How video game rocks get made

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How do you make video game rocks look real? Sometimes, it involves a trip out to the desert.

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In this video, Vox’s Phil Edwards interviews Galen Davis of Quixel at Epic Games. His job is as a developer, but sometimes he goes out into the desert to scan rocks.

This scanning economy is a crucial new stage in making realistic 3D games today. Rather than modeling and texturing assets manually, designers often rely on scanned assets to make their games, movies, or other 3d productions look real. Quixel sent Davis to Moab, Utah, just to scan the exotic terrain there for use in Unreal Engine.

There are other ways to get assets for 3D productions, from your phone to the many different available marketplaces. These provide opportunities for photoreal assets to be downloaded instead of created, allowing designers to save time and improve the quality of their work. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out .

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Vox 15 dagar sedan
This process of photogrammetry isn't just used for games, but in many different disciplines. You can browse - and download - the Smithsonian Museum's collection of 3D objects, including the Apollo 11 command module: -Phil
cgcloud 15 timmar sedan
How can I get involved and make $ with images I scan?
Platinum Pineapple
Platinum Pineapple 6 dagar sedan
Thanks for shining light in the incredible technology of the game Dev Industry! Theres so much more out there too that noone even knows or thinks about
Neko-chan 8 dagar sedan
Inga Mgoduka
Inga Mgoduka 11 dagar sedan
@TroutFish But I still praise the work flow used by naughty dog those guys are still old school but they make eye candies. especially Uncharted 4 I haven't seen any game that has similar environments. And the new Quixel Mega scans used in Unreal 5 demo imagine creating a entire level seamlessly with just high quality meshes we really living in a dream.
TroutFish 11 dagar sedan
@Inga Mgoduka Of course. Using just a couple of assets, or not being creative about it will always result in something that feels odd. From my experience it is always better to use a bunch of techniques at once to get the best results. In production it is always about using techniques that save you the most time, and net you the best quality.
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg Dag sedan
I know this rock contains billions of TRIANGLES
Shubham Dag sedan
Meanwhile they could just make it substance designer but ig epic doesn't like adobe
Will Dag sedan
How much did Epic pay for this profile?
Alex Mar
Alex Mar 2 dagar sedan
This is one method for making rocks in games. Another method would be just to model it in a software like maya or blender.
Spr.l 3 dagar sedan
Wow this rocks 👍🏼
GrandRiser 3 dagar sedan
Minecraft rock: hmmm interesting
Camo 4 dagar sedan
They should be paying God for copyrights
Jake 4 dagar sedan
People hate on fortnite, but the amount of money this game has raised will only benefit future games and we are starting to see a glimpse of what that might be with unreal engine.
Mark Zuckerfuck
Mark Zuckerfuck 4 dagar sedan
The most important thing I learnt today is what a rock looks like. I always thought they looked like a 6foot 3 Hawaiian wrestler and action star
Concerned American
Concerned American 4 dagar sedan
That's where they film all the Mars missions too. It's all a fiction
Vialle 5 dagar sedan
Theyre rocks, not minerals
Jyll 5 dagar sedan
as a gamer geologist student this made me smirk
J Loc$
J Loc$ 5 dagar sedan
So we’re playing in utah?
ᚠᚠNYCHOSᚠᚠ 5 dagar sedan
get extinct fortnite
Phlegethon 5 dagar sedan
Well we’re definitely in a simulation
h h
h h 5 dagar sedan
nonono normal maps dont indicate height from colors,the colors indicate surface normal but sometimes alpha is used for depth
Aushaf 6 dagar sedan
"quicksand, you know what i mean?"
BigDaddy LoveTap
BigDaddy LoveTap 6 dagar sedan
Are we not going to talk about how that guy called himself an evangelist? lol
Mr.Dr.ProfStonerman 6 dagar sedan
seeing phil without doesnt look right, like when my friends dad shaved his beard he had since he was 20
Platinum Pineapple
Platinum Pineapple 6 dagar sedan
3D Scanning is the future of technology innovated straight from Video Games
Mixhi W
Mixhi W 6 dagar sedan
„This is a Rock“ - Vox
Einar 7 dagar sedan
Sasha Boyd
Sasha Boyd 7 dagar sedan
Z3RO notfund
Z3RO notfund 7 dagar sedan
Jean Lafrance
Jean Lafrance 7 dagar sedan
The most impressive instance of photogrammetry is in Microsoft Flight Simulator, where whole city centers are yours to explore from the air.
Relyucc 7 dagar sedan
3:38 UHH THAT'S NOT HEIGHT DATA THAT'S ANGLES NORMALS ARE THE DIRECTIONS FACES ARE ORIENTED love you vox but this video was a swing and a miss.
Relyucc 7 dagar sedan
as a photogrammetrist i would not consider this a great explanation on your side but galen clearly knows
bshaun 7 dagar sedan
Alternatively if you’re broke you can just subdivide a cube and model a rock in blender 😎
Rajveer Borawake
Rajveer Borawake 7 dagar sedan
All the efforts just to get destroyed by a pickaxe
João Lucas Gonçalves
João Lucas Gonçalves 7 dagar sedan
Did not even watch the video, only here to say VOX went from producing BORDES to this...
James Lento
James Lento 7 dagar sedan
I’m sorry but what kind of photographer goes to the middle of no where and doesn’t bring a power source to charge batteries 😂🥴
Sisa Khoza
Sisa Khoza 7 dagar sedan
First it was doors, now it's rocks 😂
Ali Rahmani
Ali Rahmani 8 dagar sedan
OK, but that wasn't "the last of us part 2" though!
Archive 8 dagar sedan
I saw the thumbnail and I just had to know
Manu Sh
Manu Sh 8 dagar sedan
Like Environmental Scientist can I do that job?
Mr TJP 8 dagar sedan
Got data? Regardless we want yours, here's the program's to use...
Nagesh Kandel
Nagesh Kandel 8 dagar sedan
Glad to see these videos but I wish it went a little more in-depth, could have explored the topic a bit more. This felt like a rushed product to get some video out without much content in it. Usually Vox videos have this dense research backing it up, this one lacked that. I do appreciate the effort though, and please do keep making these contents.
GTmassacre 8 dagar sedan
wowowow almost 500k view
Mariam k.
Mariam k. 8 dagar sedan
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Robert Devens
Robert Devens 8 dagar sedan
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Barry Xavier
Barry Xavier 8 dagar sedan
Thank you for the info, I can comfortably buy the dip without the fear of losing.
rd n
rd n 8 dagar sedan
Ushima 8 dagar sedan
Guess we are at the point where we render objects that the Matrix rendered from the real world. But we are in a dream, which makes that an Inception?
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 8 dagar sedan
the things that go into making a videogame is more complex than i thought
Jeremias Dulaca II
Jeremias Dulaca II 8 dagar sedan
I'm so happy Vox is doing these videos on game development, especially the weird stuff no one thinks about, but a lot of effort is put into. Really makes you appreciate the games being made more.
【JimBob】 9 dagar sedan
Benedict GS
Benedict GS 9 dagar sedan
Correction: normal map doesnt tell the program how high or low, normal map tells which direction(3d vector) the surface (" the normal") is facing. But it can help with making the surface have depth. Instead for high low data, there is bump map or depth map.
Carousel Blind.
Carousel Blind. 9 dagar sedan
sponsored by adobe
Tom Ford
Tom Ford 9 dagar sedan
What should I go to school for next to pursue this. I have associates with cad and other software background. Help a brother out
PheBus Ziellonde
PheBus Ziellonde 9 dagar sedan
The Last of Us part 1 by the way
Mr. Nighthawk
Mr. Nighthawk 9 dagar sedan
My brain: "you should get some sleep" Me: R O C K
TobiasWhisperwind 10 dagar sedan
That sounds like a lot of money to texture and shape a sphere
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor 10 dagar sedan
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WolframaticAlpha 10 dagar sedan
somebody at vox has just started gaming and i am loving it
ParaPutty 10 dagar sedan
You're kind of making it sound like this is the only way rocks are made, most studios don't use photogrammetry
TheVoid 10 dagar sedan
"this is a rock but he's not a geologist" Hope the no-called geologist didn't watch the video
Banana 10 dagar sedan
When I saw photography and games I immediately thought of Quixel. Their scans are ultra-detailed and the best thing? Majority of them are free
Luca 9 dagar sedan
For ue User these are All free
Marshal Murat
Marshal Murat 10 dagar sedan
What GTA San Andreas look to us
Ninja Tortoise
Ninja Tortoise 10 dagar sedan
Vox really pushing the frontier
Potatwo 10 dagar sedan
this is a rock.
pocopoto 10 dagar sedan
3:49 isn't that from part 1 tho?
XPNDBLhero 10 dagar sedan
I have rocks by me I can take pictures of.... Can I get a job¿? 😁
Exoclypse 10 dagar sedan
2:49 "Their work saves time for individual Game Designers" You mean Game Artists. Designers conceive the game mechanics, behavior and design the gameplay space, they usually don't work on visuals. Prop/Environment Artists create the 3D assets and Level Artists use them to dress the levels (broadly speaking). 3:35 "Normal Maps indicate height" They don't. Height maps represent height, normal maps represent a surface's normal vector (what direction the surface points to). Tbh most game artists don't really get what normal maps actually are, they just know it fakes surface details.
AbeebGaming 10 dagar sedan
Wow this rocks
The Roasting Stalker
The Roasting Stalker 10 dagar sedan
Now you know why The Rock is one of the most highest paid actor in Hollywood
Gediminas Bulatovas
Gediminas Bulatovas 10 dagar sedan
How are video game rocks made? Well yes, I DO need to know that...
Xray6631 10 dagar sedan
But I can just scan a small pebble and upsize and combine 100's of them?
Petr Kuška
Petr Kuška 10 dagar sedan
What app was used for the scan on mobile phone?
FROZEN FRIDGE 10 dagar sedan
It's called photogranmerty we've had it for years.
Zafir Zakaria
Zafir Zakaria 10 dagar sedan
Quixel's team in Pakistan is doing a great job too.
Trumpalumpa 10 dagar sedan
No this is not how rocks get made. When everything is done through photogrammetry, rocks will simply lack stylization and thus the "life" a designer put into them. We don't need more photorealistic games and everything automated with asset-libraries every pseudo-hobbyist is using over and over again. Most of the time people still scupt and texture these things with individual choices made and their knowledge in this art and craft, and I'm happy it's still this way. ps: and most of the time it's way easier making a rock the convetional way than having to spend a whole day out in the field literarily having to photograph a STONE from all sides. Only thing I can think of are complex arangements like cliffs/high walls with lots of creases and detail. Even then, will it even fit your scene how you want it to?
Jun Micheletti
Jun Micheletti 11 dagar sedan
I hope you guys keep making videogame stuff
Wesley Leigh
Wesley Leigh 11 dagar sedan
I feel like we've definitely mastered the rock at this point, specifically the red rock. In fact at this point I'm thinking we do less rocks per game
Beta Prime
Beta Prime 11 dagar sedan
so me a creator can focus on creating
The Hoodie Guy
The Hoodie Guy 11 dagar sedan
If you're an Unreal Engine user, you can get those rock scans (and more!) from Quixel for absolutely free*. You can use them as is, or make modifications upon them to fit your Unreal Engine product's style, using external DCC tools and Quixel's own Mixer software. Unreal Engine users also have the benefits of making use of MetaHuman, which are stored in Quixel's Bridge tool. *as long as you're making the final renders only in Unreal Engine. Using them to make final renders elsewhere must pay up for the subscription/points. For fellow UE users, consider ourselves lucky. ;)
Communist Propagandist
Communist Propagandist 11 dagar sedan
As an Unreal Developer I recognised those rocks immediately. I feel like I've been there but I only have been digitally.
yaronimus maximus
yaronimus maximus 11 dagar sedan
Asset hunters
Italian twat
Italian twat 11 dagar sedan
I think they're cooking meth with their RV which is not shown in this video.
Jonny- B
Jonny- B 11 dagar sedan
Like the 16-bit style, video game like music. Haha
Touta Farel
Touta Farel 11 dagar sedan
Quixel megascans is awesome!
Valnuss 11 dagar sedan
And then there is Lidar.
Lord Azan
Lord Azan 11 dagar sedan
0:02 wow! I thought it was a tree
Sharky 11 dagar sedan
so... why are you guys showing one of the lowest LOD level of the rock ? is it just so it looks polygonal and "gamey" the whole point of scanning the rocks is that these guys are putting super high rez assets
Xurvezi 11 dagar sedan
0:59 why does this beat go hard asf tho? anyone know the name?
Joana Cedia's Favorite Shoes
Joana Cedia's Favorite Shoes 11 dagar sedan
Y'all likely saw that was Part 1 so I'm gonna stay real quiet
Sky Acania Dev
Sky Acania Dev 11 dagar sedan
1-800-NOT-OKAY 12 dagar sedan
This video taught me what a rock is
Abeed Jan
Abeed Jan 12 dagar sedan
All that work for gamers not even noticing
Jeffrey Wong
Jeffrey Wong 12 dagar sedan
If you've ever tried to make a realistic looking rock in Blender, you'll appreciate why people do this.
Lucas Lugão
Lucas Lugão 12 dagar sedan
All this for a low res render of the rock :P The tecnology can do way better renders than showed in this video :P
Finn Ekberg Christiansen
Finn Ekberg Christiansen 12 dagar sedan
You could be a rock photographer but not a programmer. But ok.
Forest Whispers
Forest Whispers 12 dagar sedan
5:17 rob
Liam Short
Liam Short 12 dagar sedan
We gon' need a Vox out of context
Jesus 12 dagar sedan
All they are doing could help astronauts
Luke Work
Luke Work 12 dagar sedan
Me as designer go brrrrrrr
MrPaxio 12 dagar sedan
spending an exorbitant amount of money to go look at a rock somewhere in a park, thats how everyone does their job tho. you need to offset your taxable income with assets and expenses, so that you dont contribute to the tax but inflation and collect physical items you can sell later or vacation around and benefit from it. and the responsibility falls on someone who wants to be responsible, perfect
Conor Grennan
Conor Grennan 12 dagar sedan
Love to see blender being used
Tim Bliss
Tim Bliss 12 dagar sedan
Most of those rocks in the unreal engine have terrible least the ones in the Quixel libraries
Dimas Putro Arnindyo
Dimas Putro Arnindyo 12 dagar sedan
this like over simplification and like only showroom 3D scan, not like how everything got made, like the modeling and texturing aspect, like they showing only sculpting and texturing IN PAINT, nothing wrong with paint but you could like show us like few standard program we use in industry like substance painter how example, heck even photoshop etc, also your normal map explanation is wrong, you talking about bump map with that explanation that only store height, normal map not only store the height buy all the angle aka XYZ, you should fact checkyour script before to the expert before doing it. and there are many many type of style too, like cartoon style on 3D, even 2D game, so there even more stuff to explain, not in detail like in general on broad term that would be nice, people do still model everything manually in other style of game, even realistic one you need to model stuff, to fit your game, to fit the narrative etc just suggestion you should take time to learn it and interview few people that really expert around it, and write around that, it can be great content, because once in internet, it will be there forever basically, btw thanks anyway for the effort!
Udhoi 12 dagar sedan
what an insult to 3d artist.
Panca Chandra
Panca Chandra 12 dagar sedan
0:54 That location really sounds like a location from a video game
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