How Taiwan held off Covid-19, until it didn't

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Another pandemic will come. Here’s what we can learn from Taiwan’s efforts to fight this one.

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In December 2019, Taiwan‘s government learned that at least seven atypical pneumonia cases had been reported in Wuhan, China. Because of Taiwan’s proximity to China and the number of flights back and forth, it was expected to have the second-highest number of Covid-19 cases worldwide.

Instead, Taiwan has had one of the lowest Covid-19 death rates in the world. Thanks in part to a sophisticated digitized health care system and a mandatory two-week quarantine for all travelers, life in Taiwan went on with relative normalcy. But then, in May 2021, a new wave of cases complicated the country’s success.

So how did Taiwan, the ninth-most densely populated nation in the world, avoid a more severe spread of a highly contagious virus for so long? And what lessons can be learned from their response to the outbreak?

Correction: We omitted a credit to our Taipei-based producer, Clarissa Wei.

This video was made possible by a grant from the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund as part of our Pandemic Playbook series:

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Jenny #공감
Jenny #공감 7 dagar sedan
And Philippines just wish that we have even a tenth as good system as Taiwan had...
Algis 15 dagar sedan
You should talk about China's interference in WHO prevented Taiwan from vaccinating.
GetVictored 16 dagar sedan
just spray bleach instead of alcohol bro
nickacelvn 16 dagar sedan
Hmm, correct me if I'm wrong but as it has been explained to me the vaccine neither stops you from contracting covid nor prevents you from transmitting covid. In reality, the only thing the vaccine does is lessen your personal symptoms of which the vast majority of people have little to none. Now I did say correct me if I'm wrong, but please bring supporting evidence. July the 7th 2021 23:30 local time. Let's see how long this stays up.
Jethro Lai
Jethro Lai 17 dagar sedan
Well, it’s under control again.
鄭紹鈺 17 dagar sedan
Recently there's just averagely below 5 cases per day in Taiwan. Love u guys.
Arcanum 17 dagar sedan
Good job Taiwan!!! Someone even said this is outdated and case rates are now very low. It's really sad that American's are all about 'me' instead of 'we'. N95s save lives.
Pipe 17 dagar sedan
So this is the story of Taiwan s clear success. Their only slip was loosening their proven método which they gestores very quickly. Hats off to Taiwan.
Manny Luna
Manny Luna 18 dagar sedan
Taiwan have been successful because their people follow the gov't rules, questioning the rules is out of the question this should be the protocol all over the world and for sure covid will be eradicate. We should not be selfish, freedom should be for every person not just for your self alone. Let's eradicate covid first, then we talk freedom. Let's solve the problem one by one. For sure everybody will be happy.
Simon Kraemer
Simon Kraemer 19 dagar sedan
I would just question if they get a high vaccination rate, since nothing really happened. Maybe the taiwanese people act differently than the people in the West…
nate butterman
nate butterman 20 dagar sedan
Government gets to it and citizens actually listen that is blissful low key maybe might move there I wish
byram101 22 dagar sedan
HI Vox! Great news! it is time to ReVisit Taiwan! We are back to zero cases in Taiwan. Simply by wearing masks, following rules, washing hands often and using good judgment .. Taiwan has returned to being the Haven from COVID that it was all last year. - Taiwan is proof that is can be done.. *The world does NOT have to live with COVID.
陳柏豪 24 dagar sedan
Nowadays our country got zero again 3days. Thanks for every taiwanese and our government .And thanks for all the countries who give us vaccine , Japan U.S. Lithuania Czech Republic Czech Republic. Keep safety.
Ixbay 25 dagar sedan
And it did
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 25 dagar sedan
most overrated place in the whole world ever.
张超 25 dagar sedan
Chinese mainland’s strategy on covid19 control is way more efficient than Taiwan or any other districts in world. Too shame many people cannot understand.
RT TV Rob 20 dagar sedan
Btw Wuhan virus was made in China
Kyle CHUNG 24 dagar sedan
眾人皆醉你獨醒 沒辦法😅
Walt Zamalis
Walt Zamalis 26 dagar sedan
“What can we Americans learn from it?” You Americans _have_ learnt from it, you just choose to ignore.
Vero Sotelo
Vero Sotelo 25 dagar sedan
Hailey Holmes
Hailey Holmes 28 dagar sedan
The broken kiss emphatically preserve because handsaw algorithmically double towards a clear windchime. unsuitable, red cost
M7 Pothead
M7 Pothead 28 dagar sedan
Taiwan once again just let the cases returned to zero by Aug.25, 2021!
Mana 28 dagar sedan
Finally, zero local case today (August 25th) in Taiwan, hopefully more +0 to come.
Cubes 28 dagar sedan
Wish the United States would learn and actually work to get this over. Instead the few people have brought the country to it's knees again.
shemmmo 28 dagar sedan
They obeyed rules and that is why they had so low Nr. of cases in TW. Not like in Slovakia where antivax antimask lunatics were spreading virus everywhere
Ob C
Ob C 28 dagar sedan
This literally explained why Trump admissions failed miserably. They simply ignored the warning in 2019.
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth 29 dagar sedan
People liking the elevator is what made this happened. Stop liking elevators
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth 26 dagar sedan
@Knochen Karli Oh yeah Taiwan. How does someone mistake Taiwan for America
Knochen Karli
Knochen Karli 26 dagar sedan
No its because of 3 pilots that qent to stripper cluba
Cathode Ray
Cathode Ray 29 dagar sedan
The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons (Chinese monograph on using biological weapons - 2015). Google it.
XwingT65B Månad sedan
Well......guess what? Taiwan did it again .4 local COVID cases today(August 23)
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Månad sedan
8:08 To be more exact, Taiwan/ROC's latest wave of infections was blamed on its government shortening its quarantine of air crew to 3 days, after feedback from that longer quarantines disrupted airline operations. Then the virus spread from an airport hotel (which housed both quarantined people & regular guests)
Ab Ramay1
Ab Ramay1 Månad sedan
Are we going to ignore that title "Until it didn't"
sorryeni Månad sedan
Man I wish the whole of usa could sacrifice 2 weeks of their "freedom" and help save ppl. I swear it would do so much
sorryeni Månad sedan
It's funny cause a handful of people refuse to believe this is true. They say that they lied cause how can they have a big population but little cases. It's almost as if Taiwan knows how to take care of their people 😯😯😯
Enter Gaming
Enter Gaming Månad sedan
I Miss Taiwan
DON CHETO Månad sedan
The towering nurse phylogenetically pedal because rugby clinicopathologically kiss after a polite forehead. kindhearted, marked hip
Edison Chen
Edison Chen Månad sedan
Btw is called Taiwan, China
RT TV Rob 20 dagar sedan
Btw Wuhan virus was made in China
Mana Månad sedan
according to Kina
casper ho
casper ho Månad sedan
Isfarina Sarosa
Isfarina Sarosa Månad sedan
Basically Taiwan has an amazing system backed up by the government. Indonesia can't relate.
Akabearclaw Månad sedan
Is this a country?
Hydro64 27 dagar sedan
it is an unrecognized country
Yours Truly
Yours Truly Månad sedan
Well... many people say its a part of China and such but I'm not getting into controversy
Irving Chu
Irving Chu Månad sedan
Feimma-111 Månad sedan
As a taiwanese person, I am really happy with the government for it's past control of Covid. Even if there was a big outbreak of around 300 ppl per day getting infected, they were able to control it down to single digits in just 1 month with most of the citizens not having access to vaccines(because we didn't have any).
アリ アロ
アリ アロ Månad sedan
Please do an updated video. How Taiwan held off covid 19 again!
john patrick ci
john patrick ci Månad sedan
Afghanistan don't have health protocols but still they don't have covid 😂
-- Månad sedan
History we’re watching and living history. I just scratched my hit and smelled my fingers
Oliver Lineberger
Oliver Lineberger Månad sedan
As someone who lives in the USA, this "major spike" looks like nothing...
Ahkeem Månad sedan
I hope the situation there in the USA gets better soon
Light Månad sedan
You mean Chinese Taipei?
RT TV Rob 20 dagar sedan
Btw Wuhan virus was made in China
e sky
e sky Månad sedan
r u from west Taiwan?
Hotdog gang pauler
Hotdog gang pauler Månad sedan
Are u one of the ccp bots?
Lisa Voon
Lisa Voon Månad sedan
i think its rich that there was a statement saying Taiwan was complacent when Americans were like once you're vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask
Patricia Angeline Vermudo
Patricia Angeline Vermudo Månad sedan
this is what will happened to a country who took the virus seriously and designated a rightful official into position unlike my country who assigned a retired general to took over a position that should be allocated to a doctor.
Daniel Chu
Daniel Chu Månad sedan
Until it did
Deady4u Månad sedan
Nah I will never see Americans adopting this system because it would disrupt their "Freedom"
Spicket Spaghet
Spicket Spaghet Dag sedan
@Robert B. AUSTRALIA. TBH it solves our obesity problem. What's to not love?
Robert B. AUSTRALIA. Månad sedan
Bunch of jerks where Freedom kills 1000/ wk.
Merakii Månad sedan
I thought the thumbnail was a parody of that one Beetles album cover
Baked Potato
Baked Potato Månad sedan
The way they strategize things, it's so systematic. But how they execute them, much more IMPRESSIVE. So much respect!
Martuldo Lig
Martuldo Lig Månad sedan
Because the citizen in taiwan knows what is the prize of freedom and the limit of it. I am from the philippines and worked there for 12yrs, the difference of how we over exert our freedom here and how most people like to break the rules that the government is making is unbelievable. 9yr old children will break the curfew hrs and the parents just laugh at it even though they are caught by the police. Thats how embarrassing we are here.
Veer Månad sedan
Vox really needs some help on its video title's
K. Vuong
K. Vuong Månad sedan
They bring you food and collect your trash, unlike in China they barricade your home without food, without sanitary care.
pancake Månad sedan
@Aldrin Alipio Almost everyone speaks mandarin however lots of people can speak a little English in Taipei. many also speak Taiwanese.
Aldrin Alipio
Aldrin Alipio Månad sedan
What is the language use in Taiwan?
Victor Araújo
Victor Araújo Månad sedan
It's funny to me how the western media always try to convey the ideia of "look! We messed up and KEEP doing so, but asians messed up too!" Yeah sit tf down, buddy
bctvanw Månad sedan
​@Aldrin Alipio Before 1600s... Austronesian languages(major population). In 1600s, Dutch(official...small population...small population), Spanish(official).. some Hokkien Chinese and Japanese. Austronesian languages(major population). 1700s to 1800s Mandarin(official... extreme small population), Hokkien Chinese(major population) Hakka Chinese, and Austronesian (small population) 1895-1945 Japanese(official...major population), Hokkien Chinese(major population) Hakka Chinese, and Austronesian (small population) 1945-now Mandarin Chinese(official...major population) ... other languages are dying.
Aldrin Alipio
Aldrin Alipio Månad sedan
What is the language use in Taiwan?
Adrianne Marcos
Adrianne Marcos Månad sedan
Taiwan: Everything is normal! Covid: Not anymore! Taiwan: Uh Oh.
Aldrin Alipio
Aldrin Alipio Månad sedan
What is the language use in Taiwan?
CJ Walton
CJ Walton Månad sedan
Jealous. Proud of Taiwan and jealous. You have people who listen
cookiemonster 09
cookiemonster 09 Månad sedan
Taiwan is an island so it is a lot easier to test and kontroll people crossing the border. In a country in the middle of europe for example it is not possible to check every traveller and put them into quarantine
e sky
e sky Månad sedan
it is not fair to say so since most of the major island nations across the world are also facing a serious situation of the pandemic. For example, South Korea, Japan, UK, and New Zealand.
bctvanw Månad sedan
Yes... but... UK? Taiwan has a lot of straight flights to China. There are millions of people travel back and forth each year for business or tours. More than most countries in the world.
Enemy John
Enemy John Månad sedan
This video didn't age well
IanShen 1110
IanShen 1110 Månad sedan
So is your comment, it's not that hard to finish a video.
Black Umbrella
Black Umbrella Månad sedan
Vox China 😂
Chentao Ji
Chentao Ji Månad sedan
let's not forget they are a small island. You can't stop people coming in the way they did with land borders or a huge nation unless you operate a regime like in china
RT TV Rob 20 dagar sedan
Btw Wuhan virus was made in China
e sky
e sky Månad sedan
It is not fair to say so since most of the major island nations across the world are also facing a serious situation of the pandemic. For example, South Korea, Japan, UK, and New Zealand.
吉澤杏梨 Månad sedan
A month later, Taiwan " We are almost getting back to normal again"
kinghal123 Månad sedan
Yay you showed CNA.
Marjorie Schreurs
Marjorie Schreurs Månad sedan
And this is exactly why, in an age when pandemics will be more common, we have to sacrifice bits of personal freedom to protect everyone else and then after 2 weeks of quarantine, be granted all the freedom one could want instead of losing your freedom over the course of months or years. So, in short: 2 weeks of no freedom vs. 2 years of highly restricted freedom.
dhsieh911018 Månad sedan
At the mean time Taiwan just beat it again, while other countries getting hammered again by delta variant cuz people think they're invincible after vaccinated, which is not true.
real guy
real guy Månad sedan
Its because they've been dying of covid for years! the one's alive were the ones with immunity! what a joke!!!
Antony Gikas
Antony Gikas Månad sedan
Covid has only existed for two years. Also more people in the west have immunity given they have had more cases.
ptrwq0192 Månad sedan
This video needs to be updated. As of 8/10 there are only three new cases. They were able to control it in just a couple of months without going full lockdown.
pure5152 Månad sedan
yep, and meanwhile cases and deaths in america are surging upwards... the video makes for great story, but all it is is kinda spin
Lemon How
Lemon How Månad sedan
But it's still a fact that we had a outbreak
Chhaifung Oeng
Chhaifung Oeng Månad sedan
It same happened to country like Cambodia
Isabella Mendoza
Isabella Mendoza Månad sedan
The strong yacht customarily return because drug microcephaly pinch but a anxious population. substantial, bouncy mark
Wendy shoo
Wendy shoo Månad sedan
Diana Olivia
Diana Olivia Månad sedan
Bravo Taiwan!! If only Indonesia goverment & official learn from Taiwan. During the early month of pandemic the goverment laugh at it, open its border widely and boost tourism program. Even the year after when India was at its worse with Delta Variant, the goverment still receive people from India, and the corrupt officials accept bribe and let 6-7 indian people come in without quarantine.
Lambda Lambda Lambda
Lambda Lambda Lambda Månad sedan
The majority of this video was on how amazing Taiwan handled the pandemic. Then she tacked on a 30 second message nullifying the entire thing on the end. Just no when you f'ed up.
Lawrence Månad sedan
What did Taiwan do right? They didn't trust China and the WHO. Had the rest of the world done the same, millions could have been spared.
Stormy Shadows
Stormy Shadows Månad sedan
Hello ppl from school
Rosaly Pinto
Rosaly Pinto Månad sedan
Very systemized and works accordingly.. Good and effective..
cibe will
cibe will Månad sedan
Taiwan starts vac on 22 Mar. Boom. Get it?
Futoi Futomomodesu
Futoi Futomomodesu Månad sedan
600 cases are like half of some countries daily cases, Taiwan is a massive uplift for the world.
Yatsua Månad sedan
The peak of new cases in Taïwan is my country's lowest, when everyone was in quarantine for 3+ months straight...
Putra Maliki
Putra Maliki Månad sedan
i live in Taiwan and i can tell you we are not really had serious outbrake in all the city, just 2 city Taipei and Kaoushiung, and today we actually can go outside again to eat, go to gym, had small party, go to cinema, and i don't really think it was so bad, city i live even i not see any much different before and after outbreak...
Something Cute
Something Cute Månad sedan
track its people or give them total freedom
Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner Månad sedan
Funny because both Taiwan and Hong Kong employed similar COVID restrictions and as a Hong Kong resident we're living completely normal lives just with masks on.
Diana Dai
Diana Dai Månad sedan
This could equally be about Australia.
Diana Dai
Diana Dai Månad sedan
This could equally be about Australia.
Helljumper Månad sedan
Meanwhile the Phil government: " No need for travel ban. Just boost your immunity system. "
Raphael Joshua Rigos
Raphael Joshua Rigos Månad sedan
Philippine Health Department must watch this.
Francis Filipinas
Francis Filipinas Månad sedan
You may update your current database of countries with universal health care🙄must add the Philippines. 2019 when it was signed into the Universal Health Care Law or RA 11223.
Toni shopper
Toni shopper Månad sedan
This thing never works in Philippines bcoz they always blame on something and no there's no great concrete plan here.
Valerie DC
Valerie DC Månad sedan
Ok now do one for New Zealand and Australia! Would love to learn about how NZ managed to keep infections at a minimum.
Mr.Plebington Månad sedan
The problem with the Philippines is that, the government knows something is wrong, but they do not learn from it, rather, they continue to do it (the wrong thing).
Klemen Soeargo
Klemen Soeargo Månad sedan
Still, way, way better than Indonesia.. Nice for them to have a competent and science-aware leadership.
V1bngSam Månad sedan
Yes as an Indonesian i agree the store Is still open,still crowded
Bubs Krz
Bubs Krz Månad sedan
I wish all other countries follows Taiwain's health system. Well off course the westerners and other corrupt Asian countries would not. You know why...
Dave Marshall
Dave Marshall Månad sedan
Just to remind the USA haters here Taiwan is an island. Aisians have always been good soldiers. Of course they live next door the virus factory.
PolandballAnimations or AdmiralTau
PolandballAnimations or AdmiralTau Månad sedan
The title: ahh yes the floor is made out of floor
Megan Banh
Megan Banh Månad sedan
While quarantining in Taiwan I remember constantly smelling the fried chicken place under where I was staying I miss that :')
Jed Cletis
Jed Cletis Månad sedan
Not impossible, just inconvenient. The slavery of Africans and indigenous peoples in America was carried out for centuries, turned out to be a 'rigid' system, 'quarantined' and excluded the better part of 30+ million people, and worked pretty well for the oppressors. Only when the descendants of those oppressors became the "oppressed", by circumstances perceptibly out of their control , did it become a problem .
kia7nnn Månad sedan
r u really comparing slavery to a global pandemic
Kmilo Lopez S.
Kmilo Lopez S. Månad sedan
If only americans had a better understanding of what freedom actually is, but it seems for them freedom means they get to do whatever they want.
Trần .Khang
Trần .Khang Månad sedan
One thing that can be learned from Vietnam is to make sure you didn't praise yourself over the moon too early
Marie Jo
Marie Jo Månad sedan
we will be under quarantine again for two weeks, yes including the healthy and vaccinated . I dont know what to do anymore, maybe this lockdown is the best our government can come up with. This lockdown brings a lot of anxiety 😔😔😭😭
Jake899 Månad sedan
Except your just delaying the inevitable
ITZ_ALJK Månad sedan
Imagine beating China...
Alnaseem Hamis
Alnaseem Hamis Månad sedan
China smuggle COVID-19 to Taiwan
Neilmar Baldevia
Neilmar Baldevia Månad sedan
Hope you feature New Zealand and how they manage and control Covid19.
Neo Månad sedan
delta force!!!!
c wasan
c wasan Månad sedan
Indian variant​ easy for infected.
Ay Hess
Ay Hess Månad sedan
Good video.
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