How oysters can stop a flood

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And why the world needs more of them.

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In the last century, 85% of the world’s oyster reefs have vanished. And we’re only recently beginning to understand what that’s cost us: While they don’t look incredibly appealing from the shore, oysters are vital to bays and waterways around the world. A single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water every day. And over time, oysters form incredible reef structures that double as habitats for various species of fish, crabs, and other animals. In their absence, our coastlines have suffered.

Now, several projects from New York to the Gulf of Mexico and Bangladesh are aiming to bring the oysters back. Because not only are oysters vital ecosystems; they can also protect us from the rising oceans by acting as breakwaters, deflecting waves before they hit the shore. It won’t stop the seas from rising - but embracing living shorelines could help protect us from what’s to come.

Note: The headline on this video has been changed.
Previous headline: Why we need more oysters

For more on living shorelines:

More information on the specific ways oysters can restore an ecosystem:

Further information on restoration efforts:

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For more on the history of the oyster boom in New York City we highly recommend “The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell”

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Vox 21 dag sedan
Another interesting fact is that oysters have been shown to help reduce ocean acidification in the Chesapeake Bay. When the ocean acidity rises their shells start to dissolve and release calcium carbonate, which helps to balance the pH levels. Calcium carbonate is also the common ingredient in the antacid medicines many take for heartburn or indigestion. So you can think of oysters as antacid for the ocean! -Kim
Stephen Fisher
Stephen Fisher 11 dagar sedan
I'm hating to be the pedant here but an oysters net effect on calcium should be zero .as it is absorbed during its lifetime then released as the dead shell weathers. Chesapeake bay had the beneficial addition of tons of dead oyster shells that released all their calcium locally (that had been acquired from the ocean somewhere else) . Otherwise good video about very worthwhile projects.
hosackies 13 dagar sedan
So why aren't they building these reefs?
Eunie 🤍
Eunie 🤍 16 dagar sedan
Very interesting
F. Ardi
F. Ardi 16 dagar sedan
also delicious
Jovenal Domingo
Jovenal Domingo 18 dagar sedan
I said it years ago I’ll say it again stop don’t touch under the sea it’s a destruction to nature’s under the sea ground pipe gas black gold all over the world 🌎 oceans is a fall to nature’s world 🌎 07 think joe
Barthz Studio
Barthz Studio Dag sedan
Wow..amazing solution but oystersauce left the group
oyster in some southeast asia is expensive but sometimes we can eat nemo HAHAHA
Prince Sessa
Prince Sessa 2 dagar sedan
Very informative thanks🙏
레이 깡
레이 깡 2 dagar sedan
생굴 초장에 찍어먹고싶다…
ZekE DaK
ZekE DaK 2 dagar sedan
In short we are eating ocean filter so stop eating them if you can't eat your air filter, cigar filter, and all kind of filters dont eat ocean filter!!!
Dandavats Dasa
Dandavats Dasa 5 dagar sedan
Good luck with it! Unfortunately people like to eat oysters. It seems very high and very strong sea walls might help. Thank you
Autumn Bender-Roncari
Autumn Bender-Roncari 7 dagar sedan
oysters are so important to the environment
solia 8 dagar sedan
Oyster the 🐐
Mark Manuella
Mark Manuella 8 dagar sedan
Put cuomo in there and say they are 5 years old he soak it up
DashKnow 8 dagar sedan
Just tell the U.S gov. that oysters will increase off shore oil production, then we will have an ocean of them.
Star Wars Gaming
Star Wars Gaming 9 dagar sedan
Max Walker
Max Walker 9 dagar sedan
my name is jeeeyf
my name is jeeeyf 9 dagar sedan
lol. no. effects on hurricane-level surge would be functionally unnoticeable
Ms. Mural
Ms. Mural 9 dagar sedan
Kyle 0
Kyle 0 10 dagar sedan
I don't understand how our society is over 2,000 years old yet we are just starting to understand the oysters protect the shorelines. There's obviously some false or forgotten history thrown into our reality.
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 10 dagar sedan
Daam those oysters look delicious...
Reason 11 dagar sedan
The next time you wonder why people around the world eat "strange" things, consider this. It may make their diet a little less strange.
syed abbas
syed abbas 11 dagar sedan
So I know someone stopped us from eating oysters bcuz it's Haram and today you when you eat this things.....
69 production
69 production 11 dagar sedan
Oysters are fun until you accidentally jump on one cutting you severely
X X 11 dagar sedan
Eddie 12 dagar sedan
Me: This looks like a cool video Video: STOP CLIMATE CHANGE WHILE YOU CAN WE HAVE TO GO BACK SEND HELP Me: *click off video*
Nameless Warrior
Nameless Warrior 12 dagar sedan
How about wealthy humans stop encroaching on the seas?
chocolate minion
chocolate minion 12 dagar sedan
Destabilising sand not land coastlines are being reclaimed by the ocean because humans tried to claim shorelines
Colin Scobie
Colin Scobie 12 dagar sedan
awesome - I have shared this on ESRAG Moreton Bay FB page
My L I E G E
My L I E G E 13 dagar sedan
I remember seeing the living shoreline segment on the PBS newshour. There's so much business potential here just from recycling oyster shells from seafood restaurants.
otimmo 13 dagar sedan
You eat uncleanness, then wonder why you're sick.
Isaiah Mesa
Isaiah Mesa 13 dagar sedan
Bet New York wishes they still had the oyster reefs.
Daniel Bermingrud
Daniel Bermingrud 13 dagar sedan
Same does rocks, or anything that abrupt the steam ._.
Nickbutno appropriate last name
Nickbutno appropriate last name Dag sedan
oysters filter, rocks do not
Dame Dane
Dame Dane 13 dagar sedan
They are tasty doe.
Jer 13 dagar sedan
Lost me on the rising sea levels. Accordingly, I should be underwater by now.
Ron Tropics
Ron Tropics 13 dagar sedan
Imagine hurting the oceans, destroying coastlines and killing entire ecosystems just so you can slurp snot out of a rock.
Joseph Oconnor
Joseph Oconnor 14 dagar sedan
How about cutting down on co2 lol
UnboxingDoomDays 14 dagar sedan
Question why even japan did not rely on oyster
UnboxingDoomDays 14 dagar sedan
Basically the reef was destroy
jun nel
jun nel 14 dagar sedan
How to stop a flood? Fil/chi contractors/ dpwh: just raise the road every 3 years 😂😂😂😂
MelodyMathildeT 14 dagar sedan
Good reason not to eat oysters. You know living creatures and all
Cake 14 dagar sedan
“when you picture ny there are so many iconic things that come to mind” no it don’t i’ve lived here for 7 years and i think of trash and my house lol
Aquatic Typhoon
Aquatic Typhoon 14 dagar sedan
I don’t eat oysters and I hear they carry disease.
Fill@PieNo! 14 dagar sedan
Oyster Tide
Snails are Dumb
Snails are Dumb 14 dagar sedan
Those phlegm filled shell piles should stay in the ocean where they belong as far as im concerned.
Caesar 14 dagar sedan
4:18 I’ve never seen this many cormorants at once.
Mohau Bangani
Mohau Bangani 14 dagar sedan
The more I watch such content the more I feel like our grandparents were asswholes 😂
Noobmaster420,269 14 dagar sedan
I swear they make up anything now 'how oysters stop a flood' next: how bees stop hurricanes how mosquitos stop global warming how earths atmosphere is heated by hand warmers
ernestochavez1028 14 dagar sedan
Man I can sure go for some oysters rn
dene nen
dene nen 14 dagar sedan
Oyster is like a illness
Arjun Udiawar
Arjun Udiawar 14 dagar sedan
Encroaching your home??????really?????
Hotman Chicken
Hotman Chicken 15 dagar sedan
New York raw oyster bar sounds like instant death! 💀
Arvijay Dela Torre
Arvijay Dela Torre 15 dagar sedan
We need this in Philippines
Marc Tristan Nipalar
Marc Tristan Nipalar 15 dagar sedan
Thank you for the information.
Anshul 15 dagar sedan
I hope more people watched these videos, its sad how many people will watch a click-baity video over an actually knowledgeable insightful video.
Akropch 15 dagar sedan
Imagine If this oyster cluster was formed near chinese shore . Oyster : DOA
Morven-Jade Archibald
Morven-Jade Archibald 15 dagar sedan
Another species we have near obliterated. Human greed is just too much for the world to handle.
Saifullah Chisty
Saifullah Chisty 15 dagar sedan
I am so glad about watching this video this video.
savagex466 15 dagar sedan
I farmed oysters for a long long time. They wont stop the flooding lol.
aquame 15 dagar sedan
Climate change is. LIE, it’s just natural progression of the earth ,,,
Cory Max
Cory Max 15 dagar sedan
Humans just destroying everything. We will over fish our oceans soon. Go vegan
dxelson 15 dagar sedan
Damm, what is Apple CEO doing at Vox
Lawgx 15 dagar sedan
Humans be like : "these taste good let's harvest them to near extinction, surely no severe consequences could happen in the future"
Matthew Ng
Matthew Ng 15 dagar sedan
Good luck
Komment King
Komment King 15 dagar sedan
Wow - who knew ? Well these people do !
Natasha S
Natasha S 15 dagar sedan
Phillip Hutcheson
Phillip Hutcheson 15 dagar sedan
Except sea rise isn’t occurring the way you say it is. Mainly cuz you’ve been taught incorrectly about climate change. Should look up weather modification instead.
Chase 15 dagar sedan
They choose not to
Robertking1996 15 dagar sedan
Every animal really serves an ecological purpose
Nana K
Nana K 15 dagar sedan
I think they are nasty anyways
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen 15 dagar sedan
But we eat all of them🥺 I love oysters so much!
UNKNOWN 15 dagar sedan
So oysters are animals, but according to vegetarians, fish are fruit?!?!
braxtonnn jacksonnn
braxtonnn jacksonnn 15 dagar sedan
i love informative videos like this
aRsH aL
aRsH aL 15 dagar sedan
Children are trying to undo the sins of their fathers.
Mach 15 dagar sedan
Oysters are so yummy, but I'll hold back on eating them if it helps the planet.
alice coppers
alice coppers 15 dagar sedan
The Medetaraian sea needs this. cant spell sorry
John Macasinag
John Macasinag 15 dagar sedan
are you saying that if I put oysters in an aquarium they will filter the water 😮
Azrael 15 dagar sedan
I was so confused for a second, I read this as: “How oysters can stop the flood.” I had some instant flashbacks after reading it like that.
iamgem 16 dagar sedan
Humans really are the poison to this planet.
Sycosoulreaver 16 dagar sedan
Go figure as always man eating animals and messing with nature throws off the balance. I never know why this is a surprise. 🙄
Nuru 16 dagar sedan
We will build a wall; Oysters wall
J Nüsslein
J Nüsslein 16 dagar sedan
Delicious 🦪
Yuda Fran21
Yuda Fran21 16 dagar sedan
Jakarta MUST IMITATE THIS so it doesn't flood again 😌😌
YingYang Orca
YingYang Orca 16 dagar sedan
Someone "watching" Rogan again.
DaniSC 16 dagar sedan
oyster are like alpha version of coral reaf
maïga 16 dagar sedan
I have a presentation in an hour and this is what am watching 😂
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee 16 dagar sedan
"It feels hopeful, it feels something we can achieve" I've heard that line before with covid
San Coca
San Coca 16 dagar sedan
Go vegan?
Shs S
Shs S 16 dagar sedan
The fact that the plane in the intro was flying nearby the new one world trade center gives me chills since its 5 more days till september 11th
Shs S
Shs S 16 dagar sedan
Cram oysters into jakarta
Vic PsyOps
Vic PsyOps 16 dagar sedan
Asians love them some oysters. This is Manhatten we're talking about. For that reason, I'm out.
rad c2
rad c2 16 dagar sedan
Lam Par
Lam Par 16 dagar sedan
Scientist understand that the world need more Oyster to mitigate coastal flooding , but because human beings like to eat them, more oysters doesn't means bay flooding issue is solved. 😵😵
Liam Winters
Liam Winters 16 dagar sedan
I wonder if it would be possible to use barriers made from recycled plastics instead of concrete? No idea if that would be possible but it would be a neat dual-solution if it were
BowlOfRice 16 dagar sedan
Anyone have any info on the pic at 4:23, an absolutely beautiful photo.
Troy Lee
Troy Lee 16 dagar sedan
previous generations were so shellfish
Veasna Un
Veasna Un 16 dagar sedan
People, you ate the wall.
Evolution MAX
Evolution MAX 16 dagar sedan
*This is just shows that God makes no mistakes....*
Abraham Martin
Abraham Martin 16 dagar sedan
Oysters= super good rocky bois...
Scotty 16 dagar sedan
hahaha... they're called "spat"
Yashuya 16 dagar sedan
Last time I checked, you needed master chief to stop them.
MisterMister5893 16 dagar sedan
Why not just use our big fancy brains and build artificial barriers to break those waves?
Juan Duran
Juan Duran 16 dagar sedan
I find it funny God told us not to eat these guys. Wish i knew that sooner
Archive 16 dagar sedan
Oysters are cool
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