How Does Design Affect Decision Making? [Advertiser content from Squarespace]

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While the way we interact with others changed drastically, the way that we process those interactions is as old as time. For evolutionary purposes, humans have had to detect information as quickly as possible. Being able to detect the visual subtitles between a patterned leaf and a snake’s back meant life or death.

Quick recognition isn’t just for the wild, though. That capability is utilized for interpreting interpersonal interactions, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Humans can determine trustworthiness in a person in just 50 milliseconds.
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Aozotra 17 timmar sedan
Oh god i got tricked while trying to watch a video about how to not be tricked
IronPump89 2 dagar sedan
The background music really has some headroom for improvement dear VOX.
Randomnes2Honor. 6 dagar sedan
put the advert warning on the thumbnail - pls
Harish 8 dagar sedan
Ugh! Go this way and you guys lose credibility. What a waste....
The Bikepacker
The Bikepacker 13 dagar sedan
First Vox video I disliked. Hope it would be the last one I give🤷🏽‍♂️
Yashesh Bhavsar
Yashesh Bhavsar 14 dagar sedan
well played
Jorrin Vynck
Jorrin Vynck 14 dagar sedan
this is an amazing topic, and u ruined it by making it an ad
Joseph Mahiya
Joseph Mahiya 14 dagar sedan
Very disappointed with this ad
MrNicoJac 14 dagar sedan
@Vox Don't let the negative comments bring you down. If you had used none of the disclaimers, only a fraction of people would have noticed it's an ad. I prefer honesty over trickery, so for that you have my thanks/respect. Nevertheless, I would advice you to say out loud at the very beginning that this is an ad. There's nothing bad about making a mini Explained video on commission. Just be honest and open about it, and tell us how much influence they had on the script/editing etc.
PIT Designs - Creative Digital Solutions
PIT Designs - Creative Digital Solutions 15 dagar sedan
Only 1:30 min. in and I realized this is an ad for Squarespace.. which is awful in its own rights.. and if you get someone to talk about a topic, please let it be an expert.. That's what I used to think of Vox anyway.. hope the ad was worth it.
Bennet 16 dagar sedan
So this is just a SquareSpace AD
Ben Pilarski
Ben Pilarski 18 dagar sedan
Adam Parish
Adam Parish 18 dagar sedan
Squarespace templates are the most limiting piles of garbage. No self respecting designer uses square space.
Kiyokodyele 18 dagar sedan
the title should be "How discrete advertising affects decision making?"
The Awkward Assassin
The Awkward Assassin 19 dagar sedan
Vox posting literal ads to their youtube channel is a sad sight to see :[
AY Stein
AY Stein 22 dagar sedan
Didn't realize this was an ad for SquareSpace before getting to the end and I feel duped by the laziness of this video. Really embarrassing new low for you Vox
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh 22 dagar sedan
ask how does everyone think differently about the one and same design
Earth Evolution
Earth Evolution 23 dagar sedan
Did I just watched a ad
Tarakant Mantri
Tarakant Mantri 27 dagar sedan
Did i just watched a 4 min long Ad 😒😒
Nik 28 dagar sedan
give me back my 4 minutes
Nuril F Ramadhan
Nuril F Ramadhan 29 dagar sedan
Design really does affect my decision making. because of your title, I decided that I don't need to watch this video. I just came here to comment this lol
Sebastian W
Sebastian W 29 dagar sedan
Why are Americans often quoting German as if it was special and there were no translation? 🤔. I'm referring to the "Gestalt Prinzipien" mentioned in the video. This simply translates "principles of design". It is not a special term coined by those men, but rather basic German language.
Max Müller
Max Müller 29 dagar sedan
3 and a half minutes into the video: What's with all the downvotes?! Final seconds: Oohhhhhhh
MrNicoJac 14 dagar sedan
Whahahaha SAME 😂
Michael Pham
Michael Pham 29 dagar sedan
Not sure what this would do for Vox’s credibility. Would make a bad impression of the platform for someone who’s new to it…
Peter Boardman
Peter Boardman Månad sedan
Disappointing. Zero content, it's just a 4 minute Squarespace ad. Vox, I thought you were better than that.
mariela garcia rodriguez
mariela garcia rodriguez Månad sedan
Too much ad, too little info on the topic
Gabo Quiros
Gabo Quiros Månad sedan
What's happening to Vox quality content?
DeepBlue Månad sedan
that *Square Space lady* looks like she lives in a Trader Joe's & passes silent but deadly FARTS
Luca Panzironi
Luca Panzironi Månad sedan
Nice Ad 👌 look forward to watching the actual video
Peter Turner
Peter Turner Månad sedan
“Trust and credibility can be determined by the brain from a face in 50ms.” Four minutes for a video? 🤯🔫
Ben Sloneker
Ben Sloneker Månad sedan
Square space is the worst place to make a website for anything but a portfolio.
Ben Sloneker
Ben Sloneker Månad sedan
Way too heavy handed with the ad portion of this
Asif Ali
Asif Ali Månad sedan
Me: Doesn't likes ads Also me: *watches a 4 minute ad*
Samuel Nadasky
Samuel Nadasky Månad sedan
I thought I subscribed to a news channel not an ad agency.
Ahmed Farah
Ahmed Farah Månad sedan
Did I really watched, 4 minute ad with out realizing ?
Tech Today with Mayank Badhan
Tech Today with Mayank Badhan Månad sedan
I love this Squarespace ad!
Abde Amr
Abde Amr Månad sedan
Probably going to use Wix now.
Karl Heinsen
Karl Heinsen Månad sedan
Well that was a long advert
Joshua Palfreman
Joshua Palfreman Månad sedan
Love your videos and content - I'm a huge fan -- this was way too much of an advertisement. Should have been more subtle and included other commercial references.
Edu M.
Edu M. Månad sedan
designing is really important in our lives, this video for example was designed to be an Ad. good try, Vox
joseph kituku
joseph kituku Månad sedan
Longest SEcycle ad ever, I was actually waiting for the skip button
Denmardiu Månad sedan
Next video should be about how background music affects clarity and attention - this video is a good example of what NOT to do. Wayyy too much busy, loud, annoying music in there.
Jess Månad sedan
clearly an advertisement for squarespace
Tasnia Islam
Tasnia Islam Månad sedan
I can guarantee NO ONE will use square space and EVERY ONE can agree this video was not informational at all but rather a 4-minute advertisement
Félix Laveault-Allard
Félix Laveault-Allard Månad sedan
Not really a fan of this video. This is an add, not journalistic content.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
Exactly. It's an ad. It's not supposed to be journalistic. Stop complaining when you get free content
EffingtonCouldBe Månad sedan
Gestalt Principle Education = GOOD. Squarespace Advertisement = BAD. Geeeeez... shameless.
Shubham chaurasiya
Shubham chaurasiya Månad sedan
2:22 images taged wrong , max as kurt and kurt as max
Ginger Prince
Ginger Prince Månad sedan
i’m unhappy
Bharadwaj M
Bharadwaj M Månad sedan
Bad move, Vox! Bad move!
Bharadwaj M
Bharadwaj M Månad sedan
@Slick Rick Stop being so annoying first.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
@Bharadwaj M Stop being so entitled first
Bharadwaj M
Bharadwaj M Månad sedan
@Slick Rick Stop reacting to random comments on SEcycle. Troll.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
Stop complaining when you get free content. Freeloader
Ovais Mir
Ovais Mir Månad sedan
Great design surely means not showing your viewers a 4 minute Ad if you want them to come back to your channel. Come on Vox
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
It literally says it's an ad in the title. You don't have to watch it. Try to read
SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ்
SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ் Månad sedan
But the bad thing is that larger corporations are also using the same principles to deceive us into giving more time/data/profit.
god the atheist
god the atheist Månad sedan
Wow now that's an ad.
No Bo
No Bo Månad sedan
I always assumed that any designs boils down to "getting as much done for the lowest amount of effort for the user" and it's that very notion that gauges how good a design is compared to another.
Iris Garcia
Iris Garcia Månad sedan
@Vox can you please make a video of the Gestalt laws explain ?
Justin Munoz
Justin Munoz Månad sedan
When I heard "SquareSpace" I trusted it was just an example, and that's how I got tricked into watching a 4 minute ad
Justin Munoz
Justin Munoz 26 dagar sedan
@Slick Rick and i watch SEcycle videos in portrait mode, so I only saw the first part of the title
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
Literally says "ad" in title fsm
kot som
kot som Månad sedan
This is so bad.. It's just ads!
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
Stop complaining when you get free content. You're not entitled
SiriusA* Månad sedan
What a waste of time
Neckashi 69
Neckashi 69 Månad sedan
Can you make a video about afghanistan?
Adrian Månad sedan
still waiting for an Afghanistan videos
Marc Darren
Marc Darren Månad sedan
Wow that was the longest ad ever👀
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
Yummy Spaghetti Noodles Månad sedan
Why do you disable comments? Why do you censor us subscribers like this? 😡
Abdisalam Aato
Abdisalam Aato Månad sedan
I'm a long time Vox fan but after not completely reading the title I just wasted almost 4 minutes of my life, I won't be watching your content anymore. I wasn't expecting you guys to go this low. Goodbye
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
Stop complaining when you get free content. Entitled freeloader
Skyler Hoffman
Skyler Hoffman Månad sedan
I’m a big fan of vox but seeing you trick me into watching an ad is not a good look
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
It literally says it's an ad in the title.
Taufiq Sheik
Taufiq Sheik Månad sedan
I am a UX researcher and I am gonna share this video with people who ask me what I do for work.
itcow Månad sedan
4 mins Squarespace ad. thank you for wasting our time.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
It literally says it's an ad in the title. You got reading issues buddy?
SLBUM kim Månad sedan
Being has a tendency to 'return' to clusters ='the nature of solidarity' -a desire for empathy -(Wave)-(yin) and also, Being has a tendency to 'exist' as individuals ='the nature of self-expension' -a desire for breed-(Particle)-(Yang) Likewise, humans have two elements. We must realize that we all have both left and right elements =Solidarity and Self reliance No one has only one element. so 'Sum' derived from 'two poles' , (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) To develop intellect and ethics by harmonizing the two, It is good to realize it and balance it properly But A few people polarized the crowd(political partisanship) without balancing themselves. And They stole only the sum, only the synthesis from the triangle composition. Now We all have to get out of this deceptive situation. This is not the time for us to hate each other. We have to track down those who have been manipulating us.
Nadav Jonas
Nadav Jonas Månad sedan
Vox, please don't do ad videos
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
You get free content. Stop complaining. Jesus you're ungrateful. Freeloader
Zeshan Majeed
Zeshan Majeed Månad sedan
I was searching the "Skip ad" button and did not realize that the video itself was squarespace ad.
Jeje Morn
Jeje Morn Månad sedan
can u make a video about variants again likethe lambda variant...they said that it will be vaccine resistant....
A K Månad sedan
This video was sponsored by square space...I feel good after watching an ad thanks for making my day 👍
whatever 12
whatever 12 Månad sedan
Next one how brilliant ads like this influence us
Naraphim Mirojzhum
Naraphim Mirojzhum Månad sedan
Is "adutainment" a suitable description for this type of content? If Vox makes more Ads like this I'll just stop coming here.
Miss Bellicose
Miss Bellicose Månad sedan
Did I a squarespace ad disguised as a vox video? I'm calling the police 🚔 This is clearly a case of fraud.
Rachid Halilou
Rachid Halilou Månad sedan
Note to self: Never use Square Space
Roman Koregin
Roman Koregin Månad sedan
15.08.2021 thanks for interesting video.
Rey Luna
Rey Luna Månad sedan
nice ad
E.V. Bell
E.V. Bell Månad sedan
meet the woman who pays all the YTers i watch, lol
Hanjo de Villiers
Hanjo de Villiers Månad sedan
This was basically a 4 minute add for Squarespace. Nothing interesting at all.
Yuvan M.
Yuvan M. Månad sedan
The ultimate Squarespace sponsor message
Safin Ahmed
Safin Ahmed Månad sedan
nice ad
five Månad sedan
1:51 this is the closest ive ever seen anyones actual name be to megaman
Shivam sharma
Shivam sharma Månad sedan
Make video on Afghanistan falling to Taliban!!!! People should be aware of what is happening!!
Neckashi 69
Neckashi 69 Månad sedan
จุลเทพ ศิลปานันทกุล
จุลเทพ ศิลปานันทกุล Månad sedan
Gaurav Rookie
Gaurav Rookie Månad sedan
before commenting bout *boo vox we dont want an ad* yourself how much have you paid pr donated for their high end videos....if you cant pay for the entertainment or education they provide...atleast dont ridicule them
Sumit Patil
Sumit Patil Månad sedan
How much energy do servers and data centers use??
Justa Youtuber
Justa Youtuber Månad sedan
Basically an ad for Sqarespace. Btw, on-camera people need to be attractive as well to hold attention.
Eran Dromy
Eran Dromy Månad sedan
A S Månad sedan
This was immensely disappointing to watch, truly everything on SEcycle has become an advertisement for SquareSpace, Article, Cricuit, etc. 👎🏼
Fused Toast
Fused Toast Månad sedan
Advertiser content? No thank you.
BOOM Månad sedan
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans Månad sedan
The history of website design would've been more interesting to me
To those that are complaining, I think Vox informed us beforehand that it was an advertising content. I mean like c'mon they gotta eat.😀
Andy Tewfik
Andy Tewfik Månad sedan
Wow. I didn't think vox would stoop this low. Sponsored content much?
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
You get free content. Stop complaining. Jesus you're ungrateful. Freeloader
Dennis L. Lazarus G.
Dennis L. Lazarus G. Månad sedan
This is not a Vox video. This is a squarespace ad through and through. Shame
poopsicle 3000
poopsicle 3000 Månad sedan
This is a low for vox
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
@poopsicle 3000 Then don't watch it. Jesus, so entitled.
poopsicle 3000
poopsicle 3000 Månad sedan
@Slick Rick Adverts are not "free" nor are they "content"
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
You get free content. Stop complaining. Jesus you're ungrateful.
Babatunde Abdulmalik
Babatunde Abdulmalik Månad sedan
If you need an experienced Graphics and motion Designer, I am on for hire.
Matthew Bloor
Matthew Bloor Månad sedan
Why have you just made an advert....
Shahzaman Shah
Shahzaman Shah Månad sedan
Award winning ad for Squarspace! now no one should waste time watching this useless video.
Casper Madlener
Casper Madlener Månad sedan
You should make news! Not advertisements!
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
You get free content. Stop complaining. Jesus you're ungrateful. Freeloader
Harshal Patel
Harshal Patel Månad sedan
I understand you guys also need sponsers and that's completely okay but I would expect in detail video about the main topic.
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Månad sedan
It's an ad. Not a learning video.
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