Introducing Vox’s new HBO show, Level Playing Field

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We made a series with HBO! Level Playing Field premieres tonight at 8PM ET on HBO and HBO Max and explores stories where sports and policy intersect - from how the NCAA’s student-athlete policy influences gig work to how WNBA athletes’ activism helped shape the US Senate. New episodes every Tuesday.

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Devan R
Devan R 2 dagar sedan
Cover the Russian parliamentary election rigging!
Aditya Pathak
Aditya Pathak 2 dagar sedan
Vox!! Please make a video on- What is mass extinction and why do they occur? 🙂
Tina Bose
Tina Bose 3 dagar sedan
10 million subscribers
Foodys Yummy
Foodys Yummy 4 dagar sedan
👏🏻vox. Vox. I need it roebucks
well lele I guess
well lele I guess 4 dagar sedan
Can you guys do a video on the history of printers
Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar 5 dagar sedan
Will it be availble in Latam? I was checking and I couldn’t find
Beckah M
Beckah M 5 dagar sedan
Go woke go broke 🤷 Ratings on shows depicting wokeism are dropping
Niklas bla
Niklas bla 5 dagar sedan
I support the message, but I hate that the messenger is partially funded by Qatar.
MrSpaniard 5 dagar sedan
Let's get to 10M
graciela dominguez pons
graciela dominguez pons 6 dagar sedan
Lidia lozano eres una vaixa tirada y por culpa de las bajas tiradas como tu pretenden tus jefes y 4 empresarios mas q han sido unos muertos de hambre que seamos todas igual. La denuncia esta puesta y voy hasta el final arrastre a quien arrastre.
Knights Templar
Knights Templar 6 dagar sedan
Horrible trailer
Kat Soriano
Kat Soriano 6 dagar sedan
Vox is killing it across platforms.
David Conde
David Conde 6 dagar sedan
Hey Vox!! This kinda of a strange one but can you make one of *What made string instruments a big choice for Disco music in the 70s?*
favoured 6 dagar sedan
Are you going to have it on SEcycle for your international viewers?
Robert Jung
Robert Jung 6 dagar sedan
George H.W. or Clinton, what horrible people they were, then it turned even worse. W. and Trump were the worst. Obama with his drone ramp up didn't do any good, Nobel peace prizes aren't worth anything. Kissinger also got one, that murderer. So, don't have HBO, will I miss something good?
85justsomedude 6 dagar sedan
Blapipo are soooo oppressed . Don't ever forget because THEY won't ever let you
Richard DeAllo
Richard DeAllo 6 dagar sedan
Ohh, I can't wait to not see this.
Free Indonesia Republic
Free Indonesia Republic 7 dagar sedan
Hello everyone Are anyone remmeber the video when vox explain about how democrats can win every election? I search it for 30 minute and not found it
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 7 dagar sedan
There are so many levels to this film. It got very confusing. Make trailer more clearer.
Burhan Abbas
Burhan Abbas 7 dagar sedan
Go vox😘
FUNKYFRESH707 7 dagar sedan
XRP level the playing field
Deng Xiaoping 邓小平 Gaming
Deng Xiaoping 邓小平 Gaming 7 dagar sedan
sell outs
macmikemo 7 dagar sedan
No thank you 💨
Austin 7 dagar sedan
SoLetsSay 7 dagar sedan
Sure wish you guys had a college football news division, would be a shame if you had one and then fired half of them because you didn’t understand what you had.
sleezeproductions 7 dagar sedan
Tenacious Dean
Tenacious Dean 7 dagar sedan
And how are people outside of the US going to watch?
Tenacious Dean
Tenacious Dean 7 dagar sedan
@pertin cape So I have to pay for a VPN to then pay for HBO Max? Why should I effectively pay double?
pertin cape
pertin cape 7 dagar sedan
AceChampElite 7 dagar sedan
“That’s the neat part, you don’t” - Omni-man (Did nothing wrong)
srnyx 7 dagar sedan
I don't watch Vox for the stories, I watch Vox for Vox
Hoss Beki
Hoss Beki 7 dagar sedan
I like it when it's educational,I like it simple with graphics
Owen Westerhout
Owen Westerhout 7 dagar sedan
After watching the trailer twice I still have no clue what this movie will be about.
Firas Abdelrazak
Firas Abdelrazak Dag sedan
Crimes commited by sports Like sports fanatics commit crimes against i don't know.. Teams? Players? Another fans?
Blu Cow
Blu Cow 6 dagar sedan
thats how its supposed to be 🙌
Bill Vegas
Bill Vegas 7 dagar sedan
Meh. It's Vox.
The DJ is King, Not the MC.
The DJ is King, Not the MC. 7 dagar sedan
just got to say. I'm out.
Sir.Craze- 7 dagar sedan
Man. If only I ever watched any amount of tv. Oh well.
AD 7 dagar sedan
Look Around Gaming
Look Around Gaming 7 dagar sedan
Completely off-topic, whats the name of the music in this video.
Look Around Gaming
Look Around Gaming 6 dagar sedan
Ok nope, wrong music,
Look Around Gaming
Look Around Gaming 6 dagar sedan
@AceChampElite Thanks man
AceChampElite 7 dagar sedan
Enter the ring - ALIBI music
Dennis Quinones
Dennis Quinones 7 dagar sedan
The world 🌎 is falling apart cuz we're moving away from the truth of God and the bible.
Primal Convoy
Primal Convoy 7 dagar sedan
If that's the case, then it's been happening since two people stole are ate someone's apple several hundred thousand years ago. This isn't something new.
DaredevilZ 7 dagar sedan
Yeah ok buddy
Jack Sibley
Jack Sibley 7 dagar sedan
Is the SB Nation team involved at all?
Keillor Kaplan-James
Keillor Kaplan-James 7 dagar sedan
What happened to Explained?
Vox 4 dagar sedan
it's publishing on netflix every friday right now! -joe
Christian F
Christian F 7 dagar sedan
HBO Plus ?
Dhrubajyoti Raja
Dhrubajyoti Raja 7 dagar sedan
* Really Admire how Americans acknowledge their Real Life Problems and can accept the Constructive Criticism about themselves,while My Country India can't get any type of Constructive Criticism and becoming more and more Intolerant day by day * ......
S I M P L E M A N 7 dagar sedan
@Sushanth Rao 🗿
Dhrubajyoti Raja
Dhrubajyoti Raja 7 dagar sedan
@Sushanth Rao Thanks for being the "Live Evidence" of my Above Statement...and BTW already got out of India 3yrs ago... Living in Edmonton now...
Sushanth Rao
Sushanth Rao 7 dagar sedan
@Dhrubajyoti Raja Get Out
Dhrubajyoti Raja
Dhrubajyoti Raja 7 dagar sedan
@atur chomicz Evidence of this Data??? Or is it just your Mind-Made theory??
atur chomicz
atur chomicz 7 dagar sedan
43% of Americans think the world will end soon and their god will whisk them away, with such a mindset most wont ever accept real flaws in the country
Kyeku 7 dagar sedan
eakherenow kingsley
eakherenow kingsley 7 dagar sedan
Clinton as a good guy ! His privatization of prisons put more Blacks in prisons ( for private ) then ever before.
Itaba Koga
Itaba Koga 7 dagar sedan
Going 10M (・∀・)
Sav 7 dagar sedan
This looks awesome 👏
Spike the Brave and Glorious
Spike the Brave and Glorious 7 dagar sedan
You should definitely talk about how English football/soccer player Marcus Rashford inspired an overturn of a government decision to stop free meals for school kids, all while being polite and coordinating a calm movement. You just can't hate that guy, proud to have him play for my team
BiggieB 7 dagar sedan
introducing: white guilt and low expectations
Monk Amani
Monk Amani 7 dagar sedan
Chain Gang. 'Bout to break some loops.
C. Galanza
C. Galanza 8 dagar sedan
Go Woke, Go Broke
edilson nascimento
edilson nascimento 8 dagar sedan
This is so America
BattleGround One
BattleGround One 7 dagar sedan
Möstafa Ahmad
Möstafa Ahmad 8 dagar sedan
I ❤️ Vox
brandoncarr09 8 dagar sedan
The sb nation people y'all fired would have made this a great doc
Chrystal Bess Redding
Chrystal Bess Redding 8 dagar sedan
This is exciting news, congrats guys and ladies at Vox! I am not a big sports fan but I will check it out. Please don't forget about us your YT followers and patreons. Also, I have really enjoyed your series on Netflix, thank you! ✌ 💕 💕 💻
VENOM 8 dagar sedan
We dont have hbo in india
Right Wing
Right Wing 8 dagar sedan
Trash. This BLM stuff has been over worked
iluvmarvel 8 dagar sedan
Congratulations!!! This looked really good
Pastaboiii 8 dagar sedan
idk i luv the explained series more
K 8 dagar sedan
Looking forward to the episode on Asians
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 7 dagar sedan
Asians that will one day live on Mars... as in Marsians? But there are no continents on Mars, because there are no oceans to separate landmasses. So are Asians from Mars really Asians?
AceChampElite 7 dagar sedan
@Primal Convoy East Asians? South Asians? West Asians? North Asians? Central Asians? SOuthEast Asians?
Primal Convoy
Primal Convoy 7 dagar sedan
Which "Asians"; British Asians (from India, Pakistan, etc), Asians in Asia, or American Asia?
Scribe13 7 dagar sedan
Me too! Lol
SashaTheGreat 8 dagar sedan
This doesn't explain the series.....
Franks FoodReviews
Franks FoodReviews 7 dagar sedan
The only REAL inequality in sports pay is ncaa athletes. EVERY other professional American athlete negotiates pay, has union backing and can demand more money depending on the revenue they are expected to generate. The American pro sports world is the definition of a meritocracy. Doesn’t matter how poor you are - the best athletes play at the highest levels (unless they can’t stop hitting women, snorting coke and/or punching bar patrons)
atur chomicz
atur chomicz 7 dagar sedan
@Megatron Cry harder lol
Megatron 7 dagar sedan
They could have easily explained it if they make the show WOKE
Adin P
Adin P 8 dagar sedan
Ooh, can’t wait to see it.
Mahsinur Rahman
Mahsinur Rahman 8 dagar sedan
matthew 2779
matthew 2779 8 dagar sedan
Cool 👊
Snaxicakes 8 dagar sedan
Omg congratulations! I'm truly excited for this!
Elizabeth Alvarado
Elizabeth Alvarado 8 dagar sedan
Despite the current state of crypto currency I still made £15,360, I think investing now is major thing everybody should do now.
BiggieB 7 dagar sedan
i, too, am not a bot
Kathleen Barrett
Kathleen Barrett 8 dagar sedan
@Billy Fowler That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Liam jones
Billy Fowler
Billy Fowler 8 dagar sedan
I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price
brown freck
brown freck 8 dagar sedan
Crypto is the new gold
Staszek Alcatraz
Staszek Alcatraz 8 dagar sedan
Only black people in this , thats racist
The Professional
The Professional 2 dagar sedan
@Monica All Day Everyday you're colour blind
Monica All Day Everyday
Monica All Day Everyday 8 dagar sedan
I don't see color.
Nando Alves
Nando Alves 8 dagar sedan
Bill Clinton is black? Huh, you learn something new every day.
Jordynn 8 dagar sedan
Q-tip resistance
Q-tip resistance 8 dagar sedan
Dream collab
Daan Odinot
Daan Odinot 8 dagar sedan
And HBO is coming to Europe!
Kevin Souza
Kevin Souza 8 dagar sedan
Please make it avaliable for Brazil!
Sad Song
Sad Song 8 dagar sedan
I just hope that you won't stop creating and posting great contents on youtube.
Aryan Bhushan
Aryan Bhushan 2 dagar sedan
@Zqkbph lol
W 4 dagar sedan
@Zqkbph lol
Jepoy Aquino
Jepoy Aquino 6 dagar sedan
@Zqkbph lol
Zqkbph 7 dagar sedan
@Vox joe mama
Vox 7 dagar sedan
never!!! -joe
James Edward
James Edward 8 dagar sedan
Ah, Vox. Why you always the worst?
Solcrates 8 dagar sedan
HBO must really be desperate for shows.
Solcrates 7 dagar sedan
@Primal Convoy probably one of those times you shouldn’t have said anything....
Primal Convoy
Primal Convoy 7 dagar sedan
Not as much as SEcycle is thirsty for inane comments like yours.
gid dy
gid dy 8 dagar sedan
That's the whole streaming service Business model as much content as possible
まきまき 8 dagar sedan
Devin Shah
Devin Shah 8 dagar sedan
Vox please make more music videos the rap breakdown video is one of the best videos
Ghastly Ginger
Ghastly Ginger 8 dagar sedan
The people at VOX are terrible people.
Ghastly Ginger
Ghastly Ginger 8 dagar sedan
@Dhruva Punde They're Anti Semetic.
Gremmy Thoumeaux
Gremmy Thoumeaux 8 dagar sedan
Dhruva Punde
Dhruva Punde 8 dagar sedan
Devtools Tech
Devtools Tech 8 dagar sedan
Looks high quality! Also, check us out for free high quality programming and tech tutorials. 🙌🚀
Sassy Dispatch
Sassy Dispatch 8 dagar sedan
It's weird to me that vox fans, the literal most unathletic people in our society, would be interested at all in sports...
FalconTalk 8 dagar sedan
Remember when Vox said The coronavirus came from a Chinese wet market
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast 7 dagar sedan
@BiggieB watch Johnny Harris
BiggieB 7 dagar sedan
@Sam The Mountain Bike Beast proof?
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast 8 dagar sedan
@Lucas Hyvarinen it really didnt
Lucas Hyvarinen
Lucas Hyvarinen 8 dagar sedan
Did it not??
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast 8 dagar sedan
Same bro
JogBird 8 dagar sedan
americans worship sports too much imo
Spike the Brave and Glorious
Spike the Brave and Glorious 7 dagar sedan
Outside of the US people are killed because of sport. Just a fun fact
Ike Okereke
Ike Okereke 7 dagar sedan
This would be a great comment to go into r/AmericaBad.
Ru Ma
Ru Ma 8 dagar sedan
Europeans don't love soccer, or rugby, or quidditch, or whatever you guys play?
Chris 8 dagar sedan
to be fair, pretty much the whole western world worship sports and elite players ae treated like Kings and Queens
Aditya Sahni
Aditya Sahni 8 dagar sedan
America in a nutshell.
Aditya Sahni
Aditya Sahni 7 dagar sedan
@Dhrubajyoti Raja true
Dhrubajyoti Raja
Dhrubajyoti Raja 7 dagar sedan
Well... At least American People can have This Lvl of Constructive Criticism about themselves, that's why their Society is Constantly Improving... Meanwhile India is going backwards in terms of Tolerance....
helen marnie
helen marnie 8 dagar sedan
seems promising, keep it up vox!
dex tex
dex tex 8 dagar sedan
It vox is trying to get to the height as vice, looking forward to it.
Duke of Arcot
Duke of Arcot 8 dagar sedan
Vox is way better than Vice
HT 8 dagar sedan
jamele hill has some serious x pac heat
Barro, Dexter II T.
Barro, Dexter II T. 8 dagar sedan
Nice, I'm excited for this series!
Chu Ka
Chu Ka 8 dagar sedan
Its never fair. Its called LIFE.
Franks FoodReviews
Franks FoodReviews 7 dagar sedan
Pro sports pay may not be proportional across the board but the American pro sports landscape is about as fair as any other system in the world. If you’re the best at your sport - you’ll get a chance to show it.
Luke M.
Luke M. 8 dagar sedan
So let’s just not try to make the world better than
Blurgle 8 dagar sedan
Let's just give up then.
Lucas Hyvarinen
Lucas Hyvarinen 8 dagar sedan
I've never been this early
Kuba Pluta
Kuba Pluta 8 dagar sedan
cool, i wont pay
Dia Renée
Dia Renée 8 dagar sedan
tiago moraes
tiago moraes 8 dagar sedan
Dont care
tiago moraes
tiago moraes 8 dagar sedan
@nomadwarrior667 i dont care to ur comment
nomadwarrior667 8 dagar sedan
Then why u comment or aatching this video
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