Do I Want Kids?

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Glad You Asked host Cleo Abram is pretty sure she wants kids, but doesn’t feel like she has enough information to truly understand the impact of that decision. She’s not alone - even though the majority of American women do decide to have children, the number of births in the United States has been creeping downward, and women are having kids later and later in life. But while no one but you can answer if you want to have kids, join Cleo as she gathers more data and perspective on what it means to be a parent.

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Shawn Stafford
Shawn Stafford 5 dagar sedan
@Tr Agreed
misskbarr 8 dagar sedan
Thanks try try
TineTineBean 14 dagar sedan
I would really appreciate links to the articles you used.
Illunworth Månad sedan
I’m probably gonna have kids although I won’t let them view Vox on SEcycle cause it’ll ruin their brain
Jonathan Arnaldo
Jonathan Arnaldo Månad sedan
I noticed that the infographic on the study of happiness of people with/without kids skews mostly European in terms of geography. I wonder if the study included African and Asian countries and whether that affects the outcome.
Owen thomas
Owen thomas 6 timmar sedan
Interesting but i feel like this conversation is missing so much lol
ju Dag sedan
i am 38, i want kids so badly... i dont have boyfriend i am in a paralyzed state don't want a donor baby the stress is the hardest thing i've ever..
Casey Tkacz
Casey Tkacz 2 dagar sedan
I'm shocked that pro forced birth people aren't outraged by IVF. Literally throwing away embryos. Buy ya know, if it doesn't let them control women's bodies they don't care
Casey Tkacz
Casey Tkacz 2 dagar sedan
Unpopular take: if you're not 💯, don't do it. Every child deserves a 💯 in it parent
tulips 3 dagar sedan
those graphics better be on display in a museum or something or else there are going to be a whole lot of wastes 😭
Andreea West
Andreea West 6 dagar sedan
25 here 👋🏻 just lost my first pregnancy due to chromosomal abnormalities, it just stopped developing. Just had a D&C a few days ago. It was very painful and still is physically and mentally, I'm still recovering. I don't know at this moment if I'm ready to try again, I'm scared.
S 80
S 80 4 timmar sedan
good luck
Megan Stangl
Megan Stangl 6 dagar sedan
Wow I relate so much to the reporter when she talks about wanting to be the kind of mom her mom was... That really what's holding me from leaning towards not having kids
Siti Fatihah
Siti Fatihah 8 dagar sedan
so you guys just want kids so that YOU can be happy? what a selfish reason to have kids! it’s good that people with this mentality decide not to breed, so lesser selfish generation born on this earth.
materializze 4 dagar sedan
Lol, there are plenty of people who choose to have kids because it will ‘make them happy’, or ‘pass on their lineage’, or ‘have a little version of me’. If you choose not to have kids because you know it would just make you and your children miserable, that’s one of the most mature, selfless decisions you could make.
Nando M
Nando M 8 dagar sedan
we had our baby boy in 2020, and its been great! Don't let these rats tell you not to create life.
Money guy
Money guy 8 dagar sedan
A kid costs like $100,000 from 0 to 18 years
me llamo tina
me llamo tina Dag sedan
Srry but 100k ONLY for 18 years? That’s 5555 dollars for a year including food, school, clothes, lifestyle and health.
materializze 4 dagar sedan
@Turtlemaster Ninethousand lol ‘legacy’.
Troll Wojak
Troll Wojak 4 dagar sedan
@Money guy it costs way more than that
Money guy
Money guy 7 dagar sedan
@Turtlemaster Ninethousand 96% or 150 Billion people are underground or dead, another 6 Billion dead in the next 60 years.
Turtlemaster Ninethousand
Turtlemaster Ninethousand 7 dagar sedan
Which is literally chump change for the prospect of leaving your legacy behind.
a1053 9 dagar sedan
*I'm so happy I don't want kids.* *As in, I'm happy I'm not torn by all this decision making. Having to go on a route that has so many obstacles. Parents impress me really.*
Hans Duran
Hans Duran 9 dagar sedan
Now I know I'm abnormal because I'm mostly made up of abnormal genes. I'm born when my mom is 40 and my father is 50. Thanks Vox. Very glad you made this video.
Amy M
Amy M 9 dagar sedan
This is a beautiful video, thank you
Thanos Zevg
Thanos Zevg 9 dagar sedan
Is your mom Greek? Cause in my country, Eleni, Cleo and Constantine are veeery common names. If so, geia sou Eleni kai Cleo!!
Luke Hickford
Luke Hickford 11 dagar sedan
Why was the UK the worst?
Arren G
Arren G 11 dagar sedan
*what she asked in the survey in the happiness gap is "are you happy?(overall happiness)" she did not ask "are you happy that you have a child?"* of course they will not believe the "happiness gap" that you created because you want the survey to be aligned in your opinion
Javier Pichardo
Javier Pichardo 12 dagar sedan
she’s gorgeous! wow
Emkito 12 dagar sedan
my parents completely messed me up growing up. i dont want to have children either because i know myself and i know that if i had a kid, they'll grow up in a toxic enviroment
Remi 12 dagar sedan
Nathan McKaskle
Nathan McKaskle 12 dagar sedan
Don't do it. It's decimating the environment. Please, for the sake of the entire future of humanity, don't have kids. Just let the very youngest generation born in the last couple of years have them. That should knock down the population level enough to make a dent in climate change. Free abortions and voluntary free vasectomies and sterilization should be strongly encouraged. Heavy investment in rejuvenation biotech to increase youthspan indefinitely could drastically reduce the pressure, urge and rush to have kids and help to save the environment as well. Women could wait 250 years or more before having kids. Talk about experienced people having a better generation.
DIONYSUS 7 dagar sedan
Environment > Literal kids.
Hog rider Killer
Hog rider Killer 13 dagar sedan
Modern Feminism is poisoning society
Troll Wojak
Troll Wojak 4 dagar sedan
This guy has a Roblox pro 💀
materializze 13 dagar sedan
Women making their own reproductive choices is poisoning society? All women must reproduce whether they want to or not?
Alelí Dorado
Alelí Dorado 13 dagar sedan
Wow! 🙋🌹✨🎁♥✨
Aldrin Euri
Aldrin Euri 14 dagar sedan
Every living thing is hardwired to reproduce and pass on their genes. Why reject nature?
materializze 13 dagar sedan
Because we can think critically and make informed decisions, unlike most living things.
Jtktomb 14 dagar sedan
Why not ?
Aldrin Euri
Aldrin Euri 14 dagar sedan
Every living thing's purpose is to reproduce and pass on their gene, we are animals, that's the point of life. Pass on your genes, and make sure your children also pass on your genes. If you want to reject nature and think that the purpose of life is just to be happy by yourself, then that's you but don't force it onto others. You will be sad, cold and alone when you are old.
Jtktomb 14 dagar sedan
I agree with absolutely everything you said, except when you assume child free people will be sad, cold, ... this just isn't true, it's how you feel and only yourself
Unpopular Movie Opinions
Unpopular Movie Opinions 14 dagar sedan
It is immoral to use threats, intimidation, coercion, and violence from the State to steal the property of one person to subsidize the lifestyle of single parents
The Masked Hero
The Masked Hero 14 dagar sedan
I think this brings up a lot of good points, I knew I wanted to be a father and my partner did too. But as we edged towards our thirties, we had to figure out when parenthood was going to start - even though it meant overturning our life. To me, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made because my kids bring me so much joy. But I do think that it comes with the understanding that there needs to be a balance which is hard to nail down in our current environment as we have been in isolation for such a long time. But I think it's healthy like any relationship, for there to be separation between the time you spend with your kids and the time you spend out with your kids.
Yerani Shenor
Yerani Shenor 14 dagar sedan
I think a lot of people are deciding not to have kids because of the COVID pandemic. Daycares are closed and parents have to teach their kids.
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers 15 dagar sedan
Vox being Vox again…I agree that most Vox viewers shouldn’t procreate
materializze 11 dagar sedan
@Scotty secretly loves Chryslers So…you admit you only watched a video criticizing this video, but didn’t bother to watch this video so you could actually do your own critical thinking (though I doubt you’re even capable of that…) before leaving a snarky comment…on a video you didn’t even watch? That’s pretty embarrassing, ‘smart guy’.
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers 12 dagar sedan
@materializze actually smart guy I watched another channel that was criticizing this video from these guys so I came here to comment. Nothing more, nothing less
materializze 12 dagar sedan
@Scotty secretly loves Chryslers You either viewed the video and commented, which indeed makes you a Vox Viewer. OR you clicked the video, didn’t watch it, and then wrote a comment based on something you didn’t even bother to watch. Not sure which one is more embarrassing for you, lol.
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers 13 dagar sedan
@materializze I never said I was a Vox viewer you DMF…how was I supposed to comment without clicking the video? Please explain that one smart guy
materializze 13 dagar sedan
You’re here as a Vox viewer 😂
그대여안녕하신가 15 dagar sedan
Korea cost of child care is pretty low BUT THE EDUCATION JUST GOES TO ANOTHER LEVEL.
Rajarshi Sarkar
Rajarshi Sarkar 15 dagar sedan
To be honest I would love to make Entire Earth be convinced that living single forever is the key to having Happiness. As they say, the Greatest trick the Devil played was convincing the World that the Devil doesn't exist. So time to trick the entire human civilization to be convinced to be happy single. This will be fun. As they say, Living Liberated and Independent.
ZapfireAlex 15 dagar sedan
Who else is here from Think Before You Sleep
Jaydon Elsam
Jaydon Elsam 15 dagar sedan
I'm really curious about the percentage of a woman's earnings a woman spends on childcare in the UK. It's so high! It also really confuses me, most of healthcare here is covered by the NHS. I understand that the NHS uses government taxes but you obviously can't say that all of that taxed money is what women spend of healthcare for children though I doubt that that's what they did in the video anyway. I think I'm just missing something obvious here. I dont honestly expect people to see this comment but if you do and you know anything about this it would be appreciated if you could inform me.
Lucas Earl
Lucas Earl 15 dagar sedan
We're all paying the costs of overpopulation. Adopt don't breed!
Why Do You Still Use Hotmail?
Why Do You Still Use Hotmail? 15 dagar sedan
You are selfish
materializze 13 dagar sedan
What’s selfish?
Jan Helge Leistad
Jan Helge Leistad 16 dagar sedan
I think women should be asking themselves if they want kids and family at some point in their live, and if yes, when? And then ask how to get the best possible partner, given that different men are of different quality.
Jackie Chen
Jackie Chen 16 dagar sedan
Not everything is about being happy, it is about having meaning in your life. People regret not having kids because they realized they are not needed in the world. You will realize that having kid is the greatest thing when you see how your kids needed you to be there for them. Having kids is stressful and not fun but it will brings you joy knowing that you are their favorite person. Not everything is about happiness, it's about having meaning in your life. Make yourself needed by someone. Also, don't fight with your partner, just work as a team, remind yourself that it would be easier to raise your child when you have a partner working with you. If you want to have kid with a partner, both you and your partner must have a certain role. Both partner should do the same amount as the other. About the wage gape... this makes no sense, why are you say it is unfair that you are making less money because you are caring for a child, it your choice to make less money... also didn't all the women want a man that makes more money? Why are the woman complaining about men earning more than women?
materializze 13 dagar sedan
Don’t assume that everyone likes kids or wants to be a parent. Everyone finds meaning in different ways. Having kids isn’t a one size fits all choice. There are also plenty of people who regret having kids.
Highwish 16 dagar sedan
Children are blessings for some parents, growing with them is like you have something you can call your own. Idk how people these days don't want them Just because they think all they will bring is problems. These are the mentality of today adults yeah adults not youth literally adults
ewan thomas
ewan thomas 17 dagar sedan
Hello devil I see you
Jtktomb 14 dagar sedan
Doctor Baten
Doctor Baten 17 dagar sedan
After watching this Me : hey guys lets make a group.we will debate with others why humanity should be removed from the earth.lets confront humanity Im just so made at this freaking video that doesn't make some sense
Katrina Uchitel
Katrina Uchitel 17 dagar sedan
I love videos like this! Please don’t stop creating awesome content! This taught me so much!❤️
ray hanes
ray hanes 18 dagar sedan
Basically what this piece is teaching woman to do is sleep around, doing way more damage to their bodies than having children would ever do then grow old, regret not having a family to spend time with and look after, ultimately dying alone,..eaten by cats. More feminist nonsense.
materializze 13 dagar sedan
Basically this teaches everyone, not just women, to think critically and make your own decisions about this based on actual research. But this decision affects women more because women have more to lose and more to sacrifice if they choose to have children. Women are sick and tired of society’s ‘rose-colored glasses only’ approach to discussing possible parenthood. There’s both sides to everything, and the cons need to be talked about too, because they’re very real. You seem to think that it’s a bad thing that women should be able to choose whether to give birth or not.
Brett Gibson
Brett Gibson 18 dagar sedan
The channel Think Before You Sleep completely destroys everything about this nonsense video
Kettle 18 dagar sedan
I'm living in Korea, where the lowest fertility rate in the world. (less than 0.8) This video makes me sad, because I'm having a hard time convincing my wife to have a kid. We are getting old to raise children. :-( I feel so hard to maintain our marital status because I want to be a dad.
materializze 13 dagar sedan
If she doesn’t want to have kids, she doesn’t want to have kids. I don’t blame her at all, because in Korea, it’s incredibly expensive to raise children, and Korea is also a very stressful and competitive society for children to grow up. Women in Korea are also expected to sacrifice pretty much everything to raise their children and take on most of the burden when it comes to childcare.
R 18 dagar sedan
I don't get it. the left is asking Americans to not to bring kids in to this world and at the same time they are welcoming illegal immigrants from all over the world. what's the end game here?
Sahastri Hercules
Sahastri Hercules 19 dagar sedan
Something no one wants to admit is that having kids is always a selfish act. Your reason for having kids is always to please or fullfil your own personal desires. Ironically, once you have kids the only way you can be a good parent is by being totally devoted to your children and putting your needs second.
Randomerz 20 dagar sedan
The question shouldnt be "does having kids make you happy" The real question should be, "Is it better to have kids, or to not have kids" -Think before you sleep
Yanisis Hernández Ortiz
Yanisis Hernández Ortiz 20 dagar sedan
I think another important question that should be there is whether the father is psychologically capable of raising a child or not ...
roniieee M
roniieee M 20 dagar sedan
There's a big difference between fulfillment and happiness through joy. What a joke of a study.
materializze 19 dagar sedan
Many people are fulfilled when they feel joy and happiness, so.
Raghu Venkatesan
Raghu Venkatesan 20 dagar sedan
Don't have kids, or else you will loose them in a custody battle during divorce
TheAwsomeSawse 20 dagar sedan
I’d rather get a dog
Strauss 20 dagar sedan
Vox missed to show the part where every childless feminist over 40 cries herself to sleep every night.
Jtktomb 14 dagar sedan
where ?
materializze 20 dagar sedan
neldot 21 dag sedan
I wish that the parents of all the people involved in this video could have seen it before giving birth to them.
dancingkitty11 21 dag sedan
All the feminist in their 20s become the lonely dried up wish they had a man and children 40 year old cat ladies. By then nobody wants them. Just keep telling yourself that your the prize as you cry yourself to sleep holding Baxter and Xena! By now, their dried up, left over eggs will probably lead to some horrible birth defect and every man knows it! No man wants to deal with that. he will just find a 20 year old who isn't a man hating feminist. Don't be fooled! ALL of western feminism is a lie!!!!!!!
materializze 21 dag sedan
Tell us how you really feel. And the types of men you’re referring to will just leave or cheat on their wives who birthed their children with 20 year olds anyway (as you said), so why should women take the risk and have children with these men? No thanks.
Jacob Sammer
Jacob Sammer 21 dag sedan
Vox viewers should seriously consider not having children.
materializze 12 dagar sedan
@Jacob Sammer Why thank you sir.
Jacob Sammer
Jacob Sammer 12 dagar sedan
@materializze touche. Well played.
materializze 21 dag sedan
Well you’re here commenting on this Vox video, soooo…
julia c
julia c 21 dag sedan
"I always believed having children was an extension of womanhood, not the definition." Christen Reighter, Tedtalks
Flipped Matriz
Flipped Matriz 22 dagar sedan
Think before you sleep did a good review
Tewodros Samson
Tewodros Samson 22 dagar sedan
Jeezz.... Ur sole purpose is to survive and replicate
Sean Guerrero
Sean Guerrero 22 dagar sedan
I feel women who choose not to have kids are a lot often times made to feel shame for choosing that. If a guy myself should decide not to... I know I wouldn't feel the same burden a woman feels.. I think that's aweful that women have to go through this.
Tina.M. 22 dagar sedan
Most important question is....can you afford kids??? Cost of living is getting more expensive
Daniel Lopez Diaz
Daniel Lopez Diaz 23 dagar sedan
Only liberals don't want kids
v0rt3x 23 dagar sedan
"the mothers earnings take a big hit" is this accounting for the fact that the father has to pay for all the expenses of the child and family, when the mother decides to leave work?
v0rt3x 22 dagar sedan
@materializze not my question im just trying to find out what was the point of this statistic of comparing the mothers and fathers earnings. Why only compare earnings without comparing expenditure? Obviously one parents earnings will take a big hit when they have children. Why make a whole segment with that ridiculous rock climbing part to prove what most of us already know (which is that children require a lot of attention, care, and money, and therefore earnings are going to be less, either of one parent or both). A more useful statistic would be: What percentage of mothers are forced to leave their jobs when they didnt want to but felt they had no option? I do disagree that any one parent should be forced to quit their job to care for the baby. IMO it should be a consensual decision between both parents.
materializze 22 dagar sedan
“When the mother decides” to leave work, or “when the mother is forced” to leave work, due to childcare being so expensive, and women being expected to be the default parent, even if she’d rather keep her job?
Sparkyar 23 dagar sedan
There´s some important data missing here... for example the life expectancy of parents versus childless individuals. There´s a lot of studies that prove that parents (even adoptive parents) with 1 to 3 kids live between 2 to 5 years longer than those without kids. There´s no consensus on to why, but some reasons could be that childless people usually have less healthier lives, depression, etc
The Benevolent Patriarchy Party
The Benevolent Patriarchy Party 23 dagar sedan
So many holes to pick here but what's apparent is that women propagate mass hysteria and victimhood. I'm just wondering why in a marriage/LTR with a child(ren) there seems to be a competition with the man. The 'hit' on the woman's career doesn't only affect the woman, or do we choose to deliberately ignore the fact that the man now takes the majority of financial responsibility also impacting his earnings? "On an average day woman take on more than double the childcare responsibilities than men." Well duh she's at home most of the time💁🏾‍♂️. Why are we not painting the full picture to say men are almost doubling their financial obligations when the woman takes time out of work. SMDH. Like I said there's so many holes to poke here but one thing I'd like to say is women you are not victims, there are consequences for the decisions you make that should be born by the family. Oh and government doesn't have any money it's taxpayers money
Nichole Bondurant
Nichole Bondurant 24 dagar sedan
This is GOLD. Thanks so much for making this. I’m facing the “hard decision” myself and all the information here has been very helpful.
Toy 24 dagar sedan
When I ask this question to my grandfather he would say (he wasn't serious, just joking): "If I didn't want children in the first place you wouldn't be here. So yes, you should." :D [Sorry for the bad english]
Mica Dela Cruz
Mica Dela Cruz 24 dagar sedan
In my country, it's as if it is obligatory to be a parent and it's very toxic that most people around you will pressure you to the point it will make feel less of a person. People often overlook the responsibilitities of parenthood because of this mentality and it's making the children to suffer.
Frente futurista
Frente futurista 24 dagar sedan
Well,seems like natural selection will destroy social justice for us.We should be ashamed of ourselves because of it.
Calgirl 24 dagar sedan
Don't forget people in Denmark pay much higher tax than US.
Mansour Shirbacheh
Mansour Shirbacheh 24 dagar sedan
Imo, Children are the antidote to selfishness and narcissism (which is prevalent in our world today).
westeN westeN
westeN westeN 25 dagar sedan
5:07 joss : why? the answer is I think that its because its a natural mother instinct . the feeling that you just want to have kid(s) even when your logic is against it.
yash patil
yash patil 25 dagar sedan
BRUH, this video literally tells women to not have kids ,(even those who previously wanted to have kids).... THIS is DISGUSTING...!!
materializze 22 dagar sedan
@Κώστας ο Ζέξη That’s because society and the media only ever portrayed parenthood through ‘rose colored glasses’. Up until recently, talking about the possible cons of having children were considered very taboo. There are pros and cons to every major life decision, and it only makes sense to weigh those pros and cons so each person can make the choice that’s right for them.
Κώστας ο Ζέξη
Κώστας ο Ζέξη 22 dagar sedan
@materializze it shows almost exclusively the cons
materializze 24 dagar sedan
No, it tells them to think critically about it and weigh the pros and cons. Society has already touted the rose-colored-glasses version of motherhood for so long, but there are two sides to everything.
Kaytee 25 dagar sedan
Kids = pets
obame 25 dagar sedan
Children can’t consent to being born, and all decisions to have a child are for the parent’s benefit/desires, not the child. I’d rather not bring a person into existence only to have if endure suffering and hardship for an entire lifetime.
Tristan Pearson
Tristan Pearson 25 dagar sedan
There is so much that's wrong with this.
YTRY_Speed8 25 dagar sedan
I get these people were inclusive with parents but they never asked heterosexual parents that make up majority of parents and besides saying it’s racist that you can’t live in some populated city with a certain amount of money why not move to somewhere that’s cheaper or another state that will cost less
P Anagenesis
P Anagenesis 25 dagar sedan
If you don't have kids, you will be sad and depressed later on in life.
materializze 24 dagar sedan
That’s a very selfish reason to have kids.
Kaytee 25 dagar sedan
How demons can bring joy and happiness to our lives?
obame 25 dagar sedan
Same with having kids but ok
MARINE 17 25 dagar sedan
The memories of being a parent are priceless. It brings families together, create tight bonds and keeps the parents ambitious.
Romulus Clay
Romulus Clay 26 dagar sedan
This is not science, Women's unhappiness in America has been going down since the 1960s for multiple reasons, this is not science this is feminist driven indoctrination. Don't kid yourselves
Laggy Gamer
Laggy Gamer 26 dagar sedan
yeah, think before u sleep exposed these guys
Mando DErrico
Mando DErrico 26 dagar sedan
It takes an ego humbling to admit we have been lied to by social engineers to adopt a lifestyle and attitude contrary to our biology. That goes for both sexes.
Defence Bangladesh
Defence Bangladesh 26 dagar sedan
"The father's earnings aren't affected" - these liars pretend that child support doesn't exist. How many women are arrested for becoming parents while poor?
Aditya 26 dagar sedan
2:33 do people really think we can ask everyone to self-report numbers and these numbers are a decent measure of happiness? Like the pressure to appear happy, how they interpret the meaning of the numbers, is happiness really on a linear scale, the short-term mood the person had when answering the question... We can try to correct many of these and I think vox should have addressed this.
I Bot
I Bot 26 dagar sedan
Don't let this weirdos convince you not to continue your bloodline.
materializze 24 dagar sedan
@I Bot False. Earth is overpopulated, and resources will become scarce if the population continues to grow. Fresh water, land required to raise meat, land required to farm. We are already at a dangerous point as it is. Developed countries will no longer be contributing to population growth based on current dwindling numbers, and developing countries will soon follow suit. There’s just no real need for everyone to have children anymore, as there’s no financial incentive like there was in the past-in fact it’s now the opposite.
I Bot
I Bot 24 dagar sedan
@materializze Yes, it's true as technology develops and advances, it will require fewer people to help develop it, however the earth is not overpopulated. And as technology advances we are able to support more and more people, and when we begging space colonization, will infinite room to grow. Better to increase our number and spread as far and wide as possible. Fewer offspring, doesn't mean non.
materializze 24 dagar sedan
@I Bot As technology develops and advances, it will require less physical space and far fewer people to help develop it. The earth is already overpopulated and resources will become scarcer and scarcer. More people will become jobless and out on the streets due to advancing technology-it’s already happening. There is no need for everyone to procreate in this day and age, and fewer people are. The more educated people are, the fewer offspring they have.
I Bot
I Bot 24 dagar sedan
@materializze Wrong on all but one point. Developing technologically also mean space colonization, that requires an ever growing. And AI is going to render many jobs obsolete, not people lol, there not going to wipe us out.
materializze 24 dagar sedan
@I Bot As we develop technically, there will be absolutely no NEED for an ever growing population. AI is going to render so many people and their jobs obsolete.
Takemichi 26 dagar sedan
I think it also depends on culture & society like for example in western communities there are more than 50% of the divorced rates, single parents, broken homes so I think maybe it would be better for western people to not have kids but please don't put this video on everyone like for example asian countries do very well with families & kids.
Damian Oslebo
Damian Oslebo 26 dagar sedan
Let me get this straight, the only father interviewed in this segment was a transgender man who had the baby? What?
QuD3 5 dagar sedan
@Felicia Goh Nope! Bye Felicia
Felicia Goh
Felicia Goh 10 dagar sedan
While the father is also important, the mother is the one bearing the kids so it makes sense for this video to be focused on mothers
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 26 dagar sedan
I have four kids under the age of 6. Ama.
danwlfn 26 dagar sedan
Human reproduction was programmed to work at lower stage civilizations
R C 26 dagar sedan
For a critique in this video check out: Think Before You Sleep, on SEcycle
maritza vidal vilchis
maritza vidal vilchis 26 dagar sedan
The fact that some people did not even think if the world was good or not for their children, and if they did never did sth rasonable or signicant to change it and not makes us think now the world is not good enough...
Maxim Gospodinko
Maxim Gospodinko 26 dagar sedan
If you doubt you should reproduce, just don’t.
Bob 26 dagar sedan
Science shows that middle age childless women are the most unhappy group of all. Women will let Vox convince them to not have kids and wonder why they are lonely.
obame 25 dagar sedan
No sources LLLLL
materializze 25 dagar sedan
@Takemichi Where’s your so called ‘science’ and studies then?
Takemichi 26 dagar sedan
@materializze there are so many false studies out there & also check the all the factors they taken account & on how many people they talk with or consult & ya it's true it is predicted that in upcoming years we will see majority of single childless women in their 40s & studies says that they will more unhappy as compared to childless men just think a 40 year old men still have some time to have kids with probably younger women but it's not the case for women+ women don't date younger men & they also don't date down like men.
materializze 26 dagar sedan
Link/source? There’s a large study that shows the opposite is true-unmarried childless women are the happiest of all groups, and they’re also healthier and live longer than mothers. (Via Paul Dolan, a professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics).
Contrarian 26 dagar sedan
Cleo Abram, Diane Glass ...
Daniel R. Soza
Daniel R. Soza 26 dagar sedan
Why would you bring more kids to the world? In 50 years, the planet will probably be inhabitable or we’ll get more diseases related to the environment (cancer). In my opinion, the idea of having children is selfish, is it worth being parents and feeling satisfied, and then leaving our children on the brink of planetary extinction?
Jaydon Elsam
Jaydon Elsam 15 dagar sedan
Its so rude to call people who choose to have children selfish. Yeah, you can choose to focus instead on the climate crisis which is great (Although 50 years wont have nearly the volume in effect that you think) but having kids is a very personal desition and for a parent it matters only what they want. Also its these kids that may be the generation that finnaly slows the climate crisis, there are alot of factors at play with global warming and there may be more hope than you think. I think it's great that you're taking the climate crisis so seriously but dont call people selfish if they personally want kids. A better thing to advocate for is to bring development into developing countries which would encourage people in those nations to have less kids in the first place without just calling them selfish.
King Kong
King Kong 26 dagar sedan
Ez answer: Don't reproduce if you are subscribed to Vox.
Based and Redpilled
Based and Redpilled 26 dagar sedan
I would love to have children. Too bad Western women are awful.
materializze 25 dagar sedan
Don’t worry, we think you’re just as awful too.
Laggy Gamer
Laggy Gamer 26 dagar sedan
yeah, im 15, and I would want to have kids inwhen I am 18, but women here r to ecocentric and selfish, plus companies dont care abouot experiece they only care if u have a degreee,.
musisikamardotcom 26 dagar sedan
As an Asian, i cannot relate to this topic. At all. And i'm actually amazed that so many of the commenter here have bad experience with their parents. I have an excellent caring relationship with my parent, the kind of relationship that i'm looking forward to enjoy with my 4 months old baby. What i can tell from this experience is that, a lot of these fears are preconceived notion stemming from you not believing that you can be a good parent. But once you get past that part, parenting can actually make you happy. It's completely up to you to create a happy family.
Morge Zorge
Morge Zorge 26 dagar sedan
Kids are not for getting happy, kids are to carry on our civilzation, but i guess feminists rather not keep our civilization going, they rather have islam or chinese carry on their civilization. Feminism is a suicidal and selfish ideology, it only works because most people are not feminist and we have build such a comfy society by exploiting poorer countries that we don't need to the work anymore. So women can now be editors and other useless non jobs like producing such videos that do nothing for humanities progress, except consume.
materializze 22 dagar sedan
@tms People having the right to choose whether to have children and become parents or not is a bad ‘ideology’? So then your ‘ideology’ is that everyone should be forced to reproduce, women shouldn’t be working, and anyone not of European decent is less-than?
tms 23 dagar sedan
@materializze Your ideology is showing.
materializze 25 dagar sedan
Your misogyny and racism are showing.
Sky Cloud
Sky Cloud 26 dagar sedan
I'm helping out society by not bringing another tiktok 'influencer' into the world.
Laggy Gamer
Laggy Gamer 26 dagar sedan
well, u could prevent them from becoming one by no bying them a phone when they r a kid
Mitchel Mahar
Mitchel Mahar 26 dagar sedan
I think my girlfriend had this video put on my timeliness lol
Julian 26 dagar sedan
I am definitely looking for a wife that I want to live my life with, that is okay with not having any kids. It’s not like I don’t want kids, I want the option of not having children. Sadly this often isn’t an accepted view^^
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