everything is always quiet and peaceful.
Melissa Campello
Melissa Campello 6 dagar sedan
"Cities Skylines" players: yes
Christian Rassy
Christian Rassy 7 dagar sedan
4:12 put a headphone or earphone on full volume :) good luck for staying alive
Alex S
Alex S 8 dagar sedan
I’m 31 years old. First time I ever experienced complete silence was a few years ago when I got to go to a cabin for a few days for the first time in my life. It was so peaceful I couldn’t believe it. I want to leave city life so bad.
👽 8 dagar sedan
man, joss fong is so freaking beautiful
Nadya 10 dagar sedan
Thank you for raising awareness of this horrible problem. The level of traffic noise in my neighbourhood is unbelievable and I cannot escape it anywhere because everyone is driving. It brings me to tears. 😢
Lily The Bananachariot Lin
Lily The Bananachariot Lin 10 dagar sedan
This high pitch noise in this video almost made me throw up while I was listening to this video and my value was turned high. Why there is no warning before playing this sound?
manganvbg90 11 dagar sedan
I got 300 yards to my nearest neighbour. Close enough 😅
Sky Plane
Sky Plane 11 dagar sedan
I live in a village type place in Ireland and one time i went to London and the noise was so loud to me as I had almost never gone to cities, I can only imagine what Chelsea would be like.
Deea Banu
Deea Banu 12 dagar sedan
as someone who lives in the biggest intersection in my country,the noise drives me insane.i have special soundproof windows.
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu 12 dagar sedan
The sound design team did so well
Tylor K
Tylor K 12 dagar sedan
I live pretty far out of the city, but at night I hear a low pitched rumble? Kind of like a large semi running but it's like it's very far away? There isn't any construction work or any facility that makes that noise when I'm outside. But it seems constant and only at night?
Om Mani Padme Hung
Om Mani Padme Hung 13 dagar sedan
Noise pollution has a huge impact on the nervous system
phenomenon _01
phenomenon _01 16 dagar sedan
I felt it. As if I was in 1990s or I don't know, but it was amazing
Barry Munro
Barry Munro 18 dagar sedan
Yes, definitely.
Jeph Daniel Mendiola
Jeph Daniel Mendiola 20 dagar sedan
Well dont u think that ur neighbor has complaints when u make noises in the evening because ur a night owl?
tutacat 21 dag sedan
Sympathy for nyc metro user
S Perry
S Perry 21 dag sedan
I live in a small city in rural Canada - We have a problem with biker culture, loud "mufflers" and toxic masculinity! Another thing I notice is the impact on the animals - there is strong evidence that even singular loud sounds, like a low flying helicopter, can disrupt bird nesting/reproduction. There are animals and beings near and far being impacted by even small city noise pollution.
Holly G
Holly G 21 dag sedan
Is there a separate clip of the nature sounds near the beginning of the video? I really enjoyed it❤️
Fatum 22 dagar sedan
It would have been nice to get a warning for 4:12 .. lord I was wearing quality headphones. I got so scared and it hurt haha
Vishnu Vaarthanan 1645
Vishnu Vaarthanan 1645 22 dagar sedan
Guys come to India
Eckathor 23 dagar sedan
Cities aren't loud, cars are loud
Harbind Brar
Harbind Brar 23 dagar sedan
I lived next to the "L" in Chicago for a few months and my ears have been dealing with the repercussions of hearing a 120 db train pass by every 5 min, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a serious issue that needs to be addressed, and that time is now.
dnyalslg 24 dagar sedan
That awful tone was really awful!!!
Carlos C
Carlos C 24 dagar sedan
I’ve always wished we had evolved earlids.
Michael Crockis
Michael Crockis 26 dagar sedan
I know that house under the freeway estacade. It's the one where the Gallaghers are living!
Missy 26 dagar sedan
As someone who has Auditory Processing Disorder where if I'm talking to someone, say, next to a busy street, I sometimes will focus on the sounds of the cars going by, birds, or other conversations than the conversation that I'm having with the person in front of me. And I have to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. So yeah, it'd be great if cities and even some suburbs could turn their volumes down.
Sajid Ahamed
Sajid Ahamed 27 dagar sedan
guys can anyone tell me the answer like yes or no .... i don't feel like watching the whole thing....thanks in advance
illumi nadi
illumi nadi 27 dagar sedan
I hate the grinch when I was a kid. Now I understand him
Thomas Kiesel
Thomas Kiesel 27 dagar sedan
v8matey 27 dagar sedan
Nah but all the peaceful protests and public shootings in America is enough to make anyone sick and not visit.
Midnightkitty 27 dagar sedan
If you listen to music very loud in headphones, you may be making yourself deaf while trying to drown out other sounds.
Zasia Zubair
Zasia Zubair 27 dagar sedan
I haven't been out very much due to covid. I have no idea how it'll fell like in all this noise after everything opens back in my country. Probably a lot more headaches.
Franc_sco L
Franc_sco L 27 dagar sedan
Vox: Noise makes you sick. People who listen to Merzbow:
Jens 28 dagar sedan
Imagine being the police officer having to carry this noise machine through new york. He probably went to bed with ringing in his ears
Chelsea Barron
Chelsea Barron 28 dagar sedan
Me neurodivergent: yes
Sir Hamsterlot
Sir Hamsterlot 28 dagar sedan
Use AirPods pro
li s.
li s. 28 dagar sedan
I'm so thankful I live in a secluded subdivision in the city. The only sounds we have are of birds. M We're close enough to the highway to not have to use a car, but far enough to not hear the noise. I hope that in some way, land developers start thinking of what's best for the tenants/owners rather than maxing out the land and putting them dangerously near noise sources.
PinoyAbnoy 25 dagar sedan
where do you live, philippines?
dodie b
dodie b 28 dagar sedan
In rural areas, i prefer the sound of chickens, cows, dogs., And loud pipes of motors. They have same amount of noise levels, but the occurences of these noises are not always there. Silence is still dominant, on these areas. Overall, it gives me more alertness where these noise came from. Ultimately better for health, and lesser for brain process to filter what we want to hear.
J. Buhawi
J. Buhawi 28 dagar sedan
California now has this thing called "car communities" now. It's nothing but car enthusiasts that modify their cars to make them as loud as possible. Maybe they're overcompensating for something, I don't know. My family live right across two gas stations a couple of fast food stands and a convenient store, and those surely attract many of these types of people even passed midnight. The noise gets very disruptive and loud when many of us are supposed to be in deep sleep by then. It gets really tiring and sickening.
Indra J. Rosandi
Indra J. Rosandi 28 dagar sedan
Does Vox employ supermodels to be their presenters?
rsacode 28 dagar sedan
It's all white noise at this point. Seattle is relatively quiet I would say but yes, we get morning noises like trucks backing up and right now, the cleaner is cleaning the public areas of the building, and the vaccum cleaning is right outside my door right now. But it's not ridiculous. And we hike a lot - so it's mostly natural noise on the weekend.
Leyha W
Leyha W 28 dagar sedan
love this episode
everberry51 28 dagar sedan
Yes I’m literally sick of it and any time I sleep somewhere very quiet my sleep quality improves
Jalmari Laamanen
Jalmari Laamanen 28 dagar sedan
From going to New York.... Yes!
Yang Fan
Yang Fan 28 dagar sedan
Vivek Joseph
Vivek Joseph 29 dagar sedan
You dint say anything about India. Compared to that the noisiest cities of the world would sound like a calm breeze on a serene mountain
TheGamerAbdull 29 dagar sedan
I live on high way where all kinds of cars go through non stop and I feel very highly related to this. We’ve living here almost 3 years amazing area to live low crime area but the only bad thing is sound noise of cars and trucks that’s so annoying. The house we live in is absolutely beautiful and big and not many houses in London you could find but the rent we pay out family and the noise we get is definitely not worth 100% so we will move out. The noise it still hasn’t effected our sleeping pattern we sleep normal hours sometimes even myself I sleep make than normal hours up to 7 hours or sometimes 10 hours when am tired and for that it hasn’t effected our sleeping pattern yet. Idk if it’s something to do getting used to but it became normal to us that we don’t even talk about it anymore
Olivier Planchon
Olivier Planchon 29 dagar sedan
4:51 wrong! +10 db is a tenfold increase of loudess. Doubling loudness (i.e. 2 loudspeakers instead of one) corresponds to +3db
Desert Moon lee
Desert Moon lee 29 dagar sedan
Even at night can’t relax, the neighborhood where i live almost everyone has a dog, i know america dog culture is to toxic. The constant barking every night and we can’t walk outside at night or exercise anymore in the neighborhood without dogs threatening passengers and that’s only those with leash or behide the yard and there has been attacks from kids and elders from even small dogs since unfortunately dogs see them as easy prey and their narcissistic owners still fight to get their mutt back, what a time to be alive..
O K 29 dagar sedan
Hearwho app
Tj Cossey
Tj Cossey 29 dagar sedan
Explains why so many people use ASMR for anxiety/stress relief.
Philip Phil
Philip Phil 29 dagar sedan
Why isn't the lady in the end speaking English if she is in America.
Alenygam 29 dagar sedan
me that heard like 20% of that because is single sided deaf:
migaczone kanał
migaczone kanał Månad sedan
I am spending couple of nights in Brussels Belgium and things are brutal! Car horns every couple minutes, police sirens not way less frequent. I live in one of the major cities in Poland and I literally do not hear so many car horns through entire year than in Brussels in one day!!
mttmsrw Månad sedan
Did anyone else turn down their volume after Dr. Rick was explaining the chances of getting hearing loss? 😶
KALU Månad sedan
Nowadays, more people around means more potential for COVID-19 infections. As I watch the series, I’m constantly surprised by how close these types of issues are related to race and poverty. USA (like many other countries) seems to be a country for the riches and not necessarily for “all of its people”.
Sean Gibson
Sean Gibson Månad sedan
I know this all about noise but.... His jacket it tight. That jewel tone looks gooood.
derpcorn Månad sedan
Thank you for the video! I think the biggest thing that this video seems to not delve deeply into is that the noise in it of itself is not the producer of health issues (besides the auditory damage that occurs from high decibel noises). The noise creates a psychological (and sometimes physical response i.e. waking up at night as the video touched upon) response in the human body. The professor talked about our fight or flight response, but we also have a ''rest and digest'' response which is the opposite of fight or flight. With our ears being our alert systems, it alerts us of loud noises and kicks in our flight or fight responses. But because we're being overstimulated all the time in cities, we can't 'rest and digest' properly. With constant stressors in the environment, and little opportunity to relax, it makes us circulate more cortisol (stress hormone), and being too stressed is linked to higher likelihood of cardiovascular disease. So yes, the city noise is making us sick, but its because our body's alert system is constantly being overstimulated/stressed.
Sherraine Phillips
Sherraine Phillips Månad sedan
Me, waking up in shanghai right now 😭
Dynasty2201 Månad sedan
Parents letting their kids run and scream in parks etc. Thanks for ruining it for everyone else. Kids are so annoying.
Hex Pool
Hex Pool Månad sedan
fugly logo for the GLAD YOU ASKED
TokenBlackWoman Månad sedan
So, when are we getting silent machines? (Airplanes, trains, helicopters, busses, jackhammers, cars…etc.)
Matin Dadib
Matin Dadib Månad sedan
Electric vehicle makes the world a quieter place
an avocado
an avocado Månad sedan
answers to noise pollution google: turn off appliances when you dont need them, regulations, etc. bing: rEmOvE AiR
smrty -
smrty - Månad sedan
he literally has airpods on.
Yor Gnaoh
Yor Gnaoh Månad sedan
Am I the only one who love city noise? I love waking up to the noise in the city. It's so refreshing and it gets me going lol
Günther Gros
Günther Gros Månad sedan
3dB is a doubeling of the noise level, not 10dB
Socio LOGICA Månad sedan
wow... in Spain, Europe. Planes are forbidden to fly from 1AM till 7AM, because of this... money over people's health should not be the way to go.
Shawn Murals
Shawn Murals Månad sedan
For me it's having a ground level apartments with streetlights right outside
rico vickers
rico vickers Månad sedan
Given it's a vox video, the problem is patriarchy and white supremacy and cultural appropriation. You're welcome. I ain't even white.
xX12VincEXx Månad sedan
I really like working in the city, but I find it so relaxing having absolute silence when I'm home sleeping. Sometimes it's even harder to fall asleep because it's so silent :). It sounds funny, but the birds chirping the whole day is quiet annoying sometimes :D. They are right next to my window, so they're really loud. However, I take the birds over a highway or airplane, I guess :D.
Månad sedan
sounds like upbeat music not a annoyance
wafiy wahidi
wafiy wahidi Månad sedan
Kuala lumpur: *ever heard of being deaf?*
T1Oracle Månad sedan
Ban gas and diesel cars in the city and the problem is solved.
Seeker Månad sedan
What's supposed to be Background sound affects , aren't now, it's thru out the dialogue, they are not necessary thru all the content , it's overkill, it's very distracting and annoying, Why can't there just be a person speaking? Plus the type of sound affects make it's especially bad, blippity.
Seeker Månad sedan
Great doc, speaking of noise , I repeatedly have written vox. Background music and or sound affects should be occasionally I. The background by vox has affects thruout the content, it's so distracting. It's overkill. What happened to just listening to a person speak. Thruout your content in this video alone, there's always music / affects on top of the dialogue, it makes it so hard to consentrate on the content, and the type of music affects are the worst, blipping, tinkering, it's the worst, most of th et I even I have to put subtitles on.🇨🇦
kurihai Månad sedan
Wow I never thought of this before….
Poet Antonia Valaire
Poet Antonia Valaire Månad sedan
I have had issues with neighbours on regards to the loud music especially when it is night and early in the morning.
Poet Antonia Valaire
Poet Antonia Valaire Månad sedan
At one point this video became very loud and noisey. Was that intentional?
Mini Minion
Mini Minion Månad sedan
ok noice
Charmedsas1 Månad sedan
I live in connecticut but as soon as i step my feet in manhattan, in 125th street station, i get claustophobic and all the buildings and people and caving in on me...I just wanna take the train and run away. I really do not like NY.
Xhosa Cake
Xhosa Cake Månad sedan
I'm glad I live in an English countryside town and not London
Moonlight Yong
Moonlight Yong Månad sedan
I live in nice, quite apartment in Singapore where the nearby main roads are relatively empty outside of peak hours so thankfully I escape these city noises
Midori Sakurai
Midori Sakurai Månad sedan
I just got a decibel app and measured around the house and the average was 30 and i thought my house was noisy 😅 cant imagine 65 decibels
shannon heraty
shannon heraty Månad sedan
Anyone want to make a song out of the starting song?
gilang ignas raharjo
gilang ignas raharjo Månad sedan
"Do you hear that...? It's 5 am", she says in full make up
Hugo Rydman
Hugo Rydman Månad sedan
What prevents her from having make up at 5 am?
Anton Kozhevnikov
Anton Kozhevnikov Månad sedan
thank you
Devine Baller
Devine Baller Månad sedan
I lived in New York city for 4 years and loved it, but I was also so happy to return to my 80000 people, small, quiet Bavarian town.
Noodle Train
Noodle Train Månad sedan
People must’ve been cheering like it was 1999 when the Concorde was retired
awesome models
awesome models Månad sedan
XanXus Månad sedan
It's even worse in India u can't get a single minute of peace here even at night
Bollina mohan satya balakrishna
Bollina mohan satya balakrishna Månad sedan
You should see india you will be dead only due to honking
Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray Månad sedan
ban cars
Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray 27 dagar sedan
@Dylan Power i do have a license, thanks for checking in.
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Månad sedan
Some people need cars. You probably don’t even have a license
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming Månad sedan
America passed laws on Sound. We just need to hold our Government more accountable to enforce the sound laws
Desert Moon lee
Desert Moon lee 29 dagar sedan
Why Americans think America is the only thing in the world. The whole world is a mess now, the problem is work and school hours, it had been proven scientifically that human brain isn’t really active until 10 am. We overwork ourselves all our life and always feel tired from a young age. Work time should not start early and finish late, most of people just waste time and their life spending many hours to work and school and at the end we really only focus three hours during whole work time. The weekend should be three days, here in east asia it’s worst… to much pressure
Gideon Kloosterman
Gideon Kloosterman 29 dagar sedan
@Edi Pires Hopefully Public Transport will improve to such a degree that less people will feel the need to take the car, that'd be great
Edi Pires
Edi Pires Månad sedan
@error actually the main noise coming from moving cars isn’t from the engine, is from the tires. After 55km/h (35mph) tire noise is louder than engine noise so electric cars won’t be much quieter
Zyansheep Månad sedan
@error or we could like get rid of cars entirely and be like the netherlands. (which would also mean less construction on roads)
error Månad sedan
electric vehicles make little to no noise. cities will be quiet in the future.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Månad sedan
I live in the Mission District in San Francisco, right in the heart of the Mission. I wake up 2-3 times a night mostly due to 4:00am trash trucks coming through the neighborhood, then again at 5:00am when street sweeping comes through. Other times it's construction work that starts early or random cars/people being loud. I can't help but to think that this is most likely not a problem for those who live in more affluent parts of this city, which is literally a few blocks over from where I live. I bet Bernal Heights doesn't have their trash truck swing by until the neighborhood has woken up and can "handle" that noise. Yet this city profits so much of the "liveliness" of where I live.
Gamer Månad sedan
Thank you for the Earr*pe Vox, just when you told us to put on headphones. Just kidding of course. 😂
Moses Månad sedan
there's no way Joss Fong looks that good in the morning
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