How sperm got all the credit in the fertilization story

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The school system probably failed you. Here’s how fertilization really happens.

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The fertilization story most of us know is skewed. In the textbooks we read in middle school and high school, it’s presented like a sort of fairytale: The strong sperm go on a journey where they have to defeat and overcome obstacles to reach the egg. Meanwhile, the egg just sits around waiting to be fertilized.

The story inherently carries a lot of gender bias, and what’s worse is that it’s not entirely true. The sperm can’t make the journey on its own, and the real story of fertilization involves two reproductive systems working together. While sperm have tails that seem like they’re meant for swimming, they can’t propel themselves all the way to the egg - they need the female reproductive tract to help move them forward. And the egg doesn’t just wait around for the sperm to reach it - it has an active role in selecting which sperm will be the best one to fertilize it.

So why has the fertilization story been skewed in this gender-biased way? We dig into a study of textbooks from middle school to medical school to find out.

Read the original studies here:

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Marc OM
Marc OM 19 timmar sedan
That is literally more or less exactly the story we were all taught. The only extra I gained from this was realising how desperate VOX are to twist everything to claim there's sexism where there isn't
H S 3 dagar sedan
Based on the comments here, I don't think you did enough to emphasize the difference in narrative, and more just talked about the whole process leading people to believe it's the same thing they always heard (not highlighting the difference enough)
9WiSE Art
9WiSE Art 7 dagar sedan
You didn't even need that disclaimer!
The Melodics
The Melodics 10 dagar sedan
Now I know why they didn't teach fertilization in their schools at early age
Bro- ski
Bro- ski 10 dagar sedan
Pretty sure Biology is a requirement in most if not all of high schools across the nation so whoever didn’t learn it must have forgot or was not paying attention in class even then they could’ve learned it on their own through a book or youtube video
Alix Night
Alix Night 12 dagar sedan
I’ve never heard of the egg having 2 layers
I I 18 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure almost everyone has learned how babies are made. I think it's just Americans who arent teaching their kids about it.
Aximanko 18 dagar sedan
Wow another proof America’s school system is *very* bad
Sameer Thomas
Sameer Thomas 24 dagar sedan
I'm a little surprised Emily Martin isn't mentioned by name anywhere in this video or the description, considering it's her work that was the basis for Campo-Engelstein and Johnson's paper.
Fresh Professor
Fresh Professor 25 dagar sedan
Eduardo Oliveira
Eduardo Oliveira 27 dagar sedan
"How americans love made up problems" could be an interesting topic to explore.
XUL 27 dagar sedan
Misplaced research grants.
geekdiggy 28 dagar sedan
1:25 my dude just throwing around $1000 worth of books.
Tharun Kumar
Tharun Kumar Månad sedan
00:15 I found out myself through the internet at 20. And I'm barely 25 now.
bruh moment
bruh moment Månad sedan
my god shut up lol no offense but srsly who cares?
Username1 Månad sedan
Vox has always been an absolute joke, but somehow this video actually dumbed them down even lower. Supermarker tabloid status.
Gr8Success Månad sedan
oh wow its so great to have such WOKE people here at Vox ... now seriously did they recently hired some of those genderless people in human resources department who hire other freaks to fill quotas for minorities ??
murrayburns2013 Månad sedan
Very surprised this video completely ignored the primordial follicle pool and follicle selection in which primitive eggs are induced to grow and then begin to actively produce hormones to try and inhibit each other until only one survives to ovulation. Seems like one of the most active and selective parts of fertilisation.
SALEH Alshuail
SALEH Alshuail Månad sedan
Its the same, just a simplified version told to the kids
Manish Rawat
Manish Rawat Månad sedan
This feels like a vox parody.
astral gay
astral gay Månad sedan
patriarchy be so expansive, men legit be gendering genderless cells 😂
godofthisshit Månad sedan
If people remove emotion, this was actually a solid video.
JeffJests Månad sedan
This was made by those women that think everything is sexist.
JeffJests Månad sedan
@Donut_Hog it's almost like you've never read a simple textbook before
Donut_Hog Månad sedan
its almost like... you didnt actually watch the video.
Suhas Bhandari
Suhas Bhandari Månad sedan
As an educator, this bothers me quite a bit. I think the textbooks have to be fixed to give us complete information.
defender Månad sedan
That's how we taught in school
DrG Månad sedan
Ok, so what's the agenda?
João Santos
João Santos Månad sedan
now this is something worth mansplaining ahahah
Ari Bendor
Ari Bendor Månad sedan
how are there different ways of making babies for different kinds of people??
JeffJests Månad sedan
there's in vitro fertilisation
Evergreen General
Evergreen General Månad sedan
Why do americans see everything as sexist
James Waters
James Waters Månad sedan
"Why DO Americans" ...not "Why Americans"
Smurf Månad sedan
who tfffff caresssssssss
Jason Eaton
Jason Eaton Månad sedan
Todays women are not traditional.. there's to other places that need to be mentioned
William Gibson
William Gibson Månad sedan
Oh wow, I've gained a newfound respect for women because I heard that their eggs "BURST" out of the ovaries. To think, I've spent my whole life minimizing, discrediting, erasing women because biology textbooks use relatively passive language when describing the egg's role in fertilization. I feel like I've been asleep all these years and I am finally waking up to reality. I've awoken. I am....woke.
James Waters
James Waters Månad sedan
TheBerg366 Månad sedan
that is a "problematic message"? this really seems to be research for the sakes of getting offended. Its not adressing any present problems. Instead, its trying to find something that you can call problematic. what a farce
Czechcaczech Månad sedan
LoL. Americans care more about if egg is important in fertility. Instead caring that you cannot afford birth in US hospitals..
Stijn Haex
Stijn Haex Månad sedan
vox at it again solving the real problems of the world
xer0 Månad sedan
aight, unsubscribing.
Glip Klopsyiop
Glip Klopsyiop Månad sedan
Best decision you could make
Lisa Love Ministry
Lisa Love Ministry Månad sedan
1 Corinthians 15:3-5👑 “For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, and that He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve.”
James Waters
James Waters Månad sedan
Cool Shorts
Cool Shorts Månad sedan
In Indian households we don't get to have the "talk", Like ever. At least my friends have the same experience as me.
Crowntes Månad sedan
they're just trying to be offended now...
astral gay
astral gay Månad sedan
you seem offended lol
AnnaKQuinn Månad sedan
@3:10 the first lie and non scientific truth. Now I can skip.
Elan Fredette
Elan Fredette Månad sedan
I don’t know what texts book they found, but all of this was taught in the materials I came across in school.
ironwolf56 Månad sedan
I guarantee you even check those books it shows it teaches you it all too; they're literally just making things up; gaslighting to be "offended" at an issue that doesn't exist nor has ever existed. They're at the point where they just have to make things up to protest.
Kaiyi D. H
Kaiyi D. H Månad sedan
how did Zoro manage to go down the right fallopian tube and become a swordsman tho
Crocodilian Månad sedan
Okay and why does this matter?
lobsterboy2020 Månad sedan
OOOOHH!!! It's all the fault of white men!! I should've guessed!
46.56.A. Månad sedan
This video taught me that Americans are very late in learning things and they use that to fuel their ever present victim mentality regarding every subject, however small.
Vishakha Banerjee
Vishakha Banerjee Månad sedan
now my husband respects me more
TheCutLemon Månad sedan
Ah, just the liberals trying to change every aspect of the world. Truly amazing
nazh kun
nazh kun Månad sedan
I learned all these in my biology class and Im not from America obviously
N̢yar̨la̡t͞hot́ép the Crawling Chaos
N̢yar̨la̡t͞hot́ép the Crawling Chaos Månad sedan
Why is this a video? Seriously, who was the blue haired brain that asked?
brachios squill
brachios squill Månad sedan
Are you guys that low on ideas these days?
blue avokado
blue avokado Månad sedan
People can think whatever about vox (i like them) but you have to admit this was very informative and i actually learned A LOT.
James Waters
James Waters Månad sedan
No I don't. And it wasn't. And they missed alot that I actually got from a Seeker video because Seeker was focused on teaching rather than trying to find any way possible to say white man bad.
Jeri. com
Jeri. com Månad sedan
True, in my country they just explain it like is the one that arrives first lol
Schuyler Shaun
Schuyler Shaun Månad sedan
I already studied all of this at *Grade 5* in the Philippines
Linoy Lerer
Linoy Lerer 2 månader sedan
Wow I didn't know how much I didn't know
Elanic _
Elanic _ 2 månader sedan
I just had a kid and I didn’t know half this. It’s pretty cool
Kristos Samaras
Kristos Samaras 2 månader sedan
Take that, white patriarchy!
J D Månad sedan
Please be Sarcasm.
Daisy 2 månader sedan
After watching the video i realised my whole life was a lie
mick fear
mick fear 2 månader sedan
So the sperms are manipulated and toyed with so that the egg can evolve into an embryo ??
Kathy Bertrand
Kathy Bertrand 2 månader sedan
Politics and education or should we say vetted education by Texas standards is this the norm? If so published textbooks need a deep review of materials or we all remain ignorant together. Powerful educational boards dictating input policies need to be held to honest equitable and scrupulous reviews when establishing fair guidelines that proclaim truths as we know them to be.
Kathy Bertrand
Kathy Bertrand 2 månader sedan
Is it true most textbooks are approved through an educational board following Texas mandates?
ironwolf56 Månad sedan
That's a meme that hasn't been true since about the 90s. It's actually more common they get changed everywhere to meet Califonia mandates now.
Jesse K
Jesse K 2 månader sedan
The woman with the short hair has skin way too thin and goes through life looking for ways to be offended.
Jesse K
Jesse K Månad sedan
@Jimjam Bonks 😆
Jimjam Bonks
Jimjam Bonks Månad sedan
Wait thats a chick?
Rubén Cañizares Jiménez
Rubén Cañizares Jiménez 2 månader sedan
3:11 not really... Just one
Prasath Sundar
Prasath Sundar 2 månader sedan
Even in countries like India, most adults do have a basic understanding that fertilization is 50-50 process. In Murica, everything is tainted as usual.
ironwolf56 Månad sedan
It's not; don't base what anyone is taught in America on this video; Vox is literally just making this up. I grew up in a small town conservative area and even we learned all this stuff back in middle school. If anyone in this video truly didn't know it, it was because they were probably too busy zoning out because "science is like hard and boring."
Dr Samuel Hayden secret gaming channel
Dr Samuel Hayden secret gaming channel 2 månader sedan
I think any person with a sufficient amount of brain cells could comprehend that it's a 50/50 job
Nick Rose
Nick Rose 2 månader sedan
Why don't you guys report on Cuba?
Dr Samuel Hayden secret gaming channel
Dr Samuel Hayden secret gaming channel 2 månader sedan
I think we both know well why
AmbientCreativity 2 månader sedan
While I agree with vox on their intentions, I think they really missed the mark with rhetoric here. Start with the science, then dive into sociology and history, and then explain why all this is important. This weird mashup is sloppy.
Gabriel Morales Gonzalez
Gabriel Morales Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
I knew moat of it because of some documentaries here in SEcycle.
ryan Lost_broken_arro
ryan Lost_broken_arro 2 månader sedan
How poop got the credit for fertilizing soil. How farmers got credit for planting corn.
Enormoss Eniola
Enormoss Eniola 2 månader sedan
I’m Nigerian and this was taught from junior secondary school, I’m guessing thats what you call junior high in the states. How do you not know these things? Or not taught. I want to believe this was made up. Or its just some misguided feminist talk??? I dunno… but sheeesh!!!
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan Ahmed 2 månader sedan
8 minutes and 16 seconds I will never get back. Dumbest video I have ever watched.
pink Lasagna
pink Lasagna 2 månader sedan
Vox is running out of ideas
bisualvasic 2 månader sedan
Sperms role is easier to explain, lol.
Fabiola Michelle Benitez
Fabiola Michelle Benitez 2 månader sedan
Yeah, thank god i read Biology from Karp
KendrixTermina 2 månader sedan
I think this could've used a mention of how the egg is already filled with signal molecules to jumpstart the first few cell divisions.
James Waters
James Waters Månad sedan
It could've said alot of things but it was busy with its rabid feminists.
AlexanderOslen 2 månader sedan
Feminism smh
Libertas - Goddess of Liberty
Libertas - Goddess of Liberty 2 månader sedan
This is why I occasionally watch Vox videos, but could never subscribe. 🤣😂
dsgarland 2 månader sedan
Next on Vox: How ice cream is sexist.
Ramona Pschowski
Ramona Pschowski 2 månader sedan
Ethan Lovell
Ethan Lovell 2 månader sedan
Surely they aren’t that naive
Cumrade J
Cumrade J 2 månader sedan
Everything’s all good until they end up looking for eggs in the toilet
adu11 2 månader sedan
Sounds like the same reproductive story but w more details. Am I missing something here?
meme youyou
meme youyou 2 månader sedan
seriously? people get offended with medical text? grow up karen
M J-F 2 månader sedan
I didn't learn this.
Charlie Bleasdale
Charlie Bleasdale 2 månader sedan
I can smell feminism 🤮
M. Louah
M. Louah 2 månader sedan
Wow, these VOX people are much stupider than one would think.
Co Mo
Co Mo 2 månader sedan
I found out on TV. I believe the TLC channel when I was 12yo.
Gamer 2 månader sedan
This got recommended to me after watching yt clips of rick and morty latest episode
Jayde R
Jayde R 2 månader sedan
I can’t say this seems all that important..
Vavom 2 månader sedan
This is called looking for problems where there aren't any.
A 2 månader sedan
OMG just saw the title and had to comment (will not waste time on this hot woke garbage). The parodies write themselves!
Timothy Riddle
Timothy Riddle 2 månader sedan
I was never taught in highschool, we just talked about STDs and the importance of condoms. I didn't learn about the biomechanical and biochemical processes involved in human fertilization and embryonic development until college biology.
Timothy Riddle
Timothy Riddle 2 månader sedan
@TheMadTink I mean, more or less. I had a lot of the basic superficial stuff down but as far as the more complex and intricate details involved in conception, not so much. Details about the endocrine system or structures like the epididymis.
TheMadTink 2 månader sedan
I am sorry what ????? Until college ??????
katie ling
katie ling 2 månader sedan
there was a way to talk about this that wouldn't have made you look this silly
I DK 2 månader sedan
This is so funny. The whole thing is just that there are 5 wrong used words in some, of tens of millions of biology books.
I DK 2 månader sedan
What if, WE make the problems? Cuz I dom‘t understand what could be a problem at this ,,reportage‘‘
ShoMeSho 2 månader sedan
I see all the misogynists found this video loool
McWater 2 månader sedan
It's just such a unimportant problem that doesn't really need a video in the first place.
Peter Palmato
Peter Palmato 2 månader sedan
8,100 of them... 😳
VinoMagOreos 2 månader sedan
I got it taught in my 2 second grade and 5th 6th and 7th and 8th ;-;
Barsik 2 månader sedan
ну, я понимаю, ваше основное направление это "ослабление границ между устоявшимися историческими проблемами людей, как расизм, шовинизм, ксенофобство" и так далее... но вы хоть опирайтесь не на одну группу учёных, а то это уже "ошибка выжившего". надо будет пересмотреть и остальные ваши видео с этой стороны :/
Doctor Arcanum
Doctor Arcanum 2 månader sedan
Vox has 2 iq
Oliko Kulaeshvili
Oliko Kulaeshvili 2 månader sedan
thank you so much for this video!
Fercurix 2 månader sedan
Next lvl feminism xD
BIG BUD TLD 2 månader sedan
its almost like white men are more interested in science than women are, or we would have had more in the field to help us comprehend this?
MrGuluere 2 månader sedan
Apparently Americans aren't thought about the egg...?
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