Is therapy for everyone?
Why can't we sleep?
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Do I Want Kids?
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How the rich avoid paying taxes
rizza mae ong
rizza mae ong Timme sedan
C S I (Las Vegas) theme.. Grissom episode. 👌
Kenjuan Neal
Kenjuan Neal Timme sedan
Isn’t it strange Dubai has air conditioning on the bus stops I wonder why the wealthiest country in the world can’t do the same for their people oh yeah because the people are poor that’s right rich people don’t have to worry about heat
MrMastero Aka Manan Sethi
MrMastero Aka Manan Sethi Timme sedan
Ha ha lol Jonny Harris already covered it (No hate to Vox ) Big fan
DutchDude90 Timme sedan
So.. Trump was kinda right about Forest fires?
Hamid Mohaddes
Hamid Mohaddes Timme sedan
Correlation doesn’t imply that 2 issues are really related.
jakkam girish
jakkam girish Timme sedan
What about third world countries and under developed countries ? Control burns ? Lol
suhas J
suhas J Timme sedan
So if we had worse forest fires in last couple of years then upcoming years should be less intense forest fires right?
Fppd47 Timme sedan
I love commiting arson
Aaron Oneal
Aaron Oneal Timme sedan
Vox needs to talk about ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees !!!
MrDamakable Timme sedan
A bit of a tangent, as a Muslim, we are afraid of Euphrates drying up as according to our prophetic traditions, it signals the End of Times. Just wanna share
Domo Timme sedan
Is no one going to talk about the vampire that's educating us about forest fires?
Катя Мазурчак
Катя Мазурчак Timme sedan
well well well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions... should be put on US money and it's like a 5th comment like this I'm making about different topic.
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Thanks for adding the measurement in Celsius
Lo Timme sedan
Second dose of Pfeizer💉 Day one : Body aches,chills and no appetite😑
soul reaver
soul reaver Timme sedan
They aren't even ready to hire people and get them living wages. Why would they be ready for that
Leonard Schoenfelt
Leonard Schoenfelt Timme sedan
It's not just there. It's the beginning of the 6th extinction
stachowi Timme sedan
This also applies to the economy... bailing out people and companies will only make it worse later.
Wilshire Timme sedan
Gov. agencies in the Southeast US have been doing this for decades.
Alex Abril
Alex Abril Timme sedan
As a Phoenix native that sun really can take a toll on you even just being out there for 5 minutes can make you sweat buckets
Aj Santos
Aj Santos Timme sedan
Sometimes you just gotta let Mother Nature take its course she knows what’s good for herself
Noble DJ Gurney
Noble DJ Gurney Timme sedan
finally someone gets it
Muaz Akid
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commit pyro
hotelmario510 Timme sedan
Didn't Tom Scott already do a video about this?
sun Timme sedan
the fire nation
ren Timme sedan
wow who wouldve realised this was so important
t t oo
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uhhhh lol . video sponsored by HAARP
Devin Asperger
Devin Asperger 2 timmar sedan
This is poor framing. Saying the US isn't ready allows naysayers, such as traditional power companies, to point to a video like this as to why we shouldn't move forward with clean energy. It allows them to say this is why we should stay the same. The video breaks down the logistical hurdles well but they are just that, logistical hurdles.
Fransiskus Carlos
Fransiskus Carlos 2 timmar sedan
This title maybe is not acceptable because this all argument from this video just talking about forest around north america (especially united states)
Challenger 2 timmar sedan
in summer we always live in 40 degree to 50 deg celsius not a big deal even in night we sleep outside the house because temp is upto 40
Josh James
Josh James 2 timmar sedan
The people who took this land had no idea about how to take care of it
Ash VX mc
Ash VX mc 2 timmar sedan
Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!
MIK 2 timmar sedan
Arsonists: No need to thank me🔥
Nazeem Fasil
Nazeem Fasil 2 timmar sedan
TL;DR Plant Trees
TENGO 2 timmar sedan
Burning something don’t mind if I do
Lance _
Lance _ 2 timmar sedan
no hate but imagine if british don't exist 😂
Tasha 2 timmar sedan
Same as Australia indigenous
ipotatosenpai 2 timmar sedan
Extremely important video
ScreamCheeese 2 timmar sedan
I'm actually glad that the forest service in my area does prescribed burns twice a year, May to June and October to November. And the people here are actually okay with it. Our town has burned down three times (1860s to 1920s), and so we're more at ease when we know there isn't much fuel for a fire to go through.
John Mieco Agustin
John Mieco Agustin 2 timmar sedan
Johnny Harris made a video similar to this
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 2 timmar sedan
Wow great vid
PDub 2 timmar sedan
Once again, the Native Americans had the right idea
Eduardo Deesesarte
Eduardo Deesesarte 2 timmar sedan
Stop chemtrails
Caves 2 timmar sedan
Wow I was so close to being first!
j russell
j russell 2 timmar sedan
This is literally what Australian indigenous knew. in aus they do back burns.
Josh James
Josh James 2 timmar sedan
Clean energy... the US isn't ready for science
PDub 2 timmar sedan
I had a geography professor whose specialty was Pyrogeography, and we learned this exact theory. The fires clear out underbrush and weak trees
ohexra 2 timmar sedan
Turkey is doing this now too!
Mr. MKI 2 timmar sedan
Forest fires to forests are as good as Covid-19 to Humans
Qaixer Marwat
Qaixer Marwat 2 timmar sedan
I was feeling down then the Vox notification showed up 🥳
Urie Cobrado
Urie Cobrado 2 timmar sedan
Why aren't you on my recommended?
Wahyu Adji
Wahyu Adji 2 timmar sedan
thank you for the animation, i finally get it
Moo 2 timmar sedan
This is the biggest facet of bushfire prevention in Australia & is done year round to prepare for summer. Did Americans just not do it till now or were they just not aware it was being done?
R. W.
R. W. 2 timmar sedan
This is laughably incorrect. Wind turbines are incredibly expensive, are very high maintenance, have a life span of less than 20 years. They do not pay for themselves with the electricity they produce. Without the government subsidizing these windmills, none would exist because they're cost-prohibitive.
Pedro Augusto
Pedro Augusto 2 timmar sedan
Brazil: "Tell me more..."
Dansa Semesta
Dansa Semesta 2 timmar sedan
All fun games, until Thanos starts to speak 4:34
juntoalrizal 2 timmar sedan
Fascinating footages of heat maps. Excellently done and eye-opening video as usual Joss!
Jack G
Jack G 2 timmar sedan
It’s frustrating to be limited by old school methods for new age problems. Hopefully eventually we’ll be able to wirelessly transmit electricity
marshall branin
marshall branin 2 timmar sedan
We do controlled burns where I live and hardly ever have actual wildfires. Maybe certain states should learn a thing or two…
Rui Ni
Rui Ni 2 timmar sedan
Why don't cut the trees down and sell them for profit? Fire is prevented and you'll have more money to protect the forest. Win win.
Awkward Spoon
Awkward Spoon 2 timmar sedan
Removing the trees removes nutrients from the environment. Forest fires are natural, have been happening for millions of years, and ash is a great source of nutrients and a way to recycle that nutrients.
Camogap 2 timmar sedan
'Ironic' -Sheev Palpatine
Summit 2 timmar sedan
4:45 is that a tattoo?
Purple headed monster 👄
Purple headed monster 👄 2 timmar sedan
I was looking for the answer. Probably that's not tattoo.
Giligulu 2 timmar sedan
O dear JOSS! how much we miss you!
Satanist School
Satanist School 2 timmar sedan
Indigenous people use fire for land management. Colonial forest services should learn from traditional ecological knowledge.
franciir 2 timmar sedan
Will Da Pensive Penguin Dood
Will Da Pensive Penguin Dood 2 timmar sedan
Australia has been doing this for ages while America is just finding out lol
kaav i
kaav i Timme sedan
@Chrystal Bess Redding without those ' smart men ' you probably wouldn't be alive today or have internet to write a comment on.
S2mple Timme sedan
Same with finland. We've been doing this for a long time
Chrystal Bess Redding
Chrystal Bess Redding 2 timmar sedan
LOL! True, for such a mature and leading country full of "smart men" who like to ignore indigenous women and men. Hundreds of years later "by the way this is our idea" 😂 No! The indigenous people knew better! I am still learning about Native Americans and how to grow some of their medicinal plants at home.
Wilshire 2 timmar sedan
They do this in the Southeast US. People in West US don’t.
Daniel Pio
Daniel Pio 2 timmar sedan
Green hydrogen can provide a little bit of help for applications where electrification will be hard.
jking 2 timmar sedan
Climate change isn't real the reason why these fires are so bad is because we don't do enough controlled burns on enough Forest and the occasional accidental fire or arsonist
Jocey B
Jocey B 2 timmar sedan
EXCUSE ME WHAT⁉️ let me hear them out first tho
Samuel Cho
Samuel Cho 2 timmar sedan
Short term and long term solution: tree 🌳
Gus 2 timmar sedan
Bolsonaro liked that title
Shouwupp 2 timmar sedan
Ironic it's called phoenix. A literal fire bird
ObscureNameDigit 2 timmar sedan
Why did I think in the past that man made fire!? Just thinking about it for a sec, it makes much more sense that man found fire. And then figured out how to replicate it. (bit of a shower thought for ya:)
azj_2002 2 timmar sedan
Google: How to put out a fire? Use water. Bing: How to put out a fire? Use fire.
Erik 2 timmar sedan
*Me after committing arson*: But Judge, Vox told me burning forests was a good thing.
theObserver 2 timmar sedan
Because it will disturb the power controll of oil oligarch in American government ( both democrats and republicans )
blenderNOOb69 2 timmar sedan
Solar you can harvest anywhere in the country. Each roof can be an energy plant. And with TESLA battery (latest version) even non intermittent. No reason to wait for bigger transmission lines.
Stanislav Niemeijer
Stanislav Niemeijer 2 timmar sedan
Jair is actually the hero??
Zachary Sielck
Zachary Sielck 2 timmar sedan
I waited for over a year for this. Finally we admit Trump calling out the forest service for a lack of management was totally justified.
Zachary Sielck
Zachary Sielck 2 timmar sedan
I am just upset people assumed forrest management was bad because Trump supported it. Research .gov and .edu for yourself before letting some group of people denounce someone's idea because of their identity. Talk about identity politics sheesh.
Gavin Angus
Gavin Angus 2 timmar sedan
Him discrediting climate change definitely didn't help anything though.