How the rich avoid paying taxes

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Capital gains taxes, explained.

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The richest in America don't make money like most Americans. Most people pay income taxes from a regular job. But many in the top 1% make money off their investments, like stocks, and pay capital gains taxes. While normal income has a maximum tax rate of 37%, long-term capital gains tops out at just 20%. Changing that rate, and some loopholes that benefit the wealthiest, is seen as one way to tax the rich.

Read more about how the richest avoid paying income taxes from Vox:

And an investigation from ProPublica:

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Vox 2 månader sedan
If you want to learn more about the US tax system, check out ProPublica's investigation into the wealth and taxes of some of the richest people in the country. They obtained IRS records of billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk that specifically show how the rich get away with paying little to no taxes.
Think Bank
Think Bank Månad sedan
@Old Gregg Getting rid off taxation altogether is not a good idea either. How would you maintain a military, police, justice department and roads highways. But these things doesn't require massive amount of tax rate. Only 10-15% tax rate is enough for basic Government functions. I think it should be written in constitution that Government can never tax on it's citizens no more than 15%.
its not a well researched video, its like a summary of wikipedia. VOX i expect better from you, cold fusion did a better job on the same topic.
Dirty Dan Speaks
Dirty Dan Speaks Månad sedan
There’s a tax hole loop that all people with OLD MONEY used to follow. You are allowed an exemption called tax deferment. You essentially pass on all your tax burden to your children. When they turn 18 with money they do the same in perpetuity
Cecilia Månad sedan
I disagree with Vox on quite a few issues but I agree that taxing the rich more is definiely something we should do
FrankFit 2 månader sedan
Democrats want a monopoly on wealth for the top 1%
maximus freeman
maximus freeman 4 timmar sedan
Well, America is the most unequal society ever.
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 6 timmar sedan
Fun fact for all you hippies out there, you can do this too
Rabpit 13 timmar sedan
Are there people out there, that actually want to pay taxes?
Mike Angelo
Mike Angelo 16 timmar sedan
No tax should be more than 20% for anyone. Period! Gtfoh, taxation is theft
GoldenRooster 22 timmar sedan
So, let's raise the capital gain to 37% and it will be taxed at every year end as long as the stock has appreciated during the year. The rich people will pay the same amount of tax that normal people do. Wow!!! This is a great system. Later on, no body wants to buy stock anymore because they have to sell the stock every year to pay their taxes at 37% -- what's the point of making a "long term" investment? No long-term investment in stock, stock markets crash. Everyone becomes a peasant or farmer. The earth becomes more peaceful without wars. Amen.
Mekaylah M
Mekaylah M 2 dagar sedan
So what about property tax? Like where they live? Do they pay tax on that?
Scott S.
Scott S. 2 dagar sedan
Even if the poor win lottery the government is going to take 27% before they get it.
Horr Hiunioj
Horr Hiunioj 3 dagar sedan
The top 10 percent earned 48 percent of the income and paid 71 percent of all federal income taxes in 2020
TheAsianRepublican 3 dagar sedan
1:20 - The same people in their 20s start out Lower Class, by 30s, Middle Class, by 40s Upper class. The way "these" people make money, is not the way "these" people...first, they are the same people at different stages in their lives...second, eveyone moves between economic classes during their life time, the poor 20 year old you should not envy the rich 45 year old you, because that's how you made that money, working for 25+ yrs
Robin Doggie
Robin Doggie 3 dagar sedan
This is something Trump understood, raise there taxes and they will move to China... Trump had a deal with them, lower there taxes, for more jobs in America... Now Joe Biden will make the rich move there companies to China. So think about this, who benefits? We got out of Afghan, for who's benfit? Close down Keystone XL pipeline, who betfits?... It was CHINA on all of them. So now we know who Joe Biden is "Build Back Better" is for China!... Have you ever looked at companies like CNN, Disney, AMC, Smithfield Foods, GE, and over 200 copanies now.... All owned by CHINA!
United States of America
United States of America 2 dagar sedan
And also this bill is about creating more jobs
United States of America
United States of America 2 dagar sedan
Like seriously you're such a @$#* creature
Stix Future
Stix Future 3 dagar sedan
The true solution is reducing income taxes to the same rates as Capital Gains. Nobody should have to give 37% of their hard earned money to the government. Imagine if your child had to give 37% of their test points to the other children.
Avi Dag sedan
Yeah 37% is too high
juan gf
juan gf 4 dagar sedan
Incredibly, no one realizes that the solution is for the secretary to pay less taxes
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 4 dagar sedan
People lacks basic financial education. Instead of invest in the stock market, they spend the money on unneeded depreciation assets like fancy cars, etc… Just invest people, stop putting your money in the bank and do NOTHING.
Jim Vonn
Jim Vonn 4 dagar sedan
Federal Income taxes used to be a 1% tax on the rich; now who pays it? Wise up. No one forces you to sell a stock or harvest a forest; so there needs to be an ongoing tax and a time of sale tax. Investment ought to be encouraged but I think a reasonable way to tax lower risk vs higher risks is to vary capital gains with respect to the history of the stock and number of years the stock is held; one may get deductions for losing stocks held. The riskier the investment the lower the capital gain. There would be a tax on stocks that gain every year like income tax but it would be a reasonable level say 15% because it can go down. Even if you don't sell your stock ever and turn your investment into a foundation - you still pay taxes during the period you own the stock; and a foundation would also pay the ongoing tax.
BiCzar 4 dagar sedan
people should invest more and take advantage if these benefits. The solution should be for the government to become more effective and tax the middle and lower classes less. The government wastes trillions of dollars every year. if they became efficient with what they get, they could easily put a 20% limit on all income tax and still be able to do more for the people.
Mr.    •.•
Mr. •.• 4 dagar sedan
Maybe everyone else should learn how to be rich. 🤣
1Gokartgeek1 4 dagar sedan
Well, that’s my goal. I want to save and invest $1,000,000 so I can live off of $40,000 (4%) of the annual growth (untaxed) and reinvent the rest. If there are millionaires reading this and you want to help me achieve my goal, if you loan me $1,000,000, I’ll pay you back $1,500,000 over 30 years. 😁
HeyArlene 5 dagar sedan
does'nt gonna make a change as long as the government spend money on wants rather than needs
HeyArlene 5 dagar sedan
Lesson: invest in the stock market.
TheSotexy2 5 dagar sedan
Cmon Vox, use your liberal powers to fix this!
Spiral Dynamics
Spiral Dynamics 6 dagar sedan
John Hasty
John Hasty 6 dagar sedan
If you are rich there are lots of places you can go that would welcome your money…as New York found out. Also rich people can hire experts that will help them decide what they should do …. If you change the rules then they will do what is in their best interest.
HolyGeorge 6 dagar sedan
i don't understand at the end of the day goverment knows what they are doing that they are using all this tricks not to get taxed. why dont they get involved in that and dont give them this benefit? what is the reason?
Hgani87 6 dagar sedan
Very poorly explained
Aaron Abisai
Aaron Abisai 7 dagar sedan
Imposition of taxes results in the reduction of disposable income of the taxpayers. This will reduce their expenditure on necessaries which are required to be consumed for the sake of improving efficiency. As efficiency suffers ability to work declines. This ultimately adversely affects savings and investment. Nevertheless having a second means of income is always the escape to this All thanks to f ore x t rading ...I keep sorting my bills
UncertainHuman 2 dagar sedan
Debbie Barker scam SCAMM SCAM SCAM
Debbie Barker
Debbie Barker 6 dagar sedan
@John Benjamin 😆 😆
John Benjamin
John Benjamin 6 dagar sedan
@Nathan Logan well said Nathan some sit back and wait on stimuli checks 😆
Nathan Logan
Nathan Logan 6 dagar sedan
Hahaha funny how people can pay 100k for education but can't invest 5k $ all because they are feeling skeptical
Avero Martínez
Avero Martínez 6 dagar sedan
Thanks y'all for this important info I really needed to hear this 🙏
Jesslyn Vania
Jesslyn Vania 7 dagar sedan
Sorry but I really do think its already unfair. CAPITAL GAIN SHOULD BE 0 TAX! they have RISK! Or 10% max. Would anyone bother if its capital loss? Dont blame the rich for their tax rate, they risk their wealth doing so. The increase net worth of the billionaires doesnt mean their cash increase, thus cant be taxed. Idk why many americans are calling the rich doesnt pay tax, they did fairly i Must say. High tax on them, then they just become singaporeans, where capital gain is 0 tax, then usa will lose all the billionaires tax. THE END.
Eric L Krepps Sr
Eric L Krepps Sr 7 dagar sedan
When a normal human loses their income due to sickness and injury we get buried in late fees and intrest in order to get us digging again. Disgusting.
D'Urkel D'Wakanda
D'Urkel D'Wakanda 7 dagar sedan
The richest companies in america are liberal Democrat supporters...I wonder a why? Warren buffet is a Democrat.
Marc St-Jour
Marc St-Jour 8 dagar sedan
39.6% for someone that "works" by investing prudently is excessive, is going to be an outrage to them. I think he should go about it differently. Perhaps, if your Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos you pay based on Networth. A family who sells their house for over a million bucks, but that house has been passed down from generation to generation shouldn't be taxed that much or at all if you ask me.
Money guy
Money guy 8 dagar sedan
Taxing = Stealing
Fijian Fala
Fijian Fala 9 dagar sedan
You mean Richest Man In The World? 👀
Henson Pedro Leon
Henson Pedro Leon 9 dagar sedan
The Problem Is Not That We Cannot Feed The Poor...It's That's We Can't Satisfy The Rich
Woke AF
Woke AF 9 dagar sedan
Tax revenue in general is a very complicated thing, since your taxes don't go where you think they do. Did you know that most of your income tax goes to pay off debt to The Federal Reserve, a private central bank? How does that help you, except enslave you to a private bank? That's why smart investors invest, like Elon Musk, invest in Bitcoin. No central bank. No tax.
AlfaEdits 10 dagar sedan
thanks for the tutorial
Munty LEGEND 11 dagar sedan
Why would the top developed nations like Canada or America have a tax on their ultra rich? Realise that those people worked to get to the position they’re in today. What are we tryna be Scandinavia 2.0? That’s moving backwards
m fawaz g tirtoadjie
m fawaz g tirtoadjie 10 dagar sedan
stupidity at your best
Bradley George
Bradley George 12 dagar sedan
Everyone should be paying taxes.
I am a damsel in distress
I am a damsel in distress 12 dagar sedan the rich.
Flamingo Funny Moments
Flamingo Funny Moments 13 dagar sedan
Capitalism at it's worst.
David R
David R 13 dagar sedan
AMC 🚀🌙
Dave White
Dave White 13 dagar sedan
Stock is bought with income that was taxed
king bush
king bush 14 dagar sedan
Are you interested in bitcoin investment? Now is the best time to purchase and invest in bitcoin, stop procrastinating.
Andy Obiorah
Andy Obiorah 14 dagar sedan
There are lots and lot of investments but I prefer crypto.
Clare Smithy
Clare Smithy 14 dagar sedan
@pop Sarah Anna S. Wilson
Clare Smithy
Clare Smithy 14 dagar sedan
@pop Sarah Facebook 👇
Clare Smithy
Clare Smithy 14 dagar sedan
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Clare Smithy
Clare Smithy 14 dagar sedan
@pop Sarah she is sure on what'sapp 👇
Shikyo Kira
Shikyo Kira 15 dagar sedan
Why don't people just start investing? I working at minimum wage and investing. The return from my investment is really low, but low is better than none. And I know 1 day, its going my small investment is going to get bigger and giving me more and more return using the compounding principle. Invest young, guys
Mazhar Zandsalimi
Mazhar Zandsalimi 17 dagar sedan
The problem is that those rich people end up having more power and the laws keep going in their direction. The hierarchy of power prevents fairness and that's a natural animal feature of ours!
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown 16 dagar sedan
Thank you all for your help
DionnTheGreat 17 dagar sedan
Just remove income tax😑 easy
Philip Orlando
Philip Orlando 17 dagar sedan
Gonzo Lonzo
Gonzo Lonzo 17 dagar sedan
Honestly out of all the people with money I have to say I do kinda admire the way Warren Buffet lives considering his wealth, as well as him being in the upper echelon of socioeconomic classes but being able to point out a significant issue in how we tax our country.
russo thuga
russo thuga 19 dagar sedan
The wet margin hisologically note because plaster wailly jump plus a fresh room. rabid, clear sock
Methira 19 dagar sedan
How about less taxes for everyone?
Vector 19 dagar sedan
Elon musk kind of looks like a human Garfield
Key 22 dagar sedan
I hate tax...
jaimes prieto
jaimes prieto 22 dagar sedan
I Am
I Am 22 dagar sedan
Bitcoin Here come the bots
Levino Agaser
Levino Agaser 22 dagar sedan
this is why estate/inheritance taxes should be increased. wealth is passed down through generations and accumulates in certain families, scott free. all the while keeping lawmakers in their pockets so they turn a blind eye.
Gustavo Vitor
Gustavo Vitor 22 dagar sedan
Uma enfermeira paga mais impostos do que milionários nos Estados Unidos. Esta nação é ridícula
llquartzll 23 dagar sedan
Ez, pay a certain tax once you reach a certain amount of wealth. Like, 10 mil above pay like taxes.
Stratan T.
Stratan T. 10 dagar sedan
@ᜀᜅᜐ᜔ Do you realize that the 1% owns more than the the bottom 90%. The top 10% owns twice as much as the bottom 90%
ᜀᜅᜐ᜔ 22 dagar sedan
Didn't the upper 1% paid 40% of their taxes?
Tanmoy Barik
Tanmoy Barik 23 dagar sedan
That's what you get in a capitalist system.
Pinjata & Tenoo
Pinjata & Tenoo 24 dagar sedan
I'm watching this as a tutorial
Teemo 24 dagar sedan
In case anyone is interested, China is now heavily taxing the rich and very thoroughly investigating them and their companies and strictly charging them fees for each and every fraudulent activity found (which most of them have a lot of). At the same time, they are lowering taxes for the poor and making many new policies that helps them such as more guaranteed benefits from their jobs and higher pay.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 25 dagar sedan
It’s nice to know this, now let’s never do anything about this, ever.
Dr. House
Dr. House 21 dag sedan
Vote for Francisco!
guilrito 25 dagar sedan
tax the middle class as little as they tax the rich
KogalMusicOfficial 23 dagar sedan
No because then the government would start running out of money
Pedro .P
Pedro .P 25 dagar sedan
Socialism for the rich. Shadow banks borrow billions at zero percent interest. Big business and banks when they go bankrupt they get bailout. Tax loopholes so they don’t pay taxes. Socialism in America for the rich only.
The Daily Dose
The Daily Dose 25 dagar sedan
untaxed and unvaxed - merica
The Journey
The Journey 25 dagar sedan
When we have access to information like this, we shouldn’t complain about how the “rich keeps getting richer”. Obviously these people were blessed with money through inheritance or work their butts off to get where they are at. We need to take a look at ourselves & ask the question.. What’s stopping me from reaching billionaire status ?
albert winston
albert winston 26 dagar sedan
Matthew 25:29 It's in the bible
PLAYSTATION 5 27 dagar sedan
Anyone who is watching, if you are in the working class and you invest your money (either in stocks or crypto) and hold it for longer than a year. You will pay 0% in long-term capital gains (taking that you earn less than $40k a year in ordinary income) on your gains, even if you made billions. All that is needed for you to pay absolutely nothing is for you to move to a state that doesn't have an income tax. This is the incentive the government has given to the poor to escape poverty.
Dave dingdong
Dave dingdong 28 dagar sedan
Great tutorial.
Durzo Blint
Durzo Blint 29 dagar sedan
Why do you want to tax rich people. Everyone should try and pay less tax.
MIKI 29 dagar sedan
Yea more taxes means the government gets more to corrupt
Bryant Lucas
Bryant Lucas 29 dagar sedan
Bitcoin is the beginning of something great a currency without a government,something necessary and imperative.
Keyboard Studios
Keyboard Studios 7 dagar sedan
@Blake Helton just check out all the starting replies. Joined 5 months ago and 1 comment made on this channel promoting this 'Gloria'. This seems like spam to me
Mike 27 dagar sedan
Blake Helton
Blake Helton 27 dagar sedan
@UncertainHuman that’s not scam okay stop criticizing someone you old fool
ANSELAbits x0b001
ANSELAbits x0b001 28 dagar sedan
@Katrina Chester Buy cardano, theta and DOT. Zilliqa and kusama good too. They havent done well recently but are going up in the long term, good buys if you arent super into trading.
UncertainHuman 28 dagar sedan
youngatnaruto Månad sedan
The Tax Code and Tax Consulting are available to every one not just the Rich
Pavol Kosík
Pavol Kosík Månad sedan
Low income people pay 0% capital tax in the USA. Also company profits are taxed already so its a double taxation and historically higher taxes doesnt lead to higher tax revenue. Tax revenue stays around 18% for decades no matter if tax rate for rich was high or low. So dont believe lies that higher taxes will lead to higher tax revenue. Its a lie and populism. Only higher GDP leads to higher tax revenue.
PLAYSTATION 5 27 dagar sedan
Low-income people pay 0% in long-term capital gains tax. This should be a huge incentive for anyone in the working class to invest their money. If they would have brought $500 worth of bitcoin in 2010 for $0.05, held it to today, and sold it while keeping their earned income below $40k. They will pay absolutely nothing on the hundreds of millions of dollars they made.
hernanc Månad sedan
Let's all create billion dollar businesses and get the same tax benefits while helping people get jobs, at the same time making employees scarce and making them richer as well. Everybody benefits!
Jayanta M Baruah
Jayanta M Baruah Månad sedan
The rich gets richer.... That's what a capitalist economy is right?
C Månad sedan
eat the rich
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty Månad sedan
My question may be idiotic, but how will they pay back their borrowed or loan money to the banks? Do they keep using the same tricks again and again?
Daejong Kim
Daejong Kim Månad sedan
i am shocked at 4:15
Ali Hashir
Ali Hashir Månad sedan
Sure, tax the rich. How is America gonna fund its next war.
Julian David AC
Julian David AC Månad sedan
4:20 BUT what happen if a billionaire create a holding company B to buy the stocks of company A, in theory company B could gain all the taxes, because only pay taxes after the sell too, not only for inherited gains or not? What happen in that case?
SkinnySkinch Månad sedan
61% of adults did not pay a single penny in federal income tax in 2020. All 61% of them used countless publicly funded programs/highways/roads/stimulus/etc etc etc.
SkinnySkinch 17 dagar sedan
@Debra C enlighten me
Debra C
Debra C 17 dagar sedan
Not a fan of common sense? What a shame.
EnderYeah Månad sedan
Can you deep dive on how the ultraweathy leverage thier ownership stock to take out loans? How does this play out long term?
Jointy DotNet
Jointy DotNet Månad sedan
Surely there is an argument for educating people on how to invest in the stock market. Why is investing and financial literacy not taught in schools.
lkjkhfggd Månad sedan
These dudes are right. Our federal income tax should be $0. Then the capital gains tax would be higher.
Tom Ahern
Tom Ahern Månad sedan
Time to change the tax laws!
Ivan Walters
Ivan Walters Månad sedan
As usual this is an easy fix, if we elect politicians who aren't out to help themselves and not us. We have property taxes - we can have a stock tax and abolish step-up basis.
Francisco Padilla
Francisco Padilla Månad sedan
What about dividends
Star masterc
Star masterc Månad sedan
*Taxation is theft, always has been and always will be and it's inevitable* .
Krzysztof Dudzic
Krzysztof Dudzic Månad sedan
If you tax the rich the way you're advocating it, they will still find a loophole and not pay as much as you estimate they would. Instead the middle class saving up for their retirement, dream house or college for their kids will have to pay the taxes designed to hurt the rich. Let's lower the tax on labor income to make the proportions between Buffett's tax rate and his secretary's comparable.
Manglemix Månad sedan
but the government needs money. They could do more good (if they are good) if they had more money
M a h e n d a r
M a h e n d a r Månad sedan
VIDEO IN NUTSHELL : Never Liquidise Your Money
Paolo Di Cristina
Paolo Di Cristina Månad sedan
Anche io se faccio il criminale non pagando tasse divento ricco ... pagliacci
New Imperials
New Imperials Månad sedan
You know what? We should just abolish capital gains taxes. We shouldn’t be taxing every little thing you make or have. We should also abolish federal income tax. This will help everyone but big government. People will be discouraged from becoming rich.
Jorge Chávez
Jorge Chávez Månad sedan
Thing is, it's easier to tax workers than corporations and rich people because they have many many more resources. That isn't to say that they shouldn't be taxed.
Ramandeep Singh
Ramandeep Singh Månad sedan
america is similar to india in matter of tax payment by rich
Ofmyownvolition 0404
Ofmyownvolition 0404 Månad sedan
I like how he couldn’t say the second part of that saying. “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer” is the way it goes sadly due to inflation..
Star masterc
Star masterc Månad sedan
Richer get poorer in inflation minus the people that run the Federal Reserve and the government.
Bruce Illest
Bruce Illest Månad sedan
Now to figure how to avoid taxes...
JMichael Floyd
JMichael Floyd Månad sedan
I smell a fair share tax that will divide us all
G Ang
G Ang Månad sedan
69% Noice
Srbelj Månad sedan
If you don't like it go move to bolivia
Srbelj Månad sedan
@Daniel Sokolov yes
Daniel Sokolov
Daniel Sokolov Månad sedan
you're basically telling people to not solve their countries issues and run away from them. That's why many Mexicans flee Mexico, and people like u complain that they should've stayed and solved their issues
Srbelj Månad sedan
It's simple, lower the income tax, problem solved
Soviet Union
Soviet Union Månad sedan
Its sad how many people are defending the rich, while paying more taxes, while working 100x as hard as any of the rich ever will.
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