How Olympic divers make the perfect tiny splash

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We talked to Team USA’s head coach to find out.

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Elegant Olympic dives fly by in a matter of seconds. Because of that, it’s hard to know what to look for when you try to judge the sport from your couch. One thing that’s easy to see, though? The splash.

If you’ve watched any Olympics diving coverage, you may have noticed that the splashes athletes make are tiny. Divers spend years training to perform with minimal splash, in the same way that gymnasts train to stick their landings.

In this video, Team USA’s head diving coach Drew Johansen explains the three major components he uses to guide his athletes towards smaller splashes: the above water position, the underwater swim, and the underwater pike.

And while the sport of diving isn’t all about getting splashes, a small splash is the perfect punctuation to a job well done.

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Aozotra 17 timmar sedan
I’m imagining the Chinese diver watching this
Green Heart
Green Heart 2 dagar sedan
UGH I'm a diver, and that rip sound makes me so happy omg!!
NotSoCube845 3 dagar sedan
A lot of people are mentioning that he used a Chinese as an example to a failed dive when that same Chinese was used to show a perfect dive on the second half of the video and is calling him out for 'making the westerners look the best'. Geez y'all are funny!
tribekat 5 dagar sedan
hi vox, maybe do a story on how planned parenthood bills the government over $100 and requests a $30 donation for 3 cycles of ortho tricyclen, which it pays less than $5 for.
Psycrow 5 dagar sedan
Just like ther farts..also very tiny and allmost noiseless Hahahhahaaaaa
Kuba Dąbrowski
Kuba Dąbrowski 7 dagar sedan
Ur so close to 10m
Matt Huey
Matt Huey 7 dagar sedan
Could you use Vaseline?? Or Baby Oil??🤔🤔 So when u dive in...u slip into the water!?💯💯 Good video...coulda watched before Olympics!!🙌🙄💯😅😅 No clue how they scored it!
solia 8 dagar sedan
Someone 9 dagar sedan
Bruh we were competing about who did the biggest splash
bradley small
bradley small 9 dagar sedan
this also explains why the single bullet theory is false- fun fact....
Zander 10 dagar sedan
Abdul Majied
Abdul Majied 12 dagar sedan
One of the boring sports, but swimming is really admirable sport.
Yusuf Tuna
Yusuf Tuna 13 dagar sedan
Chinese are extremely good at diving
Andres Satterfield
Andres Satterfield 13 dagar sedan
The bewildered drug neurobiologically cheer because stranger aetiologically continue from a questionable laugh. common, lethal bladder
Bo Belonry
Bo Belonry 14 dagar sedan
The lively scorpio technically fill because joseph dewailly trust down a political operation. roomy, psychedelic basket
春生夏 14 dagar sedan
Cant believe Vox is so freaking racist. Unfollowed
春生夏 14 dagar sedan
China dominate this sport. Yet, when u need a good example, u automatically go to the whites, and when u need a fail, here r the Chinese. 🙄🙄🙄 western media 🙄🙄🙄
Roberto Bouche'
Roberto Bouche' 16 dagar sedan
Anybody here from the steve o podcast with cody ko ? Lol
matteo.g3 19 dagar sedan
Jesus is king
*Jazer* Lopez
*Jazer* Lopez 19 dagar sedan
Water bending technic
Meekoz 20 dagar sedan
Whenever I dive the water hits my throat and my throat hurts for days. I can just imagine what that would feel like from 33 feet. ☠️
Cold Person
Cold Person 20 dagar sedan
Now I whan to see how to make the biggest splash
KD T 24 dagar sedan
John Griffith
John Griffith 27 dagar sedan
Id watch a belly flop diving competition. Why don’t they have that?
Bruce Li
Bruce Li 27 dagar sedan
I don't make any splash when I explore inside her pool
C L 28 dagar sedan
Stop politicalize sports. VOX, Shame on you.
King Fishy III
King Fishy III 29 dagar sedan
Sort by new to get the CCP comments
Hanz Chriz
Hanz Chriz 29 dagar sedan
Diver's dream = drip
Remy Campued
Remy Campued Månad sedan
Chinese are the BEST Divers in the Olympic. I really admire them esp Quan.
Jake Matheson
Jake Matheson Månad sedan
This was unexpected for me. It was UNBELIEVABLY interesting. I woulda watched a full 90 min documentary on this. Thanks
zecoo22 Månad sedan
what's wrong with cannon ball
23n37_Y Månad sedan
People near me in pool : jumps and splashes water everywhere
Marlon Deterala
Marlon Deterala Månad sedan
Weirder face has the most tiny splash
Atmanand Månad sedan
Oh no no
Oh no no Månad sedan
mean manus my cuz
Steve Delahunty
Steve Delahunty Månad sedan
Steve Delahunty
Steve Delahunty Månad sedan
Wow. Bad diving example from Chinese. Good ones are from westerners.
BK Lok
BK Lok Månad sedan
As much as it looks objectively, this is still a Racist channel. Don't forget this channel is actively sabotaging China for Xinjiang issues before.
Sendosnu Månad sedan
I’ve been knowing how to do this ever since I first jumped in a pool
Franki Koller
Franki Koller Månad sedan
Thx Vox for answering questions we never asked
Matthew Popow
Matthew Popow Månad sedan
These people are peak athletes and I understand that... but I still like to make fun of this sport. It's competitive falling into water
Kai Zhong
Kai Zhong Månad sedan
Let’s make a 100m sprint and don’t include any Jamaicans winning just show them fail. This is what Vox did to diving.
Mark Skater
Mark Skater Månad sedan
thats horrible picking on some1 mistake as an example of diving
kasaan brown
kasaan brown Månad sedan
WATCH the "CONEHEADS" movie, the daughter had the greatest dive ever lol!
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia Månad sedan
The hesitant bat nearly spare because bowl intriguinly exercise versus a miniature vietnam. rustic, open bucket
solidslam Månad sedan
Chinese divers dominate in this sport, give respect when respect is due. You can't talk about Olympic diving without giving credit to the Chinese diving team.
King Fishy III
King Fishy III 29 dagar sedan
No you can
CanHammer Månad sedan
tbh they should ask the Chinese head coach haha
Raw Onions
Raw Onions Månad sedan
While watching the olympics this year, i learned that the rip position was actually developed in china. I never fact checked this though, i was watching the live streams with the chinese commentators. Its actually really amusing since they’re always like “oh that was great, but you could really do better”
kolim jone
kolim jone Månad sedan
I always await that splash when I watch dives, it’s so satisfying to see how big or small it may come out >
allaw310 Månad sedan
4 minutes in and Vox has yet to answer the obvious question - *WHY DOES A TINY SPLASH MATTER?*
Ken Månad sedan
It is hilarious that they use one of the most competitive diving teams (the Chinese team) as a negative example. There are hundreds of thousands of "fatal" moments they could have chosen. It would be more neutral if they had used the U.S team (or the Chinese team) as both good and bad examples at the same time.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Månad sedan
Love the dive of the Gold medalist of women's 10m platform earlier. Barely any splash, just ripple.
Tsukikage Månad sedan
Me, some guy who has never done any diving in his entire life watching this instead of studying like I should: *Mmm yes*
Sir. SuperThunderGoodGuy lll
Sir. SuperThunderGoodGuy lll Månad sedan
After watching the Olympics so much, I feel like a sporting expert lol
Michael H
Michael H Månad sedan
I'm going to drop out of high school and just learn about life through Vox videos.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Månad sedan
oh wow the comments are messy, anyways support tom daley and chen aisen 🤍🤍
Cupcake Without The Icing
Cupcake Without The Icing Månad sedan
I'm glad so many of the comments are talking about how American-centered this video is, doing a great disservice to the quality of the Chinese team
yYahKi Månad sedan
0:06 that one was 🔥🔥
jayjaydajet Månad sedan
Did the Chinese diver get the divesies for her first trial
Joel Middaugh
Joel Middaugh Månad sedan
This is just so obvious. Why video neccessary?
Alli Månad sedan
Fantastic video! Easy to understand, beautiful animations, and good music too. Love when science is presented so simply. :)
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy Månad sedan
age. too impressive!
Shirley Nitka
Shirley Nitka Månad sedan
this year there was nothing but big splashes. I was shocked they got scores so high.
Mrs.Sanchez Budgetz
Mrs.Sanchez Budgetz Månad sedan
I always await that splash when I watch dives, it’s so satisfying to see how big or small it may come out >
王聪 Månad sedan
Are you blind?
David Tay
David Tay Månad sedan
No one did it better than the Chinese divers.
Ganbat Gabi
Ganbat Gabi Månad sedan
Chinese divers are more than fish. Just perfect.
Austin Månad sedan
his dive definitely isn’t the highest scoring and hasn’t been since he won the olympics😂😂😂😂😂
Christian Jiang
Christian Jiang Månad sedan
Vox’s new video about Quan Hongchang: Omg! They’re cruel for training a 14 yo like that!!
whitesnakers Månad sedan
oh wow the comments are messy, anyways support tom daley and chen aisen 🤍🤍
Rock girl
Rock girl Månad sedan
dominant in this sport.
Jaime Qiu
Jaime Qiu Månad sedan
yeah USA is the best in diving hurray! look how China is so bad at it :V
Cyan The Stickman
Cyan The Stickman Månad sedan
you serious? Ofc you never mentioned the Chinese diving team.
SerenityNow Månad sedan
First thing - Lightness is the key. Have you noticed the Chinese divers are so tiny? and so young? 2nd thing is the technique as they mentioned in the video. If you are light and perfect technique you win! You can perfect all technique you want, but if you weight 300 pounds you still get big splash compare to a young one who weighs 80 pounds. This guide is also the same with the gymnastic.
Rock girl
Rock girl Månad sedan
That poor back though...
Ed Hernandez
Ed Hernandez Månad sedan
Muy interesante
tester ABC
tester ABC Månad sedan
Aha....this video isn't actually about diving, isn't it
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Indian Månad sedan
I think people from western countries has a problem too narrow minded to appreciate other people.
Fred Coffee
Fred Coffee Månad sedan
We all know how good Chinese divers are and you chose the worst one for some reason
Fan wang
Fan wang Månad sedan
you show only the negatives about Chinese Athletes, still Chinese beat you at diving everytime. Gold from Olynpics.
Carsynagen !
Carsynagen ! Månad sedan
The splash didnt earn her a 0, she didnt do the dive. So she got a zero. U cant fail a dive on splash alone, just lost out on a lot of technique and get lower scores
Carsynagen !
Carsynagen ! Månad sedan
@doliio volay that has nothing to do with what i was saying. Yea i agree with u. Just was saying the 0 was for an incomplete dive (fall) rather than the splash. And yeah there are others this is a famous example tho
doliio volay
doliio volay Månad sedan
It is interesting to see that they used a Chinese diver to show a bad example ( when there are many worse dives caught on camera) when team China dominated the diving,
Junito Punto Comm
Junito Punto Comm Månad sedan
How did you make this video without showing the 14yrs old Chinese diver who got a couple of perfect (10 from all judges) dives ?? 🤔
potatoo Månad sedan
Im the type of person that will make the biggest splash😂
Apple Månad sedan
meow meow meow meow
h ynwamyg
h ynwamyg Månad sedan
are you brave enough to tell the truth that who is the champion in diving?ah, maybe you have no idea ,cuz always Chinese
Dennis Wang
Dennis Wang Månad sedan
Just to let you know, for diving, USA is NO MATCH to CHINA.
DepthSeek Månad sedan
That poor back though...
hoosieraussis1 Månad sedan
So interesting! I always thought the splayed out arms under water were simply to stop the divers' momentum down to the bottom of the pool. I would have never thought any movements after they are underwater affect the splash.
Chad R
Chad R Månad sedan
Me: CANNONBALL!! Judges: 0.00
Mr HDebater
Mr HDebater Månad sedan
Warning: Prominent white fragility whining throughout this video, proceed with caution.
Gao Zhan
Gao Zhan Månad sedan
Vox must spent lot of time to find a Chinese driver got 0 point for big splash.
Doraemon space channel
Doraemon space channel Månad sedan
Mad sports number 1
Bruno Albertoni
Bruno Albertoni Månad sedan
I am a diver myself, this is a cool video.
Nature Love
Nature Love Månad sedan
Why don't they point their fingers instead of palming
Shane Bryant
Shane Bryant Månad sedan
And know I know something new
geng yang
geng yang Månad sedan
It is interesting to see that they used a Chinese diver to show a bad example ( when there are many worse dives caught on camera) when team China dominated the diving, and used a American diver to show a perfect dive when team USA hardly got medals (let alone goal medals) in major diving competitions. Remind me how many medals did Team USA got in the just finished Tokyo olympics??
Felipe Behrens
Felipe Behrens Månad sedan
There should be a competition for who makes the biggest splash.
noname Månad sedan
Why did you even use the chinese diver even as an example? She failed because she slipped or mis-stepped, not because of a bad posture.
Orlando Godoy
Orlando Godoy Månad sedan
The shade of using China divers as an example 😂 you got a LOT of examples
Mochi The PooH
Mochi The PooH Månad sedan
w23857980 Månad sedan
Don't be obese and you will have a tiny splash.
ultra Månad sedan
I can’t even swim, what am I doing here
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