How India ran out of oxygen

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And why does this keep happening?

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In April 2021, India began registering some of the highest numbers of Covid-19 cases in the world. When that happened, the demand for life-saving oxygen soared too. But India wasn’t able to keep up, adding avoidable deaths to a second wave of Covid-19 that has devastated the country. The oxygen shortage seemed to have caught India off guard. That made the news in this pandemic, but India has run out of oxygen before. So why does this keep happening?

Read more about the government’s stalled plans to improve oxygen access:

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For more on India’s oxygen access, check out PATH’s 2018 report:

Check out PATH’s Oxygen Needs Tracker to learn about global demand:

Read more about the oxygen crisis:

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GeeseH Dag sedan
Looking at that graph @ 1:06, the injections started rolling out on 16/01/21. js
Legendary Bro
Legendary Bro 5 dagar sedan
The biggest villain of this disaster is the government, especially the Sadhu baba Feku Modi, arrogant Yediyurappa and Uneducated Yogi Adityanath. The true heroes of this situation were the doctors, nurses, medical workers, Air Force, Railway workers and Truckers who carried oxygen. The Air Force and Railways had to step in to clean up this mess that was made by the Government. Salute to our heroes.
Shaurya Anand
Shaurya Anand 6 dagar sedan
W 10 dagar sedan
Because india spend half of the budget on darpok ration chooor indian army when india is literally a poverty ridden beggar sh*thole
W 10 dagar sedan
Because india is a poverty ridden beggar sh*thole country
Random 13 dagar sedan
tbh India has one of the worst politics and politians in the free world.
Dipankar Army official
Dipankar Army official 14 dagar sedan
In the first wave of covid-19 India support Many European country but when India need help no one come first
aman 17 dagar sedan
If India had no corrupt politician it could have been the richest country.
Dnyaneshwar Asha Somnath
Dnyaneshwar Asha Somnath 19 dagar sedan
All these politicians are not serving to people but they are playing with them.. The main body who has power to run all these institutions is the government and also all opposition parties. But the people sitting in these political parties are mostly uneducated, most of them are accused in serious criminal cases. In fact they don't deserve to rule this country.. but they are rulling it. It is in our hand not to trap ourself into there political games.. and build courage to oppose these politicians.. to make people aware about what exactly is happening in our country. And this is not enough.. we put our targets in life as to become an IAS, a doctor or a sportsmen/sportswoman. We should have our aim in life to be an responsible, and loyal politician also.. we should replace these bad politicians with good ones.
Kshitij Lall
Kshitij Lall 21 dag sedan
This is what real reporting is
seasong 22 dagar sedan
Meanwhile all the hydrogen plants throw the oxygen away, because its ''so abundant''
Samridhi Slathia
Samridhi Slathia 24 dagar sedan
As an Indian who actually witnessed this we know the ruling party is failure but we don' t have a alternate capable leader who can replace the ruling party leader . I ask you if you have to choose between a child or a adult you would choose a adult.
Raige 20 dagar sedan
Deadpool-iz-cool Alfie allen
Deadpool-iz-cool Alfie allen 26 dagar sedan
If they murdered more dogs they could have survived
A.d. 29 dagar sedan
The people you called were anti government congress party people, please call neutral doctors
A.d. 29 dagar sedan
Hey! Your facts are wrong.... We have one oxygen plant in every district I e. Atleast 550 plants
Amish Raj
Amish Raj Månad sedan
recently government stated that no one died due to shortage of oxygen during 2nd wave covid.. lol.. infact my friend's brother died cuz of no oxygen available at hospital.. so we had to switch to other we were late.. the way gov lies truly amaze me
Gojira_9 Månad sedan
Corrupt goverment,
Zawad Raem
Zawad Raem Månad sedan
Also the statistics were heavily wrong , it is estimated that the numbers were 10-30 times more . Shows how flawed it all is .
icoudntfindaname 22 dagar sedan
@This channel does not exist. 30 times is a lot, Gujarat is probably the most extreme case there are other states like kerala which shows it's cases very honestly, you can see that by looking at the cases in kerala and the surrounding states extremes like this will probably average out at, 15 times the current value
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 22 dagar sedan
@icoudntfindaname Gujarat has its deaths estimated to be near 30 times larger. Yeah it can easily be 30 times.
Zawad Raem
Zawad Raem 22 dagar sedan
@icoudntfindaname I mean yea if you want to think that you can , I mean news media people are never really to be trusted because how much they exaggerate but I don't really care anymore .
icoudntfindaname 22 dagar sedan
@Zawad Raem yeah, it is DEFINITELY wrong just not 30 times
Zawad Raem
Zawad Raem 22 dagar sedan
@icoudntfindaname bro I am not saying it the news people were during the peak of the crisis, aljazeera I think said it ,but I could be definitely wrong maybe some other news coverage said it .
Adrianne Marcos
Adrianne Marcos Månad sedan
India should plant more trees.
Misael Simanjuntak
Misael Simanjuntak Månad sedan
Indonesia government is not serious about handling this covid 19 and that cause many people struggling to find job, earn money, even hard to buy some food.
Yowww 05
Yowww 05 Månad sedan
And I thought Philippines, my country, has a bad government.
shannon heraty
shannon heraty Månad sedan
This title reminds me of the "WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF GRAVITY"
Hyacinthus Månad sedan
If they could charge us for oxygen they would
Travel Xplorer
Travel Xplorer Månad sedan
India really had it coming for them. LAcking of discipline and complacent and corrupt and incompetent gov doesn't help.
Cosmic Chaos_
Cosmic Chaos_ Månad sedan
Me and my family contracted covid exactly during this time, beginning of May, and the fact that there wasn't one hospital bed around us in case our illness took a severe turn, felt horrifying. Worst time of my life, the thought that people died without treatment. I lost so many people I know at that time.
Sam Cloudies
Sam Cloudies Månad sedan
Talk about paying for air...
Spandan Sureja
Spandan Sureja Månad sedan
The money for those oxygen plants was used in election campaigns and bribing the politicians, and the shocking part is- our media is still celebrating the elections.
san andreas beach whose name nobody knows
san andreas beach whose name nobody knows Månad sedan
i heard that their governement told them to make high sounds to make corona go away
mandeep rawat
mandeep rawat Månad sedan
*भारतीय वामपंथी और तथाकथित पंथनिरपेक्ष लोग* *का ये झूठा प्रचार नहीं चलेगा* । *कोराना से ग्रस्त रोगियों की संख्या सबसे अधिक कहां*- *महाराष्ट्र* *और दिखा कहां रहे ये वॉक्स वाले उत्तर प्रदेश में* *भाई झूठा प्रचार करना भी है तो ढंग का करो* ।
Mayank Beniwal
Mayank Beniwal Månad sedan
its hate india propoganda nothing more than that For one simple reason maximum deth occurred in Maharashtra and there was no oxygen shortage there but max stories came from delhi and that was oxygen surpuls . 🤭🤭🤭
Roll No :- 1
Roll No :- 1 Månad sedan
Yes, Every one knows how much Underreporting was done in BJP ruled states, If the reporting was true we could have seen floating human corpses in Godavari of Maharashtra but we saw Floating human corpses in Ganga of UP.
Tales Månad sedan
Is nobody going to mention how at 2:47 they say "where liquid oxygen is compressed into a gas"? Last time I checked, liquid oxygen is evaporated/decompressed into a gas, not compressed.
Paul McCharmley
Paul McCharmley Månad sedan
As an Indian I've never seen this in our country's media.
Tove Wennhage
Tove Wennhage Månad sedan
The doctor’s plea felt like being punched in the gut. So, so heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine the suffering. I can’t even imagine.
Divyans Månad sedan
Our politicians are mostly engaged in politic campaigns not only ruling but all parties.
The Pessimist Underdog666
The Pessimist Underdog666 Månad sedan
and people are making profit out of it. What's more do you expect??! This is INDIA
xBLOXMENx Månad sedan
Im planting more trees right now outside from house
Roll No :- 1
Roll No :- 1 Månad sedan
Understandable have a nice day
grim reaper
grim reaper Månad sedan
Girirajsingh Deora
Girirajsingh Deora 2 månader sedan
all these facts must be wrong since Indias Union health ministry said "No one died from shortage of oxygen "
JOSE RAMON AVINA AGUILA Avina 2 månader sedan
How India ran out of oxygen. "oxygen" What is oxygen? What is the definition of oxygen? Where can oxygen be found? Is oxygen a liquid? Is oxygen a gas? Is oxygen something frozen? What is the definition of oxygen? Is oxygen some steam? Is oxygen air? Is oxygen water? Is oxygen sea-water? Is oxygen salty sea water? What is the purpose of oxygen in living humans? Where can be found the greatest amount of oxygen? What is the main purpose of oxygen for the living human population?
Hindu Winger
Hindu Winger 2 månader sedan
Providing wrong information. ❌
woOooOshh Månad sedan
Oh pls keep it to yourself you are delusional
Anurit 2 månader sedan
When people in power are uneducated and apathetic, they give reasons like 'Act of God' and 'Plant more trees' , etc
capitalism 2 månader sedan
Note that india is a country of 1320 million people which is nearly europe and north America combined Modi handled the crisis well but their were irregularities due to sudden spike in cases
woOooOshh Månad sedan
Nick S
Nick S Månad sedan
SnoopDiss 2 månader sedan
Kevin Fernandes
Kevin Fernandes 2 månader sedan
Modi is a disaster
EmilyS1234 2 månader sedan
This is how the US went from a 9M gap to a 3M gap
Richard Harris
Richard Harris 2 månader sedan
The failings of capitalism.
Vitória Duarte
Vitória Duarte 2 månader sedan
In Brazil more people died and no one are talking about help us here. All the world is doing is talking about India. Please save us from our president
Anurag Khattak
Anurag Khattak 2 månader sedan
India is morally dead. There is no hope AT ALL.
anish jain
anish jain 2 månader sedan
This was caused by communism/socialism. Oxygen manufacturing was restricted by the govt and the oxygen industry was over regulated and largely run by the govt.
anish jain
anish jain 2 månader sedan
@This channel does not exist. I literally live there lol
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 2 månader sedan
@anish jain Go to the US one day to see how stupendously expensive their healthcare is. Yeah prices will rise heavily, the free market system works on the idea that people can not trade if they find the price unsatisfactory.
anish jain
anish jain 2 månader sedan
@This channel does not exist. why $5000? It will be 50-80% cheaper than govt cylinders and actually be available. Free market economics saves lives
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 2 månader sedan
That's, that's the point. What you want 5000$ dollar oxygen cylinders?
Bijal Patel
Bijal Patel 2 månader sedan
Unfortunately, it look India only about 4 months to forget the devastation caused by coronavirus and in turn oxygen shortage. Everything seems to be "back to normal" now a days. :-(
Pooja Shaw
Pooja Shaw 2 månader sedan
Death rates were more than 10 times the number showed by govt
Mr. Sangam
Mr. Sangam 2 månader sedan
Don't expect good management in socialist County
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 2 månader sedan
70% of the wealth is owned by the richest 1%. Yeah its not a socialist country.
Abhishek Pawar
Abhishek Pawar 2 månader sedan
This one video alone shows more reality of covid19 in India than all mainstream Indian news channels combined They are all slaves to the bjp now
Juntasing S.
Juntasing S. 2 månader sedan
hi Vox, you should look into Thailand now ... such fun
Misaki_Ying 2 månader sedan
India should stop with the religion thinking & start setting up a system
Roll No :- 1
Roll No :- 1 Månad sedan
People will forget this Disaster too during elections.
Misaki_Ying 2 månader sedan
@NA 4 😞
NA 4
NA 4 2 månader sedan
People will never learn
Onny Farizyandi
Onny Farizyandi 2 månader sedan
And now it happened in Indonesia
vijeth 2 månader sedan
Can the vox channel please show ice again how people are thronging tourist places, markets other than showing negative points ??
R Nor
R Nor 2 månader sedan
Benedict Rasilim
Benedict Rasilim 2 månader sedan
explanation of the covid mutation factory
ting Joy
ting Joy 2 månader sedan
I can't stop crying, when I saw the doctor was asking for help.
woOooOshh Månad sedan
Same I was soo sad too
John Doe
John Doe 2 månader sedan
The US: "I can't breathe" India: "hold my breath"
Beth Lee
Beth Lee 2 månader sedan
The concerned barometer understandably suppose because guide adventitiously fade anenst a fuzzy cooking. elegant, dashing river
Debbie Downer
Debbie Downer 2 månader sedan
👏👏👏👏 perish 👍😃
Young b yanghongwon 저스디스
Young b yanghongwon 저스디스 2 månader sedan
Lets thank Modi for the Delta variant
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast
Sam The Mountain Bike Beast 2 månader sedan
@Raige I thought lambda came from peru
Raige 2 månader sedan
Let's thank China for corona
Raige 2 månader sedan
Let's thank UK for lambda
Samir Nurani
Samir Nurani 2 månader sedan
Budda Budda help them :/
Just Some Guy without a Life
Just Some Guy without a Life 2 månader sedan
A bag of lays chip would be helpful
Wmr Cats
Wmr Cats 2 månader sedan
jesus loves you
NinjaGamYT 2 månader sedan
India’s government should get rid of Modi and change the leader, Modi may actually be the cause for the O2 shortage.
SnoopDiss 2 månader sedan
@Fairly sustained oh cool
Fairly sustained
Fairly sustained 2 månader sedan
@SnoopDiss what I actually meant is His govt which includes him too.
SnoopDiss 2 månader sedan
@Fairly sustained what? He is the head of the govt.
Fairly sustained
Fairly sustained 2 månader sedan
His govt is
Badrinarayanan Srinivasan
Badrinarayanan Srinivasan 2 månader sedan
Evil wuhan will pay. Each country will avenge in its own way. Like how Israel hunted its enemies all humankind will unite and strike into wuhan and annihilate it
Prahad 2 månader sedan
Tbh, we have to blame the chinese government, not the ppl. Just think about all the innocent civilians. The civilians didnt do it purposfully. It was the government which failed to control it.
Shradha Patnaik
Shradha Patnaik 2 månader sedan
Lives were lost due to the government's apathy and ignorance. 😔
Chunko Doggo
Chunko Doggo 2 månader sedan
the government: "oof this is kinda bad." also the government: *"well goodluck ig, anyways vote me for prime minister for the next 6 years."*
Fairly sustained
Fairly sustained 2 månader sedan
And people will still vote. Bhaktsss
Iamacat 2 månader sedan
the india prime minister is a horseman of dead
Spartan1Four1 2 månader sedan
Myanmar just hit an oxygen shortage. I shared this video to as many people as I can a month ago but still nothing happened. Please add Burmese subtitles to this video, or at least an auto translate. We needed to learn more about India’s problems a month ago. I hope it is not too late
Alphawolf 2 månader sedan
if only they worked on development and not politics all the time. all that matters in Indian politics is winning the elections, that's it. You're just a vote. of course your opinions might be different, I'm not here to change your opinions, but to state mine.
Shubha 2 månader sedan
Why is the state of Maharashtra still suffering...even first wave didnt end here and there was no political rally happening here. I will also add even though the central government puts things in place the bureaucracy at the local level affects a lot of things and that's where the reforms are needed
datchu popi
datchu popi 2 månader sedan
Vox : "INDIA'S"....... somewhere in world the Indians like :"WE BEEN SUMMONED"😑......... few movement later "WE IN SIN BECAUSE OF OUR POLITICIANS"
pushpendra singh
pushpendra singh 2 månader sedan
Investigation reveals, Arvind Kejriwal was responsible for most of that oxygen crisis.
Shiro Hikari
Shiro Hikari 2 månader sedan
I bet there are hunderd and hundred milions of people still don't believe coronavirus in india. Saying it's just a myth or it's just the elite global making some stories for their benefit.
Tropical Slav
Tropical Slav 2 månader sedan
38,000th liker
avatareyes1 2 månader sedan
Where do you think the government can get the money required to fulfill these obligations!?
Syahrul Adi Febria
Syahrul Adi Febria 2 månader sedan
Its happening now in indonesia as well. Please help us 😥
audia putrika kecil
audia putrika kecil 2 månader sedan
If you make this video in Indonesia, its gonna be epic cause funnier than India case
M 2 månader sedan
Maybe just Maybe India needs a nuk3 like Japan to refresh the population mindset from religion to development?
Abdillah Family Channel
Abdillah Family Channel 2 månader sedan
So, it caused by political massive campaign. Hmm I see...
Willy willy
Willy willy 2 månader sedan
Thi is why i love politician
Kim jong Un
Kim jong Un 2 månader sedan
Prime Minister Modi is a great leader 👍👏
Jay 2 månader sedan
State governments failed to have a good medical infrastructure. One example is kejriwal who stored excess oxygen which resulting in other state suffering. Instead of handling covid our liberal parties were doing politics so that they could come back.
Yaseen Muhammed
Yaseen Muhammed 2 månader sedan
I ****ng love you VOX🥺🥺🥺 This is the news that the world want. This is what the corrupt doesn't want the people to know. I guess you guys can be braver about it as y'all are outside India, anyways, keep doing this. This makes a difference. Maybe you guys can do some advertising about your channel in India. Maybe release a few Hindi translated ones. With proofs, details and spotlessly clear that they shouldn't support this government. Please do that🥺 that would change a lot. Many people follow the current government due to reasons based on hatred. But the rest are blind and actually think that this government is doing something. Let them know. Let them know that this is baseless. I'm sure if you invest well in India, you can get back too. Thanking you for all the amazing stuff that you do, Me.
シュエタShweta 2 månader sedan
“remember next time you cast your vote, they should struggle the way we we did for hospital beds and oxygen cylinders”.
Manjula Singh
Manjula Singh 2 månader sedan
India desperately needs more hospitals more beds and all round more facilities we are a very mismanaged country
geetanjali 2 månader sedan
Tbh government in india is only concerned about money, they just want to have all the money to themselves n they keep fooling people. Really this makes me so mad everyday but what should I do
Manjula Singh
Manjula Singh 2 månader sedan
India has enough oxygen but they do not have cylinders to transport short of cylinders the health minister should have ordered manufacture of cylinders a year ago after first wave modi was also busy with his political rallies and does not seem to realise the dismal healthcare for the masses
The Invincible
The Invincible 2 månader sedan
Just get rid of hinduism
Aryan Ghosh
Aryan Ghosh 2 månader sedan
All of this is due to the Corrupted politics and politicians of India . They always think and work for their own benefit and hardly think of the others . As and Indian , almost everyone above 18 has the right to vote . But the main reason the politicians are like this is because lots of people are uneducated and don't know who is a criminal and who is not . They don't even know about their rights and the politicians take advantage of it by brainwashing them . Even though the government providing free education but due to the vast population , the government cannot provide educational to everyone .
One Being One
One Being One 2 månader sedan
Kudos to your genuine reporting 👏 as most of the Indian media are managed by pimps.
shaikh muzammil
shaikh muzammil 2 månader sedan
elect a joker expect the circus
Mikasa A
Mikasa A 2 månader sedan
So true.
Jackson Gillet
Jackson Gillet 2 månader sedan
Remember when they taxed and put customs on the lent oxygen tanks from foreign countries.
sachin keniya
sachin keniya 2 månader sedan
Vox The "REAL" title of this video should be:- "How Indian Leaders & Selfish Politicians chose their "POWER & SEAT" over their own countrymen's lives" 😡😡😡😠😠😠
Garry Singh
Garry Singh 2 månader sedan
Today is 5/07/2021 Just for your information ℹ️ Indian vaccinating 7 to 8 million people every day. (No I’m not praising government, just telling you the truth)
Soumya Ghosh
Soumya Ghosh 2 månader sedan
4 lakh people also jst telling the truth
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 2 månader sedan
Update: We vaccinated less 4 million yesterday. So no, you're not telling the truth.
Mikasa A
Mikasa A 2 månader sedan
How do you know for a fact that the source you used to get this information from is credible? Sabotaging data is extremely easy nowadays. Especially for a corrupt government like Modis
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 2 månader sedan
We vaccinated 4 million yesterday, where did you get the 7 to 8 million number?
Rhino Sausages
Rhino Sausages 2 månader sedan
How they ran out of oxygen? Could be the entire country using the streets as a bathroom.
Counter Strike
Counter Strike 2 månader sedan
Hahahaha left american media reporting with left indian media on Indian government which is right wing you know how things will turn out 😂😂
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 2 månader sedan
"Every non-right wing media is left wing!!!"
Justyn138 2 månader sedan
just open a window...?
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