How should doctors consider race?

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Race is not genetic. It’s a concept most of us are familiar with, and yet, we haven’t really questioned why race plays a crucial role in medicine and scientific research. It’s one of the first things your doctor asks when filling out your charts, it can determine what your insurance will cover, and we paid special attention to how Covid-19 spread in BIPOC communities. But more and more, doctors are beginning to question whether a patient’s race should be considered when providing care, and if it’s eliminated from the equation, what should be included instead. Glad You Asked host Lee Adams wants to know: What role should race play in medicine?

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Adinda Annisa Diva Pratiwi
Adinda Annisa Diva Pratiwi 21 dag sedan
Instead of race, why not using haplogroup method? It was genetic thing based ancient human migration. Y haplogroup in East Asia mostly O, in native American mostly Q, and in Europe mostly R. Maybe someday will be compulsory gen test and the data will be saved in medical record. So instead of race we have genomics data.
Joshua Slappe
Joshua Slappe 25 dagar sedan
This channel is very misinformed
anonymous person
anonymous person 9 timmar sedan
Why did he spend half of the video talking about skin color when race is far more than skin color
rodysummertje 13 timmar sedan
Ofcourse there is a difference between races. A race who developed on a different continent seperated far away from another race will get different traits and features then others. That's how evolution works. It worked for millions of years and its still currently at play. But now people are gonna see this as racist? A black man has because of this a few positive traits but also a few negative traits compared to another race. You'll see that when you compare any race to another race. Because we are not the same. And that's wonderfull. A world would be boring with all the same kind of people. But don't see actual science as racisme, wokies. Don't see it as racist when you name a few of those negative bits. Ofcourse the science doesn't always work because some people find themself on the outsides of the spectrum. But on avarege you'll come pretty close. People are not wrongfully diagnosed because of their skincolor. People are correctly diagnosed depending on their DNA-structure. You sir, you bring skincolor into the game. But in a few generations it doesn't matter anymore. We will all be mixed up. The worlds is gonna be one race at some point in the future. Except for the Chinese. Haha.. those racist mawfuckers..they are not gonna marry black folks. Ever seen a chinese black baby? haha There are not a lot of them. As soon as he said race is a social construct, i was outtaaa here. "for the most part, we all believed that"? Really? You just throw away evolution theory? When we talk about all kinds of species of birds and cats and bears.. then it is science but with humans it's a social construct? Come'on VOX. Do the science. And for my experience, i do see on avarage a difference in behaviour between white and black. Between black and asian. Between aisan and latino. Which is wonderfull. I love the difference in people and culture when i'm on holiday. "Social construct" hahaha these guys are so far down the Rabbithole.Ofcourse there are people who don't fit the stereotype and find themself on the outside of the spectum. But stereotypes are there for a reason. It means many people think the same about another group of people. But that ain't bad. Luckily we are all different. You guys make it seem bad we are all different. You guys make it seem racist that i acknowledge the differences. It's just basic science. We're not gonna change science because of a few people who are sensitive to the truth.
WackelkopfBuddha Dag sedan
Concerning the FEV tests at the beginning. You do realize that the main reason that the second percentage result is lower, is because of variance? His first result was 3.61 L and his second was 3.38 L. If you want to show the race norming effect correctly, the FEV values has to be the same. The conclusion you are suggesting is therefore heavily skewed. The norming effect is definitly a thing, but your showcase is absolutely not scientific.
Random Z
Random Z Dag sedan
Amazing! Thanks for the hard work
Paige Duggan
Paige Duggan 2 dagar sedan
So if over time black people were to live in a place like Canada would their melanin tone down?
Kevin Tessier
Kevin Tessier 5 dagar sedan
This video has covered pretty much all the important points, that race norming and race based treatments are kind of a weak proxy for other genetic differences that can alter medical outcomes, and that genetic testing is a more accurate tool, but it's already something that the medical community knows and is actively working on. It's a good summary of where we've been and where we are, but you need to take it a step further to where we're going. Where we're going, as said in the video, is genetic based treatments, using people's actual genome instead of approximate ancestry to inform healthcare decisions, but federal laws against discrimination based on genetics are minimal. You can't be discriminated against for health insurance or employment, and that's it. Yes, many states have state laws that are more protective, but many states don't. It's definitely something we should sort out now before it becomes a problem in the future rather than complain about it in a couple of decades when we've created another reason to push people into being second-class citizens.
Molly Coates
Molly Coates 7 dagar sedan
Like most questions related to medicine the answer is "we need more data"
Victor Cebollero
Victor Cebollero 8 dagar sedan
You could fire him and it wouldn’t really be an issue of race
Nikola Jurenić
Nikola Jurenić 8 dagar sedan
Yeah, humans also share 98% of genes with chimps, think about that for a moment.
Kegare Nashi
Kegare Nashi 8 dagar sedan
I've been practising as a doctor in the UK for the last 8 years and indeed there are sadly a lot of racial stereotypes in the way that, until recently, doctors were taught to think. On racial norming, as you call it, of course it is highly imperfect - and with more and more racial mixing, increasingly irrelevant in some areas - but until personalised medicine becomes more accessible, it is the best we have. The point you make that we should always look at the individual is super important here. BUT 1) Assigning a racist intent to this, rather than seeing it as a once useful tool that's becoming outdated, reflects your ideology, not that of some white medical establishment. You are politicising medicine and science to serve your antiracist agenda. 2) Bonkers statements such as "race is not genetic" (of course race can also be described in purely social terms, this doesn't mean that its biological basis is not genetic) are highly confusing to laypeople, create in parts of society the mistrust to experts/media etc that we've become so familiar with, and ultimately do a great disservice to your cause and to society.
Taj Klair
Taj Klair 8 dagar sedan
First video with no view count
Andrew Lim
Andrew Lim 8 dagar sedan
this man's waves are on point in every single video
yoyoschmo1 9 dagar sedan
I think it needs to not be so black and white and more based on evidence based backing, such as eGFR. More information about the exact test performed to screen the NFL player is very important. Some tests account for level of education and most do not account for race.
Nick in Vietnam
Nick in Vietnam 9 dagar sedan
Let me spare you 23 minutes. Racial classification used as a reference for medical purposes is oversimplified and should be replaced by individual DNA testing to pinpoint a more representative reference population for each and every individual.
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming 9 dagar sedan
Its pretty annoying whenever you say anything about Race SEcycle Auto deletes your comment....
Tah Takari
Tah Takari 9 dagar sedan
People in the comments that act like they knew this information 😂
Dylan Symmonds
Dylan Symmonds 9 dagar sedan
Bruh the australian setting at the start was caucasian. Guess they are just gonna lump all black people in with “african-american”
sumathi govindan
sumathi govindan 10 dagar sedan
Why blur the Jersey number '7' @ 22:20?
Tariq 10 dagar sedan
I racism end, they will find a way to play victims again. Race is important in medicine, I mean just look at the anti hypertension drugs
TRDPaul 11 dagar sedan
So based on my inferences from this video; race norming is not a great thing to base medical determinations on however it was the best we had until genetic testing became so widespread and easily available
Netbase2000 11 dagar sedan
It's not important what "Race" (hate that word) you are. Your genes are the only thing that matters.
J M 12 dagar sedan
In Sweden many people insist that human races don't exist, especially in left wing media. But then again they don't believe in basic biology of men and woman either. "Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles" -Dostoievski
Dillon Meier
Dillon Meier 12 dagar sedan
You should view it as non existent since we’re all Americans pretty simple huh
Business Management and Research (BMR) TheRISD
Business Management and Research (BMR) TheRISD 12 dagar sedan
Very informative
Ogpg50 12 dagar sedan
That is racist
Marin Daniel Ionita
Marin Daniel Ionita 12 dagar sedan
This is wrong
Marin Daniel Ionita
Marin Daniel Ionita 12 dagar sedan
You need to investigate more
leiju 13 dagar sedan
As a non English language native, each time English speaking people talk about race when discussing people it hurts... In Finnish, as in French, the word race is reserved for animals - using the word race to delineate humans of different skin tones just baffles me. It's always seemed to me that by dividing people with the word race, you reinforce the categorization of people based on the differentiation of skin tones. It's weird and it's messed up.
krootmen 13 dagar sedan
Why did you not mention at all where race morning has helped people? This video barely touched on why they use at all and never once said about what an advocate of this practice would defend it with
bxnkzツ 15 dagar sedan
“to be labeled white, he qualified for disability benefits” 💀
akdpoakopwmd2 16 dagar sedan
The problem is the way in which we come to describe people. We need to stop using and thinking in such simplistic manners, i.e. going off the outer appearance. Because ultimately that serves of no purpose and its 'racist'. Take 'Asian' for example. Why are we using a geographical word that encompasses 4.561 billion (2018) people across 48 different countries to record medical information. Are we saying that all these people share something in common in their DNA that the remaining 3 billion do not ?
mApLe 17 dagar sedan
Summary: It works sometimes, BUT, everyone is different and we shouldn't use this system because everyone has different DNA, and it's way too dangerous to not give someone the treatment they need because they are from somewhere.
Francesca Porter
Francesca Porter 17 dagar sedan
I think a another example of how different people, ethnicities we use in medicine in UK, is how (east) Asian people are more likely to react to alcohol compared to western or European people. This is down to historically East boiling thier liquid im order for safe consumption and the later fermenting.
Amber King Martella
Amber King Martella 18 dagar sedan
I am a white red haired individual and when I make my friends of all colors and backgrounds wear sunscreen they always try to say I don't get burned like you I'm not white. I have to remind them that you can get skin cancer no matter your skin color, you don't need to get red to have sun damage it's not the red color that gives you cancer it's the damage.
Dark Spot
Dark Spot 18 dagar sedan
All I understood is that he is 40.7% human
川 Ποταμός バラク・フセイン גיא בן הינום και オバマ λίμνη
川 Ποταμός バラク・フセイン גיא בן הינום και オバマ λίμνη 18 dagar sedan
Thank you, Vox!
Rebecca Beiter
Rebecca Beiter 19 dagar sedan
Living in the EU, I never heard of it. The idea that you have to claim your "race" in a medical procedure is completely absurd to me - but I am read as "white", so maybe I do not get asked. Is this also common among EU-Countries? Thanks for this insight and for bringing it up.
Hannibal Madd Connek Records
Hannibal Madd Connek Records 20 dagar sedan
Human consider us human done.
Yannick Kimenyi
Yannick Kimenyi 20 dagar sedan
Love this series. Hopefully there’s a S3 soon!
RandomMusings 20 dagar sedan
Race? There’s only one race. Vox even made a video about it.
Hiratana 21 dag sedan
But aren't the top athlete racers in the world all black? Doesn't that suggests a difference in ability and performance?
Brooks Faucette
Brooks Faucette 21 dag sedan
Skin color and other visual differences are inherently biological
Calling for a game
Calling for a game 21 dag sedan
Whenever I see you guys making videos about racism, I become extremely uncomfortable . You guys are so cliche
Bri S.
Bri S. 21 dag sedan
Football in general is a taxing sport on the body. Neuro injuries are very prevalent. It’s the price you pay for going pro. That’s why they pay you that hefty salary. “To whom much is given much is required”. Unfortunate that they[NFL] race norm though. If anything, I hope the NFL is compensating him for his medical expenses.
BidenIs NotMyPresident
BidenIs NotMyPresident 21 dag sedan
Like President Trump says "Everything WOKE, turns to s..."
llutoob 21 dag sedan
This was good up until the garbage science 23andme
Jordan Elizabeth
Jordan Elizabeth 22 dagar sedan
Thank shod i was born in Jamaica
Redacciones Palomino
Redacciones Palomino 22 dagar sedan
Great video in itself but I can't help but notice just how inaccesible it ist for anyone who hasn't previously had at least an introductory course in statistics
Anthony Price
Anthony Price 23 dagar sedan
It's important to reiterate that these genetic tests DON'T tell you your personal make-up, they just compare your profile with all the others they've gathered from across the world in their database and provide a percentage correlation. This means there is a skew towards regions of the world that do more of their tests as the data pool is larger and therefore more likely to have an increased number of similarities. If you tested an Indigenous Australian who it was known had not had any European ancestry, a dna ethnicity test such as this would show a high proportion of non-Indigenous Australian because their pool of Indigenous Australian specimens in their database is likely very low, so the results skew towards their larger data pools. it is best to think of these results as what regions of the world you are most genetically similar to right now than what your ancestry is.
Dylan Dacre
Dylan Dacre 23 dagar sedan
I don't know that genetics should be incorporated into medicine as widely as the Vox guys think. Yes it ensures a far better/more specific form of medical care. But if you think racism is still an issue, the eugenics involved with genome profiling becoming a norm is going to be an even worse situation that the world isn't ready for.
tri ayu
tri ayu 23 dagar sedan
Kim han bin jodohkuuuu
The Superior Man
The Superior Man 23 dagar sedan
He's mum is hiding a secret
Thechirimbola 23 dagar sedan
When you turn the car key so hard you turn white in the process 10:26
panda8a24 23 dagar sedan
Liberals are mind blown haha
Marc Darren
Marc Darren 23 dagar sedan
Vox...TF? There’s only one race: the human race.
DragonLord Skater
DragonLord Skater 24 dagar sedan
Race is a social construct? dude
Sea Tan
Sea Tan 24 dagar sedan
The medical field is still being experimental, there is so much to learn, sometimes when grouping race is a double edged sword.
SjHoOsRhTuYa 24 dagar sedan
Does this man not own a mirror, he's obviously mixed, why was he so shocked?
Paul Elago
Paul Elago 24 dagar sedan
4:17 ofcourse people of different races are biologically different. That however doesn't mean that they have nothing in common with other races, they might be more the same than different but the visible differences have an underlying biology behind them, to what extent should be the question, Not if there are different at all, even a child sees that.
Keshav a.k.a. Kiki Boddula
Keshav a.k.a. Kiki Boddula 24 dagar sedan
can consider Sadhguru's perspective of genetic/body memory
Marina Napoletano
Marina Napoletano 24 dagar sedan
That “hello my love” got me ❤️🥺
Michelle H.
Michelle H. 13 dagar sedan
I know so sweet. She probably didn't even realize anyone was listening. Just genuine love.
Aman 24 dagar sedan
"Race is not genetic" Then why black people give birth to black babies?
Aman 11 dagar sedan
@Netbase2000 ok, got it. Yesterday, I studies metaphysics. I got everything.
Netbase2000 11 dagar sedan
@Aman We shouldn't use that word Race for it. There are no human races, period. But people are different and of course biology and genes determine if you're born black or white and other important differences when we talk about medicine. What we perceive as race and skin Colour is only a very tiny part of all the genes different from human to human. Thus noone can derive general-This will work every time-guidelines for medicine from it.
Pavel 21 dag sedan
I’m not a scientist, but I don’t think psyche is a characteristic of race. To say the whole race has the same psyche just seems a bit rich. Besides, Africa is a huge continent, so there are multiple black ethnicities, and I don’t think North Africans would have all the same genetic characteristics as Sub-Saharan Africans, even though they all would have curly hair. Then, speaking about the US, hardly anyone is 100% black. Even people who think they are 100% black, most are probably at least 20% Latino, or 20% South Asian, or something. So, I think ‘race’ is just too broad of a concept, too imprecise, to be considered a genetic trait.
Aman 23 dagar sedan
@Donut_Hog I get where you are coming from but to say race is not genetic is such a tomfoolery. Like yes, race is borne out of biology plus social culture but it's not entirely a social construct.
Donut_Hog 23 dagar sedan
there is a broad consensus across both the biological sciences, and the social sciences that race is a social construct, not accurately representing human genetics. If you were to look at a black persons genes, vs a white persons genes, there would be no specific gene in that differentiates the black person from the white person.
Have Faith
Have Faith 24 dagar sedan
Race actually is genetic. Just ask sickle cell anemia. And there is a reason Covid affects different genders and races differently. That is because race is genetic. There is a reason Lebron James can jump higher than Kevin Love. There is a reason when I was growing up, every black kid could run faster than every white kid.
Tiago Barsan
Tiago Barsan 24 dagar sedan
I don't understand why people in America still call ethnicities "races"
DJ Dag sedan
Race and Ethnicities are different things, It's a common misconception, Race is physical traits, Ethnicity is your Heritage. Like one could appear to look Black so their race is black, but they could be of Japanese and Nigerian decent so their ethnicity is Japanese-Nigerian. It's not just Americans being weird❤ /nm
Stone Decatur
Stone Decatur 11 dagar sedan
A white person might be mixed with 6 different ethnicities. But people are going to see a white guy.
Shane9362 24 dagar sedan
depends, if you do laser skin resurfacing for sure they will tell you your skin color matters
Petra Arkian
Petra Arkian 25 dagar sedan
I am a white / asian mixed race individual ans I have a rare disease calles Behcets that is written into all medical textbooks as being "primarily in people of middle eastern descent" It is also more common in Asia which isn't mentioned and while rare still occurs in caucasians as well. So many patients with Behcets have a doctor deny their diagnosis because it doesn't match with what they remember from med school of it being a middle eastern disease. Additionally many people with middle eastern anscestory appear white / african / asian so without asking it is very easy to miss middle eastern anscestory. (For example I have Jewish anscestory which often links to a higher amount of middle eastern genetic material)
Sherraine Phillips
Sherraine Phillips 25 dagar sedan
Kind of sick of talking about race to be honest
Stone Decatur
Stone Decatur Dag sedan
Don't read scientific medical research articles then.
emelyarye 24 dagar sedan
Woke progressive media won’t stop until garbage organisations and institutions such as BLM and the terrible universities stop supporting them.
Ben Pinto
Ben Pinto 25 dagar sedan
like it or not, a large portion of your genetics is defined by your race. these stereotyping in medical practices isnt made up. its backed by statistics. hence, it is science not racism
Jonathan Jay Yap
Jonathan Jay Yap 25 dagar sedan
He spends almost half a video talking about skin color as though it’s the crucial information needed during treatment. “My skin color determines how I’m perceived” yea like you didn’t just fill in your origin on the form
Erika 24 dagar sedan
Not every medical provider gives patients the ability to choose their race on forms. I've seen some of my medical records that and I know someone else chose what race to put me in the system as because some of my medical records from different practices have marked me as white and only white. I'm mixed Black and white and light skinned and I never mark white except when given the option to mark multiple races which I've yet to see on a medical intake form. For things that do have a genetic basis that can affect medicine it's a toss up on which genetic population I'll trend with and considering Black people in the US on average have about 25% non-African ancestry it's a toss up for any individual descended from enslaved people in the US not to mention how immigrants from places like East Africa are grouped together with them despite not sharing a common ancestry.
yenxuan wen
yenxuan wen 25 dagar sedan
ikr, n he knows tat race does play a part, but just bc an estimate wsnt 100% spot on, it shdnt exist? weird man
jordan 25 dagar sedan
weird video... American's have this distorted relationship with the word race compared to the rest of the world. The whole point is that your genetics is what informs how you are perceived by society and what category people assume you to be (i.e. race). The part where he found out he was 40$% white/european whilst grinning ear to ear was... uncomfortable. The subconscious white supremacy is so insidious that people who take these tests cling to any form of whiteness possible, even when it doesn't culturally inform their worldview.
emelyarye 24 dagar sedan
it’s almost as if they are superior
Givtolmaknecrup 25 dagar sedan
Traits are correlated with race, but medical schools don’t keep their books up to date with the latest human migration and reproduction
DDF 25 dagar sedan
I need dawg to explain his hairstyle.
000 000
000 000 25 dagar sedan
Based off of this, I rather they update medical treatment , and use individual analysis because each person is going to be different regardless of racial category they fall under. But will medical facilities have resources to tackle the differential needs? It's too perplexing... Thanks Lee and team again for doing this
Antoine Trépanier
Antoine Trépanier 25 dagar sedan
This had every ounce of nuance needed and I think you did a great job explaining it all.
GMC 25 dagar sedan
It's disappointing that we've had generations of scientists and doctors make the same logical mistakes when examining statistics. The 'true average' lung capacity of a subgroup may be different than another, but blindly accepting it as an inmate genetic difference is intellectually lazy at best or outright negligent. There can be other confounding factors causing this difference other than race - activity level, diet, environmental exposures - that are likely to be measurably different between subgroups and NOT independent. Using 'race' as a proxy for genetics may be pragmatic dependent on resources, but solely relying on the typical prevalence of a genetic expression within that race is, again, at best intellectually lazy or worse intellectually negligent.
roxarecool 25 dagar sedan
Race is 100% genetic. This isn't even a question amongst evolutionary biologists.
lol broek
lol broek 25 dagar sedan
Your FEV changed between the two tests you did at the start. From 3.6 to 3.3.
Harry Hayes
Harry Hayes 26 dagar sedan
What is this production value
Guilherme Berlim
Guilherme Berlim 26 dagar sedan
This is an American problem.
anne weber
anne weber 26 dagar sedan
They shouldn’t - and they don’t
THD Gaming
THD Gaming 26 dagar sedan
Zieke nerd dit
IgorLion 2
IgorLion 2 26 dagar sedan
Yes they should
sieurJulien 26 dagar sedan
«The République doesn’t recognise races” french constitution
Zachary Ewell
Zachary Ewell 26 dagar sedan
Why didn't he have a white person try the spirometer? It would have been interesting to see if there was a correlative decrease in lung capacity if the white person tried the "Black" setting.
anne dla
anne dla 14 dagar sedan
i was also waiting for that to happen, i thought the other 2 people would be trying it also 🤣
Gamal Ali
Gamal Ali 26 dagar sedan
How accurate are the results of your DNA test?
Russian MGTOW o
Russian MGTOW o 26 dagar sedan
Nobody asked.
players gg
players gg 26 dagar sedan
Should just focus on the actual genetic differences. I think race is too general . Should be about a person's specific background . Like if Asian then are they Japanese ,indian, Chinese or whatever
roxarecool 25 dagar sedan
Races differentiate significantly by genetics.
Caper Crusader
Caper Crusader 26 dagar sedan
When you are going too fast or slow in the race
Uchiha Ikoy
Uchiha Ikoy 27 dagar sedan
Even though race and skin color is has variables that make it less reliable than genetics, they still help statistically when diagnosing or making treatment plans. For example, if the majority of Asian people have bell shaped teeth, then a Dentist would remember to check for that and account for it when present. Until something more reliable becomes accessible to everyone, we shouldn't just remove it from practice.
Sam Furness
Sam Furness 14 dagar sedan
@Travis Carson Where are you getting your knowledge on genetics from?
Sam Furness
Sam Furness 14 dagar sedan
@Travis Carson For example I doubt you carry the mitochondrial rs671 allele, which is a gene commonly found in people of East Asian descent that reduces their ability to metabolise alcohol. It’s not just a matter of you having allele turned off, you have a different version of the gene entirely.
Sam Furness
Sam Furness 14 dagar sedan
@Travis Carson What are you talking about? You stated “There’s no genetic difference between me and an Asian person”. That’s factually incorrect, there’s no opinion about it. There are genes in your genetic make up that other people have completely different versions of.
Sam Furness
Sam Furness 14 dagar sedan
@Travis Carson No it’s not. You and an Asian person literally have some completely different genes.
Sam Furness
Sam Furness 14 dagar sedan
@Travis Carson Different alleles turned on or off IS a genetic difference. That and you also have some different alleles to other people.
Justin Booth
Justin Booth 27 dagar sedan
Why does this have do few views? Very very well done!
Zoe S
Zoe S 27 dagar sedan
I think it is possible that NFL was using race norming more for financial reasons rather than medical ones
anne dla
anne dla 14 dagar sedan
freddywayne 26 dagar sedan
🎯 Exactly!
よだ 27 dagar sedan
Yes there is inherent genetic differences in different races
King Paul Joel
King Paul Joel 24 dagar sedan
There is even genetic difference within "the same race",using any genetic difference as a metric for race we will have more than 20 races in the world,and 14 races in africa alone.
King Paul Joel
King Paul Joel 24 dagar sedan
There is even genetic difference within "the same race",using any genetic difference as a metric for race we will have more than 20 races in the world,and 14 races in africa alone.
Bear Grills
Bear Grills 26 dagar sedan
@Moses no
Moses 27 dagar sedan
Which amount to 0.1%, effectively making those differences nearly negligible.
The theory of Everything
The theory of Everything 27 dagar sedan
Blockchain in medicine . Tracking every gene.
Stefan Langenhoven
Stefan Langenhoven 27 dagar sedan
Race shouldn't be considered as much as environment should be 👌🏽.
Stefan Langenhoven
Stefan Langenhoven 24 dagar sedan
@roxarecool you need to listen to me. Race isn't real. Environment affects your epigenetics. All humans share 99.9% of each others genes.
roxarecool 24 dagar sedan
@Stefan LangenhovenAre you denying that different races carry with them different genetic makeup? What evidence would lead you to that absurd conclusion?
Stefan Langenhoven
Stefan Langenhoven 24 dagar sedan
@roxarecool are you about to out yourself as a eugenicist?
roxarecool 25 dagar sedan
@Stefan Langenhoven What do you think race is? Melanin?
Stefan Langenhoven
Stefan Langenhoven 25 dagar sedan
@roxarecool race doesn't exist fam, it's a construct.
Dragon 27 dagar sedan
What a silly idea! Race classification is very useful for MDs. We know that some people are tend to get sick more than others, this classification saves a lot of black and latino people lives as well as white ones
Jean 27 dagar sedan
USMLE: "A 17-year-old African American presents with anemia. His mother ..." Medical students: "Sickle cell disease?"
Adrian Cuason Tan
Adrian Cuason Tan 21 timme sedan
@Jean I just thought of a disease since you are in Japan. Anisakiasis. Meanwhile, here in the Philippines, it is Capilliariasis
diane ridley
diane ridley 3 dagar sedan
"A young man from Egypt..." Med student: schistosomiasis
Jean 26 dagar sedan
@Adrian Cuason Tan It seems so. There are so many conditions that have strong connection to ethnicity; cystic fibrosis, sarcoidosis, Takayasu arteritis, Tay-Sachs disease, to name a few. I am a medical student in Japan, and as I prepare for Step1 I am always amazed by how different diseases are emphasized depending on where you live.
Adrian Cuason Tan
Adrian Cuason Tan 26 dagar sedan
Same goes to people from European descent may carry porphyria?
trellva 27 dagar sedan
Why is he so shocked his 40% white, just looking at him i could tell he was not 100% African genetically...
૮ ・ ω・ა ૮ ・ω・ა
૮ ・ ω・ა ૮ ・ω・ა 27 dagar sedan
He could be half arabic, latino, northern indian etc
bokkun 27 dagar sedan
I'm honestly kind of confused, because I live in Indonesia, and we've never had to tell our race as a medical procedure. Neither has it happened in Europe. So could it be just an American thing? I do feel like America is so obsessed with race
Randi 26 dagar sedan
I think it depends of the level of population diversity. Indonesia is overwhelmingly of Javanese descent so collecting sufficient data of other races to create a baseline would be difficult. In Singapore race data is collected as there are 3 main racial groups, but I can't say for sure how it's exactly used for medical treatment, though there are definitely differences in lifespan between different sexes and races due to genetic and socio-economic factors, so interventions may be targeted accordingly. That said, given that Africa is the cradle of humanity with the largest genetic diversity, using a generic umbrella term of "Black" is a lousy categorical variable as it lacks specificity, much like lumping all Asians as being the same.
The Palindrome Adept
The Palindrome Adept 26 dagar sedan
It is
Aris Lopes
Aris Lopes 27 dagar sedan
Yes they should not every race is the same. Surprisingly Latinos are more healthy than white ppl when they rlly shouldn’t be based on the majority of life style but is all thanks to the genes & mainly the Native American dna which is also why Latinos algo aged way slower than other ppl & tend to have healthier lives when rlly old.
Pushkar Deshpande
Pushkar Deshpande 27 dagar sedan
And btw why are South and Central Asians included in the same group! Like yes! The Indo-Europeans first lived in Central Asia but now they are replaced and inhabitanted by Turks and Mongols which have rather nomadic and East Asian ancestry. They don't even speak Indo-European languages! So I think 23 and me has to do this massive rectification while showing results! It's completely inaccurate to put these populations side by side.
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